NT DECS internal phone book

This is a post by email, please excuse us if the formatting doesn’t work.

NT DECS refuses to give it out, instead we are going to publish it here for download. Give a copy to all your friends and encourage them to use it in their quest for government accountability. We all know that DECS senior officers lie a lot and that people feel safe hidden away behind their computer monitor. Give them a call, it’s much harder to lie directly to the person you’re trying to make life difficult for – download by clicking on the gray DOWNLOAD button, ignore the big orange one:


Everyone should by now know how to unzip a file: download it first then simply ‘extract’ the contents to a folder (usually right clicking on it will give you this option in the menu).
There is a phone directory for each of the 5 floors in the Mitchell Centre, depending on who you want to talk to directly. Just double click on the .mht files in the folder and they should open nicely in Explorer for all you Windows users.

Next up, we offer a little hors d’oeuvre for your delectation. This is one of many recordings – see, we told you recording stuff was fun! – that’s been forwarded to the Cardfightback Team. It really is an absolute shocker.

This just shows you the sorry state of principals here in the NT (pun intended). Of course, after hearing some of the stories that we’ve heard, it is not surprising to us. Followers of our site will already know what can happen when principals get to do what they want (threaten to kill their staff for example) and are then protected by their boss and then often by their boss’s boss. More on this later too.

We believe this should be reported to the Teacher Registration Board, as we hear they just love prosecuting people with so-called anger management issues. The truly ironic part of this terrifying ordeal, just at the end, is when this screaming woman calls her staff member “crazy”. The staff member had just returned from stress leave due to bullying and got this for her trouble. What a basket case. More easily preventable wasted money that could be better spent on educating our kids.

You can’t make this stuff up! But here in the NT, you don’t have to, sadly. What kind of education are the kids getting if this is how the people in charge are treating their staff on the ground? A crap one. Listen here – download by clicking on the gray DOWNLOAD button, ignore the big orange one:


Next post…..The principal problem in the NT is….?
Watch this space.
CFB Team.

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12 Responses to NT DECS internal phone book

  1. casio oceanus says:

    I love this site!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Howard says:

    and the answer is………phone a friend.

    Accountability gets one step closer. Congrats Cardfightback and thanx for helping us.

  3. john smith says:

    Is it legal to record someone without their consent?

    • Darwin resident says:

      “If you are party to the conversation then in many cases it not unlawful for private conversations to be secretly recorded without the knowledge of all participants. There is no obligation to obtain the prior consent of the other parties to the conversation. The secret recording may potentially be used in subsequent legal proceedings.”

      “It is legal for a face to face conversation to be secretly recorded by a person who is a party to the conversation; the recording of a conversation by a person who is not a party to the conversation (whether by telephone or face to face) is illegal.”

      Basically, if you’re involved in the conversation then you can record it. If you leave the room then you can’t leave a recording device there for retrieval later – this is ILLEGAL.

      To be 100% sure, get your own legal advice – Ron Hope (details down the right hand side of this blog) can help.

  4. Name 'em please says:

    Principals like that need to be named and shamed. Why should another teacher have to go through this kind of shit? C’mon Cardfightback, help us out here!

  5. Darwin Middle School teacher says:

    Our school loves you CFB Team!!!!! xoxo

  6. Dave of Nightcliff says:

    Mr Chandler? Earth calling Mr Chandler? Are you there? Are you going to do something about this dangerous principal? Do you care about our kids education in the NT? If you don’t do something about this then I know someone who will…..

  7. Tommo says:

    You can’t pay me enough to work in the NT.
    Nothing is worth taking that sh*t at work every day.
    Now I know why their education results are so bad.

  8. Show me the money says:

    I’m going to call Lee Rayner, ask her what she wasted the rest of my tax money on.

    • Darwin resident says:

      Fresh undies for Tim Barrett after that Supreme Court judge made him soil his?
      Rent-a-friend for Lee?

    • deep sea diver says:

      Lee Rayner doesn’t give a fuck what you think about how she blows your money out of her sagging middle aged arse. Save your breath….do something more productive/realistic instead.

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