Philip Brennan: NTPS job thief

Quick Edit 2: We suggest everyone should contact Craig Allen NT Commissioner for Public Employment and ask him how Phil Brennan can easily get another job in the NTPS after what he did:  ~ (remember, Mr Allen is a breakfast buddy of Gary Barnes and the OCPE are the mob Brennan worked for since the late 90s – just think of all those NTPS HR rules he’s applied negatively to others since then!!.…jobs for the boys anyone?…but don’t let that deter you from demanding answers and accountability!)

Quick Edit: We’ve been informed that there’s a detailed article outlining the NT Education Dept’s numerous attempts to threaten, abuse and destroy Mr Stephen Ferguson, the same ex-employee that Phil Brennan then attacked on the Net, we believe with help from his Educ Dept cronies – you can imagine the conversation: “You take the heat Phil, we’ll make sure you get another job. Good man”.  These are the people in charge of our children’s education and values training!!!  Read it here and well done Mr Ferguson for (still) standing tall – we wish there were more like you here in the NT:

Many thanks to Captain Morgan and NT Education Dept for the free advertising of our public interest blog in the NT News, here are our visits for Dec:

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Couldn’t have done it without you Phil, you little ripper!

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In case you missed Philsfacebookflop on the news, here it is again for you:

You Dirty Bastard Brennan:

Phil Brennan Apology NT News 27-Dec-2014

Did the lying, malicious NT GOV bureaucrat Phil Brennan steal your job?

Email us and tell us because he’s in Health Dept laughing at all you people who lost your jobs in the last NT GOV budget cuts.

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43 Responses to Philip Brennan: NTPS job thief

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  3. Rosemary says:

    Great video! I missed it while on holiday down south. How does this guy still have a job with the government? Speechless!!! Someone is protecting him I think.

    • DJ Harbour View Selecta Harbourview Selecta Happy Yess musique des iles Phil Brennan Philip Brennan Philip Morgan Rubbersoul1991 Charlie Brennan Gorsha Darwin Darwin Choir of Man Megan Hewitt Megan Howitt says:

      DJ Harbour View Selecta Harbourview Selecta Happy Yess musique des iles Phil Brennan Philip Brennan Philip Morgan Rubbersoul1991 Charlie Brennan Gorsha Darwin Darwin Choir of Man Megan Hewitt Megan Howitt

  4. Brennan your a wanker says:

    The picture says it all – Phil Brennan what a wanker.

  5. Vicki says:

    We are glad phil Brennan left, sorry for the health department who now have to put up with his creepy bullshit.

    • Gandi the Duck says:

      Yes of all the billions of people in the world it would seem Mr Brennan randomly selected a former employee! What bullshit! This is state sanctioned cyber assassination using government held information. And for doing that Mr Brennan got to go off to the Health Department. Did Len Notaris require some special skills? Did the OCPE hush it away? Peter Chandler aka The Member for Brennan did nothing, he was Education Minister at the time. If you work for the NT Government then you are subject to the cyber spies and assassins. Little more than state sanctioned and condoned. Did Ken Davies sanction these slimy endevours?

    • Health House employee says:

      I don’t feel safe with Phil Brennan working in my office building now.

      • Remote Area Nurse says:

        Had Brennan succeeded, where would Ferguson be now? His career and reputation would be totally destroyed. He’s be unemployable and subject to ridicule. That was the intent behind what Brennan did. He is an HR person who is supposed to above this kind of spiteful nonsense. He is supposed to vigorously pursue bullies, but he is one himself. Now, with Brennan over at Health, we can settle the debate as to which department is worse, Education or Health? Heck, they are both as bad as each other.
        And it is absolutely shameful that Brennan still has a career in the NTPS after what he did,

  6. Just chucking Brennan out is not enough Ken Davies says:

    I don’t think he did this on his own. I reckon he had some help from Ken Davies the CE or maybe Catherine Weber or someone in that Mitchell St office block. If that’s true then they’re all in the shit. Davies was too keen on that ABC news report to say Brennan acted alone.

    I read this story from the NTNews –

    This part especially – “who is fighting four charges laid last year relating to encouraging the unlawful use of confidential data” – if anyone is found to have helped Phil Brennan take any info about Stephen Ferguson from his work environment at NT Education Dept records then they are fucked.
    More court cases on the way…..???

    • Sir Ralph Bettington Smyth says:

      Mr Brennan in Australia Day Honours in the order of FaceBook Flop, an FF.

  7. Big Titties Annie & Friends says:

    10 year old girls targeted by social media bullies who stole their identities…..sounds familiar:

    Sounds just like Phil Brennan also acting like a 10 year old girl. Wot an embarassment.

    We think Megan Howitt must be loving having a 10 year old girl twat as a partner. Sheesh, you’re aiming high Megan babe!….but ta for keeping one more asshole male away from the rest of us. xxx

  8. says:

    How is Phil Brennan allowed to do this: “…damaged his reputation. I knew those comments to be false and I was aware that they could be detrimental to the employment prospects of Mr Ferguson if read by a potential employer.”

    and then he gets another job in the NT public service?
    Willful malicious damage to someone’s reputation and future job prospects and then he still gets another job in the NT public service???!!!

    What is stopping him from doing this again to any other of his new employees?

  9. No Illegal Drugs Please says:

    Just a quick question. Was Mr Brennan on drugs when he did those things outlined in the apology?

  10. Doing Evans says:

    Does Ken Davies support I suggest that he attend some of their classes. Also purchase a large high chair for Phil Brennan so he can attend with Ken.

    • Haze Stroke says:

      A dodgy public servant creates a fake social media profile using information from work. Is that ethical Uncle Ken? Well young Shane it is not when that public servant is a teacher. However if that public servant is one my “hatchet men” then we must cover it all up. Get to it Shane!

      • "Kevin Johnson Fan" says:

        A musical response for a musician (get another day job Phil), over the hills far away merrily on your way Phil, pity there was no old wise judge for you to go before but in this case that old wise judge would know how deal with you. When you look back your life you will know that you lived it dodgy. 2014 came up and hit you and you had to fess up, you saw on the news a dodgy bureaucrat (yourself) and it said there is no room for guys like you.

  11. Never trust Phil Brennan again says:

    If he openly did this to a whistleblower then he must have done similar things to others. This is just the one he was caught for, imagine what else he’s been up to. How can anybody ever trust him again???

    • Remote Area Nurse of Casuarina Plaza says:

      Absolutely correct. There is a distressed parent complaining on facebook that Brennan covered up her complaints which on the surface, seem genuine enough. Ferguson will have risked everything taking this bully on in order to expose him. It is now very clear; the NTPS is corrupt beyond words. And let us not assume that Brennan acted alone, even if he said he did in his apology. Maybe that was the deal with NT Gov – you take the hit, we keep you employed. Nothing would surprise me.

  12. Shielagh says:

    Phil Brennan makes me want to vomit. Sack hm.

  13. follow Jane and Virginia's lead! Never trust Phil Brennan again! says:

    Please: everybody email NTNews, ABC journalists then……forget Brennan, he doesn’t give a sh*t about what anyone thinks obviously. He only cares about himself, making asmuch money as he can for himself and trying to desperately attack employees he doesn’t like.

    • Elizabeth Fidima says:

      Write letters to Notaras aka Teflon Len as we call him in Health. A few months ago he brought out a ‘Tell Len’ policy in respect of all the bullying. Nothing has changed as the Brennan debacle has shown. Bullying remains rife in Education and Health .and these ‘flat earth’ believer managers are lying to the public, to service users and to teachers and nurses. Denial is lying.

  14. philsfacebookflop sack phil brennan says:

    philsfacebookflop – sack phil brennan.
    NT GOV is laughing at all us…they doing whatever they fu*king like and not care about any one us.

  15. Phil's motorbike club member-rubbersoul says:

    We’re going to tell everyone this story. You need to get fucked n go to Vic DSS where you come from.

    • TELL EVERYONE says:

      While Phil & Megan drive around Darwin on their vintage motorcycles, taking other people’s jobs, laughing at how they root the system for their own benefit, many public servants are feeling the pinch! Good on ya Phil.

      • Bald for Brennan says:

        This is rotten and worse are the people in high places who allow it. Barnes et al inc. sitting at Ducks Nuts protecting Phil Brennan. OCPE Commissioner what a joke, just another cronie from Queensland who does nothing.

      • philsfacebookflop says:

        Yes, tell everyone. Wot a pathetic coward.

        • Does the Pope Use Facebook says:

          Cannot wait to boo him off stage at Happy Yess or venues where the Choir of Man is playing.Show us your Facebook Flop, boo, boo, get off job thief, oxygen thief! Even the street kids in Bali hate him.

  16. Lady Haw Haw says:

    Me too (see below). Who’d want a bloke like this in Health? The job is hard enough without people like him making it harder.

    Bullying and Intimidation

    Virginia Smith
    7:21 AM

    Dear Len,

    I am writing as the partner of a health department employee to express my horror at the transfer of the self-confessed defamer and bully Mr Phillip Brennan from the Department of Education to the Department of Health. Brennan is, as you’ll be aware, an experienced human resources manager who has worked for the NTPS for several years. It is also known that his partner works as a senior manager in the women’s policy unit also at the DOH. national-affairs/ education/ violent-assaults-on-nt-teachers-covered-up/ story-fn59nlz9-1226264144551

    In 2012, a school teacher, Mr David Arnold, was attacked in a classroom. Resultant from that assault, he had a leg amputated. Consequently, The Australian reporter Michael Owen (see link above) reported that the DOE didn’t even report the assault to the police, in anticipation of challenging Mr Arnold’s workers compensation claim. Owen, like the good journalist he is, focused on the cover up. Brennan, as the general manager of human resources, DOE, would have been involved in the matter and may even have provided advice.

    Now that Brennan has been transferred under your tenure as CE of the DOH, what assurances can you provide that Brennan will not involve himself in cover ups, workers compensation claims or bullying of your staff? Why didn’t the DOH come clean and be transparent about his past? Why has it taken social media and traditional media outlets to expose the truth? Why did you cover this up? Why is he still employed, this infamous bully?

    As many of our friends work in remote communities, I also wish to bring it to your attention that, after hours, clinicians are expected to be first responders to emergency call outs. With few exceptions, mostly female staff are expected to drive an ambulance alone to assess a situation, collect a patient and bring them back to a clinic. Recently, a very junior nurse was king hit during the day in Wadeye by a patient’s family member. Was Brennan involved in the decision not to provide aggression training to clinicians at Wadeye following that incident? Clearly, he believes that coal face workers are beneath his contempt judging by the way he attacked the schoolteacher, Stephen Ferguson.

    When these solo clinician retrievers attend situations for which they have received no health department aggression training, they sometimes call the police for back up. The police will arrive at least in groups of two, armed with guns, sprays, tasers, handcuffs and stab proof vests. Why do you expect your staff go into situations alone, unarmed, unprotected, vulnerable and untrained?

    Recently, this article,

    Highlighted the following;

    At Mutitjulu, (pop 300), police answered a distress call last December and found 30 to 40 people fighting. That group threw rocks, bottles, and sticks at the police vehicle, and police reinforcements were also targeted. A female nurse who was treating an assaulted woman, was allegedly punched to the head and threatened with an iron bar. Both nurse and victim were taken to the clinic for treatment.

    At Yuendumu, 300km northwest of Alice, about 50 women threatened a group of 15 families inside a store last July. A bus used in an inter-clan attack was burnt out. Police went to one camp and were met by 80 people armed with axes, nulla nullas, steel pipes, spears, star pickets, wheel braces, axles and rocks. Police were strengthened to 13, in a town of 800.

    NT politician Bess Price told the Parliament that gaol was safer for young people because there was no alcohol, three meals a day, the company of family members and language groups, and a healthier environment. The same point was made by a Bourke, NSW magistrate, Roger Clisdell, who set some Aboriginal children were deliberately seeking gaol to escape “constant and brutal domestic violence.” He said endemic violence against women and children, often unreported, drove children out on the streets late at night.

    An emergency safety summit called in February to discuss violence, feuding and alcohol abuse in the 18 housing associations in Alice Springs, collapsed after walkouts by NT Indigenous Advancement Minister Alison Anderson and NT Police Commissioner John McRoberts. The summit followed two murders in the previous ten days. One involved a group bashing a man to death over a prolonged period

    At the Milingimbi NT school in March, a student threatened teachers with a tomahawk and had to be restrained by six staff and given three doses of sedatives.

    A Daly River school had to be shut until further notice in February after two female staff were punched in the face. One of them, 56, lost a tooth and another, 66, was hit on the side of her face. The principal and eight unhurt staff were rushed from the community because of fears for their safety.

    In November, a Darwin court was told that riots at Wadeye – a particularly violent community – over a gang leader’s death were the worst in 50 years.

    Finally, why have you employed a human resources manager with a track record of attacking a whistle blower school teacher who was exposed to terrifying threatening violence at Gapuwiyak? It is only a matter of time before he does the same thing again to a DOH employee.

    When your staff attend incidents like these mentioned above, they know now that they will receive no support if they fall victim to violence. In fact,they know they will face further horizontal violence if they dare to stand up for their rights. It really is very concerning indeed.

    Yours sincerely,

    Virginia Smith.

  17. Ms Wilson says:

    The more people who openly voice their concerns, especially to all relevant GOV Ministers and CEs, the better. People like Phil Brennan have no place in our Public Service. He has to go. If he gets away with this kind of shocking behaviour then other people must be allowed to get away with it too.

    • Marie Robertson says:

      The message from the DoE and DoH is clear; they will ignore any complaints, target complainants later for bullying, attempt to destroy their career and nothing will stop them. When they get caught out they won’t care because nothing will happen to them. It is obvious that the OCPE have done this as no other body would have the authority to do it. In amongst all of this, the needs of children and patients are suffering.

  18. What a Shower says:

    Ken, Craig and Len have some explaining to do!

  19. Mark says:

    There needs to be a Royal Commission into the Northern Territory and the government.

    • Sack Phil Brennan NOW! says:

      Agree with you Mark. It’s the OCPE who gave Brennan another job though….lets not forget he wasn’t sacked, just “moved sideways” or “transferred”. His behaviour in deliberately attacking a Gov Whistleblower needs to be investigated too. Someone should contact the Public Interest Disclosures people, sounds like something they need to be involved in.

      • Remote Area Nurse of Casuarina Plaza says:

        The public interest disclosure people will do nothing. This is the NT. Its just another sham outfit established to create the veneer of fairness, equity and accountability.

  20. BB says:

    Oh this is so right! Good on you Jane

  21. everyone should email Phil Brennan - copy and paste! says:

    Re:post –

    Plain Jane says:
    2014/12/30 at 11:15 am
    So I emailed him and his new CEO;

    Dear Mr Brennan,
    About a year ago, I came across the blog ‘CARD Fightback’. I became moderately entertained by the stories related on its pages of bullying, hypocrisy and dishonesty by management in the Department of Education in the Northern Territory.
    Many of the stories were not new to me, nor did the ones I hadn’t already known surprise me. Having worked a few years in the Territory, I have come to realise that nothing is as is should be, especially in the public sector. It is by far the most corrupt place I have ever worked in Australia. It is under siege by a parasitical class of dishonest, lazy, inept and useless overpaid managers such as the ones you have protected over the years from being accountable for their behaviour. Their, and presumably your self interest is the axis upon which NTPS services spin.
    On December 9, 2014, your matter with Mr Ferguson came up in the Supreme Court, presumably in relation to your illegal activities directed toward him. Then, I read the two articles, one the ABC News on December 27 and a second on the NT News website the day after. Your apology came somewhat late in the game. It came only after proceedings had been filed against you. And, I note, only after you had been transferred to the Department of Health. It’s difficult not to conclude that A) your apology was self serving B) the NTPS provided whatever assistance they could to avoid your complete destruction and C) the health department encourage their managers to bully employees.
    The many health professionals I have spoken to about your matter have raised real concerns about working for a department that employs a person like you. You are variously considered sly, dishonest and biased – as confirmed by your own printed admission.
    Regardless of whether that behaviour took place in or out of work, it is so infamous as to cause grievous concern to hard working and honest clinicians. No one can reasonably be expected to have any confidence in your abilities now or trust in your impartiality. This would appear to be the tone reflected on three NT nurses Facebook pages with a combined membership of over 1300 nurses. I’m sure if you ask around some of your bullymanager colleagues in health will oblige you a look; they are constantly patrolling them and attempting to intimidate workers into not speaking their minds, even in their own time. Health Department social media policies only seem to apply to workers and not managers such as you. The hypocrisy glows, wouldn’t you agree?
    Health, as you will know, is not short of its dishonest bully managers, its nepotism and its corruption, particularly in the remote locations. I doubt very much that you have been sent there to fix the issues. But, since you are now here, you have added another layer of great concern to health professionals. Some of them are now frightened solely on the basis that you now work in health.

    One I spoke to today is so scared that she has decided to leave her employ because of your notoriety . It’s really quite something when a middle ranking human resources officer can frighten clinicians out of their jobs, isn’t it? You are now single handed, creating a recruitment problem based upon your conduct.
    Well done.
    Jane Macon.
    cc Len Notaras

    • PB fuck off/return to Melbourne says:

      I’ve been pissing myself. Very funny blog. ’bout time someone took the piss out of these Govt bullies. PB you lying prick.

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