Banksy, eat your heART out (and your bus stops).

One of our supporters recently spotted this on a Darwin noticeboard.  Excellent.  Wonder if any more will turn up?  Ed – See below: we just got word of other signs turning up on bus stops round Darwin!!!  Quick, ban the site! Oops, too late.

Darwin Noticeboard

Friends and helpers everywhere.  Good job NT Gov.

We’ll open up the password protected post below after we start back school next Monday.

A hint: “Who in the world am I? Ah, that’s the great puzzle.”

CFB bus stop

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7 Responses to Banksy, eat your heART out (and your bus stops).


    THE BULLY BUS was launched today. Come and say hello at Mindil Beach Markets, Thursday & Sunday
    Palmerston Markets on Friday and request our services so our professionals can help you become a BULLY BUSTER too.

  2. Adam says:

    This site makes my day! I piss my pants reading it. It’s the only place with balls in the Territory….everywhere else is like a little girl in a pink dresss.

  3. Anonymous says:

    teaching in the territory,, recruitment, staff recruitment, nt staff, staff nt, nt decs, lee rayner, simon wiese, eva lawler, tony stubbin, gary barnes, hylton hayes, shirley nirrpurranydji, nt education dept, nt education department nt, lance follett, philip brennan, vicki baylis, lindall watson, gapuwiyak, teacher registration board nt, aeunt, aeu nt, nt education union, matthew cranitch, peter clisby, teacher vacancies, caitlyn mcalister, sonia brownhill, sfnt, solicitors for the northern territory, donna holmes, hr, det hr, deet hr, decs hr, carol penglase, whistleblowers, dept of justice nt, director of school performance, palmerston, arnhem, ne arnhemland, lake evella, nirrpu, susie hayes, susan hayes, andrea adlam, craig drury, northern territory teaching, staffing, new teachers, etc.

    • Land of the Persecuted says:

      Very Interesting List, recognise many names that should be given more attention. Will remember when I am back working in Education 🙂

  4. union member says:

    Department of Education and Children’s Services – should be Department of Screwing Teachers and Covering Things Up.
    Why isn’t the AEU giving more money to fight this kind of crap? What do they do with all that membership money?

  5. growth says:

    The Photocopy Pimpernel strikes. intriguing. where next?

  6. SA_teacher says:

    South Australia supports you! Must be Hell up there. Kick those bullies out!

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