Snakes in Suits

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Welcome back everybody – sorry for the slight delay.

It’s unsurprising that we’re already hearing that the NT Dept of (un)Education has started the year by giving out instructions to principals to ‘remind’ their staff that they shouldn’t be talking negatively about NT Education and its hallowed beings on high who misdirect the show. And what a show it is…..if it was so terribly tragic it might actually be funny.

The NT must be the only Education Department whose employees are forced to get their own legal counsel in order to try and stop corrupt and incompetent bureacraps from harassing them or forcing them through illegitimate performance management procedures using false and damaging information to secure their dastardly goal.
Who are the people ultimately driving all of this? The Solicitors for the Northern Territory (SFNT) aka ‘Snakes in Suits’.

These government employed solicitors regularly peddle in lies in order to maximise your discomfort while at the same time protecting bullying management from the fate they really deserve. In fact ‘Snakes in Suits’ is the polite version of what some of these SFNTs should really be known as.

psy·cho·path (sī′kə-păth′)n. A person with an antisocial personality disorder, manifested in aggressive, perverted, criminal, or amoral behavior without empathy or remorse.

The previous director of DoE Legal Services, Mrs Lee Rayner, has left an ugly legacy in the NT DoE Legal office and it appears there are others who have simply slithered into her den and are acting just like she did: relying on false information, writing more arrogant and ill-informed letters to intimidate hard working teachers and generally throwing their weight around just because they can. They’re just like prostitutes: they’ll fuck anyone for a few dollars.

Let us remind all of our readers: DoE Legal work to protect the government and their corrupt cronies. Don’t take anything they write on face value, challenge all of it (because they will write whatever they want if they know that no one is going to take them to task over it, just the way they like it of course) and don’t be frightened by big words and

references to Acts that they often don’t read properly or deliberately put their own warped interpretation on to…..Simon Weise (pronounced Wee-zee….but we prefer ‘Weasel’) is a master (we use the term loosely of course) at it – we believe he would love to be sitting up in that little DoE Legal office with a brown wig and middle aged woman’s clothes on, stroking Tim Barrett’s hand if he had half a chance, if he isn’t already.

The only people who can stop him and those like him are US. So let’s get in there and fight back! Any way you know how……

CFB Team Member 04

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5 Responses to Snakes in Suits

  1. anothervictim says:

    Does anyone know that Carol Sexton and Nigel Scullion have a financial relationship. I understand that Carol sexton is the senior solicitor for the Nt Dept oF justice providing legal advice to the DOE.

  2. SFNT dont care about us says:

    DoE and the TRB both use Solicitors For the NT – aka SFNT. They are paid to protect the Education Department (DoE) from legal liability. People like Simon Weasel (Wiese), ex-Director Lee Rayner and Maria Pikoulos are just low-level government ‘guns for hire’.
    They are similar to Naz1 concentration camp guards. Remember that.

  3. john smith says:

    A well known journalist from foreign climes has been contacting current and former staff for information about the disjointed and dysfunctional NT Education Department. Expect a huge story in an academic journal later this year followed by national press coverage.

  4. carson carson says:

    Great Cardfightback has returned. I hear there is a court action by a teacher looming against the NT Gov. It promises to be very revealing of the depths bureaucrats will go to silence teachers who speak out. More news soon.

  5. off on leave to draw strength, B says:

    Love this! Still awaiting my report from September last year. Maybe my snake is gathering venom. Never mind I have my own legal eagle even if it costs me.

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