Another Facebook Flop for NT Educ Dept?

Quick Edit: the tech team informed us that we got a site visit from the Australian Federal Police (AFP) – check out the photo below.  Hopefully they are taking an interest because NT Government/Education employees on our blog are doing things that are serious and potentially illegal.  Criminal?  We’ll have to let the Federal Police decide that one:


Hopefully NT bureacraps can't get away with this kind of stuff forever.

Hopefully NT bureacraps can’t get away with this kind of stuff forever.


We’re all wondering who the mystery SENIOR NT Education Department male bureaucrat is in this NT News story?

If anyone knows anything about this please email the journalist at: or call 8944 9724

We’re sure Mr Simon Cox (and all those people who publicly defamed him on the Internet by confidently claiming to know of his guilt without any proof – the Educ Dept’s Catherine Weber and Educ Union soon-to-be-ex-president Matthew Cranitch spring immediately to mind) will be watching this space.

How ironic would it be if one of those people who rushed to sack Mr Cox during the media feeding frenzy was the mystery male bureaucrat?

Like we said, watch this space……

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73 Responses to Another Facebook Flop for NT Educ Dept?

  1. worried parent says:

    The NT Public Sector really sux.
    I’ll be writing to Minister for Education if Phil Brennan keeps his job after this!

    • DJ Harbour View Selecta Harbourview Selecta Happy Yess musique des iles Phil Brennan Philip Brennan Philip Morgan Rubbersoul1991 Charlie Brennan Gorsha Darwin Darwin Choir of Man Megan Hewitt Megan Howitt says:

      DJ Harbour View Selecta Harbourview Selecta Happy Yess musique des iles Phil Brennan Philip Brennan Philip Morgan Rubbersoul1991 Charlie Brennan Gorsha Darwin Darwin Choir of Man Megan Hewitt Megan Howitt

  2. more philsfacebookflop says:

    I heard he was directed to do it. NT governemnt may be in court again. very serious now.

    • DJ Harbour View Selecta Harbourview Selecta Happy Yess musique des iles Phil Brennan Philip Brennan Philip Morgan Rubbersoul1991 Charlie Brennan Gorsha Darwin Darwin Choir of Man Megan Hewitt Megan Howitt says:

      DJ Harbour View Selecta Harbourview Selecta Happy Yess musique des iles Phil Brennan Philip Brennan Philip Morgan Rubbersoul1991 Charlie Brennan Gorsha Darwin Darwin Choir of Man Megan Hewitt Megan Howitt

  3. Phil Brennan = Mr Dangerous says:

    *SNIGGER SNIGGER – Phil Brennan is a dangerous employee to have on yer books. Dangerously laughable.
    This is gonna follow him everywhere for the rest of his life. Great!

    The Internet is forever – just ask that little scrotum hair Hylton Hayes how he likes it.
    U deserve all you get Brennan and more. Zero sympathy.

    • philsfacebookflop forever says:

      I hope he goes to court I really do.

      • philsfacebookflop says:

        NT education – bunch of f*cking amateurs
        Phil Brennan – completely pathetic & embarrasing

        Bet loads of people are pissin their pants right now….Simon Cox will be one of them

      • philsfacebookcourtflop says:

        “NT Educ Dept Executive Stalker In Court”
        A Headline you can only dream about.
        But dreams come true. 🙂

    • philsfacebookflop says:

      Chickens coming home to roost. Finally…….someone is actually doing something about this mob.
      The AEU = useless, all they do is whinge while DoE continues doing whatever they want. Don’t matter who’s in charge, that idiot Cranitch, Minister Burns’s personal friend Rod Smith, more empty promises-Jarvis Ryan, the AEU itself is shooting blanks!

  4. Hannah Curran says:

    Update: Peter Chandler gave me hope he would help me, but he responded by refusing to answer my questions and address the problems I emailed him two weeks ago below
    *Edited for space saving. sorry Hannah.

  5. Sheila D says:

    Can’t trust that guy Brennan any more. What a dishonest thing to do. What’s he doing to other people he doesn’t like? Makes my skin crawl thinkin about it.

  6. Larry the lawyer says:

    I’m very concerned……if the General Manager of Human Resources for NT government has done this….how many other people has he done it to? Which NT government persons knew about this? This looks like another messy cover up to me. My advice would be-get the lawyers in and the Whistleblowers department.

  7. Sing us a song about philsfacebookflop says:

    Darwin Choir of Man is gonna love this all over the news when their in town.

    Bye Bye any future Government job for Phil Brennan. Wot a tool.
    NT Gov will prolly keep im, we take all the dregs no one else wants.

  8. philsfacebookflop philsfacebookflop philsfacebookflop philsfacebookflop says:

    philsfacebookflop philsfacebookflop philsfacebookflop philsfacebookflop philsfacebookflop philsfacebookflop philsfacebookflop philsfacebookflop philsfacebookflop philsfacebookflop

  9. philsfacebookflop says:

    I heard there’s a court case coming soon. More great PR for the NT Government. hahahaha

    • I'm the real philsfacebookflop says:

      There is tonnes of gossip in my school right now about this. I don’t want to work for this kind of education department any more, THEY’RE THE WORST IN AUSTRALIA.

    • F*ck U Phil Brennan says:

      I’ll go see him in Court. F*ckin hate his guts.

    • philsfacebookflop says:

      oooooooohhhhhhh yes!!!! more NT GOV LOSING IN COURT!!!! xxxxx

  10. curious onlooker says:

    Phil Brennan got his ‘leave’ extended. He’s been ‘on leave’ since Weber told the NT News about the senior bureaucrat under investigation was ‘on leave’. Too co-incidental.

  11. philsfacebookflop says:

    Phil Brennan …….More top quality behaviour from NT government. hahahaha going on Facebook to smear people, wot a hoot!!! They should bury him in court with that one. ahahhahaaahahaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • HH & Family says:

      Phil Brennan…..he’s been ‘on leave’ for aaaaaggggggeeeeeesssss.
      Quote from NT News: “The Education Department said the man at the centre of the latest investigation was on “planned recreation leave”.”

    • Darwin school says:

      Our school is pissin themselves at this.

      • bianca says:

        and ours. my principal says she wont deal with him again, disgusting behaviour from senior government.

        • We believe in Phil Brennan says:

          Staff at our school don’t believe it. Would the General Manager of Human Resources actually do something like that??!! Surely he’s above that kind of juvenile stuff?

    • Phil Brennan thinks he a hard ball player says:

      We know someone who would go sell his grannie to see Phil Brennan in court for this.

    • DoE employee says:

      Tony Abbott wants public servants to dob in others who criticise the government. I wonder what Mr Abbott would do to senior public servants who create fake facebook accounts to post defamatory comments about employees? I also wonder what Mr Abbott would do to Ken Davies if he knew Ken was protecting such senior public servants?

      Phil Brennan, YOU are the new joke of the NT. It really took something this pathetic to knock the NT Education Department off the No.1 spot. Congratulations sir, you can put that on your resume, it will look great!

    • phisfacebookflop - worse than lee rayner and that's sayin' somethin'! says:

      Yeah teachers take a pay cut and we’ll give that money to phil brennan to stumble around the internet getting himself and his employer into more legal trouble. Bring back lee rayner all is forgiven!

  12. Phil Brennan is a wanker says:

    I think Phil Brennan is a wanker. I hope it turns out to be him and I hope he gets publicly named and shamed for it. I hope he gets the boot too. Why does the NT put up with this kind of low life??????????

  13. Ryan W says:

    Certain to come out eventually./…..the high up people in NT Government will all be tainted by this scandal. He’s just one of tgheir own…will they cut him loose or welcome him back in the flock with a pathetic slap on wrist?

    • Gillan luvs Hayes, kiss kiss says:

      prolly same as they did wit Hayes, told he was a “naughty little boy” then back to work to do same things to lots of other people. With Kevin Gillan as ur friend, u can get away with anything u want. Ken Davies has no real control in that Dept, he’s just a pubic face.

  14. philsfacebookflop says:


  15. jus sayin says:

    I was going to say it was prolly Hylton Hayes but he’s a junior. Small fish.

  16. If it was The HR Manager, I would be very surprised, because with my meeting with him late last year regarding my case, He did not investigate my case properly, I believe he was trying to cover up my case regarding two relief teachers. He told me what the teachers did and said to year 4 and year 3 children at a Palmerston primary school last year was not in the ‘threshold’ of serious teacher misconduct…please refer to my previous comments below for details….so if it is him that would surprise me big time!

    • Brendan says:

      Nothing sruprises me with this mob. There a bunch of petty, vindictive, cowardly, revengeful arseholes AND bad losers too. There not fit to run a dog kennel never mind the education department. Thank F*ck my kids are finished with school up here.

    • Net Detective says:

      If they sacked Simon Cox for his Facebook comments then they should sack this guy too…..if it’s him of course. Wonder if someone has tipped off the media yet? In that last NT News article Catherine Weber sounded like she was doing everything she could to name the guy without actually naming him. Tons of clues to tell us who it was, the only thing missing was his name. Sounds to me like she’s got it in for him. The HR manager – he must be in charge of thousands of people, no way you can trust the guy after this, is there? I wouldn’t be able to if he was my employee that’s for sure!

      • Facebook Phil Oi Oi Oi says:

        Did someone say Phil Brennan? He sings in that Choir of Man – can’t wait to go see him in Darwin when they play again in August at Darwin Festival. I’m gonna laugh and laugh at him. Oi, Facebook Phil…..can hear the chants now. hahahahaha Good, he deserves it, he’s an arrogant little prick.
        Facebook Phil Oi Oi Oi. Facebook Phil Oi Oi Oi.

    • Facebook Fanny says:

      Doens;’t make sense Hannah “If it was The HR Manager, I would be very surprised, because with my meeting with him late last year regarding my case, He did not investigate my case properly, I believe he was trying to cover up my case regarding two relief teachers.”

      Surely if he a cover up queen for govt and didn’t investigate things properly then he could easily be a fanny who uses Facebook to post defamatory comments adn leak govt information according to NTNews? Not the opposite like you wrote.

  17. Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      He’s NT Education Department General Manager of HR!

      • Fred C Dobbs says:

        You must be joking, I do not believe this at all. A great guy, and in the Choir of Man. But then again look at Rolf Harris and he seems to have lived a “double life”. So you never know! Hope he was not involved in the recent Facebook teacher episode. Karma has a way of catching up eventually. Those who live by PSEMA get sacked by PSEMA, LOL just one of those OCPE jokes from Harbourview.

      • Grim Reaper says:

        Hopefully the comment above will be modified to “he was”!

  18. your friends in NT GOV says:

    Phil Brennan.

  19. Hannah Curran says:

    So The NT Education Department fire Simon Cox straight away for comments he is allegedly written, and yet The Senior Management of The NT Education Department are still allowing two other NT Teachers who told rude stories, one of them telling year 4 class appalling graphic strip search story, and then he used the classroom smartboard Internet to search ‘food people ate before being executed’ showing images of people of death row, then he made the year 4 children at a Palmerston Primary School, find a friend and decide what meal, drink and dessert they would chose before being executed…all this without ANY consent from parents!!…this teacher is still now allowed to teach children, now at a remote school in The NT….and yet Mr. Cox gets fired immediately!

    • You forget that NT Education Department officials have been getting away with applying the rules to whoever they want (people they don’t like) and NOT applying them to whoever they want (their friends). One way to stop this is TO EXPOSE IT……then tell everyone, including the newspapers and this blog.

      Mr Cox was set up and the people who did that will pay. They know who they are and so do lots of other people. 😉

      • Hannah Curran says:

        I agree with what you wrote…I told took me about 5 months of calling the nt news for them to write about it in one of their stories a couple months ago titled ‘Review of Teacher Abuse Claims’…other popular Darwin News stations, and radio stations I contacted refused to report it, citing legal reasons….yet to my bewilderment they had no hesitation in naming and shaming Mr. Cox straight away.. I do not trust the NT Teachers Registration Board either. I know for a fact they are allowing NT Teachers who have serious repeated child abuse complaints against them to continue teaching children, without a proper, thorough and fair investigation. The NT Education Department and the Principals of the Palmerston Primary School refused to notify the other parents of the children involved, they also refused to talk to all the other 25 plus students in the classroom who were also witnesses. They wanted to make sure it was only my child’s word against the particular teacher. The NT Education Minister and The CEO of The NT Education Department know all about my case but refused to review my case nor even address the many continuing concerns I have…to this date the minister has not once ever sent me any correspondence to me in regards to my case, which I consider a snub considering his federal Liberal Ministers, Hon. Mal Brough, and Hon. Christopher Pyne emailed me back pretty much straight away late last year… The NT Education Department and The NT Teachers Registration board don’t even let NT Principals know if any teacher is under investigation, or even if they have had serious childabuse complaints against them…but then again I acknowledge your point…they look after their mates…I have a facebook page whistleblower Northern Territory…have a look and there are many other excellent NT teachers who have their own stories to tell about their treatment here, but can not publicly speak out for fear of retribution. My children were at this Palmerston Primary School for eight years!…can you imagine the betrayal of trust I felt when I found out what these two regular relief teachers did, and the fact I found out these two relief teachers have had other previous serious childabuse complaints against them at other NT schools, that myself as a parent had no idea about!. The Principals of this Primary School bullied me into not telling anyone due to ‘legal reasons’, one of the Assistant Principals was very rude and demeaning to me, and said that the strip search story the teacher admitted to telling year 4 children was ‘his sense of humour’ and that I’ve ‘wasted her time’..with all this….the CEO knows how I was treated my The Principals of this school, but did nothing…no accountability whatsoever. The Principals and the two teachers involved never informed the NT Teachers Registration Board about the complaints against them by myself and another parent. This is twice in breech of The NT Teachers Registration Board ACT, which clearly states that a Principal, and the teacher concerned has to notify the board in writing within 28 days of any complaint received. This never happened, and yet no punishment was given to the breech of this ACT. My eldest child was voted Vice Captain of the School at the start of last year 2013, before this all happened. At the schools end of year concert at The Darwin Entertainment Centre, not once did the Principals mention my child’s name acknowledging her being vice captain of the school for 9 months last year this was a way of them punishing my family because I exposed their cover up!..there is so, so much more I can share with you all in regards to the many faults I have discovered in the NT Education System here…it’s very sad, and I have no faith in the Education System here… The Senior Management of The NT Education Department told me they do not consider the complaint I made (which the other parents verified, but were too scared to speak out a out) bout one of the teachers telling my child’s year 4 class graphic strip search story, and other appalling comments he said one regarding a boy in the class kissing a dog on the lips, plus making the nine year old children do that execution activity, to be in ‘their threshold of teacher misconduct’ …I asked if they don’t consider that to be, then what do they consider teacher misconduct?…they didn’t reply. I would like to know where in the NT Government school curriculum does it include strip search stories and execution activities!?..A class action should be taken out on all of them for failing in their duty of care under the children Care and Protection ACT.
        The School Safe Policy is a farce, a false security for parents. These two relief teachers were never disciplined in any way, one admitted to the complaints, yet he is allowed to continue working with children in a remote NT School…shocking!!, and Shame on them all!

        • public exposure & legal fights - the only way to get any justice from NT Ed Dpt c*nts says:

          Public exposure and legal fights. They’re the ONLY things those ED DPT idiots are scared of.

      • if it smells like shit and looks like shit then its probably,,,,,,,???? says:

        Darwin Middle School teachers know who helped in Mr Cox’s downfall.
        It’s the final countdown,,,,,,,da da da daaaaa,,,,,the final countdown!!!

  20. Cranitch loves the CLP says:

    Can’t wait to see who this bureaucrat is.

    Can’t wait to see Mr Cox hammering those bastards in Education Dep.

    Can’t wait to see that union fund abusing arsehole Cranitch go down in flames for preferencing the CLP who were responsible for the teacher cuts. You’re an embarrassment Cranitch and not welcome in the NT anymore.

  21. Cranitch in Court? says:

    Woo-hoo!!!! NT Government and their rogue Education Department officials back in court AGAIN!!! More tax money spent. More humiliation for the Minister. More shit in the newspapers. More pain. More public embarrassment for people shouting their mouths off. EXCELLENT. GO, NT GOV!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  22. Supporter of Simon Cox says:

    Repost from “It’s just an illusion”:

    Simon Cox says:
    2014/04/08 at 8:25 am

    “Northern Territory teacher Simon Cox sacked over Facebook post after student committed suicide” I am the teacher at the middle of this mess and the Dept of Education has not supported me at all, my side of the story was not investigated, I was given a mere 24 hours to respond, not the statutory 28 days. I have been defamed and demonised by the media and my teaching reputation has been irreversibly damaged.

    2 sides to every story and mine was never heard or given the due diligence, policies and procedures were breached, broken and or forgotten (including those by the grieving mother I was supposed to have affected, when in truth it was never about a former student at RMS and for the record I never had any day to day teaching dealings with this student). This whole story is regrettable timing in a nutshell, if I had posted the same comment 2 weeks earlier or later than when I did, this discussion and situation would not have taken place.

    The real story here is the deflection of guilt that needs to be addressed in my resignation letter handed in days before this facebook posting. NT Education have handled this situation poorly and I will have my day in court, mark my words!

    • Stand up for yourself Simon!!! Running away helps no-one. says:

      Go get ’em Simon!!! We’re supporting you all the way.

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