Screaming Lord Hayes of the Hylton Hotel

A quick ‘Ed’ post: Thanks to people like Hylton Hayes, Gary Barnes, Lee Rayner and a whole host of others in the NT DoE (and NT Government) we get a self-congratulatory pat on the back for the CFB Team as we’re past 10,000 11,000 page views and getting stronger every day.  This month had over 500 unique visitors to our public interest blog!  Visitors regularly come from all over Australia, through all levels of Government, in every State and Territory.  Thanks for all the support and emails you send us too, the CFB Team is growing all the time and so is our support base obviously.   We genuinely hope that all the other Education Departments who visit the CFB blog are treating their staff a lot better than the NT treats us.

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There you are ladies and gentlemen. Click on this link >>>> this recent post in the NTNews has hit the nail right on the head:

“Keep calm everybody. All you contract teachers who were told your services were no longer required, all you support staff who are now left with no job… safe in the knowledge that the Education Department is cutting bureacracy for you while continuing to pay the salary of the gun threat director . He’s getting your wages. You’re getting told you’re too expensive to keep. Nice work if you can get it.”

Posted by: Screaming Lord Hayes of the Hylton Hotel 3:28pm Monday
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We at Cardfightback are assuming that this comment is pointing to Director of School Performance Hylton Hayes (read our posts about him here: and here: who used to work in NE Arnhemland and who was responsible in large part for the Aboriginal principal death threat farce (along with the now departed Director of Legal Services Lee Rayner – read our post about her here: He was then moved to the Palmerston & Rural area, where he still is now. You can read some of his emails – including the gun threat ones – over at our sister site here >>>>>> – in case you missed them before.

It truly is DISGUSTING that many, many hard-working, honest teachers and support staff are being told right now that there are no jobs for them anymore but yet the NT Education Dept sees fit to pay this man more than $150,000 a year plus benefits for the last 18 months since they knew of him making those threats and also paid an Out of Court settlement to keep it out of Court/the public arena….thankfully the NTNews stepped in and told us all about him and his cowardly actions. Who knows what else he’s been doing to others that hasn’t yet been uncovered through Freedom of Information (FOI) requests…yet….actually WE KNOW and we’ll report on it in the near future….not to mention all the money spent on legal fees protecting him, at least enough to pay for 5 teachers for another few years.

How will Mr Chandler ever be able to face the public if Mr Hayes is given another 4 year contract? How is he going to answer all those angry teachers and their families who have done nothing wrong but yet find themselves on the scrapheap while Hylton is Lording it up all round Darwin, smugly safe in the knowledge that he is apparently untouchable? Did someone say total waste of money?

Demand answers from Peter Chandler, his electorate covers Palmerston after all….maybe he’s protecting him?!
Maybe Mr Chandler is saving you from being threatened by Mr Hayes by chucking you out of your job? What a caring and compassionate man.

Get on to it and let’s hear your stories!
CFB Team.

ps: now we’re hearing he’s getting Marion Guppy: checkin in at the Hylton Hotel? to do his dirty work this time. Good luck with that Marion, be careful signing those letters on any advice from his Little Lordship, it’ll come back to bite you. Don’t say we didn’t warn you….just ask Vicki Baylis and Maree Garrigan (2 of Hylton’s previous bosses) how that went…..(hint: they eventually ‘got relieved of’ their Executive Director position, he kept his job).

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15 Responses to Screaming Lord Hayes of the Hylton Hotel

  1. I love Hylton Hayes says:

    Hylton please divorce Susie and marry me. I love a good ass fucking and I can see you’re really good at it.

  2. Maree says:

    Guppy: Just another very small fish in a very small pond.

  3. sam says:

    Hello, I love this blog and I know a lot of other people who read it regularly. There is nothing like it. It gets in behind the curtain of crap that the NT Government feeds us. It really must be hurting them and I don’t know anyone who has ANY sympathy at all for these Government bulllies and their friends. They’ve brought it on themselves….not only will God be watching them but now we are too. 2 is better than 1 so they say, the more we can read about what really goes on in Government organizations, the better for everyone who wants to make an informed decision about if they want to work there or not. I can’t imagine anyone who wants to come and work in Darwin with the NT Government MESS that is here. Incompetent, clueless, arrogant, aggressive, clique-y, bunch of cowards is what they are and they deserve everything they get from web sites like these. I wish there were more of them. Thankyou thankyou thankyou for existing and long may you continue.

  4. Chokin' on the Yellow Haze. says:

    Ah yes, aka “The Yellow Haze”, he’s all over the NTNews…..
    We’re more polluted than Beijing becoz of it.
    Makes me want to gag.

  5. Stephen Ferguson says:

    Dirtbags every one. I publish this site so send me your dirt!

  6. Stephen Ferguson says:

    I’m here fighting the good fight for you all at Card: Fight Back! Stephen Ferguson that’s me I’m your man!

  7. Piss weak says:

    The NT Educ Dept only have themselves to blame. Couldn’t run a piss up in a brewery. No wonder everyone is leaving.

  8. Threaten your staff - lose your job. Simple. says:

    Agree with the comment and the post here too – DISGUSTING.

    • lower than a snake's belly says:

      Couldn’t agree more. We’re becoming a total embarrassment to the rest of Australia. Who is going to come here now and try to teach?! No one in their right mind. Thank you Mr Hayes (and all your buddies) for lowering the bar to a point where even snakes would struggle to get under.

  9. john smith says:

    Keep up the great work.

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