Paedophile Paradise – NT Educ Dept not keeping our kids safe!

Quick Edit number 2.

“Northern Territory teacher Simon Cox sacked over Facebook post after student committed suicide”

Interesting point number 1: How do they know it was written about the poor kid who committed suicide?  If it wasn’t, can you legitimately sack the guy?

Interesting point number 2: Writing the wrong thing on Facebook can cost you your NT Public Service job.

Interesting point number 3: We’re assuming that Ken Davies looked at section 49 ‘Breaches of discipline’ of the Public Sector Employment Management Act, possibly:

(f) in the course of employment or in circumstances having a relevant connection to his or her employment, conducts himself or herself in an improper manner;

when he made the decision to apply section 50:

50 Summary dismissal

(1)…..where a Chief Executive Officer is of the opinion that the action or omission constituting a breach of discipline amounts to misconduct of such a nature that it is in the public interest that the employee be immediately dismissed from the Public Sector, the Chief Executive Officer may terminate the employee’s employment.

Interesting point number 4: Sack a teacher for some comment on Facebook but don’t sack a teacher who was (allegedly) found in a sleeping bag with an underage female student.  Give yourself a ‘Keeping Kids Safe’ award.

Interesting point number 5: The school the sacked teacher was at, Rosebery Middle school, lost half their staff (more than 20) at the end of 2013 in one go!  Director of School Performance for that school is……wait for it……Hylton Hayes.

Facebook is a dangerous arena to play in. 
Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Quick Edit 1: Ken Davies announced that Roger Newman – just as we predicted below – was going to review the Dept’s handling of them allowing sex offenders to get away with molesting NT children in their care.  What a sick joke Mr Davies. 

You can access the NT Ombudsman’s damning report on Roger’s previous investigation techniques here:

Important quotes from it:

“Complaints received by parents questioned the reliability and accuracy of the final report”
“Mr Newman told the investigation officer that DET provided him with the freedom to ‘follow his nose'”
“Mr Newman acknowledged the emphatic denial was not captured in a transcript or statement and agreed that it should have been.”
“The Clinical Psychologist raised concerns about Mr Newman’s investigative report”
“The first misrepresentation was….”
“The second misrepresentation was……”
He goes on “However, despite my statements, which were omitted from the final report, it was determined by DEET….”
“Mr Newman could have improved his technique”
In Conclusion, “The DET investigation undertaken by Roger Newman concluded there were no breaches by the chaplains [just what DET wanted at the time of course]. In part this conclusion would have been formed due to lack of information, reliance on unverified witness statements, time restraints and lack of robustness by the investigator.  Some breaches…were not found by Mr Newman.”


We wonder what Mr Newman will find was wrong with NT DoE’s handling of this mess?  Our bet is NOTHING and that’s exactly why they’ve employed him again, to continue getting them the results they want and FUCK EVERYBODY ELSE (and their children).


Desperate Davies (current NT Educ Dept CE) is not fooling anyone with his limp letter in the NT News – see below.

His Dept had definitely NOT dealt with these allegations seriously.
It takes stories in the newspaper before something gets done.

We all want to know who the appointed investigator is.  Tell us Ken.

Is it Roger Newman, already disgraced by his previous ‘investigations’, by the Ombudsman and many people who have been on the wrong end of his oops-I-forgot-to-include-that-important-part-that-would-have-saved-you-but-it’s-not-what-the-dept-wants-to-read-handiwork?
We sincerely hope not.

Why has it taken serious sexual assaults on children for this dept to suddenly take an interest in reviewing their (mis)handling of such sickening problems?

This is beginning to sound like the Catholic Church paedophile priests cover ups.

Stop the broken record about teachers being ‘fit and proper’, what about the bureacrats and management who are supposed to be in charge?

A letter in the NT News is a pathetic response Mr Davies.  We need much more than that.  Stop insulting our intelligence and get your house in order before more children are abused under your watch.

Ken Davies NTNews

Our children are not safe here in the NT!!!

Our children are not safe here in the NT!!!

The NT Educ Dept allowed a convicted Sex Offender in and around their school.

The NT Educ Dept allowed a convicted Sex Offender in and around their school.

What the fuck are these NT DoE people doing while they’re supposed to be keeping our children safe in NT schools?!!!

Heads need to roll.  This is getting BEYOND A JOKE now.  This is bordering on criminal negligence.  The heads of these departments need to be held to account, preferably in a court of law.

Those on high seem to believe here in the NT that they can just do what they want to teachers and now their children too.

People in high positions in NT DoE appear to spend a lot of time doing nothing or chasing down teachers with their own petty vendettas INSTEAD OF KEEPING SEX OFFENDERS AWAY FROM OUR KIDS!!!!

Please someone, ANYONE, sue them for their utter lack of duty of care towards our families and allowing these sexual predators to attack our young people in their care.  Find out who was in charge at these places and who made these decisions and let’s get ’em.

The Whole CFB Team.

*(huge congrats to the ‘source’ helping the NT News expose this disgusting  and indefensible cover up)

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10 Responses to Paedophile Paradise – NT Educ Dept not keeping our kids safe!

  1. Pam says:

    It’s hard to come by well-informed people for this topic, however, you sound like you know what you’re
    talking about! Thanks. NT Education doesn’t care about sex offenders round their children it seems.

  2. Hayes involved in Maningrida sex cover up too? says:

    What did Hylton Hayes know about the Maningrida sex incident in 2008?????? The word from people there at the time is…….much more than you think…….

    Keeping kids safe????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Sally G says:

    Those vindictive HR people went after a friend of mine for years. My husband and I shook our heads at how much time and money they must have wasted doing it. Just look at what they did to that Ferguson guy too!!! Shameful.

  4. Worried sick parent who wants ken davies in jail says:

    NT Ed Dep has hit a new low even for them. They make me want to vomit. I’ve got children in NT schools but now I’m going to remove them, THEY ARE NOT SAFE. A sex offender teacher in bed with students and all they do is send him a letter!!!! Susan Bowden, Catherine Weber and Ken Davies should explain to us parents what the hell is going on. I’m sick of hearing empty promises time after time. They should be in jail along with that teacher if they covered this up. How long do we have to put up with this?!!!

    • angry NT teacher/parent says:

      Those education department managers are pathetic. What they are letting happen to our kids is criminal. Somebody needs to make a very public example of them.

  5. john smith says:
    The above closed group now has hundreds of stories, articles, advice and files on bullying out bush. Well worth joining and downloading the files contained therein.

  6. john smith says:

    The parents should be supported to make complaints to the NT Ombudsman via NAAJA? The one thing the maniacs in NT Gov hate is to lose control of the investigation/inevitable cover up.

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