Upcoming Anti-Discrimination Hearing: Ferguson v DET & Ors

The NT Anti-Discrimination Commission does a wonderful job, we’ve linked to it on this web site (down the right hand side there).  There is also a link on their site to upcoming hearings: http://www.adc.nt.gov.au/decisions/Upcominghearings.htm

This particular hearing, now in the public domain, we understand harks back to a fairly long time ago and no doubt, bearing in mind who’s involved, has some very juicy stuff in there.  We’re quite sure these Hearings are open to the public unless there is some definite public interest served in keeping it ‘closed’ but just to check you might like to ask the NT Anti-Discrimination Commission themselves.  If it’s ‘open’ then all us teachers would do well, as would the Education Union, to come along and see what’s been happening.  You never know, you might just get to see some old friends in there…..and bring a friend or two, like a journalist.  There are lots out there interested in getting the truth out too.

Write it up on your calendar: JUNE 2013: Hearing – 17-21 June 2013: Ferguson v DET & Ors

Just a word to others out there who’ve had to unfortunately also had endure any of the things mentioned on this blog.  WE know you are not alone, even though many of us feel like we are (that’s the way the Power Structure wants it of course because it keeps you atomized and lonely and more susceptible to bullying and intimidation).  One way to redress this is to START YOUR OWN BLOG.  

We’ve already put a link in the “Kill the Messenger” page but we’ll post it here again so you can download it and read it at home: https://cardfightback.files.wordpress.com/2012/02/reporters-without-borders-blogging-handbook-2009.pdf  – it aims to explain some of the finer points of blogging with tips on how to stay safe if you’re posting things that might upset certain people.  REMEMBER THOUGH, it would be better to use it for public interest subjects – like Cardfightback – not petty vendettas that might get you in legal hot water.   Be safe and BLOG ON comrades!

**EDIT – From the Anti-Discrimination Act:

ANTI-DISCRIMINATION ACT: Hearing to be public

“The hearing of a complaint shall be in public unless the Commissioner directs otherwise.”

The tech people tell us that 7 people have downloaded the blogging guide (linked above) so far and 3 of those have emailed us and are promising their own blogs.  Fantastic work and we’re sure all our viewers will be looking forward to reading them.  Watch out for CARDFIGHTBACK Facebook and Twitter pages coming soon too…..  CFB Team.                  Done.

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14 Responses to Upcoming Anti-Discrimination Hearing: Ferguson v DET & Ors

  1. Mr W says:

    i cant wait to see those education people on their knees….

  2. Anonymous says:

    This blog is very informative. I am really impressed by the comments which people have given. I am sure many people will get more knowledge from this that will help them fight the monster in court and beyond……

  3. R says:

    How much money is the government wasting on this kind of thing?!! I wish they would stop doing it and treat everyone well. I want my tax $$ to be spent on educating kids not fighting people for compensation. Same as that teacher who got his leg amputated, disgraceful and disgusting to fight him for compensation. Makes me so angry.

  4. your friends at Alyangula says:

    We’re rootin’ for ya Stevo. Give it to ’em. You’ve still got a lot of friends here no matter what Coral and Hylton said about you. She left pretty fast, didn’t she! 😉

  5. Anonymous says:

    Looking forward to this one. Hoo-ray! Oh yeah baby.

  6. Central desert teacher says:

    I’m one of them: I’m starting a blog coz I’ve got tonnes to tell, ta for the guide.

  7. Noooiiiiccceeee says:

    Nirrpurranydji is in there, gotta be, if we were betting people… We worked with her a long time ago and it wouldn’t surprise us if she’s involved in this. When we worked at Gapuwiyak she rewarded the ones she liked and who gave her money and ignored others who didn’t. Catholic priest abusers are brought to justice 30, 40 and 50 years after their crimes – AS THEY SHOULD BE – the truth comes out eventually and people have to pay their dues. We’ll be watching this one from Melbourne with a lot of interest. Thankyou Cardfightback for alerting us and we hope to see your report of what happens. Or just email us instead?

  8. they took our job says:

    The only thing theyve not done to this guy is murder his favorite puppy. Wouldnt put it past em either. Yeah yeah come to the territory and see what we do to people we dontlike, see how tough we are. Get yer leg cut off and well fight you for compensation too. How dya like em apples, this is the NT, were fuckin hard up here.

  9. Gapuwiyak Alumni Association says:

    Party time!!!! been waitin for this to rear it’s ugly head again (blows a party blower)

  10. Popcorn Muncher says:

    Ditto. See you there, I’ll bring the popcorn.

  11. Arlene says:

    Nigel Adlam of NTNews, put this on your to-do list……See you there. 🙂

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