Accountable leaders? FOI can help.

Your Right To KnowIn the book ‘Your Right To Know’ crusading journalist Heather Brooke urges us to ask our leaders questions through platforms like Freedom of Information (FOI) requests — to finally get some answers.

We stumbled across her excellent video talk on TED:

and it reminded us of the few determined and “courageous” people who are taking the fight to the dark and dirty corners of NT DECS and the rest of the government up here.

Actually we hear them labelled as “courageous” but simply using Freedom of Information (FOI) requests should never be called this.  It should be just “normal” and “expected”.  What is “courageous” about submitting applications to try and keep our elected – and some non-elected – officials in check, accountable to the public they are supposed to serve and responsible for their actions, often using our hard-earned tax dollars as their ‘throwaway holiday spending money’? (see Govt lawyers Lee Rayner and Tim Barrett for details below)

Following Heather Brooke’s example: It’s easy to do, takes only a few minutes of your time and can yield all sorts of interesting things, sometimes even what people are doing behind your back while using Government computer equipment, Government email addresses and on Government time when they should really be working to help our children become better learners, get a taster here >>>>

That’s assuming of course that the FOI Officer Lance Follett isn’t helping NT DECS senior executives “prevent that information from getting through” to you (see here>>> for details) and definitely something that the NT Information Commissioner’s Office should be immediately notified about if it has happened to you.

We thoroughly recommend buying her book and using the wonderful tips and tricks within it to delve deeper into the world of the Nepotistic Traitorous Government machine.  Remember, they are there to work for us.


When Gary Barnes can do such a terrible job with our children’s education (according to the many other teachers and DECS employees we’ve spoken to) and his wife Claire-Gardiner Barnes has 3 kids die on her watch as boss of Children’s Services, then both win other positions in the upper levels of NT Government, something really smells bad.

Follow your nose people…..start asking questions, submit FOI requests and demand answers, proper answers.  Then tell us here at Cardfightback all about your story.  You can email us (anonymously if you want) or just start your own blog.

CFB Team: Like a can of air freshener in a backpackers’ dunny.

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8 Responses to Accountable leaders? FOI can help.

  1. The FOI Family says:

    The more FOI requests that go in, the more accountable we can make our government. We urge everyone to submit more FOI requests now!!

    Remember, you can always FOI the government archives too if people claim to have deleted stuff. Keep digging and don’t give up!!!

    • ex-NTPS says:

      These people don’t give a fuck about teachers or other Public Sector workers, we’re just shit on their shoes. It needs something stronger than just FOI requests. Get real!

  2. Darwin Dom says:

    I wish we could see a proper anti-corruption group like NSW’s ICAC – – up here in the NT. The Office for Public Interest Disclosures don’t seem to be doing anything. I think they’re just part of the government machinery there to protect career bureaucraps like Gary Barnes.

  3. No place to hide says:

    “Whatever legal advice the offender has been given, he knew the truth,” said the judge. “He knew he was guilty of [insert cowardly behaviour here]. He is an expert of manipulating and used the legal people for the purpose of attempting to influence opinion and attacking the brave souls who complained about him.”

    “This was an abuse of power and he did it over a very long period of time. When he was confronted with this his reaction was to denounce people and say they were all liars,” he said. “He knows what he did and thankfully now so do we.”

  4. Fellow foi applicant says:

    Everyone should submit Freedom of Information requests. The more the better! Demand answers!
    NT DECS staff regularly try to destroy teachers – just look at Mr Bartholomew and Mr Ferguson. I know of many others teachers who have been targeted for standing up for themselves against bullying and harassment. At the same time they protect serial offenders like Hayes.

    • ex-NTPS says:

      Hayes and his bum buddies don’t care, and anyway he’ll probably just lie in his FOI answer, protected as usual by DECS and the FOI Officer who lied to other people already. Wake up!!!

  5. Throw MY Shoe at the Dogs says:

    Why not use a site like Start a petition to get rid of a few people by requesting their contracts are not renewed. Nothing nasty in it just that they do not give value for money. A check of the OCPE Code of Conduct will have a mass of crosses not ticks. So the NT Government needs to have a clean out.

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