NT teacher settles out of court again

We hear Mr Ferguson settled his long-running Anti-Discrimination issues out of court (see below) and a Fair Work case that was pending.  More soon…..

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17 Responses to NT teacher settles out of court again

  1. off on leave to draw strength, B says:

    Keep inspiring us CFB. Its a long hard fight but we must keep fighting. Never give up!

  2. Fannie Bay resident says:

    We laughed when Kevin Gillan and Hylton turned up and harassed teachers at Maningrida. Gillan ends up in the u-bend as a principal after being Acting CE of DECS (thanks again Gary Barnes) but Hayes hangs on to the toilet lid as Director of School Performance in Palmerston. The teachers had other ideas for them. With outcomes so terrible in the NT it’s always the teachers’ fault of course, not the people managing them. What a joke.

    • Still running scared says:

      Palmo is shocking under Hayes. People everywhere getting ‘done over’. Principals have absolute power.

  3. Liz says:

    This site is awesome! Great to uncover someone with balls finally. Seriously…thanks for starting this up….someone having a bit of originality! God bless you.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’ve seen the inside of DECS and its a nightmare. No one follows policy, decisions on the run, Legal making stuff up all the time. I’m not surprised this has happened, if only you all knew the whole story…..maybe one day you will.

  5. hugh says:

    I’m happy to see Mr Ferguson winning against these Education Bullies. I wish more people would fight back like him.

    • disillusioned Dave says:

      NT DECS is a shithole. Don’t waste your teaching career working here. They’ve been attacking teachers for years….nothing will change, trust me. Payback is their No.1 goal, not improving education.

    • Tired of listening says:

      No chance of that happening……NT teachers are notorious for doing nothing but whinging.

  6. JC says:

    Go Fergy!!!!!!

    • LM says:

      Ferguson 5 NT DECS/Govt Bullying Cowards 0 I think it was at last count.

      Good on ya mate!
      Hope to see you back teaching here soon. Our kids all miss you.

  7. Darwin middle school teacher says:

    WONDERFUL NEWS… waiting for more. Hayes just cant stop himself trying to f*ck people over behind their backs. Deserves everything he gets.

  8. 4 Ph**ks Sake says:

    Interesting stuff! This site is amazing with all this dirty linen. You can almost smell this site forget about using a search engine. Seems there some people in the NT who just cannot help themselves. There is a pattern of behaviour that runs through all the content of this site. Perhaps a light will go on somewhere then a person will say “we have to change”!

    • Take them to Court says:

      The lights are on but nobody is home in NT DECS. They’ll never change as long as they have protection from consequences. They need more legal challenges!!!

  9. Mark M supporter says:

    Mark M Arnhem Land says:
    DECS senior staff are discrediting the NT Government and all the good teachers in the NT. Well done to Ferguson for making a difference.

    I couldn’t agree more, Mark M. “Bringing the Department or the NT Public Service into disrepute” only applies to certain people without friends in high places. Used like this it is just a tool to bash the weak and unprotected with. Cowardly behaviour from cowardly people.

    If the NT Government keeps people like Hayes and Nirrpurranydji and O’Neill in well-paid jobs then they have to put up with the fallout from their behaviour while the viewing public all round Australia watches and learns how not to do things properly.
    The Government here has a choice as always By choosing to protect people like them they are really telling teachers, parents and children that NT DECS doesn’t care about their well-being and education.

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