Hylton Richard Hayes: NT Education’s dirtiest little Dick

Quick Edit 2: just under 1000 page views in 1 WEEK! and our best daily visits (228).  Incredible.  Enjoy your Christmas holidays everyone and our thoughts go out to those teachers recently shafted by Ken, Hylton & Co.  We won’t forget what they did to you.

8.12-14.12 stats




Quick Edit: *well done, over 450 page views in the last 3 days!!!  *see under Captain Morgan  Philip Brennan (ex-General Manager of Human Resources at NT Dept of Education, now working in NT Dept of Health) at bottom of post….why did he lose his job in Education???awkward conversation

The foul odour coming from Rosebery Middle School is familiar.

The smell of being fucked, all over the place.

Are they going to lose half the staff again this year?

Big clap for the Lorraine & Hylton show. Great job.

Similar to some comments on https://cardfightback.wordpress.com/2013/10/29/screaming-lord-hayes-of-the-hylton-hotel/ – see a pattern?

Hylton recently spotted on the 14th Floor in Mitchell Street, being lovingly groomed by ‘Catherken’ (see below).

Global budgeting causing major problems but the bill for cleaning up Hylton’s mess just keeps on rising – all with the CE’s approval.

Anyone for a quick game of spot the difference?
(hint – it’s not the hair)

princess 2   princess 1








Much more on this later……the gift that keeps on giving…..keep all your emails coming!


PS: Thirsty? Captain Morgan, on the rocks?


We’re all wondering if Megan Howitt, the Captain’s dutiful wife (not her real body, she wishes….actually we bet Phil wishes too!), helped get her Facebook Flop husband into his cushy new job in NT Health Dept, where she works, in the Women’s Health Strategy Unit.  Certainly a very Healthy household they now have…..and a very Healthy bank account.

Email her and ask her: megan.howitt@nt.gov.au or go straight to Captain Embarrassment himself: philip.brennan@nt.gov.au

Happy emailing!

CFB Team.

…..was it something to do with what was in the NT Supreme Court list this morning???  I’m sure we’ll find out soon, people in Darwin love a good gossip.




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34 Responses to Hylton Richard Hayes: NT Education’s dirtiest little Dick

  1. victimnomore says:

    Clearly some people are not as blessed with the ability to show empathy for others. We are all different and can have different perspectives. Here we are celebrating the selfless acts of young men giving up their lives for others in war and we are still missing how to apply this attribute in our own lives. What would those young men tell us from their graves. Wake up life is short, make the most of what you have, do a good job, be fair to people, love your family and friends and do no harm to others while you still live. We love to talk about the ethos of giving others a “fair go” unfortunately some among us where damaged as children and adults. Some of this damage happened in our schools by other bully students as well as bully teachers. I like to think it would be good to appeal to others sense of fair play when you have a grievance. Give it a go and if they can’t show empathy and come to a settlement that helps heal the issue, then it is time to take the issue to the courts. I say thank you to the people who run this site. Your stories are giving others the confidence that they are not alone. As for you who can’t show empathy in your lives and display the ethos of a “fair go”. Like many others who learnt another valuable attribute from those young men’s selfless acts I too will show you the “bird” or “forks” and say go f__k yourselves and I will fight with all I have to defeat you and support those beside me. I feel sorry for some of our colleagues who must have missed out during their formative years because that was something I was taught by those who loved me.

    • DJ Harbour View Selecta Harbourview Selecta Happy Yess musique des iles Phil Brennan Philip Brennan Philip Morgan Rubbersoul1991 Charlie Brennan Gorsha Darwin Darwin Choir of Man Megan Hewitt Megan Howitt philip.brennan@nt.gov.au philip.brennan1@nt.gov.au says:

      DJ Harbour View Selecta Harbourview Selecta Happy Yess musique des iles Phil Brennan Philip Brennan Philip Morgan Rubbersoul1991 Charlie Brennan Gorsha Darwin Darwin Choir of Man Megan Hewitt Megan Howitt philip.brennan@nt.gov.au philip.brennan1@nt.gov.au megan.howitt@nt.gov.au

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  3. Grow Up says:

    You are a disgrace… Clearly unhappy with this system… How about u do something professional and proactive! This is a coward act hiding behind a website!

    • Grow Up? Why don't you open your eyes and Shut Up. says:

      The system is a disgrace, the whole NT GOV is a disgrace. Maybe you think the system is working well ‘Grow Up’? Not from where we’re all sitting.

      Speaking of cowardly acts – Hylton Hayes lying about staff behind the scenes to get them sacked and in trouble, fixing the selection panel at RMS to get his ‘little princess’ back into her job so she could fuck staff too. Threatening to get a gun licence to deal with ‘troublemaker’ staff, making jokes about staff being vermin and how he’s going to get his revenge on them. Read more here: http://foifordummies.wordpress.com

      Cowardly acts? Phil Brennan stealing govt info from his work to lie about and defame an employee, admitting it all in the newspaper then gets another job in Health.

      Yep, looks like the system is working just fine……for some.

    • Up to the Lace Holes Grow Up says:

      Grow Up how much sucking can you do? There is no system apart from the fiefdom created by Mr Hayes (that Court shy man). Grow Up you are the coward. I should put you on PIP Grow Up and then get you on inability. Run you out of the NT.

    • YO HO HO 'N' A BOTTLE OF DUMB says:


    • CFB Team Member says:

      Dear Grow Up, Cardfightback is a Team….yes, we’re all very unhappy with this system…..we are doing something proactive about it (our blog)…..we don’t care what names you call us but thank you for your comment. It’s comments like yours (and ads in the NTNews like Brennan’s) that have helped grow up our site to more than 30,000 page views. Many thanks and kind regards. Looking forward to hearing from you again soon.

    • Greener Pastures says:

      HRH my goodness! Grow Up you clearly have issues with things. Just look at the mess, Rosebery what a cesspit of a school, bad news and the Minister whinging all the time. Time for a fresh change, new ideas and time for Grow Up to retire.

    • Grow Up needs to grow up. says:

      What could be more cowardly than what Phil Brennan did to Stephen Ferguson?

      • Wake Up Grow Up. says:

        ….and the system protects Mr Brennan even after he stole government information from his job and took it home to defame one of his employees.

    • Ken Davies is the real coward. says:

      I bet Dave Arnold thinks this system works great: https://cardfightback.wordpress.com/2015/01/19/dave-arnold-youre-our-hero-we-salute-you/

      Get lost Grow Up-crawl back to your Mitchell Street Masters.

      • Grow Up You are Shite says:

        Grow Up you represent all that is shit with the NT.

        • Dog Was a DoNut says:

          Grow Up must agree with making jokes about solving issues with a gun. Do that on a plane and get locked up. No joke at all Grow Up! You are a dummy Grow Up and you need a dummy in your mouth because you spat it out you twat!

    • Hissy Fit says:

      You have digital vertigo! Someone has hit a raw nerve, very raw, you are so worked up, alas there is nothing to do but to comment on here. You want to lash out. However we are everywhere yet nowhere beyond your pissy locus of control. Hard when you lose control, can see you having a “Davros spasm” “I control”…….. You do not control

    • The system is fine, everyone back to work please. says:

      Ooooooooo someone’s got their Grow(n) Up panties in a twist! haha

    • Grow Up? Grow A Life, more like! says:

      Boo-hoo, poor Grow Up’s crying…..here have another lolly to shut you up.

    • Brennan pips Hayes to NT Disgrace Gold Medal. says:

      The BIGGEST DISGRACE in the NT right now is PHILIP BRENNAN. Nothing beats him.

  4. Phil Brennan...your other skeletons are coming out soon..... says:

    Read Brennan’s apology. Looks like someone wrote that for him….he’s not that articulate, probably his lawyer or something. Wankers like him don’t know how to say sorry for the shit they do to people.


  5. Hayes is pissin in our faces and we're lettin him get away with it. says:


  6. Education Union gave our money to help death threat Aborignal Principal says:

    Stephen Ferguson is a shining exampe of someone who stands up to the NT GOV bullshit. The more people who do this the better. There’s thousands of us and only a few of them Educ Dept bullies with their crappy SFNT lawyers. We need to mobilise properly and FIGHT BACK EVERY TIME.

    Nevermind the Education Union, they are a bunch of clueless idiots who just want to status quo to remain unchanged. They’re scared of fighting for teachers and more interested in taking our money and giving it to the likes of Matthew Cranitch and that Aboriginal principal who threatened her Union Rep. She got Union members funds to help her legal case – I know someone who was on the Executive at the time who told me. The Education Union needs to pay us that money back!! Cheating bastards.

    Look how quickly Peter Quisling: “a person who betrays his or her own country by aiding an invading enemy, often serving later in a puppet government” (Clisby) ran back to the Dept and that double crossing fanny Briseis More. No wonder they didn’t want to do their Union job properly….if you upset the Dept then you can’t run back and get a job with them when your Union one turns to shit like they did.

  7. Remote Area Nurse of Casuarina Plaza says:

    NT GOV also in court V two remote nurses bullied to the point of their careers being destroyed. FOI obtained the evidence proving that the managers knew false allegations were false and then the two were denied natural justice. The so called impartial decision maker wrote the letters of findings of guilt before the nurses even knew what the allegations were. Only in the Territory. Go Mr Ferguson – all of us at health hope you win.

    Last month a ‘just under $50K’ payout made to a remote health manager to silence him and send him on his way. This was after he obtained an abusive and false email being prepared to send to the health minister about his ability – after he received outstanding reports for 7 years.

    The NTPS is a disgrace. Love this blog. Good luck to all in education from those of us determined to expose the cheating bastardry in health.

    • Brennan you're gonna get rooted. And you deserve it. says:

      Phil Brennan’s position in Health is about to come under much more public scrutiny. And he deserves every last bit of it.

      • Plain Jane says:

        So I emailed him and his new CEO;
        To: philip.brennan@nt.gov.au, leonard.notaras@nt.gov.au

        BY EMAIL
        Dear Mr Brennan,
        About a year ago, I came across the blog ‘CARD Fightback’. I became moderately entertained by the stories related on its pages of bullying, hypocrisy and dishonesty by management in the Department of Education in the Northern Territory.
        Many of the stories were not new to me, nor did the ones I hadn’t already known surprise me. Having worked a few years in the Territory, I have come to realise that nothing is as is should be, especially in the public sector. It is by far the most corrupt place I have ever worked in Australia. It is under siege by a parasitical class of dishonest, lazy, inept and useless overpaid managers such as the ones you have protected over the years from being accountable for their behaviour. Their, and presumably your self interest is the axis upon which NTPS services spin.
        On December 9, 2014, your matter with Mr Ferguson came up in the Supreme Court, presumably in relation to your illegal activities directed toward him. Then, I read the two articles, one the ABC News on December 27 and a second on the NT News website the day after. Your apology came somewhat late in the game. It came only after proceedings had been filed against you. And, I note, only after you had been transferred to the Department of Health. It’s difficult not to conclude that A) your apology was self serving B) the NTPS provided whatever assistance they could to avoid your complete destruction and C) the health department encourage their managers to bully employees.
        The many health professionals I have spoken to about your matter have raised real concerns about working for a department that employs a person like you. You are variously considered sly, dishonest and biased – as confirmed by your own printed admission.
        Regardless of whether that behaviour took place in or out of work, it is so infamous as to cause grievous concern to hard working and honest clinicians. No one can reasonably be expected to have any confidence in your abilities now or trust in your impartiality. This would appear to be the tone reflected on three NT nurses Facebook pages with a combined membership of over 1300 nurses. I’m sure if you ask around some of your bullymanager colleagues in health will oblige you a look; they are constantly patrolling them and attempting to intimidate workers into not speaking their minds, even in their own time. Health Department social media policies only seem to apply to workers and not managers such as you. The hypocrisy glows, wouldn’t you agree?
        Health, as you will know, is not short of its dishonest bully managers, its nepotism and its corruption, particularly in the remote locations. I doubt very much that you have been sent there to fix the issues. But, since you are now here, you have added another layer of great concern to health professionals. Some of them are now frightened solely on the basis that you now work in health.

        One I spoke to today is so scared that she has decided to leave her employ because of your notoriety . It’s really quite something when a middle ranking human resources officer can frighten clinicians out of their jobs, isn’t it? You are now single handed, creating a recruitment problem based upon your conduct.
        Well done.
        Jane Macon.
        cc Len Notaras

  8. Brennan you're a cockroach. says:

    I hope Ferguson crushes Phil Brennan like the cockroach he is. Wait until you see what else Brennan’s done…..cockroaches won’t be very happy being linked to him!

  9. Fans of Fergy says:

    Stephen Ferguson -v- Dept of Education, Ferguson won that battle 5-0, the Dept crumbled every time they went to court. There’s a lesson for everyone right there!

    Brennan is a pathetic joke, Ferguson to win that one too.
    We luv ya Fergy!

  10. Please let Ferguson be the winner says:

    Stephen Ferguson v Philip Brennan.
    I wonder who’s going to win that one…..?

    • Zakopane Opolski says:

      We now have the answer and I won a tidy some betting on Ferguson to win.

      • Two Bob Each Way says:

        Brennan No Show was scratched, the vets are considering whether the animal should be put down!

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