NT Gov -v- Ferguson & Anor (NT Supreme Court 10) Monday 10am

Director of Legal Services DECS Lee Rayner, her barrister and the NT Gov/Educ Dept lost in the Supreme Court.  Another monumental waste of Government funds ESPECIALLY NOW THAT TEACHERS ARE LOSING THEIR JOBS DUE TO FINANCIAL CONSTRAINTS.  More soon……

Ed – Supreme court judge will give written ruling on May 2 (and we’ll publish it here) but suffice to say that one side did far worse than the other (well done boys), the only surprise being that Lee Rayner was allowed to turn up today fully funded by the NT Gov.  Maybe Gary Barnes has arranged a blank cheque for her from the Chief Minister’s Office?  Horse Dead A Flogging?  Watch this space….

The NT Gov & Education Dept continue to throw more and more money at Court proceedings against their employees: Check the Court Listing here: Supreme Court 22.4.13

People are losing their jobs due to financial cut backs, Territory Education is vastly under-resourced due to supposedly ‘lack of funds’ and its outcomes are a national embarrassment, Aboriginal Health, Welfare and Education are (still) in the toilet yet the Education Dept and its legal team (see below) are happy to spend thousands and thousands of your tax dollars fighting their hard working remote school teachers in court.  So far to date this one case, having gone on for more than 3 years now, has cost one side at least more than $50,000…..and there’ll be more to come.  You can probably guess that it’s cost the other side even more.

Money well spent?  Ask our politicians.  Tell our newspapers.  Demand answers from the new CE of NT DECS and Mr Gary Barnes, the previous CE since he was the person in charge (we use the term loosely) of this mess at the time – throwing valuable Education dollars away while telling you he had no money for extra support teachers or new school books.

We, the Cardfightback Team, urge you to take a trip down to the Supreme Court this Monday morning and see how the NT Gov and their expensive barrister from down south behave.  You might just learn something for when they do it to you next.  Good luck.

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18 Responses to NT Gov -v- Ferguson & Anor (NT Supreme Court 10) Monday 10am

  1. Mark says:

    All it takes for evil to triumph is for a good man (or woman ) to do nothing! Keep up the fight against the corruption within the NT Government.

  2. Shhhhhhhhhhh Someone's listening..... says:

    RE; “NT Gov -v- Ferguson & Anor (NT Supreme Court 10) Monday 10am” – we hear that Lee Rayner is not flavour of the month up there in the Ivory Tower of NT DECS. Things are leaking out all over the place…..

  3. Laura says:

    Bloody good site. Someone with some balls at last. Marry me!!!

  4. off on leave to draw strength, B says:

    IF only me I hope you can keep going. Good luck Stephen you inspire everyone here in the NT.

    • NT News reader says:

      I agree! The guy is pretty resilient that’s for sure. We need more people like that teaching in the territory. Educ Dept bullies like Hayes and Rayner should be scared of us, not the other way round. Great to see people fighting back for a change…..lets hope it catches on with everyone else. Go Mr Ferguson!!

  5. The tragedy for the NT is that this may well be only the tip of the iceberg and unless the NT Education Department soon finds some heart to warm the cooled relationships with its teachers this iceberg is going to grow and could cost the Territory Tens of Millions in compensation claims against misfeasance, nonfeasance, mal-feasance of public officers in the NT courts and none of this was cause by the CLP government but occurred first hand while the ALP and past union officials (working in highly paid jobs whose bullying tactics have been running the show) were in charge. Whistleblowers be brave, be happy you are no longer alone, you should not hide behind the pain and suffering caused by bullies. Perhaps Territorian teachers should unite and start naming and shaming the people who we believe will not be sleeping well with their Bullying conscience at night. How people can deliberately harm others is beyond me but it happens way too often here in the NT, Tall Poppy syndrome is alive and well. Apologies need to be made, support needs to be given to the people who have been harmed and the NT needs to be able to move on from this unfortunate chapter in Territory Education History. We need HAPPY School, Happy teachers so we as a community can enjoy HAPPY, HEALTHY KIDS who enjoy life long learning in our Public schools. GO NT TEACHERS ❤

  6. wasted $$$$ says:

    Supreme Court? Supreme Waste Of Money more like. Someone made a good point before……Who’s paying for this train wreck called Rayner?

  7. CFB supporter says:

    Awesome job, hope you win Mr Ferguson, you really deserve it.

    • NTSchools user says:

      We’re all behind you Stephen. Lots of supporters out bush in NT, where we all know you should be. Don’t let the bastards bring you down.

  8. Hang 'em High says:

    Total disgrace. Teachers should strike again an’ force the pollies to sort this shit out once an’ for all. Bring back the stocks an’ public hanging for governt lawyers like her.

  9. Major Tom says:

    Planet Rayner must be a lonely place these days……

  10. NT DECS senior officer says:

    We’re all there in spirit to help you. Let us know how it goes. Hopefully Lee Rayner will go back to NSW if she loses and waste their government money instead. Stop harassing our hard working teachers!

  11. Jamie says:

    The Education Dept really are sick. Send them to a psychiatryst not the Supreme Court.

  12. union member says:

    Yes, good luck!!! Hope you stick it to those wankers.

  13. Jimbo says:

    Best of luck Mr Ferguson, looks like you’ve had a terrible time with the Northern Territory Government’s Department of Education and Children’s Services. I don’t blame people for not wanting to work in education.nt.gov.au, what a nightmare!

  14. Ms M says:

    Our school could have used that 100 grand to employ a new teacher.
    Or buy the kids some new computers.

  15. Milton Friedman was a Saint says:

    Was just googling this case off the Court list for some further information and I found this gem of a site. What an eye opener this is. Totally shocking stuff! A total waste of tax dollars. Adam Giles and Dave Tollner need to have a look at all this.

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