Digital Recorders are your best friend.

First of all, this is a momentous occasion.  Two important milestones have been reached as of today:

1. We had 107 page views yesterday, a new record, with people coming from all over the country and the world, including through Facebook, Twitter and yes, you’ve guessed it, all our friends scattered throughout the NT Govt.

2. Today we reached 3000 page views in total.  Actually the Tech Guys inform us that in February alone we’ve so far had over 500 views Ed: make that 620 and counting…, that’s more than the best monthly figure and still 10 days to go until the end of the month!  Give yourselves a huge pat on the collective back from generating such interest and spreading the word and a round of applause: click here>

Next just a quick word about a good ‘friend’ of ours.

digital recorderThese little guys can fit snugly in any pocket, are lightweight and have large amounts of storage for your audio files.  As an accountability warrior you will come across many devious and sneaky people who will say bad and potentially damaging things about you.  They might even try to ruin your career with some things that they say to others and think that they can get away with such cowardly and malicious behaviour.

RECORD EVERYTHING.  It might be your only safety net when forced to recall events (of course hand written notes are OK but an audio recording is much better) or Heaven forbid if someone catches that awful affliction called ‘selective amnesia’ or simply blatantly lies and then later denies that a conversation even took place or that they were somehow suddenly misquoted or  just intentionally and offensively calls you a liar and claims that you just made something up even when you have written notes to prove it – Ed: yep, this kind of bizarre stuff happens a lot!  You might be reading this thinking: “These people are paranoid, I would never need something like that.”  Fine, but don’t say we didn’t warn you.  We’ve seen it happen to so many people and if you ever have to go to Court for something it could mean the difference between winning a case and losing one.

The way the NT Education Dept has been going lately (since well before Gary Barnes exited stage left) so we hear from our friends in the Education Union, more and more people are heading down the legal/Court route in their fight for justice.  It’s pricey but can work in your favour.  NT Education Dept senior officers have a history of immunity from accountability – yes we all have at least one or two terror stories to tell round the staffroom – and one of the only ways to attempt to get any is to find a way to take them to Court.  They don’t like Court because that’s the Real World and their friends across the open plan office or a couple of floors up are not there to protect them anymore.  Of course they will have the help of government lawyers like Lee Rayner Head of DECS Legal Services as an ‘SFNT’ but don’t let that scare you, in our opinion there are many, much better legal practitioners than SFNT lawyers out there willing to help you get the outcome you’re looking for and will be more than happy to take on what they see as a corrupt government official or four.  Public exposure upsets them too, don’t forget.

Think we’re being too harsh?  We’re not the only ones to think this, as this particular comment in the newspaper underlines:

The cronyism, bullying, intimidation and harrassment is across the whole of DET not just the teachers and those in remote communities, I am talking about every single corporate division across the agency at ALL levels. I have come across ALOT of people that agree. DET has alot to answer for and the whole department needs an overhaul not just a change of Chief Executive.

Posted by: DET has issues 10:35pm Sunday 18th July

CFB Team 

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12 Responses to Digital Recorders are your best friend.

  1. I heard a HR person refused to let someone use the recorder in a meeting.

  2. Lynette says:

    educational post. you’re always making us learn something new, thanks.

  3. R says:

    Let’s see if John Elferink runs the show better than Chris Burns. Burns was a blubbering fool who let Barnes do whatever he wanted and look at the mess he left us!! I’d record them all and put it on Youtube so everyone can hear what a bunch of mongrels they are.

  4. your friends at Alyangula says:

    Agreed. Its the only way to catch them out. Too many people lying to protect their own jobs and forgetting about all the others getting flung in the garbage. I see our old principal is on here, shame on her for what she did.

  5. Lucy from NSW says:

    I am not surprised that the NT has gotten to this although QLD has problems with this kind of thing too, maybe it’s the kind of government job that attracts a certain kind of dishonest person? Maybe the protection some of these persons get in their job makes them do such terrible things (like the Nazi generals)? I really don’t know but if you need to record conversations to protect yourself in the NT I would rather leave that place and work somewhere else. Why waste your time and energy working for persons like that when you could be using it elsewhere, in a place that values you instead of what they’re doing in the NT (from what I read on here at least!) No wonder they always have problems trying to get teachers to stay in their schools if this is the kind of things they do to them.
    I am also shocked to read that the principals and the gun licence director did not lose their jobs for what they did. It really sounds like a circus up there, a really bad circus with really bad performers.

    • Territory Torture Chamber says:

      IT IS A CIRCUS trust me, the bureaucrats they import from other states must have failed over there and ended up here. I’ve heard many many stories of teachers coming here then leaving disgusted and disallusioned soon after receiving this kind of treatment. Alot of them are young people too which is even worse. I would advise young teachers to steer clear of the NT Education Dept and its bullies and work somewhere else. Save your sanity!!!!

  6. DET wankers says:

    Hope u nail the wankers. They ALL deserve it and any one who supports them.

  7. angry senior teacher says:

    Wish I’d read this a while ago. My principal told lies about me to her boss and the boss then acted on those lies without ever asking me if they were lies or not. These people do this kind of thing all the time and its very difficult to prove it. I proved it though by my freedom of information requests but I’m going to use a digital recorder all the time now as well because it really is a great tool to catch people out. Thankyou.

  8. Andy says:

    Be aware of the Shanghai Technique! You get called to a meeting about some minor matter but the whole thing is a set up. They craft in other matters to attack you and you get caught out. Always be prepared and have your recorder turned on. Duck out for toilet break and turn it on. Get them before they get you.

  9. I agree DET has issues says:

    Agree with the newspaper comment. Every comment section in the NT News about education trashes DET or DECS or whatever they are now….Bunch of mongrels the lot of em, my wife ended up on workers comp because of em and she’ll never forgive em for that…..they ruined her career but they just continue on like nothing happened doing it to loads of other people.

  10. Sam says:

    I’ve had someone do that to me before…..what you said….basically call me a fuckin liar when I was telling the truth. IT shits me. She got her payback though dirty fuckr…..served nice an cold it was.

  11. Ripper says:


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