How to keep your NT DECS job -v- how to lose your NT DECS job.

Very very disturbing news coming down the grapevine with regards to a couple of whistleblower teachers. We couldn’t believe what we were hearing so we put together a simple comparative study to highlight the utter absurdity of the current situation.

We think the emperor has no clothes but again we leave it up to you to decide and discuss with your work colleagues, your local newspapers, your politicians and the new NT Education Dept CE.

Senior Personnel: Person A, Person B, Person C, Person D, Person E

Junior Personnel: staff member 1, staff member 2 (both government whistleblowers)

According to documents seen by Cardfightback and various newspaper articles:

Person A: (Principal): admits to threatening to kill, spear, hang from the trees and burn down the house of her school Union Rep: staff member 1 (who became a government whistleblower after NT DECS did nothing) – he assisted numerous staff in initiating complaints about her abusing her position over many years to coerce money from staff (and other separate alleged discriminatory actions), she was stood down and suspended for 6 months by NT DECS under investigation, formally disciplined in writing, paid fines for 2 police infringement notices related to those threats, restrictions placed on her teacher registration after a formal NT TRB investigation, many staff left the school because of her behaviour resulting in the community’s children’s education suffering due to high teacher turnover, brings NT DECS and the whole NT Public Service into gross disrepute: GARY BARNES ALLOWS HER TO KEEP HER JOB.

*side note: The NT Education Union “gave assistance” to this principal to fight the Education Union Rep at the school who she admitted to threatening to kill…..yes you read that right….more on this one later.

Person B: (Director of School Performance and boss of Person A): undermines NT DECS’ own investigators’ decision to return stolen non-contact time from staff members 1 & 2 by demanding that only half the amount be returned instead, initially attempts to cover up those threats by not telling HR or the Police as soon as he finds out about them, later colludes with another principal to withhold a work reference from staff member 1 so that he can’t get employment elsewhere, inquires about getting a gun licence to deal with staff member 1 – Ed: see previous posts below on this blog – calls staff member 1’s mental health into serious question on 2 separate occasions – ironically someone actually qualified to make those judgements, a top NT psychiatrist, had already reported that staff member 1 was ideally suited for working in remote community schools and was an intelligent and unique individual, threatens to get his revenge on staff member 1, jokes about staff member 1’s increasing legal bills incurred while fighting perceived NT DECS corruption, Karma then forces him to pay an out of court settlement for writing those highly unprofessional, inappropriate and potentially defamatory emails about staff member 1, accuses staff member 2 (also a government whistleblower) of “lacking loyalty towards NT DECS” for supporting staff member 1 and tries to have staff member 2 put staff member 1 on a bogus ‘performance improvement plan’ (he refuses) – as retaliation for that refusal he then attempts to put staff member 2 on a secret inability procedure (officially called ‘fitness to teach’ proceedings) behind his back and without his knowledge, helps to ruin the career of both staff members 1& 2 while degrading the reputation of the hard working and honest people working for the NT Education Dept, brings NT DECS and the NT Public Service into serious disrepute: GARY BARNES ALLOWS HIM TO KEEP HIS JOB.

Person C: (Principal): later in a different school – conspires with her boss Person B and his boss Executive Director Person D to exaggerate fake performance management issues against staff member 1, is cautioned by Person D several times for her “inappropriate use of email” prior to her emails regarding staff member 1 in which she calls him a “trained tattooed monkey” when writing his reference, calls him “a varmitt (vermin) problem”, encourages her boss Person B to “sharpen his claws more” in order to get his revenge against staff member 1, Karma steps in again and forces her to also pay an out of court settlement for her role yet again in writing highly unprofessional, inappropriate and potentially defamatory emails, this time about staff member 1 (all the time telling him to his face: “how terrible it must have been for him to have gone through such things in the recent past” – Ed: you can take the knives out of your back now): GARY BARNES ALLOWS HER TO KEEP HER JOB.

Staff member 1: (experienced remote school classroom teacher of 8 years) After 4+ years of putting up with the emotional and mental abuse, lies told about him and multiple malicious and cowardly attacks on his reputation, staff member 1 writes an email to people who he believes have a history of trying to poison his career asking them to stop, files 2 formal grievances (1 against Person B for his ‘alleged’ long running and sickening attempts to disrupt staff member 1’s working life and destroy his personal and professional reputation) after being informed that that was the correct way to exercise his workplace right to complain about treatment in employment in NT DECS, refuses to accept then being called “vexatious” by Person E for filing that grievance – Person E was caught previously intimating to a school he was about to work at that staff member 1 had “performance issues” (without evidence of course) and “a cloud hanging over him” and then she secretly phoned the NT Australian Education Union President to “discuss staff member 1’s so-called mental health issues and bad attitude” as she labelled them and tried to persuade the President to convince staff member 1 to shut up and stop complaining about this constant barrage of workplace bullying, harassment, dangerous gossip and intimidation that he has had to endure since becoming a government whistleblower, staff member 1 dares to have a different opinion to some of those in power, says: “I don’t trust some senior officers to be fair” – Ed: we wonder where he got that idea from ?! – receives a glowing reference from his principal who desperately wants him to stay and continue his hard work at the remote school, is supported by all the staff and students: Gary Barnes visits staff member 1 at that remote school, shakes his hand, wishes him well and congratulates him for doing a good job in doubling classroom attendance in his first 2 months (all captured on a digital recorder), then 3 months later labels staff member 1 “unsuitable for further employment in NT DECS” at the same time reassuring him that his teaching performance is fine….but GARY BARNES THEN TELLS HIM HE HAS LOST HIS JOB and waits until he is on his Christmas Break overseas before telling him.  Nice touch Mr Barnes.

All of the above are ‘suitable for further employment in NT DECS’, except, according to Gary Barnes, staff member 1 who complains that he’s been targeted for special treatment by a multitude of senior NT DECS personnel and that very little is ever done to discipline them appropriately – “counselling” them is considered rather weak by most people’s standards.

Is this the standard of senior officer that we want here in the NT?  Is it fair?  Do you trust these people?  Ed: A big cup of DOUBLE STANDARDS anyone?  Comments please: Let rip.

*And no, we won’t label you ‘unsuitable for further comment on CFB’ if you happen to have a different opinion to us.  This is not China, it’s Australia, supposedly.  We’re not that arrogant.
CFB Team

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26 Responses to How to keep your NT DECS job -v- how to lose your NT DECS job.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hmmm……sounds like BS to me….but typical DET/DECS. How many people have they done this to over the years? Tonnes and tonnes. This will end up like the Jimmy Saville case in the UK, just watch. They’ll all come crawling out of the woodwork with legal papers in their hand soon.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I always like your posts because the CFB Team have such a good way of expressing yourselves, and this is a virtue these days. Looking forward to reading more.

  3. Matty says:

    Gary Barnes doesn’t like that person and he is using his position to punish them We know that he has done this to another teacher in the NT who also was targeted in this highly unprofessional manner. Gary Barnes is a coward, plain and simple.

  4. Sassy Sue says:

    Got 1 word for that: ASS.
    Look up “double standards” in the dictionary and it prolly shows a photo of Gary Barnes.

  5. another disgusted RTS teacher says:

    Gary Barnes should have been out of that job ages ago. His teacher retention ideas are in the shitter and he clearly doesn’t give a toss about remote schools or the Aboriginal communities that depend on them. Too many personal vendettas and not enough brains in Mitchell St HQ. Many persons glad to see the back of him including all the teachers at my school.

  6. Larry the lawyer says:

    Just my humble opinion but it looks like ‘misconduct in public office’ to me and I’m sure he is not alone in this one, he will have directed others to act or not act in particular ways which could make them equally legally liable. Here in Australia we have a ‘misfeasance in public office’ offence – it is the common law’s only public law tort, because only public officials can commit it, and they must have acted unlawfully in the sense that they exceeded or misused a public power or position. I wonder where these actions would fall on that continuum? Definitely an interesting legal test. Has the NT got the courage to pursue justice in this instance?

  7. Lofty Public Servant 3 says:

    Gary Barnes has been at the forefront of destroying all the things that education is supposed to stand for here in the NT: inclusiveness, relevance, fair play, natural justice and the idea that teachers like staff member 1 contribute to the well being of Aboriginal society. The very opposite of virtuous – vicious. This latest story does not surprise me one little bit, it’s how he rolls, he has history.

  8. ThRUST ME BABY says:

    KABOOM!!! (sound of Gary Barnes shooting himself in the foot)

    HAHAHAHA bet you now there’s a principal and a whole school staff that dont trust him. What an Idiot.
    Sack everyone that doesn’t trust DECS and there would be no one left!

    • Erich Zappleblast-darthvader says:

      Maaaate if trust is a requirement then the whole public service would be gone. The issue here is this whole executive contract thing. People like Mr Barnes are not really public servants but just an extension of the politicians. This is why new governments sack most departmental heads. Will Barnes last in his new posting or is he on his way after 6 months? It seems these people just make up the rules as they go. But even worse are the people who action their whims even when they know it is illegal. These little people try to gain favour but in the end they are expendable.

    • Hang out the Washing on the Berrimah Line says:

      I want all those people to come clean. Do the the dirt on Gary.

    • unhappy union member says:


  9. Pingback: Advanced Performance Improvement

  10. Mel - Palmerston says:

    No-one trusts these Machiavellian Maniacs, I thought that was common knowledge? Who can blame them after reading this. Glad I don’t work in education.

  11. Merry Shitmas ho ho ho says:

    This is not China, it’s Australia, supposedly.

    Nope, looks like China to me.

    Dishonest and two-faced to shake the guys hand then sack him while hes on holiday. That’s the best way to ruin someones Christmas for sure.

    • unhappy union member says:

      Glad he kept all the best quality ones…..not.
      Typical DET dirty tricks from Person E.

  12. bush bunny says:

    What the Hell is going on with this place? All we hear is ‘We don’t want you in the Territory if you only want to stay for a year or two’…….I think I know this guy, he’s done a lot of good work for Aboriginal communities and Barnes is chucking him on the scrapheap for daring to speak out! More people need to speak out and just typical of these cowards in Mitchell Street who never have to face you and tell people there sacked once they go on holiday. They’ve been getting away with this bloody shithouse behaviour for years!!! What he should have done was threaten someone then call them a dirty feral wanker then he would have probably kept his job. Easy Peasie.

    • Poo Train says:

      Lets get real here! The bloke did not play the game. The game mate! It is called arsehole crawling, covering things up, shafting people, pulling strings, pole climbing, telling lies ………………………. . He did not have a ticket on Colon Airways!

      • LD Melbourne says:

        Finally someone has the bravery to speak out. i totally agree with everything you say. i had the same problems with HR. i wish they had to work my old jo bin gapuwiuyak and i did their job in air conditioning in the office. i dont think they care about anyone else just herself. so glad we’re out of there its a disaster zone.

      • Barry Shmarnes says:

        The Game sux and everyone who plays it has no soul. Yes men are the lowest of the low but worse is sacking some poor guy when he’s on his Christmas holiday. What would Jesus have done? Not that for sure!

  13. Confuscius Jnr says:

    Confuscius Say: the small man who lacks virtue is often man of club with smallest member.

    • Maningrida teacher says:

      confuscius also say: the rat who jumps from the sinking shit (or is it ship?) usually ends up drowning too, Barnesy……because he’s still just a rat.

    • CBD worker says:

      There are a lot of small members in DECS, the higher you go the smaller they get!

  14. Darwin Suburbs says:

    What a trainwreck! Thankyou Gary Barnes you’ve done us all proud here in NT. Now we’ve got to put up with you in the Chief Ministers Office. How much more damage can one man do?! Guess we’ll see soon…..and then you’ll just f*ck off back to QLD – leave us to clean up your sh*t again. Education in NT just got better the minute you were elbowed out.

    • moneymoneymoney says:

      Your soooo right what a trainwreck……..hope the Union is backing this guy to the hilt.
      I want to know more about them supporting that Aboriginal principal after admitting to threatening to kill her union rep. That one needs a lot of explaining…..wonder if she kept her union membership too, seems she kept everything else including all that money!!!!

    • dynamic action says:

      Just the right man for Terry Mills! Terry is having a trainwreck of a time with PAWA and Gove so why not really completely stuff up things.

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