NT Education Dept BANS us. Hylton Hayes threatens to sue us (for telling YOU the truth).

Monster University

The NT Education Department is full of scary monsters but just like Monsters Inc they are all bark and no bite, a façade.  They look scary, some more than others, and they routinely act scary – verbal threats, written threats, wonky legal reasoning (sometimes due to incompetence or arrogant complacency, sometimes it’s just simply made up to scare you and has no real legal basis if you test it out in Courts or Tribunals), abuse of position – but most of it is just BLUFF.

Recently we’ve heard of Solicitors for the Northern Territory (SFNT) demanding that Cardfightback be shut down, not copied, permanently deleted.  These are the same people who protect NT DECS senior executives when they bully us and harass us in our already difficult job of classroom teaching.  They also seem to think that they own the Internet and want to prevent anyone from having a critical opinion of them.  Yes we burst out laughing at that one too.

Then we heard from our friends at the Education Union that Mr Hylton Hayes – he of previous “gun licence” fame: read more about him here: https://cardfightback.wordpress.com/2013/01/31/how-to-keep-your-nt-decs-job-v-how-to-lose-your-nt-decs-job/ – decided that for telling everyone the truth about what he did, he too wants to close down our site while suing us for alleged defamation.  Slightly cheeky there Mr Hayes but definitely gave us a giggle.  Ed – actually here’s a sneak peak at Hylton discussing with his principal Coral O’Neill (who wrote her teacher was a “trained tattooed monkey” amongst other things), how he’s going to get his revenge “every dog has it’s [sic] day”  on the teacher : CLICK ON THE LINK> sharpen your claws more Hylton – all done ON SCHOOL TIME AND USING GOVERNMENT COMPUTER EQUIPMENT – the rest will be uploaded soon we hear…..

When that all failed, the NT Education Department then BLOCKED ACCESS to our site through their NTSCHOOLS network.  Of course this simply means that you have to read us from home, not a huge problem.  Same old pattern of destructive behaviour: try to bully people into submission, threaten them with more SCARY MONSTERS techniques then when that doesn’t work, stick your head in the sand and hope the problem goes away….without ever properly dealing with what caused it all in the first place.  Ed – Classic!!!  Dr Rob Bartholomew knows exactly what we’re talking about, buy his book here: https://cardfightback.wordpress.com/2012/11/05/rob-bartholomew-pherod/

head in sand again

We’ve said this many times before but we’ll say it again: there are individuals, over the decades and the centuries, who stand up to be counted, who are vocal, who do brave things to talk about what is uncomfortable and what others don’t want to hear. And history tells us that those individuals will, by the states/organisation/people who consider their voices should not be heard, be in some way attacked. It’s part of the narrative that’s perpetuated, the false narrative that makes people an enemy and removes their protections under due process but the way the organisation reacts is actually identical in each case. It’s to perceive the person telling the truth as the enemy and try to take them out.

Protest is highly useful: either verbally in meetings or on the Internet (the great leveller) or demanding that other groups of people help – Union, Whistleblowers, other outside jurisdictions, direct action, Ed – see our ‘Contact Others’ link at the top of the page – in that it informs us that it is right and appropriate to keep saying what is happening here in the NT is quite wrong, intolerable, that people are punished as they attempt to assert a defense, when they attempt to argue back and re-frame the debate and that it has to stop if education ever wants a chance to succeed here in the Northern Territory.

PS: Note to predictably blinkered NT Education Department people: Banning us will just make us stronger and show the world that you have lots to hide.  Can’t you ever think of another way to act or are you just going to stupidly repeat the same problematic behaviour over and over again, that coincidentally wastes a lot of our tax money and which would be better spent on educating young Territorians.  Wake up FFS!

CFB Team.

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20 Responses to NT Education Dept BANS us. Hylton Hayes threatens to sue us (for telling YOU the truth).

  1. 1 person can change things says:

    Don’t feel like you can’t beat this guy Hylton Hayes. He’s just a person like the rest of us. Looks well protected by the CE for some reason but everyone has a weak point or two. Just find his and exploit them, that way you’ll help to save all the teachers working for him. Don’t be fooled by his smooth talking, a snake also has a smooth tongue remember. Best of luck and I look forward to watching his demise, along with many others I’m sure.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s about time someone actually did something about these people in nt decs. Why the Hell are we still putting up with this crap from these faceless public sector nobodies? What’s the point in having a union if all they can do is complain in the nt news?

  3. Sue says:

    Think I’ll sue the NT gov for the damage they’ve done to my kids.

  4. Liposuction says:

    Looks like a fair amount of ‘fat’ has already been sucked out of ED Dept. Hopefully they haven’t stopped there….Hayes gets my vote for next in line.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Wonder who’s responsible for banning the site. Don’t think someone like Lee Rayner has that much clout to be honest, she only works for Decs.

  6. educator says:

    great read

  7. Harry go lucky says:

    At last someone is finally doing something about these monsters in NT Educ Dept. The Union is piss weak.

  8. Lara says:

    I pity the poor teachers and kids in PAlmerston. What did they ever do to desserve Hylton Hayes???

  9. The Dog Whisperer says:

    every dog has its day…..hahahahhaha….woof woof! put that in the “wish I’d never wrote that” box…..along with all that other stuff. hahahahhahahaaahahaha, what a tool.

  10. The Count says:

    congrats. more than 4000 visitors

  11. Sit Junior Sit! says:

    That Hayes bloke is a piece of work!

    • Stormy Seas says:

      What a piece of work is a man………………. . Hamlet! Prince of Palmerston & Rural, I mean Denmark. I hear it is all snakes and ladders at DECS these days. A lot of people sliding down so they say. Acting CEOs as principals and directors in curriculum. Others jumped ship and got out. My indigenous friend tells me DECS means Titanic in his language.

  12. You can run.... says:

    Reference for the trained Principal: A friend of my husband works with Coral O’Neill in WA now. How long dya think it will take her for a repeat performance down there?!

  13. The Outsider says:

    Wow what an interesting lot of information. I have read most of the posts and had look at the other sites. It seems to me that there must be a mole in DECS who collects this information. I believe that there is an insider who ‘leaks’ information to Cardfightback. How else could this be happening? Right inside the Mitchell Centre or a regional office. A scarlet pimpernel no less.

  14. Carolyn....Canberra says:

    I work in the education system here and while sometimes it can be bad the NT seems like a disaster. Go Team.

  15. Uri I want Youu to Dropoff says:

    Adelaide River School 31 Memorial Tce, Adelaide River (08) 8976 7034 (08) 8976 7074
    Bakewell Primary School 5 Hutchinson Tce, Bakewell (08) 8931 0487 (08) 8931 0491
    Batchelor Area School 71 Kirra Cres, Batchelor (08) 8976 0077 (08) 8976 0008
    Bees Creek Primary School 20 Sattler Cres, Freds Pass (08) 8983 3222 (08) 8983 3120
    Belyuen School ( Delisaville, Delissaville ) Belyuen (08) 8978 5085 (08) 8978 5063
    Berry Springs Primary School 1150 Cox Peninsula Rd, Berry Springs (08) 8988 6006 (08) 8988 6151
    Douglas Daly School Jungawa Rd, Douglas-Daly (08) 8978 2836 (08) 8978 2512
    Driver Primary School 37 Driver Ave, Driver (08) 8935 9000 (08) 8935 9035
    Dundee Beach School 500 Namarada Dr, Dundee Beach (08) 8978 2212 (08) 8978 2796
    Durack Primary School 50 Woodlake Bvd, Durack (08) 8935 9259 (08) 8935 9260
    Girraween Primary School 25 Carruth Rd, Girraween (08) 8983 3300 (08) 8983 4202
    Gray Primary School 22 Victoria Drive, Gray (08) 8932 1700 (08) 8932 1007
    Gunbalanya School Gunbalanya (08) 8979 0181 (08) 8979 0143
    Howard Springs Primary School 295 Whitewood Rd, Howard Springs (08) 8983 0000 (08) 8983 1834
    Humpty Doo Primary School 50 Freds Pass Rd, Humpty Doo (08) 8988 1255 (08) 8988 1845
    Jabiru Area School 40 Waterhouse Rd, Jabiru (08) 8938 3333 (08) 89 38 3344
    Mamaruni School Minjilang (Croker Is) (08) 8979 0255 (08) 8979 0256
    Middle Point School 615 Anzac Pde, Middle Point (08) 8988 1688 (08) 8988 8023
    Milikapiti School ( Snake Bay ) Milikapiti (Snake Bay) (08) 8978 3960 (08) 8978 3925
    Moulden Primary School 103 Bonson Tce, Moulden (08) 8930 5900 (08) 8932 3214
    Nganambala School Emu Point (08) 8978 2001 (08) 8978 2008
    Nganmarriyanga School Palumpa (08) 8978 2380 (08) 8978 2575
    Palmerston Senior College 10 Tilston Ave, Driver (08) 8935 0222 (08) 8932 2232
    Peppimenarti School Peppimenarti (08) 8978 2455 (08) 8978 2578
    Pularumpi School ( Pirlangimpi, Garden Point ) Pularumpi, Pirlangimpi (08) 8978 3961 (08) 8978 3723
    Rosebery Middle School cnr Forrest Parade and Belyuen Road, Roseberry, Palmerston (08) 8930 5200 (08) 8930 5399
    Rosebery Primary School Belyuen Road Rosebery, Palmerston (08) 8930 5100 (08) 8930 5199
    Taminmin College 70 Challoner Cct, Humpty Doo (08) 8983 7000 (08) 8988 2351
    Tipperary Station School Daly River Road, Tipperary (08) 8978 2765 (08) 8978 2786
    Tivendale School ( Don Dale Education Unit ) Tivendale Road, Berrimah (08) 8922 0411 (08) 8947 1895
    Woodroffe Primary School 55 Woodroffe Ave, Woodroffe (08) 8932 3788 (08) 8932 2190
    Woolaning School Litchfield Park Rd, Litchfield Park (08) 8978 2334 (08) 8978 2600
    Woolianna School Wooliana Rd, Daly River (08) 8978 2984 (08) 8978 2629

    Card Team guess who is in charge of this lot? Haha Trollo haha! Hope they are reading of the adventures.

  16. You scratch my back.... says:

    The idiots they employ in Mitchell St -Gary Barnes was the leader remember! -just followed his instructions. They’re not programmed to do anything else. Just more mindless public service workers receiving a healthy salary and not giving a stuff about what happens to anyone but themselves. All watched over by Ken “do nothing to help you” Simpson.

  17. More like The Muppets on Mitchell St. says:

    And Donna Holmes…..and her 5 kids.

  18. More like The Muppets on Mitchell St. says:

    No comment. I’ll just get into trouble. Spotted David Cummins easily.

  19. Arachnid Smith says:

    I almost burst a blood vessel laughing at that picture of the monsters. So funny trying to identify who is who from DECS but the monsters in DECS are a lot more ugly. But a small pin and pop they go. All piss wind. LOL. What a funny lot!

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