Philip Brennan (ex-GM of DoE HR) moved from Education to Health

Under the RadarPost by email

CFB Team right again. Philip Brennan is being protected by NT GOV. No longer working in Education but is now listed in Health Dept.

Health Dept is already the bullying capital of NT yet they have decided (or been told?) to take Phil Brennan under their wing. Good luck with that Len.

Is Education worried that Phil is going to poison their negotiating position with the teachers (just like we reported below)?

Is he going to be moved back over to Mitchell St once the dust has settled or the EBA is over?

Is Health ready for the fight?

Does everyone in Health know exactly why Mr Brennan the ex-General Manager of NT Department of Education Human Resources has been moved to Health House 1?

Why is Mr Brennan allowed to continue getting his fat tax-payer-funded salary after he (allegedly) broke the law?

Where is the announcement from Catherine Weber or “her sidekick” Ken Davies – why the “under the radar” move for Mr Brennan?

What happened to that “investigation” you told us about in NTNews Catherine? Don’t be shy now…..tell us what the outcome was


What is the OCPE doing about this? Has Craig Allen NT Commissioner for Public Employment been in on it all along?

Lots more questions to come… always, watch this space….


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28 Responses to Philip Brennan (ex-GM of DoE HR) moved from Education to Health

  1. Mandy says:

    I sucked Philip Brennan (ex-GM of DoE HR)’s cock in the dunny of Happy Yess. All he kept telling me was his wife was boring & crap at sex.
    He couldn’t get hard – he was boring & crap at sex too. What a perfect couple.

  2. Idon'tthinksotony says:

    What will be even more interesting is how this disgraceful event will influence the new DoE HR Manager (Anthony Roberts) dealings with other staff who are experiencing inappropriate treatment in their employment. Will he learn from his predecessor’s mistakes? The line “no more correspondence will be entered into” may alert us to his attitude!!

    • DJ Harbour View Selecta Harbourview Selecta Happy Yess musique des iles Phil Brennan Philip Brennan Philip Morgan Rubbersoul1991 Charlie Brennan Gorsha Darwin Darwin Choir of Man Megan Hewitt Megan Howitt says:

      DJ Harbour View Selecta Harbourview Selecta Happy Yess musique des iles Phil Brennan Philip Brennan Philip Morgan Rubbersoul1991 Charlie Brennan Gorsha Darwin Darwin Choir of Man Megan Hewitt Megan Howitt

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  4. Not Remotely Funny says:

    $5 Bet he ends up at Charles Darwin University! Any takers? I was about to say “They Will Employ Anybody!” but they only employ friends and family at that place. How many lecturers partners can you fit in a Third World Standard University? When I do apply nowadays, Just to remind HR, i include their Conflicts of Interest Policy with a written apology that I am not related to anybody at the place. The lovely worded Conflicts of Interest Policy is located here: .

  5. Can’t wait to see what happens when everyone in the Health Department finds out about this. People like Brennan make me sick to the pit of my stomach.

  6. I Sit Near You on the First Floor of Health House says:

    See ABC TV NT 7.30 for a great clip of the “ponce” (not my words) having a drink.
    Lucky the audience did not know the truth, bags of shit would have sold like hot cakes to throw on the “star”.

    • My wife knows his wife. Wouldn’t like to be Phil when he has to tell her the money’s dried up because he’s lost his new Health job. Can’t help but think he’s brought this all on himself…..with help from his friends in the NTG of course.

    • Don’t give up the day job Brennan…..oh wait, that’s right, you got kicked out of your othe day job as General Manager of Human Resources in the Department of Education……ok then, don’t give up your new day job in the Department of Health……oh that’s right, you’re about to lose that one too…..oh well then, maybe go on tour with your bromantic choir….as they said in the news link – Edinburgh should be fun, I heard you love stalking Scottish men on the internet in your spare time.

      • Stalker Forever! says:

        I think court is the only place where we’ll really find out what’s been going on here……and it’ll be on the public record forever then. 🙂
        There’s nothing wrong with the man liking a bit of cock away from the wife,. it’s just how he went about trying to get it that’s his problem at the moment.

  7. OCPE watcher says:

    How can the public service still employ this guy if the PSEMA says bringing the service into disrepute is grounds for dismissal??? OCPE what are you doing?

  8. flopsfacebookphil says:

    “Brennania Flaccidum Maximus” – HAHAHAHAAAAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAA

  9. Shocked AEU NT Member says:

    In the shadow worlds NT bureaucrats spy and attempt to undermine the solidarity of union members. The sole purpose being to ram through the EBA for the CLP Government and undercut teachers and students. Did Minister Chandler and ex OCPE CEO Simpson know about this? Down with scabs and lackeys.

  10. Not Remotely Funny says:

    How about 1 level up from Health House 1! A Manager just gave a $88591 job to his Twin Brother which the Manager was present in all Interviews. This is just how it works at Health.The amount of taxpayers money wasted on unqualified people sitting in positions they won over qualified applicants is unbelievable. I Hear across the road, people are of the opinion that at the Health Departments Construction House, theirs a $million of salary being paid and not 1 interview took place. Maybe this ex-Department of Education HR guy might be feeling right at home.

  11. Jump rather than be Pushed says:

    Victorian election: Liberal candidate Jack Lyons quits over ‘offensive’ comments posted on Facebook
    Why have others not quit?

  12. All the Young Doods says:

    In what can only be described as manic resolve NT Government Departments continue to bully, intimidate and put their employees under duress. And it is not just an odd rogue manager but rather a systemic and systematic approach to human resources. All the Grand Poobahs who seek the vaulted halls of power like moths to a flame will do anything to anyone for nothing but pure unadulterated greed. Like sharks they turn on each other, each constantly looking over their shoulder lest they are next. When they are not the flavour of the month where do they go? Well it seems Len likes shit icecream from DoE DoE!

  13. Remote Area Nurse says:

    Worrying how the system functions in the NT.

  14. says:

    The hypocrisy and double standards make me want to puke…..all over that smarmy Brennan’s face.

  15. Health dept employee - we don't want you in Health House 1....piss off back to Education where you belong says:

    Join the dots. It must have been Phil Brennan. Why does he still have a job in government is the question? NT Gov obviously condones this kind of behaviour…..if you’re a SENIOR bureaucrat. Some emails to Tony Abbott reminding him of his “public servants social media dob someone in” press release is next.

  16. Mark Duyss-Cockcroft says:

    Now it is time to shit your pants! Unfortunately not with laughter but rather stress. Health is meant to be helping people recover from illness! Is this person trained in health? RDH is in a mess and now Health House seems to be a comedy, albeit of errors. No wonder home remedies are becoming popular! Is he in Clinic 34?

    • Hiding in Health House 1 says:

      He’s in “Clinical Policy and Strategy”.
      Grapevine says the job wasn’t properly advertised either.
      So, either they made up a job for him or he’s been given a job someone who is qualified should be doing.
      I’d be extremely f*cked off if I couldn’t get a job right now and Phil Brennan slithered in and got one…… after whatever it is he’s done. Hopefully we’ll find out soon.

      Send all enquiries to Dr Len Notaras. Maybe his experience with “disasters” is what prompted him to take on Phil Brennan: “Dr Notaras has long played key roles in disaster response actions, dating back to the 1989 earthquake at Newcastle, NSW.”

      Hope everyone in Health House 1 has had their vaccinations, stand aside SARS, looks like there’s a virulent Facebook bug going around called ‘Brennania Flaccidum Maximus’. Coming to a Health Dept Office near you.
      Mitchell St is currently being roach bombed lest Mr Brennan end up booted around like a footy and back in the madhouse.

  17. Cheryl Wise says:

    Did Facebook entries have anything to do with this. That is a story doing the rounds. Phil was told to take all his leave and look for another job purportedly because of inappropriate Facebook comments. Very hush hush.

    • Disgusted Darwin teacher says:

      If that’s true then it sounds like they were really nice to him. Simon Cox was called a liar and fired almost immediately. Brennan gets a long holiday and another highly paid job. Sounds like a Fair Work complaint to me if I were Mr Cox. Same Public Sector Employment Management Act (PSEMA) rules DO NOT APPLY then if you’re a senior public servant. Lucky them!

      • Nightcliff parent says:

        Yeah, they were all over Cox like a rash but did everything to keep Phil Brennan hush hush. He’s not getting away with this (Ken Davies or Phil Brennan).
        Davies you couldn;t run a piss up in a brewry and your in charge of my daughters education!!!

    • says:

      Interesting… things leak out from the NT Govt when they want to……I’m sure Mr Brennan has just made an army of new enemies….in Education & Health!

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