Dave Arnold: you’re our Hero. We salute you.


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Dave Arnold.  We can’t offer enough sympathy to you after what has happened.  The Cardfightback Team all wish you the very best with your continued rehabilitation and pray that you get what you’re looking for.

We also know that the NT Education Dept did not phone the Police when this awful assault occurred, making an already terrible situation worse (they didn’t phone the Police when the death threat principal – now working again at Gapuwiyak School – threatened to kill and harm her staff either).

We know why they didn’t do that: because they don’t care about what happens to teachers, they only care about protecting themselves as an Agency.  No one will apologise to you because no one in the Education Dept really cares about you Dave, sorry to say.

Cowards like Ken Davies will continue to hide behind people like Catherine Weber.  She will continue to give DoE standard soulless statements to the newspapers but not once will she contact you personally to see if you’re OK or ask how you’re going…..because she does not care about you either.

They can find time to make awful videos like this: http://tv.ntschools.net/public/Education_Reforms/win.html

and attend vapid wankfest ceremonies like this: http://www.nt.gov.au/chiefministerawards/award-past-winners/2014-gallery.html

but not call you up and see how you’re going.  That says it all really.

Here are some other comments from the public who share our disgust at the NT Education Dept bureaucracy:

DA comments 19.1.15

And you have to see this one to believe it.
NT DoE has a media round up page for all their employees, it charts all the recent stories about education in the media.  Dave’s story in the NTNews was missing.  How’s that for the Thought Police.

1984 is here ladies and gentlemen, NT DoE is hiding Dave’s story from their own employee intranet because…..?

Just when you thought they couldn’t sink any lower…….they do.  These people really make us sick:

Dave Arnold Removed

We’re no strangers to legal firms or Police snooping around our site.  Previously we’ve had: the SFNT (Solicitors for the Northern Territory) mob, Hunt & Hunt, SBA Law from Melbourne and now a few days ago MSP Legal from Cullen Bay, as well as the NT Police and the Federal Police in Canberra:
MSPLegal CFB 16.1.15
They don’t scare us because we only publish the truth.

A few of our Team members have voiced concern however so we will set their minds at rest by doing the following:

Just in case the site goes down for some reason, we can now offer a full back up to the general public (on top of the many private copies already in circulation).  Some other blogs have got in touch with us and decided to offer theirs too:





Click on the following links to download copies of the sites, it’s really that easy.

In the CFB zip file you will find:

an XML file: this makes a total back up of the site should you want to move it to another blogging platform or re-do it on WordPress under a different name.
a folder with all the images from the site
an HTML file: just double click this to open a local copy of the whole site which will open in your favourite browser (we use Firefox) – the image files for this are in a separate folder and will automatically load when you double click the HTML file
a copy of the Philsfacebookflop ABC news clip for your continued viewing pleasure


CARDFIGHTBACK: https://mega.co.nz/#!PZlnQAjS!i9pFTNlvxcGz34JgK8DhhZiphIj29el4P2BVz1KL0c8

PHILSFACEBOOKFLOP: https://mega.co.nz/#!uQ83UawJ!9doyLQ0XvD8VE4JCt0tSFA5v38-981btbOZtC_8jtfI

IHEARTCFB: https://mega.co.nz/#!CYMilbZR!auzOaST9gkXsZ-s0lD2jWKEs-pLsXrI7YeM11CmuUWE

FOIFORDUMMIES: https://mega.co.nz/#!TZ1BmBjC!7vmijExPLv4R8HK-CKLYLnboZ7W27joTaoqjG0X462A

ABC NEWS CLIP OF PHILSFACEBOOKFLOP: https://mega.co.nz/#!jAMQkIhR!lVe_9J58Nc2uv5UEch963spnLoUpysuiFo18m7LM4FE
The other links have only the HTML file (plus accompanying folder) and a separate folder of all the photos from the site.

HAPPY DOWNLOADING……and remember: sharing is caring.

CFB Team – in solidarity with Dave Arnold.

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7 Responses to Dave Arnold: you’re our Hero. We salute you.

  1. anothervictim says:

    Jesus what is wrong with these people? What is it in their thinking that enables them to reason this stuff out? Maybe they were damaged as kids in their school? Maybe their parents did not show them how to display empathy? Here we are celebrating the ANZAC legacy and these bastards are giving this bloke a hard time and still damaging others careers and health in an effort to save money and their arses. It was not until I took up teaching as a mature aged graduate that I discovered the depth Principals, Senior Staff and other Teachers will go to damage their colleagues. Yeah lets all stop bullying in schools!! We work for the benefit of our students as well as supporting our families and prospering. Lets take a lesson from the ANZACS and support each other. In the case of the ANZACS it often meant giving up your life for your mates. Here’s a new idea, treat others like you would want to be treated!! Here is another one,if you fuck up admit it and apologise. That word sorry can heal much hurt.

    • DJ Harbour View Selecta Harbourview Selecta Happy Yess musique des iles Phil Brennan Philip Brennan Philip Morgan Rubbersoul1991 Charlie Brennan Gorsha Darwin Darwin Choir of Man Megan Hewitt Megan Howitt philip.brennan@nt.gov.au philip.brennan1@nt.gov.au says:

      DJ Harbour View Selecta Harbourview Selecta Happy Yess musique des iles Phil Brennan Philip Brennan Philip Morgan Rubbersoul1991 Charlie Brennan Gorsha Darwin Darwin Choir of Man Megan Hewitt Megan Howitt philip.brennan@nt.gov.au philip.brennan1@nt.gov.au megan.howitt@nt.gov.au

  2. Liz says:

    Great idea to give out copies of the site. We’ve got ours! :):):)

  3. Rusholme Ruffian says:

    Good luck to Dave Arnold. Violence on the rise against teachers and precisely nothing is done about it. Presumably thousands will be spent on lawyers to ensure the NT DOE do not do the right thing by Mr Arnold. The most DISGUSTING place I have ever worked was for NT DOE.

  4. Un Australian Activities says:

    Did that Mr Brennan have any involvement with Dave Arnold? Mr Brennan would burn out a confession box with that apology that was in the NT News. And the levels of violence in Palmerston and Rural, is that really DSP Hylton Hayes’ area? Agh yes the kids use violence against teachers and the bureaucracy bullies them, tag team. “Put that teacher on a PIP for being assaulted”.
    If teachers sit down and do nothing but whinge, use the feather duster union and bury their heads in the sand then nothing will change. Start looking out for each other and take a stand. We are great at saying look out for your mates……. the ANZAC spirit. Total bullshit when it comes to NT Education, Vidkun Quisling would be proud, he had more morals.

  5. “Palmerston and rural area schools see almost 50 per cent hike in physical assaults”

    Looks like Hayes is too busy fucking people to worry about what’s going on in his schools.

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