The small man.

This is an important man, his name is Hylton Hayes, he works for the government and for such a man he works very hard.






Some people are scared of him but not us, even though (in emails we’ve seen) he did discuss ‘getting a gun licence’ after he’d run out of other stuff to do to his staff .  Anyone who has ever worked with him, even if it’s only been for a day or two (or his wife Susan Hayes), needs to be sending in Freedom of Information (FOI) requests to DECS immediately with his email address in it (see above).   Don’t let him get away with being legally accountable in giving up all the information he or DECS has on you, either by leaving the NT (a common ploy) or by being surplus to requirements in the shake-up, meaning his email account will be closed to the public forever.  Get yours in today!  An FOI form is available on this web site on the links down the right hand side there.  It only takes 2 mins to fill out and send off to Lance and remember IT’S FREE! – you might just get an early Christmas present, thank us later.

Here are his contact details:

Lance Follett,

Senior Policy Officer

Freedom of Information and Privacy

Department of Education and Children’s Services

Northern Territory Government

GPO Box 4821, Darwin NT 0801

tel: 0457 514 988

e: lance.follett@nt.gov.au

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24 Responses to Hylton.Hayes@nt.gov.au

  1. Cranky says:

    I wish you people would just leave poor Ms Nirrpurranydji alone. She gave 35 years of great service to this department, got a special award from the ex-Chief Minister and followed Hylton’s instructions to the letter! Hayes takes his orders from Gary Barnes so what more could you ask for? You’re trying more racist sensationalising by putting her front page NTNews story on here. What about all the good stuff the Education Department does?!! I’m getting sick of just reading bad things. We have good relations with the Union President Matthew Cranitch, even he says we’re doing a good job most of the time so why don’t you get some balance on here for a change.

    Speak to our Legal Unit, one of them is a top discrimination lawyer who has won over a hundred cases. They are the best in the country mark my words and they don’t stand for any sh*t from anybody. I’ve seen them in action and they are a pretty scary mob, I wouldn’t want to cross them or make them angry. Lawyers like Ron Hope don’t stand a chance against DECSs lawyers. Look out Ferguson we’re coming to get you with a little help from our friends. Ha ha ha.

  2. DQ of NT says:

    I fully support Hylton Hayes: He’s a really good bloke, never done me any harm and always looking out for his friends. I think this Fergison guy is gay and one of the worst teachers in the NT. We should get rid of him because he causes nothing but trouble. Go back to your own country you little tin god with your own agenda and leave us alone here to do our jobs properly. You must know by now that everybody hates you but if you don’t know then let me tell you now: everybody hates you!!!

  3. Wendy S says:

    Mr Hylton Hayes – karma’s a bitch so they tell me. May the Good Lord in His infinite wisdom send 7 plagues of FOIs to your inbox and an avalanche of rejection letters from various European countries: http://prague.tv/classifieds/view.php?postid=36661:

    I seek a new challenge and would be very interested in the building and planning of a new International school or being Principal in an existing school in Prague or the Czech republic.
    My wife is of Czech origin and we would welcome the move to Prague for the next few years.
    Thanking you
    Hylton Hayes
    Kinross College
    Western Australia

    Posted by: Hylton Hayes

    No change that – may the Good Lord in His infinite wisdom send an avalanche of ACCEPTANCE letters from various European countries with promises of great riches, gold goblets, cheap Hungarian maids to do your dirty work for you, x-ray glasses (ooops you’ve already got some of those) and a platinum credit card for your wife to ‘shop till she drops’ for more designer sunglasses.

    pocit tepla ještě malý muž?

  4. Dr Ongo. says:

    Accepting the status quo is being part of the problem. This guy has done tons of shit to tons of persons and got away with it!!! its time everyone started to really do something about it instead of just complaining to the union who do nothing about him anyway because hes still got a job. The old education minister was a total drongo hopefully the new one is gonna be better.

    • This sounds like an ugly business to me. Why not go to the Ombudsman? You do not have a DSP (Darwin Shoe Polisher) of a chance of getting anything changed.LOL!!!!!!

    • A deck of cards consists of 52 cards. You have shown me but one card. What are the other 51? Remember the Iraq War!

      • The Queen of Hearts says:

        But is he the King (of getting away with it) or the Joker? Only time (and foi requests) will tell. My guess is he’s a Joke. Off with his head I say!!

        • Like a cross to a vampire so Saint FOI is to a public servant! Make no mistake and use what parliament has given you. Do not be afraid and shine the light of FOI in the darkest recesses of the NT Government.

        • And now for a news flash……..Sacha Baron Cohen has been hired by the NT Government to star in a new movie titled the CEO but Cohen has not been told he will actually be running a department while they are filming. Remember The Dictator! He cannot be any worse!

        • Actually they have hired Dr Steve Brule to be the new CEO. Stop trying to be funny the NT Government knows exactly what they are doing. Go get a life!

      • Glad you mention the Iraq Card Set. Who is the equivalent of Comical Ali? Remember the guy that said the Americans will never take Baghdad while in the background across the river there were two US tanks moving along. Who would you nominate?

    • John Askin says:

      Have you heard that Dr Steve Brule has been asked to head a department. Wow that guy will cleanout all the old rot.

  5. tiny Timmy says:

    He used to be my boss in arnem land, really short guy maybe 5 foot 2 or 3 anyways he was always trying to get people to do his dorty work for him so he wouldnt get caught out, none of us ever trusted him at all we were all happy when he left. I think there would be millions of dodgy stuff about him and his wife to, what a couple! think shes from Czechoslovakia or something always thought she was the queen of the hill all high and mighty. Hayes is the varmitt actually hes the one that needs to be caught and dealt with exactly how you deal with rats, not counseled…what is that supposd to mean anyway! what a coward, that’s small man syndrome apparently the little guy is always the one with the biggest chip on his shoulder bit like barnes is too. Its a good idea to do more foi requests I’ll vote for that!

    • Pat Malone says:

      What the……! Aving a laff? Ya taking the pish? I do not believe a word of this mularky. This sounds like the tip of some wider systemic issue that surely goes well beyond a handful of individuals. You know this sounds a murky affair just glad others are involved in it. Good Luck!

    • Is this like an ‘outing’? I read through the comments and information on this site, nothing is new or surprising. It is the same old same old from the the same people, it goes on all over the NT Government.
      It is great to see that someone or some group is standing up to be counted, putting their neck out and challenging what is in reality nothing more than oppression. Whoever you are just keep it up, keep up the good work.
      Unfortunately the industrial organisations have tendency to keep following the same methods that are often outdated, taking a feather duster to fight a guy or girl with a rocket launcher!
      The Duke of Wellington said: “They came on in the same old way and we defeated them in the same old way”. The NT Government can say it about their employees and
      workplace issues.
      Hammer them because they will give no quarter!

      • And now for some golden oldies from the vault
        Cat Stevens- I’m gonna get me a gun
        Peter Gabriel-Shock the monkey
        Indigenous Rant-All you balandas in C minor
        Ugly Minister-Wordwork ombudsman
        Menopausal Director-Got no time

        Tune in next time folks

        • Lester Bridges says:

          This whole website should be shutdown. It is shocking. Whoever you people are hang your head in shame.

          • Ashraf Debril The Third says:

            Well said however before this website is closed there are a number of things that need to happen in the NT. Where shall we begin? How about treating employees as humans rather than as ‘cannon fodder’? Let us end the idea that a few ‘pricks’ that dwell in high places can run you out of town. Let the small people unite and wash the ‘shite’ out of the NT back to Qld and WA!

  6. Fed Up says:

    Cosy Arrangements
    Perhaps you know about the long association of paid AEU NT officials with DECS officials. Drinking buddies, craft instructors and the old call a friend routine. When is this going stop?

    • HVD says:

      Yes, Rod Smith teaching minister Burns personal woodwork classes at the weekend while he was supposed to be fighting for union rights against him and his DET puppets. Then Rod Smith gets a cushie job back in DET in Harbor View once he gets booted out of teh AEU. Lets play a game of Yes Minister!…only this time its not funny.
      Adam Lampe being Barnes’s (bar) stool pidgeon as well. Very Sad to see and even sadder to see my union fees paying for it.

      • Brad Dexter says:

        What about the current people? Are they any better? The person who runs this website should know. You are one of them. Do not take offence just pull your thumb out of your mouth and do something. Perhaps Nimmo was a better bet after all.

        • Track Side says:

          Hayes is going to fall on his own sword one day…….and we all can’t wait to see it. Couldn’t happen to a ‘nicer’ guy.

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