We’ll make that hypocrisy hurt

This will be our last post until school starts back on 28 Jan (unless something really juicy comes our way that is)…but in the meantime, feast on these, little hungry followers…suckle on the teets of mother pig as she gets down and dirty with the running joke that is the NT Education Dept:

1. Lovely to see Gary Barnes and the Yellow Haze supporting us over at this other site: http://iheartcfb.wordpress.com







2. We wish everyone who helps the cowards in the NT Education Dept in their attempt to destroy hard working teachers and their families a (not so) Merry Crisis and an (Un)Happy New Fear.  Be safe in the knowledge that our Campaign for Accountability and Responsibility in DoE is gaining friends by the day and becoming stronger every week.  Look out, we’re gunning for you next (sorry to steal your ideas Hylton):


3. We almost fell off our chair laughing at the UNFair Work Commission’s labelling of NT teachers’ decision not to input data into SAMS (*hears gunshot of AEU NT President Matthew Cranitch shooting himself in the foot) as “endangering life etc”.  We simply read down a few posts on our site and read aloud how Hylton Hayes didn’t inform the Police when a principal REALLY DID “endanger life etc” when she threatened to kill and harm her staff, then when Mr Hayes was caught asking – brazenly using his NT Government email – “How do you get a gun licence in the Territory????” to most likely shoot one of his staff (“endangering life” for sure, duh!), Mr Hayes (just can’t keep a good man down) was back at it again while being ‘responsible’ for the Palmerston schools with no one in charge (much worse than not doing SAMS in our opinion) and then lastly the audio file below that shows another principle openly abusing her just-back-from-stress-leave-because-of-bullying staff member with kids voices clearly audible nearby.  FairWork Commission you have ZERO credibility:

Fair Work order

4. Speaking of the Education Union NT, while they’ve finally jumped on the Internet bandwagon, they’ve neglected to tell all their members (all 35% of registered educators in the NT – a poor membership turnout when they’ve got a total monopoly in what Union teachers can join) of their Dirty Little Secret.  Everyone loves to use Aboriginal people to sell their product, none more so than the Federal Govt who rake in tourist dollars by the bucketload while shoving ‘The Intervention’ and those lovely racist ‘Basics Cards’ down Aboriginal people’s throats….and the Educ Union are no different.  They use black faces to promote their struggle when it suits them (see the utterly pathetic bandwagon-jumping-on that they’ve recently done, along with most of the planet, in bastardising and abusing the image of Nelson Mandela to further their NT educational cause) but we would bet our deceased Granny’s secret lifetime savings that if you did a search of their web site and their symbolism-over-substance Facebook page you wouldn’t turn up the fact that they assisted, supported and gave money (your Union membership money!) to fund the legal bills of the Aboriginal principal who threatened to kill her Union Rep and other staff at her bush school for doing their Union business in complaining that she was not only stealing money from staff but breaching a whole lot of Union issues at the same time….but she’s Aboriginal, well known in the Territory, friends in high places etc and a Union member, so what to do? We know: Secretly support her and hope that no one brings it into the public arena.  Well, bad luck, it’s time to lance the secret boil…..

Thankfully some of the people who were there at the time in the Union Executive want to clear their conscience and speak up now – better late than never.  Documents seen by CFB Team members show how she got OUR membership money to fight her legal battle against the very Union Rep she threatened to kill and burn down his house.  Shameful?  Wait until we tell you the whole story, early next year.  Shameful won’t cover it, it’s much worse than that.

On the left an Aboriginal person who is used to further the cause.  On the right, the Dirty Little Secret:

A      SN











5. Just in case you’ve forgotten what we’ve been telling you about how ‘select people’ group together to cherry pick what rules and regulations they apply to you and how they collude with Govt Solicitors for the Northern Territory (SFNT) Legal people to fuck you behind the scenes, and then how they also meet in person/secret to keep any trail of this out of reach of those pesky (wabbits) Fweedom of Infwormation requests that Lance Follett has to try and fend off for his masters in the Legal Services Dept of NT DoE…..here’s a snippet of some of the kind of stuff you should expect to be happening in the background, more to come next year.  No surprises when you read who’s involved…..in the last email, where it states: “I feel the damage such action will cause is not in the best interests of our students and staff” is because someone is trying to tell other staff about the bullying bullshit that is going on behind the scenes.  Of course, the bullies don’t like everyone knowing what they’re doing which is one of the reasons why they hate our blog so much (Maria Pikoulos is a Govt lawyer/SFNT):




6. This is what you’re doing – silently bending over en masse to be royally arse fucked by the NT Educ Dept/NT Gov – every time you don’t speak up when people do shitty things.  Learning to FIGHT BACK by becoming knowledgeable about the tactics used against you by bureacraps like Gary Barnes and his bullying legal buddies and finding ways to retaliate is just one important way that you can start to redress the balance.  Alternatively just stay bent over and continue taking it up the bum:


7. Next, “Hilton + getting a gun” must be catching…just when you thought you were King Dick, Dick:

YouTube Gun

8. We just liked this sticker.  We hear it’ll be making an appearance around the NT, along with many others (see top of post) on http://iheartcfb.wordpress.com sometime soon:


9. Lastly, some stats.  November’s visitors (very impressive), Posts people viewed in the last 30 days, Search Terms people have put into a search engine in the last 30 days and found our blog – looks like Lee Rayner is looking for work again, what with an increase in people searching for her name and finding out some of the stuff she REALLY got up to before she was demoted and left in a huff…. and finally another visit from http://www.aph.gov.au otherwise known as “Department of Parliamentary Services” in Canberra.  It’s about time the FEDERAL GOVT was back taking an interest again in what the rest of Australia has known for well over a year about the NT Education Dept and its government officers and the shit they get up to hidden away from the public’s eyes:

nov CFB views

view posts 30days

search stats 30days


CFB Team.  Merry Shitmas and a Crappy New Year Everybody (working in NT DoE HQ)

Teachers, support staff, ATs, students, families etc – Have a great time and come back ready to fight for your rights for a decent education and protected teachers.  Other countries can do it, why not here in the NT?  It’s just a matter of choosing not to accept the crap dished out by toddlers like Barnes and his mini-me Hayes.

PS: We heard that HR consultant Donna Holmes has left to go to Victoria.  Good fucking riddance to you Donna.  You will always be remembered, amongst other things, as the person who said (reportedly), when asked why you couldn’t have done it earlier and why you waited until the person came back to work on day 1 of the school year to tell them that they were under disciplinary sanctions that forced them to be suspended: “We don’t work like that, we’re the Education Dept, we can do what we want.”  What an absolute cunt you are for doing that and thankfully no one in the NT has to deal with your soulless vitriol anymore.  Go and hang out with Lee Rayner, please, you’re well suited.

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5 Responses to We’ll make that hypocrisy hurt

  1. john smith says:

    Can anyone tell me why the NT actually exists?

  2. Muck Raker@mail.com says:

    besser.linton@abc.net.au and any other journalist you can find who will listen. Do not muck around with these people. How come the same things keep happening? An inquiry is needed regarding the NT Public Service, yes teachers are public servants. Hope you are reading this Hylton.

  3. Table 46 says:

    Great to see the support. How much money have these people cost the tax payer? In a word “wasters”. Oh to be mentioned in Ministerials what a badge of courage. I hear they have a new “gun” investigator, a Brian Collins. I hope he has a different style. We can only hope. However our past experiences make us doubt it.
    You can see Gary Barnes at the Ducks Nuts in Mitchell Street for breakfast on a regular basis. Pop in and say hello and ask him what is the “menu”. Some of our other chums may be there as well. Merry CFB to you all.

  4. john smith says:

    Please everyone, push on with your FOI requests. Ask for reviews if you don’t get all you want, then complain to the Information Commissioner if you still don’t get it. If anyone has made a complaint about you and the department did not tell you, complain to the Information Commissioner (she does privacy as well) as this is a breach of your privacy. Don’t let them get away with anything.

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