Hayes Fiddled While Palmerston & Rural Burned

Edit 2: Hylton Hayes’s job – Regional Director Palmerston and Rural Region – is being advertised (http://jobs.nt.gov.au/Search.aspx): This is how much he was paid to fuck everybody for years: $213,146 – UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Our tax $$$$ well spent, NOT!!!  

We loved the bit about “managing principals’ performance”, what did you score Lorraine Evans?  Just curious….;)

Thank you CatherKen Davies, Len Notaras & Craig Allen for making us the most embarrassing Public Service in the whole country.

We hope it hurts Hylton, from 200k to 0, just like you did to many others in the last 7 years.  Were sure there will be hundreds of glasses raised in celebration at your demise…..including ours!  CHEERS!!!

With all the extra time you now have maybe you could get the gun licence you were inquiring about (using your @nt.gov.au email address) to deal with your employee Mr Ferguson…..unless you already have it that is….

Edit: We were sent the following email exchange between Ken Davies and Catherine Weber.  You can see how easily they conspire to hide govt information from the written record and also from Freedom Of Information applications too.  Read the bottom of this post for more up to date details of Ken Davies recently instructing principals to do the same thing.  REPORT HIM (AND CATHERINE WEBER FOR OPENLY HELPING HIM) AND KEEP SUBMITTING MORE FREEDOM OF INFORMATION (FOI) REQUESTS. You have a legal right to the information they are trying to hide from you.

Make them work for their dirty money.

KD & CW hiding govt records from FOI

Most NT Dept of Education executives deny they enjoy the privileges of a corrupt system.  And why not?  But our responsibility is to out them and deny them those privileges, directly related to an outdated, arrogant, jobs-for-friends, nepotistic mentality.  If you see any of those executives, call them out and encourage everyone else to do the same.  THEY ONLY THRIVE AND GET AWAY WITH THIS CRAP BECAUSE OF OUR SILENCE AND INACTION.  If that hurts their feelings of superiority then they can go and jump in the lake- preferably with very heavy shoes on.  FIGHT ON!


Post by email:

vio 02

vio 01

Bryan Hughes & Hylton Hayes

Bryan Hughes & Hylton Hayes


Has Hylton Hayes – the ‘get a gun licence to deal with your vermin staff’ director – finally fallen on his (pink) sword?

Off the radar, a term off (whispers from Mitchell St are it’s the whole year!!), all silent, nobody’s saying much, Phil Brennan style (Megan Howitt might help Hylton too, Philsfacebookflop will put in a “good word” for you with Len). Meanwhile Trevor Watts is racking up those parking fines trying to fill Hayes’s parking spot. Watts The F*ck!

We have ZERO sympathy for serial abuser and dangerous liar Hylton Hayes. Victim of another NT Dept of Education Facebook Flop? Or just infected too many schools?


break heart

Now CatherKen Davies has broken up with his dirtiest little Dick, we think it is unfortunate that it’s not for the right reasons. CatherKen, you are more disgraceful than Hayes because you only give a shit when something embarrasses you personally.

Hylton is a product of his environment but he’s been left to run riot by YOU (and Gary Barnes). Dirty see, dirty do.

You were warned many times but you CHOSE to do nothing, in effect you encourage it and then actively hide it.

Your quote: “but I have to protect my senior managers” looks deliberately negligent now especially when you add “no matter what they do to my dedicated teaching staff”. “We can always get more teachers for our DSPs to f*ck over”, right? Bus them in from Interstate, that’s the way!

Please resign CatherKen (and take your BFF Weber with you) and both go back to Housing – even better leave the NT – let someone with morals and integrity look after our kids’ future.

Hayes: gets teachers sacked then turns up to gloat at their inability hearing like a vulture to pick over their carcass (along with Peter ‘Quisling’ Clisby: look up “back-stabbing” in the dictionary and there’s a photo of Clisby pashing his new best friend Hylton).

Hayes: previously protected by Vicki Baylis (back when she was valued by DoE as his Executive Director, see them collude on http://foifordummies.wordpress.com – now put out to pasture at Harbour View with the Cream Cake Brigade, watch those ever-increasing thighs ladies!)

Hayes: stacks Rosebery Middle School’s selection panel to make sure Lorraine Evans gets her job back as principal, to continue their ‘dirty work’ together. Did Simon Cox discover some of these dirty secrets, and was about to tell all, when he was sacked in super-fast time? No lengthy investigation and ‘take all your owed leave’ for him, like Phil Brennan got.

Interesting side note: Who is Lorraine Evans’ daughter? Vicki Baylis’s Personal Assistant!

You couldn’t make this stuff up. Dirty little Dick thrives on it.

Hayes: PIPs (with a large dose of lies) are his favourite weapon of choice: refuse to falsely put teachers on one and he’ll attack you too.

Like the angel of death hand delivering Simon Cox his termination letter then was he off for a quickie? Legitimate questions and needs a Whistleblower style investigation we think for, misuse of public funds, jobs for friends instead of on merit, abuse of position, leaking of private government information, etc.
Rumours from Kinross are not looking good either, staff there love to offload it seems….

How long can Kevin Gillan protect Hayes (Band of Brothers rather Mothers) after CatherKen refused to employ Gillan’s wife Jenny Nash at Casuarina Senior College as principal? Is Gillan on the way out too? We think/hope so. DoE is full of malicious webs, join the dots and discover a network of cronies, wives, husbands, kids and not-so-secret lovers.

Will Craig Allen sign off on a transfer to Health Dept like he did for his OCPE mate Phil Brennan? Maybe breakfast buddy Barnes will request him to work on the Grammar School to select the principal?

Don’t miss next week’s hilarious NTPS Destroying Teachers’ Careers Comedy Roadshow….

HH violence comments 20.1.15

PS: It’s good to expose wrongdoing but maybe instead of commenting on social media about Ken Davies’ instructions to his principals to “stop putting things in writing” to prevent more shocking Freedom Of Information releases, you should submit complaints to the Info Commissioner’s Office, the Public Interest Disclosures mob, tell the newspapers, send it to the Opposition MPs and to us here at CFB.

Write down what was said and by who and give it to the authorities to investigate – or even better, record it on a digital recorder. There are legal obligations to keep accurate government records of all government business – any attempt to play (more) dirty and circumvent that is ILLEGAL and needs reported.

The responsibility of us educators is clear. It is to identify and expose the reckless lies of Educ Dept management and never to collude with them. It is to re-awaken the anger that brought you to this site in the first place. Most important, it is to prevent the defeat of ourselves, our livelihoods and our fellow educators: our professionalism, our humanity, our self respect. If we remain silent, victory over us is assured, and many more educators will suffer at the hands of people like Hylton Hayes and his new best friend principal Lorraine Evans, (she is just the latest in a long line).

Fannie Bay: could little Dick’s place be more aptly named?
Hopefully we never see or hear from him again.

CFB Team with special help from Kinross, WA.

And we agree with George:

GB comment

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26 Responses to Hayes Fiddled While Palmerston & Rural Burned

  1. James Cavanagh says:

    I have multiple recordings of conversation I’ve been privy to (law permitted recordings) whit Lorraine Evans stating that she will use “the catholic approach” and see if she gets caught.

    I’d like to know more about how I can ensure other employees are not shunned and out of work due to mismanagement of schools.

  2. "The Smoker" says:

    Staff shagging, principal poking, PA pricking, subordinate sex………. call it what you will. Talk about casting couch. I thought all the jokes on here were just that, nah and what poor taste (not the jokes). The Palmerston Poker, Hard Ready to Hump, Hard Dick Here………… please add to my list
    Wah wah as the cyote goes up in a puff of smoke…………..

    • Bruderbund says:

      Radio Ken has been silent on Mr Hayes. Seems to be persona non grata. Silence is golden as they say. Requiem for the Rosebery Rooter! Once people get what they want they drop you like a hot turd.

  3. One Round says:

    Bet Mr Hayes must be annoyed given the recent story on the Chief Minister in the NT News with his new partner from his Department. The Chief Minister has balls and is upfront not sneaking around like some others………………………The Harbourview Selecta to note one

    • Never Piss Off Ken says:

      Will your mate save you? Good old Kevin……. a mate’s mate but embarrassing Ken may go that little too far………… What a laughing stock, a joke
      Would anyone piss on the guy if he was on fire? Speaking of piss, he is hitting it hard

  4. anothervictim says:

    Just wondering, the photo of the two smiling assassins, I think they both have their hands up each others shirts pulling each other strings!!

  5. anothervictim says:

    Do FOI requests cover minutes of meetings and diary entries? Are these people making decisions without recording the process? They are Public Office holders and are subject to law. I wonder how Ken’s instructions to his Principals to restrict what they say in e-mails is going? Fortunately for us lesser beings there are plenty of policies that identify the responsibilities these Public Office Holders have to their employees, students and the community. Fortunately for us some of these people say too much and make mistakes trying to cover up or damage our reputations. Keep sending them your e-mails and requesting they explain their actions. They are just hoping they can make us drop off before they are dragged before the courts to “please explain”.

  6. A member is waiting for you Hylton says:

    Suck on it Hayes.

  7. Ezekiel 28: 17-18 says:

    This is for you Hylton: for all thee tormented and tortured in thy greedy little game, may everlasting Hell and pestilence be upon thy soul:

    Ezekiel 28:17-18, “I will cast thee to the ground, I will lay thee before kings, that they may behold thee. Thou hast defiled thy sanctuaries by the multitude of thine iniquities, by the iniquity of thy traffick; therefore will I bring forth a fire from the midst of thee, it shall devour thee, and I will bring thee to ashes upon the earth in the sight of all them that behold thee.”

  8. NT.Gov.Suckers@nt.gov.au says:

    Hylton Hayes gets nearly 1/4 of a Million $$ to do fuck all (of us).
    He needs to pay it all back and apologise to the NT.

    Actually Ken Davies and his Mini-Me Catherine Weber need to apologise too.

    When is someone going to take responsibility for these Muppets???

    How does Hylton’s wife Susie Hayes @ Darwin Middle School put up with all of this? Ask Megan Howitt, Phil Brennan’s wife. They must have sore knees by now……..surely???

  9. Rot In Hell Hylton Hayes says:

    Hayes has destroyed many teachers. He is worse than shit on the bottom of my boot. He is a pathetic little man. I hope he rots wherever he is.

    • Freedom of Information documents are your friends says:

      Freedom of Information documents show that barely 10% of the time is Hayes ever telling the truth and the rest of the time 90% he’s telling lies about people. He’s a scumbag and a coward and everyone knows it. There is one main reason for this: CatherKen Davies!
      Like the photo says: They get paid to root us, we get paid to stand there and smile. We’ll all be smiling when Davies ends up in court, hopefully together with Hylton Hayes. SFNT lawyers can’t save you forever CatherKen.

    • The Equalizers says:

      Hayes is SCUM.
      Our school hates him.
      Small Man Syndrome…… same as Paul Newman when he was here in the NT.
      Both of them follow the Gov Dept Bully’s Manual For Beginners.

      Karma’s a BITCH, boys……

  10. Pippa says:

    Hey “Brief Exposure”, this Site is totally Awesome!!! Hopefully theirs a Site like this for each Department – you know to expose the real goings on of well paid Senior Public Servants who are used to f@cking people over with no blow back!!!

  11. Pippa says:

    DEPT of EDUCATION has nothing on Health! Their ALL related or DOING each other at Health!!! We here news of a senior unamed Education lady who used to tell her hubby (now ex-hubby) she was “working” back till 2am….what Public Servant works back to 2am??? Ohh she was working her rear off, apparently!!
    Hope the Divorce wasn’t bitter when the news spilled about the affairs!!!!! Just like Health, you people at Education have to f*ck the right people to get anywhere! Probably explains why your senior managers are they way they are.

    • AEU stands for Arse End Up - Ken Davies loves them because they lie down and take it says:

      Ken Davies is ultimately responsible for how his senior managers behave. He has sole discretion about how he disciplines (or doesn’t) employees. BLAME HIM if you get fucked over and nothing is done after you complain about it. He has protected idiots like Watts, Hayes and Brennan for years, while teachers suffered at their hands. Because he never has to meet any of the ‘little people’ (teachers) face to face when they are being bullied or harassed or intimidated or lied about or all of the above…he can sleep at night while not caring one bit about the Hell you are going through. He probably gets a hard on thinking about it. Then he looks at his bank balance and gets another hard on. Then he laughs at us for putting up with it for so long. Then he’ll retire soon and swan around with his fellow government cronies and they’ll all laugh at us together….and we’ll continue to put our faith in bodies like the AEU who’ll continue to do very little but give our money to people like Matthew Cranitch to play Who’s A Pretty Pollie. Squawk!

    • Helen of Troy says:

      The health department are a truly disgusting outfit.

    • Remote Health Insider says:

      Yet another story in the NT News about bullying in the bush by our toxic managers over in health. We stand by our comrades in education. Read the dozens of comments – it is just like the DOE.

  12. snake in the grass says:

    Hylton Hayes used to have Maree Garrigan in his back pocket. She was his Exec Dir like Baylis was….. many moons ago. Wonder if anything was going on there too? What a snake!

  13. Angry Darwin Parent says:

    Ken Davies and Catherine Weber.
    Takin our money an pissing our kids education up against a wall. Vote out this Gov and get rid o these 2 aswell.


  14. Brief Exposure says:

    Chris why do you keep running this sad site? Hylton will be back bigger and better than ever mark my words. Come out from hiding and see Hylton in Court! We all know what that will mean. All these lies can be exposed for they are……………..


  15. Bloke says:

    Needs to be an inquiry into this whole thing not a whitewash.

  16. Bloke says:

    Cardfightback is shocking, shining a big torch on the darkest recesses of education in the NT. Parents and teachers now question the leadership of education. If any of this gutter swill is true then Mr Chandler should be doing something; perhaps he has already. What message does give our kids?

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