Kids in danger at Palmerston schools + (more Hayes)

Edward Snowden's call to armsPost by email.

The CFB Team recently received this email from a scared and concerned teacher.  It is published below as is.  Thank Mr Chandler (whose electorate covers Palmerston) and his government’s cuts for putting students (and teachers) in danger.  Does he even know what’s going on in his own back yard?  Who’s (ir)responsible for this?!  If this was a school any of our children went to we’d be absolutely livid and would be demanding some answers, fast:

“From: ***************************************
Date: Sat, 2 Nov 2013 10.30 am
Subject: Palmerston school

Hylton Hayes and one of his Palmerston principals bullying several staff in
a big way. They always pick on those who are good at their jobs and
elevate those who are ‘yes men’ and only been teaching 3 or 4 years.

One school in Palmerston has no principal or assistant principal for the
coming week, but they are pretending that the assistant principal is the
acting principal, but she’s not even in town. The principal is principal
at another Palmerston school for three weeks whilst still controlling what
happens at her substantive school. This coming week, there will be a number
of different people ‘in charge’; each taking a different day. The
instruction has been given that Sue is only a phone call away, meaning that
the principal who is at another school for three weeks should be called.
What happens if both schools have major incidents at the same time? This
is a school where assaults are common place. People are being placed in
charge, but they have no authority to do anything or to contact anyone
except the substantive principal who is currently not their principal but
the principal of another school.

Is this legal? Rather than place someone into the assistant principal’s
position for three weeks, they want to keep power. My question is: If a
school can manage by itself without a principal or assistant principal for
a week, why are they being paid so much money to sit in a job when we can
actually manage without them?

Small story underpinning some much bigger ones.

Signed – Don’t Feel Safe”

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15 Responses to Kids in danger at Palmerston schools + (more Hayes)

  1. Duck's Nuts employee says:

    Come join Gary Barnes for breakfast at the Duck’s Nuts in Mitchell Street. He’d welcome your comments as he’s always talking about teachers in the NT. He really loves to pretend he has lots of friends there. We all fight each other to serve him because he’s such a great guy…..cutting public sector workers pay and supporting Ken Simpleton while he rapes NT teachers. Have a free cappucino on us Gary! xxx

  2. Larry the lawyer says:

    More court cases coming in……5…….4…..3……2…..

  3. john smith says:

    From what I hear it is not just DoE. DoH is just as bad.
    A pity they don’t have a blog like this to keep the bastards there honest.

  4. Kev says:

    Schools with no one in charge! Only in the NT I’m embarrassed to say.
    I almost wished for a major incident to happen, just to highlight the massive lack of duty of care from the management and Ed Dep.

    “Sorry Darren lost an eye today, we would’ve gotten the principal to call you but she was having lunch at another school and couldn’t drive back in time for last lesson. Maybe come back tomorrow and see if she turns up for work here. No sorry, no one had any idea who was in charge so they just let Darren’s eye bleed out. He didn’t really need that one anyway, did he? I personally think the eye he has left is much nicer than that other one.”

  5. Susie Loves Me says:

    Can’t think of anyone I’d like to work with less than Hylton Hayes.
    Glad he’s someone else’s problem.

  6. The Count says:

    If Hylton Hayes is all that’s left in the employment field to fill a pointless management position such as DSP then it’s a sad day for education generally. How many people’s careers can one man destroy before someone takes matters into their own hands I wonder. With that many enemies…..

    • Dave, CBD says:

      “takes matters into their own hands” can have many meanings of course. I’m sure you were suggesting things like ‘getting legal advice’ or ’emailing Mr Hayes and asking him to stop harassing you’…weren’t suggesting anything violent because that would obviously be illegal……………even though Mr Hayes himself threatened to get a gun to probably shoot a teacher and he was charged and sacked for that. Oh, wait a minute…..just nodded off for a moment at the end there, must have been dreaming…..

  7. Stephen Ferguson says:

    That’s great thanks John Smith. I’m trying to tell the truth here as I see it. The toilet wall is a good place for this subversive stuff. An enjoyable read.

  8. john smith says:

    Great to see that CARD Fightback goes from strength to strength and is the place where concerned teachers continue to air their concerns. A damning indictment on an education system that crushes anyone who speaks out that this blog even has to exist. Several of my colleagues follow this avidly. I always enjoy seeing the latest information from you guys stuck up on the staff room walls. It lets us know what and who we are dealing with. Thanks again for keeping us in the picture. I enjoy your Facebook page as well.

    • john smith says:

      Yes, our school talks about it all the time too. Luckily we have a decent Director of School Performance! Not just a damning indictment but these people are dangerous (DoE that is) !!!!

    • Dave, CBD says:

      Yeah, I’ve seen it in school staff rooms too. V Popular!

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