Previous ‘death threat’ teacher insulted and threatened AGAIN by DET/DoE senior management.

No wonder the NT is the laughing stock of Australia with these kinds of people in charge of schools.

We were sent this newspaper cutting recently and it has a number of interesting points to address.

1: Freedom of Information (FOI) requests are more important than ever – send yours to DET/DoE today!

2: Do you as parents, want people like Coral O’Neill, Shirley Nirrpurranydji and senior executives like Hylton Hayes running your kids’ school?  If they’re threatening the staff with spearing, burning down their house, getting a gun , calling them “a trained tattooed monkey” and “a varmitt (vermin) problem” then how safe are the other teachers and the students?!  Remember that DET/DoE is legally liable since they have obviously known about this but done nothing.

3:  We give more congratulations to Mr Ferguson for fighting on in the face of such cowardly acts. How many threats and insults should one person have to put up with before something is done?  He is a modern day hero, a true credit to his profession, unlike those senior managers.

4: Why weren’t O’Neill and Hayes fired (or Nirrpurranydji)?  Write to Gary Barnes and ask him: C/- Dept of Education, Level 14 Mitchell Centre, 55-59 Mitchell Street, Darwin, NT.

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5 Responses to Previous ‘death threat’ teacher insulted and threatened AGAIN by DET/DoE senior management.

  1. unhappy union member says:

    I wouldnt blame this guy if he got a gun to defend himself!!!!!! How did education in NT get so bloody terrible?!!!! Why are we letting these people do this to our teachers?!!!!!!

  2. Great idea with the photos. Lets out the bastards.

  3. slim line says:

    I agree! We want to see photos of these people. We want to know why they still have jobs with big salaries. Who else are they threatening?!!! I’m scared.

  4. The Banned Thinker Register says:

    A great opportunity for the CLP Government to investigate this matter and sack those involved. It is very worrying that people in charge of schools are making such comments.

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