It’s just an illusion.

WAKE UP. You’ve been sleeping.

According to the Public Sector Employment Management Act 2012 (PSEMA), view or download it here: CEO (currently Gary Barnes), when dealing with any grievance, formal complaint or disclosure you may send his HR people, has the ultimate power to:

49C Disciplinary action
(1) If permitted under section 49A to take action against an employee, the Chief Executive Officer may:

(a) take no further action; or

You read that right – he has been given the power to do absolutely nothing if he so chooses: Nada. Zip. لا شيء. 没有. Niets. Zéro. τίποτα. Tidak ada. ничего. Kitu. ไม่มีอะไร.

Sweet. Fuck. All.

FORGET all your silly notions of fairness.

Behold accountability warriors, the tools you’ve all been waiting for.  This is not an exhaustive list down the right hand side of this page, yes over there! If you know of any others, please don’t be shy in sharing them on here for the collective good. 


TROUBLEMAKER. Can you wear it? Does it make you proud?

combat. circumvent. expose. defeat. change.

It’s time.

The myriad of policies and procedures, codes of conduct, ethics and professional standards don’t in and of themselves prevent corruption, abuse of power, harassment, bullying, retaliation, people writing bad things and telling lies about you, etc etc – they have to be enforced, therefore WE HAVE TO BE THE ENFORCEMENT ARMY RESPONSIBLE FOR DOING SO (see tools on the right hand side of this page)

To fight back.

Watch this space….

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1 Response to It’s just an illusion.

  1. Simon Cox says:

    “Northern Territory teacher Simon Cox sacked over Facebook post after student committed suicide” I am the teacher at the middle of this mess and the Dept of Education has not supported me at all, my side of the story was not investigated, I was given a mere 24 hours to respond, not the statutory 28 days. I have been defamed and demonised by the media and my teaching reputation has been irreversibly damaged.

    2 sides to every story and mine was never heard or given the due diligence, policies and procedures were breached, broken and or forgotten (including those by the grieving mother I was supposed to have affected, when in truth it was never about a former student at RMS and for the record I never had any day to day teaching dealings with this student). This whole story is regrettable timing in a nutshell, if I had posted the same comment 2 weeks earlier or later than when I did, this discussion and situation would not have taken place.

    The real story here is the deflection of guilt that needs to be addressed in my resignation letter handed in days before this facebook posting. NT Education have handled this situation poorly and I will have my day in court, mark my words!

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