Rob Bartholomew, PheroD

We were sent a copy of Rob’s wonderful new book titled: “Australia’s Forgotten Children – The Corrupt State of Education in the Northern Territory” and it makes truly grim reading.  Not in the sense of writing style but in the sense of content and what that poor man and his family had to go through for uncovering asbestos in a remote Aboriginal community school and asking the Education Department to do something about it.  The book is extremely well sourced with thousands of FOI documents (see we told you they were important!) and lots of honest testimony outlining the amazing lengths DET went to to try to silence and discredit him.  All the classic tactics are there in plain black and white for all of those people out there who refuse to believe what really goes on behind the scenes in DET/DECS: secret blacklists, lies, ignoring communications, criticism, threats, more lies, denial of access to documents, abuse of position, immunity for senior executives, people lying to him out of fear for their own jobs…..sadly it doesn’t stop there.

To help Rob and his family get their life back together we urge you to go to his web page:  and buy a copy or 3.  Send one to your friends for Christmas as a thank you present to Rob for standing up for his and other people’s rights and fighting back against those who tried to shut him up.

Very sad to read at the end of it that even the Education Union (at the time) ditched him and basically called him a liar, saying words to the effect of: ‘if DET says something then it must be true…you can’t prove you’re on a blacklist’.  Of course Rob was vindicated in the end as he was telling the truth all along – he definitely was on a secret blacklist that DET even denied existed (they were lying of course – over 150 applications sent by him and his wife looking for employment and only ONE job offer!)

Sometimes you’ve got to keep fighting even when all around you are doing nothing or are even fighting against you.

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10 Responses to Rob Bartholomew, PheroD

  1. foi for president says:

    I’ve never heard of this foi stuff before. Glad I’ve heard of it now though. Big ta AEU for the article!

  2. WeRememberYouFromGapuwiyakToo says:

    Sorry to read your sad story Rob. You are amazing for keeping your spirits up. God bless you and your lovely family. I’m embarrassed as a Territorian that you had to go through this trauma. It would be nice to see some heads roll but I feel it is unlikely to happen. My husband and I will start sending Freedom of Information requests too. It sounds like there is a lot to learn about these bullies in the education department.
    Thank you for this website too, it is very helpful and informative and has really opened my eyes to a lot of things. It is just a pity they are not all good things.

  3. dontrustem says:

    Does anyone know if Randall Cooke can be trusted as he’s just been placed in a position of power over the West Arnhem College – Jabiru and Gunbalanya and John Bray has been forced out much to the upset of the Indigenous Community who had trust in him. It is alleged the two Principals (one white, one Indigenous), along with their friends in high places including Eva Lawler managed to make this change happen. The school is a mess, a couple of secondary kids are being touted as having passed Year 12 but I bet if you asked them to read an adult book or do some secondary maths they wouldn’t be able to do it. Lots of teachers have been leaving or shoved out in Gunbalanya. The push for Indigenous staff at the school is lacking credibility cos Senior Teachers don’t support their staff, they don’t really know how even with hours of support and other staff writing their programs for them. Will there ever be honesty and equity in the NT Education Department?

    • HVD says:

      “Will there ever be honesty and equity in the NT Education Department?”
      Short answer: never. Long answer to follow…..

      • HVD says:

        Long answer: Eva Lawler is the same as the rest of them: they are career bureaucrats, NEVER FORGET that. They claim to be interested in teachers but they are not, they are only interested in furthering their own careers up the greasy pole and to Hell with anyone that gets in their way. Barnes is the same, Hoffman is the same, Rayner is the same, Hayes is the same (even though he’s at the lower end of the food chain). Wannabes can slither their way up through bullying and intimidation or by simply parroting the Department line and condoning it from others: Baillie, Hayes (again), Baylis (now demoted), Simon Wiese (SFNT).
        The last 2 Indigenous principals: Nirrpurranydji (now disgraced for death threats and liberating her staff of their hard earned wages for years, aka “Aboriginal borrowing”) and Esther in Gunbalanya are the last of a dying breed – fast tracked through Batchelor and pushed into positions they were ill-equipped to deal with then ‘supported’, to the detriment of everyone else. A noble cause perhaps but doomed to failure – the results of which we all live with today.
        DECS isn’t really interested in true education, they exist to keep people in jobs, to fine tune their bullying skills, to waste money, to try and turn Aboriginal kids into white culture-based consumers like the rest of us and to give people delusions of grandeur, all without any outside interference into their policies, procedures and processes.
        So people like Lawler and the rest of them are able to manipulate the system to their liking, something that benefits their ideas, without any outside bodies looking in…..UNLESS WE STOP THEM. Keep posting to this blog, share it with everyone, encourage people to use FOI requests, keep up the fight, tell the Education Union and demand that they do something and help us expose corruption.

  4. Nothing changes just more of the same! Mr Barnes do you have a conscience? The same mob Lawler, Baylis, Green, Baillie, Hayes, Cummins et al!! Blah blah blah blah doing the same old things in the same old way! I want Ricky Gervais to be DECS CEO then it can be a funny joke rather than the sick joke it is at the moment.

  5. Hylton Hayes is the Director of School Performance for Palmerston. This new teacher who was bashed is in Palmerston. The NT News said “The Education Dapartment didn’t phone the police.” Obviously Hayes didn’t phone the police either. Is this ANOTHER cover up?! Looks like it to me. I think all the parents of the school should know about this. Time for a door to door campaign.

  6. SlimeJerk says:

    Just waiting for the book (3 volumes) on Hylton Hayes. We all know he’s been giving it his best shot!

  7. Helena says:

    Agreed.Gettin sick of it. Another teacher bashed (in the NT News). Barnes swannin around gettin too much money doin nothin. Im movin to NSW, this place is s***

  8. Mr Principal says:

    Well done Rob. You are very brave but we need more people like you in NT. Too many people are happy to do nothing while watching others suffer. DECS keeps getting away with cover up and protecting their friends in high places. I hope Barnes leaves soon the place is a mess.

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