How to win friends and influence people…over 700 people in one month.

Editor’s note: a lot of people have been trying to access DECS’s “Bullying, Harassment & Violence” Policy, both here and on their gov website.  They’ve taken it down, no one can see it or access it. (usual sneaky behaviour, read more about other devious DECS behaviour over at the NT ED Dept Dirty Tricks blog>>> NTDECSDirtyTricks)…..except us.  Here it is, to give you an idea of how blatantly they’ve been breaching their own policy: >>> download it by clicking on the link>>> BullyingHarassmentViolencePolicy

A picture speaks a thousand words (or page loads).  Let’s hope that those 700+ people (in just the month of April) are also speaking about “teaching in the territory” and telling everyone the truth about what really goes on here.  Tell the NT News, the ABC, all your friends, interstate blogs, interstate teachers, lawyers, courts, parents, children, your Union, the OCPE, the Ombudsman, the Anti-Discrimination Commission, the Information Commissioner, the Office for Public Interest Disclosures, the Police, your granny, your dog and the postman.

CFB April stats

Below, one of our best customers: either very keen or extremely paranoid and worried.  We’d prefer extremely paranoid and worried:

Friends of CFB

Big wave to the Australian Broadcasting Commission… there an investigative documentary in the wings???  Could be……

ABC visit CFB

We tip our hat to the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations, (DEEWR), Canberra, hopefully they’re taking notes:

Deewr Canberra

Nods to News Interactive in Sydney, hungry for stories no doubt:

News Interactive

And last but of course by no means least, the Good Ol’ NT Gov (aka Hypocrite Central), proving: yes, the site remains blocked to teachers but not to other NT government workers.  We don’t lie here at CFB.  Ever.


A quick note: bye bye Eva Lawler, hope you enjoy your extra long Penglase-like holiday.  Wonder who’ll be next to go……get those bets on!  We know who we’d like to see blown out….

CFB Team

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13 Responses to How to win friends and influence people…over 700 people in one month.

  1. Arnie says:

    If this was the private sector those people would have been sacked a long time ago. Pisses me off to think that the government thinks its OK to let them run our public services. Shame on you Ken Simpson.

  2. Maree says:

    I’m disgusted with the state of Ed Dept officials’ behavior. Good on you CFB for exposing them for what they really are.

  3. Pingback: Yoshie

  4. Party Pete says:

    Bit of a party atmosphere!!!!! Hip hip Hooray!!

  5. friends friends everywhere says:

    You can never have too many friends. Supporters are everywhere by the looks of things. We’ll assist you to uncover NTGov bad behaviour and expose those responsible.

  6. GH of Darwin says:

    NT Edu Dept never does anything “man-style”,. they’re a bunch of cowards and bullies always hiding in the shadows. Wouldn’t know “man-style” if it kicked them in the arse with a size 9 boot. They’ll gets theirs one day hopefully.
    Ps: fuckin excellent to see so many people reading the site. Go on!

  7. Targ McCoy says:

    Yeh give it to them. Right up them! Shove it as far as you can. All those Kens and Co. A shower. Oh yeh hope DECS arse crawlers enjoy all the posts.

    • ex-NT-teacher says:

      Great to see Lee Rayner losing in the Supreme Court, a right good slap down by a higher authority, hope she puts that on her resume.

      These goverment people think they can do whatever they want because there is no oversight. Ken Simpson at the OCPE doesn’t want to do anything to help teachers including maybe holding goverment officers to account. He’s one of them….he’s part of the problem.

      Big Cheers to Cardfightback – Keep exposing the corruption and the corrupt. They don’t listen to much else.

  8. Bruce says:

    Wonder if this new bunch of pollies is going to run NT Educ Depart any different to that last mob? Teachers need to be more militant IMO. Too many softc0cks crying about being bullied and doin nothing about it. Toughen up princesses and take some advice from this cardfightback site.

  9. NT News commenter says:

    Eva Lawler takes a holiday from La La Land….maybe she’ll now have a think about how she acts instead of just being a Barnes puppet.

    • Piss weak says:

      I have zero sympathy for NT DECS admin employees loosing their jobs. ZERO…hope more of them get kicked out. They’ve spent enough time pissin on us lower people, its time they got some of their own medicine. I would make them teach in remote communiities for a year. let them see what its really like for a change.

  10. George says:

    F*ucking awesome stats man!!! Keep up the fight cardfightback!

    • Nigel says:

      the whole country is reading this thing. hahaha. ’bout time too. I call for boxing gloves for both parties and let ’em fight it out man-style.

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