An open reply to the departing Lee Rayner

Another rat deserts the sinking ship.

Dear Lee, thank you for the email alerting us to your departure. We wish we could say we’re sorry to see you leave NT DECS but we’re not.

In the four years you’ve been in charge of DECS Legal we’ve seen many aspects of what should be a positive public education environment in which to work, go straight down the toilet quite frankly.

We’ve witnessed your arrogant, aggressive side and we don’t like it. We feel it has no place in NT DECS which should be in the sole business of educating our young people but sadly it seems is far from that ideal at the moment. We’ve seen you pursue people in the most vindictive and bullying fashion and we’re worried that the next place you end up will have the same problems that you created here in the NT Education Department for us.

The direction you took the Legal Services Unit was an embarrassing disgrace to many of us and we were glad that it wasn’t our own teachers you were intent on destroying seemingly at all costs. Their job and ours is difficult enough without you bearing down on them as well for things that could easily have been dealt with in a much better (and much less expensive) fashion for everyone.

Let us remind you – and any government people who are reading this blog – that protecting perpetrators, no matter where they are in the organization, from the mechanisms of the NT Public Service (and the law for that matter) does no one any favours in the long run. You might think that the higher up the tree you go the more virtuous the person but we’d say that we all often find that to be quite the opposite.

It costs everyone a heap of time, energy and money that we as principals would like to see better spent in our schools supporting our students. Your petty games at the public purse’s expense should have been stopped a long time before they were. However, even after every mess you created, if indeed it is true that were offered another 4 years working for the SFNT department somewhere, then it looks like the people making those decisions haven’t learned very much either.

We’d like to think that Mr Ken Davies, from a more money orientated background, will have his financial eye on the expenditure coming from the Legal Services Unit in future and that he might put a stop to any action that appears to have your stamp on it.

Maybe a smoking ceremony after you’ve vacated your office up there in Mitchell St will exorcise the demons that you might have left for other SFNTs who follow in your footsteps. It was sad for us to see other lawyers coming in and in no time at all beginning to act and sound exactly like you.
Your position carried with it an impressive amount of responsibility yet from where we were standing you seemed like many others in NT DECS to have used it to abuse those beneath you.

Mr Chandler, this is your Education Department, please remove the cancer of bullying from the organization and allow us to do the job we all signed up for, free from victimisation, harassment and intimidation. It’s not much to ask, is it? How many more teachers do we have to lose in this fashion before someone has a lightbulb moment up there?

We are not your friends Lee, it’s not “us versus them” as you commonly made it out to be, it should instead be “all of us together”.

Now that you’re gone, we at least have a fighting chance of drawing your disastrous reign to an end and starting afresh, working towards the same simple vision of making Territory students some of the best educated in the country.

Lastly, saying “sorry” is very powerful. I think you owe a lot of people an apology Ms Rayner, not just for harassing them unnecessarily but also for all of our tax dollars you wasted doing it.

Principals with Principles

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12 Responses to An open reply to the departing Lee Rayner

  1. We know who you are says:

    The NT Education Dept’s procedures have failed us all. Any NT Government procedures to protect us from the kind of high level bullying that Ms Rayner (and friends) inflicted on us have also failed us. The AEU NT has failed us – they can’t stop it happening either, no matter what they claim to be able to do…..another complete waste of money in my opinion.

    The reason sites and sentiment like this exist is exactly because of these systemic failures.

    Blame? No one person is to blame but many throughout the system who choose to look the other way or worse still, join in. The culture of immunity has to stop or else things will just get worse.
    Workplace bullying costs our Economy millions of $$$ each year.
    Someone already lost a leg, many many people have lost their jobs…….does someone have to die before people up above take note? Does a teacher have to commit suicide before someone steps in and helps?

    Let’s hope not but if it happens then at least we’ll all know who has blood on their hands.

  2. Mitchell St Muppet says:

    Blow yourself out of the Territory.

    Nah…..just blow yourself.

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  4. The Dodgy Director says:

    Those who sow the wind reap the whirlwind. And yes there many people listed on this site who need a whirlwind to rid them from our midst. Why not have a PNG Solution for DECS? A dismembering, I mean a bonding exercise for them all. A Final Solution!

  5. NT ST1 says:

    I wish Hylton Hayes would leave too……Nothing but trouble and makes us all look bad.
    I can’t believe how long he’s gotten away with persuading those above and below him to fire his bullets!!!

    • another NT ST1 says:

      Couldn’t agree more. Maybe he’s got serious dirt on someone in power?

    • Speak to a lawyer says:

      People like Rayner regularly protect people like Hayes. This is turn affects a great number of people under him. Careers finished, workers comp payments increased, teachers lost, families affected, kids education ruined because of high teacher turnover, massive increase to the education budget, the list goes on and on.


      If you suffer due to someone like Lee Rayner or Hylton Hayes (2 of the worst offenders), financially or with your health (physical or emotional), then NT GOV/DECS is legally responsible because they have already known but done nothing to stop it – like OH&S issues.

      • An knowledgeable and empowered workforce is a protected workforce says:

        Anyone who finds themselves bullied, harassed or intimidated by NT Dept of Educ senior staff needs to start using the PSEMA (Public Sector Employment & Management Act) against them.

        Employ a lawyer to write your grievances: include protection under the Fair Work Act (for when Dept of Educ try to turn it around and call you “vexatious” for submitting your grievance). Submitting a grievance against someone is a protected workplace right as long as it’s done in good faith.

        Also useful is to name people individually – higher ups will often just sign letters from Legal without reading them properly – make it their problem LEGALLY if they do so. I’ve seen many instances of NT Dept of Educ legal people not knowing the legislation but not caring because no one challenges them!

        Public servants get ‘gun shy’ very quickly when you threaten to take them to court for their actions.

  6. Don't come back Rayner says:

    Don’t come back Rayner.

    • Bill Harrison says:

      In my opinion Lee Rayner (and those of her ilk) attempts to paper over a lack of legal skill proper with her well-known, hot-air-blowing attempts at bullying and insidious, underhand threats. She’s an embarrassment to the legal profession and should be an embarrassment to any self-respecting government too!

  7. Wizard of Oz says:

    Ding dong the witch is dea……gone.

    • girlfriend of an SFNT says:

      We wish the Wizard of NT had the balls to ditch someone like Rayner. Why make us suffer for 4 years?!!!
      Pffft. Eunuchs.

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