Death threat principal working again in NT school

Edit no.2: if anyone is still in touch with that union-members’-money-wasting-gifting-the-CLP-Blain-self-serving-liar Matthew Crapitch, can you please tell him to stop sending us his pathetic advertisements for himself (he calls them ‘media releases’, ha ha ha) because we are not interested in publishing any of it, ever.

Edit: we’re all wondering if the death threat principal (now ‘teaching assistant’ under one of her old alleged supplier of ‘loans’ Catherine Orton) has told the Workingwithchildren people of her previous Police trouble?

She might be using either Nirrpurranydji or Wunungmurra as a surname.

Feel free to email them too to ask:

We’re sure Shirley being the honest, upstanding person she is would have told them, right?  Better to check just in case.

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Post by email.

It must be hard being the CE when your Dept is being run so badly by your deputy.

She’s making so many of the ‘hard decisions’ for you that you’re starting to look like her more and more every day. The staff have started calling you “Catherken” behind your back. No really, they have, we know some of them and we pissed our pants laughing when they told us.


At the same time your lovely assistant is running around acting like the long departed (and greatly missed… you’d miss a weeping case of genital warts), Lee Anne Rayner.

the Medicalphoto-1
Lessons not learned obviously.

*After ‘choosing’ (cough, cough) to leave her easy job in NT Education, Rayner is now in charge of Teacher Registration Board in Tasmania. You poor bastards down there on the island.

10 years ago NT Gov asked Dr Chris Sarra to do a review of the state of the place.
He said it was awful and listed all the things that needed changing.

Did they take his advice? Nope. Do they care? Nope. “Thanks for that report Chris, give my love to the kids, shut the door on your way out, bye now. Sarra, who does he think he is, telling us what we already know.”

The worse it is, the better for them because, perversely, it keeps them in a job.
It’s easy logic to follow: “We know it’s bad Minister, but we know how to fix it, honest…just give us another 4 years….”

Since no one else wants to touch it with a shitty stick, they get another 4 years snorting around in the highly paid public sector trough, making a mess.
It really can’t get any worse here in the NT – it doesn’t really matter if you fail: see embarrassing NAPLAN results again.

So the brains up at NT Gov HQ got their thinking caps on and made “Catherken” do a video and read out some facts for you, to show how much they know what they’re doing for our kids’ education and future.


But here are the REAL facts of education in the Northern Territory, the ones they don’t want you to see or talk about.

the facts

They’ll try every trick in the book to shut you up. They really really don’t care about what happens to you. They only care about destroying you if you dare to refuse to take their crap lying down.

Oh, and as the title says: Welcome back the death threat principal…back working at Gapuwiyak School, as we predicted. Slipped in under the radar a while ago as a teaching assistant, thought no one would tell us, eh “Catherken”? Shame on you.

CFB Team.

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21 Responses to Death threat principal working again in NT school

  1. Media Release 2 December 2014

    Former Blain candidate Matthew Banitch has swung his weight behind Alison Anderson’s decision to live in Cairns while representing the Namatjira electorate, saying that only an idiot would live in the Territory anyway.

    “Look” said Mr Banitch, who has changed his name since the last election, saying after election pundit Antony Green famously mispronounced his name he took a shine to it, “the Territory is a s**thole – stinking hot, full of f**wits and no hopers, run by corrupt politicians on the take – the joint has absolutely nothing going for it.”

    “That’s why I pissed off out of the place and why my kids are coming to Queensland to live in the New Year. The Territory is simply the ass end of the earth”.

    Mr Banitch said the Territory was full of paedophiles, bikies, drunks and layabouts, and claimed that Alison Anderson was better off out of the place.

    “Why would Alison Anderson want to live in the Alice when she can live in Cairns?” Mt Banitch asked. “In Cairns you can sit and drink $3 Corona’s all day long in the beer garden at the Courthouse. To do the same in Alice would cost you a fortnight’s dole. Stuff that. And the birds are better looking in Cairns to boot”.

    Banitch said that half the Territory were fly in, fly out workers these days, and claimed that Anderson was just following the trend. He also said that 1000 miles away is where most people preferred their politicians to be, and called on all Territory politicians to move to Queensland to give Territorians some peace and quiet.

    “Adam Giles should piss off to Kingaroy. He can live in Joh’s old cow shed and fly back in the Bjelke-Petersen private jet for parliament” Banitch said. “Delia Lawrie can go live in Gympie – they’re all whingers there so she’ll fit in fine. And Gerry Wood would love it out west in Cunnamulla. You can see the UFO’s clear as day at night out there!!!”

    Mr Banitch, currently resident in Brisbane, which he described as God’s own country, said he would be returning to the Territory to contest the next election, but added that if elected he would be grabbing his parliamentary salary and taking off as soon as possible.

    “I’ve enrolled at Alison’s address and will be camping at her place for the duration of the election” he said. “There’s a spare bed there while Al’s on the piss at Mission Beach so I won’t be getting in anyone’s way.”

    “I’m going to have another shot at Blain” he said. “The little fella’s proved a joke and Labor are a rabble so I reckon I’ll win in on my ear”.

    Mr Banitch said he would be launching his campaign in the coming weeks under the slogan “Vote to be Left Alone” and says that a vote for Banitch is a vote for peace and quiet.

    “The only time the punters will ever see me is on payday and every 3rd sitting of parliament” he said. “There’ll be no door knocking, no annoying phone calls, no false promises.”

    “What you see is what you get. Bloody nothing. How good is that?”

    Media Contact: Matthew Banitch 0428080701

  2. Sammy says:

    NT Education is as bad as everyone says it is. This blog should be given a gold medal !!!

  3. Lampe=Clisby=Smith=Cranitch=AEUNT=wasteoftime&money says:

    The AEU NT supported Nirrpurranydji and gave her Union member money. Adam Lampe knew about it and so did Peter Clisby but yet they did nothing. Where are they now? Speaking up in support of honest union members? Only silence………

  4. Not Remotely Funny says:

    I just interviewed for work at a small Indigenous Organisation.
    I had to sign a Disclosure form that said I or my partner did not know anyone at the organisation or on the Interview panel or have any business dealings with anyone at the organisation. I agreed I could be immediately fired for being untruthful about the details. Can you imagine if all NTPS employees had to sign this? Even one better: Can you imagine if all NT or Federally funded employees, including organisations that receive Government Grant $, had to sign something like this? You wouldn’t recognize the place. Large private organisations do fight nepotism this way. The reason we don’t do it at NTPS is because that’s exactly how like Senior Management want it. Governance is just a meaningless word, like “MERIT Principle” or “Natural Justice”.

    • Remote Area Nurse says:

      OCPE – that’s another huge governance scam in the NT.

      • Remote Area Nurse says:

        Don’t forget its the senior public sector management that really run the NT and all for their own self interest. Politicians come and go, but those managers stay forever.

  5. Imagine if a white teacher had threatened to burn down the house of the CE or send their family to hurt the principal. Whooosh. Gone. Sacked and a big deal made of it.
    But if you have friends in high places and black skin, no problem. Suspended (definition: sit and home and smoke cigarettes) on full pay, slap on the wrist, welcome back to running a school…there there you poor dear, it must have been so hard for you not actually harming your teachers like that, credit to you. There you go, have another $120,000 a year for doing nothing but letting your family drive around in the school troopies. Now where are those teachers who complained so we can trash their careers. Don’t worry, we’ll have a word with our friends in the AEU and make sure they help you (which they did) even though the Union Rep was the person you threatened most.

    It’s more of the same: do what you want if you know the right people.
    One set of rules enforced for public servants at the bottom of the ladder, no rules enforced if you’re up the top of the greasy pole. PATHETIC. No wonder people get angry.

    Phil Brennan is just the latest. Friends in high places, lose your job in Education, walk straight into another one at Health.

    • Remote Area Nurse says:

      Same thing happens in health. An internal report showed that a third of Aboriginal Health Practitioners are illiterate. They have prescribing rights in remote communities. Any concerns reported are suppressed because it is politically expedient to employ them. At the same time nurses are constantly being reported to their national regulator on the back of false allegations. This is not an example of the left hand not knowing what that right hand is doing – its the same department who manage both sets of workers. I have never known such a twisted, evil, corrupt place to work in my career as the NT.

  6. Catherken.
    Our school hasn’t laughed so hard….ever.

  7. Matthew Cranitch says:

    Enjoyable article CFB. I really liked the “fact sheet.” You would have to be number one irritant to the powers that be in the Department. Keep them coming!!!

    • Rosemary says:

      The AEU should be “number one irritant to the powers that be in the Department”, not this piss weak website Cranitch you clueless asswipe. People like you and all the others in AEU, Clisby, Lampe, Pelizzo etc are all just obedient Dept Eduction lapdogs. You take our $$$ and do F*cking Nothing. eg Hylton Hayes-still got a job, still F*cking teachers left, right & centre. What does AEU do about him? F*ck ALL,. What can they do about him? F*ck ALL. Useless waste of money = AEU. Stay in Brisbane whydontya they deserve you.

    • MC PREFERS CLP says:

      Matt the CLP lackey back like those genital warts you cant get rid of!

      • Yes CFB – I loved doing over Delia and the ALP…..and the beauty was, it didn’t cost me one cent!

        And let’s just say that more than a few people outside of the Department had some “input” into staffing decisions at Borroloola for 2013. 🙂

    • Your a dickhead Cranitch, fuck off. says:

      Your a dickhead Cranitch, fuck off.

  8. Mark says:

    If you think NT education is corrupt, try NT Worksafe!

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