Blow yourself out the water: Lee Rayner sinks in NT Supreme Court (again).

* Ed – Quick note Sun 9th June: The Tech Guys have informed us that during the two days of 7th and 8th June, the NT Gov visited our site 161 times.  Looks like everyone’s getting ready for: Velké finále (Susie Hayes, hopefully there to support her husband Hylton, will be able to translate for you). Les lunatics ont pris le contrôle de l’asile….

The recent NT Gov -v- Ferguson & ADC case in the NT Supreme Court has finally yielded the judge’s written remarks.  Now that it becomes a matter of the public record, you can download it and read it for yourself here>>>> NTSC 24 Kel13007 NTA v Ferguson 3 May

The judge has totally thrown out the NT Government’s claims of the ADC not following proper procedure in the upcoming Ferguson Anti-Discrimination case as well as giving the Government team a good old-fashioned ‘slap in the face’ for wasting her time.

It’s an interesting and useful document for a number of reasons. Here are some gems from it:

Mrs Rayner was using the NT News as part of the basis for arguing her case. Quality.

There are 4 named respondents in this case: Hylton “gun licence threat” Hayes (no surprises there), Shirley “I’ll kill you, hang you from the trees and burn down your house” Nirrpurranydji, Jennie Birch (assistant principal no.1 at the time in Gapuwiyak) and Lindall “I’ll help you get rid of him” Watson (assistant principal no.2 at the time in Gapuwiyak). And NT DECS (that’ll be Gary Barnes) being vicariously liable for not stopping it when they had the chance.

The judge uses the term “perverse outcome” twice in describing Rayner & Barrett’s (and therefore NT DECS’) ideas of what they want done to prevent Mr Ferguson gaining the justice he rightly deserves.

Mr Barrett sent a threatening letter to the ADC informing them in so many words ‘that if they didn’t change their mind on their decision – and make it much more palatable for him – he was going to take them to the Supreme Court to make them do what he wanted’.

This sounds a lot like Rayner’s usual ‘scary monsters routine’ but now we know that they probably share the same house we’re beginning to wonder who is the puppet and who is the puppet master in this tremendous double act.

The judge wrote, “If there had been jurisdictional error demonstrated [by the ADC], I would nevertheless have been inclined to refuse to intervene on discretionary grounds” meaning that she really thought that Rayner & Barrett’s behaviour stinks. She’s not the only one.

We at Cardfightback really love the last line: “The plaintiff’s claim is dismissed.”

So here we find ourselves again, Mrs Lee Rayner (and Mr Barrett) using wasting Government money to fight school teachers in Court. And losing. This is the second time in the last 12 months that she has been at the steering wheel of a train wreck (of her own making) that has ended up crashing into the NT Supreme Court. How much more money is she going to be given to flush down the dunny in her continuing attempted destruction of NT teachers we wonder? Fret not, we can always cut another teaching position and give the cash to Rayner. It’s much easier gambling when it’s someone else’s money you’re throwing away, isn’t it Lee?

Let this serve as an example to all NT public service workers of what can be achieved with a bit of resilience, determination and the truth in your pocket. Government lawyers like Rayner, Barrett and Wiese and all those other SFNTs get away with their dubious legal threats letters in DECS because they are rarely challenged outside in the real legal world. People get the letters and just blindly accept them and that suits Rayner et al just fine thank you very much. Be scared no more, challenge them at every turn, force them to be scrutinised by outside legal people and jurisdictions. Show them up for who and what they really are. Give them enough rope and then stand back and watch them hang themselves with it.

We’ve said it before but this would be a good time to say it again:

Courts, (some) outside jurisdictions, the Police, lawyers like Ron Hope and Bill Piper, Commonwealth bodies and the mediaESPECIALLY THE INTERNET – are all things that we ‘little people’ can use to keep rampant abuse of government/NT DECS behaviour in check. As you can read in this judge’s written opinion: it works……but it’s up to us to use them.

Believe us, the NT Govt/NT DECS would like nothing more than for all of us to stay silent and accept everything and anything that is thrown at us without question so that they can continue to run riot, make stuff up as they go along and get away with doing whatever they like to whoever they like, ruining people and careers into the bargain.

Oh and Mrs Rayner, the next time you (reportedly) arrogantly threaten to “blow [someone] out of the water because you are a great discrimination lawyer who has won over a hundred cases” you might want to think twice before changing it from your ‘inside voice’ to your ‘outside voice’, if you get our drift.

Not just because it could quite easily be construed as gross professional misconduct amongst other things but also if you happen to lose and are then taken off the case, you are going to look extremely stupid, as you must look now since you’ve recently been taken off this case, according to a friendly source in the governmentbut not before you cost both sides more than $100,000, none of it your own personal money of course (again).

Hopefully that’ll teach you to keep your bullying mouth more firmly shut in future.

up ye

So it’s onwards to the Hearing in 2 weeks’ time….roll up, roll up, come see Hylton Hayes, Shirley Nirrpurranydji and Lindall Watson and hear what they have to say to the viewing public about their past behaviour.  Oh and bring a note pad and some pens, you can sit beside the NT News and other journalists.

CFB Team. Definitely still very much IN the water.

Ed – This just in from the NT News (thanks Ellie):

NT News 6.6.13

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12 Responses to Blow yourself out the water: Lee Rayner sinks in NT Supreme Court (again).

  1. Mark M Arnhem Land says:

    DECS senior staff are discrediting the NT Government and all the good teachers in the NT. Well done to Ferguson for making a difference.

    Unfortunately you just change the name of the principal and this situation describes dozens of other schools in the NT.

    Its about time our Elected Ministers stopped hiding behind political doublespeak and actually dealt with the bad eggs who everyone knows about.

    DECS key values of Integrity and Respect are currently nothing but a bad joke!

  2. D, DECS says:

    Lee Rayner lives with Tim Barrett:

    Lee Rayner & Tim Barrett [address redacted]

  3. NT public sector worker says:

    We wish to thank you again Cardfightback for the gorgeous ideas you gave us. The NT government is hopeless, no matter who is in power here. Gary Barnes drove DECS into the ground then got a job in the Chief Minister’s Office. Enough said.

  4. Concerned parent says:

    Either my kid goes or Hayes goes! I want him away from my kid’s school. I don’t trust him and I urge everyone else to do the same thing.

  5. Palmy Votes says:

    Yes I will not be voting for Mr Chandler! We had Mr Burns before and I thought he was not running things very well but…………..!!!!!!

  6. M, Palmerston says:

    We hope to see Hayes sink too…….right to the bottom with a nice pair of concrete shoes on.

  7. Name Withheld says:

    Fucking hilarious. What a bunch of amateurs.

  8. Palmerston teacher says:

    That Hearing won’t be cheap either. Can’t wait to read all about it in the NT News and on this blog. Wonder if Hayes will take his gun licence to court, maybe he could slap Ferguson with it?

    • bush teacher says:

      Lindall Watson eh? I remember her from Lajamanu……there were warning signs then but as usual nobody listened.

      • ex-Gapuwiyak teacher says:

        I worked with Lindall Watson at Gapuwiyak. To be honest I found her inexperienced, odd and power-hungry, she became Shirley’s best friend very quickly, just the same way Jennie Birch did I’m told. She acted like she owned the place….then was dumped in Barkly somewhere after that by DECS…..maybe they didn’t think much of her principal skills. No idea where she is now, hopefully far far away.

        The management at Gapuwiyak was a nightmare, if you could call it management. As soon as you gave Shirley a bit of money she left you alone to do what you wanted….until she needed more. Shirley was protecting her ATMs (the staff who fed her money) so when other staff members complained that things weren’t being done properly, Shirley turned on them because she realised her free cash might be lost.

        Birch was super-religious too apparently, one of those missionary teachers that ARnhem Land has lots of. Get in with the Yolgnu quickly using religion, give them some money and you’ve got lots of “pretend best friends” right away. So glad I’m out of all that crap now.

  9. Watching from Casuarina says:

    Just read about this in NT News. Whoever this Rayner woman is she should be fired IMHO. Hasn’t this Ferguson guy gone through enough already? Ed Dept really sound like a bunch of bastards. Get back to fixing education instead of this crap.

  10. Mr L, Darwin says:

    That’s it, my wife and I are going to vote this government out next chance we get. Allowing this to keep going on is embarrassing. Chandler, this is your dept, sort it out or we’ll vote you out!

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