Teaching in the Territory: Been Raped? You musta done something to deserve it.

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It is amazing to us that so many Northern Territory Education Department HQ staff are so happy to lay the blame for being what we call ‘reputation-raped’ by Mr Phil Brennan at the feet of Mr Ferguson.

Ken Davies is doing nothing to stop it. AGAIN. Is he encouraging it? Time will tell….

Ken's blessing....in disguise

Ken’s blessing….in disguise

A lady from Mitchell St HQ contacted one of our Team Members – almost in tears as she recounted the story she overheard on the 10th Floor.

It was around the 3rd week in March. She had been chatting with some other employees about the disgusting actions of embarrassing ex-General Manager of HR, Mr Philip Brennan. Some people had expressed support and sympathy for Mr Ferguson after Mr Brennan’s attack on him.

An un-named Executive interrupted her conversation and started blaming Mr Ferguson for what Mr Brennan had done to him. From her recollection, this is a taste of what they said:

“That guy (Mr Ferguson) must have annoyed Phil ’cause Phil would never do something like that without a reason.”

“He deserved it, he’s been a troublemaker for a long time, that’ll teach him to be a whistle-blower.”

Don't blame us, bitch!!!

Don’t blame us, bitch!!!

She said the whole mood became very uncomfortable and everyone started to walk away. The Executive was very angry and left the floor soon after.

This kind of Ken Davies-supported ‘blame-the-victim’ attitude should act as a wake-up call to all current employees and especially the NT Government to urgently tackle the problems of: victims’ secondary injuries, low disciplinary rates for perpetrators and a privileged arrogance spreading its way through all levels of Mitchell street Education HQ, like a cancer.

Secondary Injuries
Victims (in this case Mr Ferguson) not only have to struggle with primary injuries in the aftermath of an attack (‘reputation-rape’), but they must also battle with the ‘secondary’ injuries.

Secondary injuries occur when there is a lack of proper support or understanding. Other times it is when individuals blame the victim for the crime – here, it is the friends and colleagues of the attacker (Phil Brennan) who are further assaulting the victim by openly saying “he did something to deserve it” and spreading it around to infect other people.

Perversely, Mr Ferguson is left to take responsibility for Mr Brennan’s actions.

Mr Ferguson stood up for his rights and tried to make the Education Department a better place for everyone. We are still in shock at all the things the NT Education Department did to him in retaliation. We’d love to see him back up here one day.

More people need to stand up and fight back! There are lots of us, we can beat them!

Standing up for yourself can be really challenging if you’re used to letting others have their way or you’re a people pleaser. When you trim yourself down to suit everyone else, it’s all too easy to whittle yourself away; learning to stand up for yourself is a way of ensuring other people respect you and don’t try to push you around or manipulate you.

It also helps many others around you as you are modelling the correct behaviour. Obviously bullies like Brennan (and his Education Department cronies) will hate you for doing it.

How long will it be before Brennan does the same kind of thing to someone in the Health Department?

Will he steal their personal information from his job and take it home to cause harm, just like he did when he was General Manager of HR at Education? Did he give it to anyone else at his home to use too?

Balaclava Brennan - id thief

Balaclava Brennan – id thief

The Education Department should have charged him for doing that. If it had been a teacher, we all know what would have happened there….

How many more victims of “Malicious Bureaucrat” Philip Brennan are out there?

Please contact us if you are one of them.

Our next post is a beaut, some of our Team Members are putting the finishing touches to it right now.

Look closely at this photo – it will give you a clue.
Can you hear the rum…ble….

CFB Team.

Getting warmer....

Getting warmer….


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41 Responses to Teaching in the Territory: Been Raped? You musta done something to deserve it.

  1. Bernie says:

    Former NT Health Department worker says she was asked questions about her sex life, bullied, and had her private medical record accessed by manager!

    When do you say enough is enough? When do Senior managers get the sack? When does the Minister wake up and declare his Senior Management as incompetent? When do Health staff just go on strike? This story in the NT News makes me sick. Their are people paid to check on who and WHY your accessing Medical records.
    One of these people is the bimbo no-quals Daughter of a Senior ex-Remote Health Director who won the role over a qualified Nurse!!


  2. Hans Groper says:

    Health House Selecta; poor guy has been shat on good and proper but not enough. Think of all the staff he shafted and enjoyed doing it without a care. Little more than the Eichmann of DET, the kind of low life scum you clean off your rubber souled shoes. No body jumps from the 10th floor unless they are pushed to be a 1st floor leper.

  3. This guy Phil Brennan should be in jail. says:

    Blaming the victim is sick. No-one deserves to be raped. The perpetrator always has a choice. Shocking he still has a job.

    • Health House stinks of Brennan says:

      He should be in jail yes but he’s not, NT GOV thought it better to give him a job in the Health Dept in Health House on Mitchell Street. Feel sorry for the poor people who have to work beside him. Very slimy character.

  4. Sydney teachers support CFB! says:

    Sydney teachers support CFB. We don’t have the same amount of bullying problems as NT. But we will fight as hard when we do. Expose the corruption!

  5. I no longer work in the Public Sector says:

    A number of grievances lodged against former Sadadeen Primary School principal Julie McLaren overturned and over 20 people resigned (its difficult to ascertain an actual figure but I predict around 26) from their role during McLaren’s three year tenure.

    It wasn’t until Ailsa Moyses’ (vice principal) complaint against McLaren that the NT Dept. of Education finally took notice and subsequently in a short period Mclaren had left her role and moved from Alice Springs. Stewart Moyses, the husband of Ailsas Moyses who oversaw the original grievances against McLaren and found them wanting, is likely to be chief motivator for Mclaren’s release of service in 2014.

    In my opinion bullying starts at the very top, it’s a culture of bullying that never gets eradicated as it passes from and filters to the next in line – to those at the bottom. Those at the top may not think that they are “bullies” but when they failed to act against McLaren in the face of so many complaints they only vindicated McLaren of her actions as just. She was one of them – until she crossed one of them.

    • very interesting says:

      It is not until people share their experiences that they finally understand the depth of the problem they are or have experienced. Just like the issues at Sadadeen, no one in Senior Management will be interested in the concerns of ordinary teachers until it bites one of them on the arse. This is not only a morally bankrupt attitude, but is also in contravention of Nt Govt policy such as, OH & S (Duty of care to their staff), Anti-Bullying (unethical actions against staff), Teacher Performance and Management (they talk about support, but actually do harm to careers and lives). Unfortunately for us our Dept will deny and defer until the stress is too much and we give in and go away.

      It is interesting to hear that Mr Moyses may have initially not found in favour of teachers concerns, but appears to have been active when it affected someone close to him. It would be very interesting to get access to any relevant documentation between senior staff relating to the former Principal of that school. I am sure it would reveal a pattern of behaviour that our Dept could not legally defend.

      There also appears to be a link between Mr Moyses and the current Principal of Lajamanu school. Apparently while Mr Moyses was in his position in Alice Springs when Lajamanu school was part of his region, a grievance was raised by a former staff member of Lajamanu school that was passed off as having no merit as well as alleging the teacher was not only incompetent, but may also face further action as a result of that grievance. To be fair to Mr Moyses it was David Cuminns who conducted what appears to be an investigation that only included interviews with the relevant Principal and no other staff of that school. It is our understanding that Mr Moyses recruited the Principal of Lajamanu school.

      This school and Principal seem to share the same experiences as Sadadeen school in that a number of complaints and grievances have also been made by former staff of Lajamanu school relating to the actions of their Principal. So what have Senior staff done about these complaints? Passed them off as having no grounds? Like Sadadeen, Lajamanu school has also had such a large turnover of staff that the Community sought help from other agencies. They were so concerned with losing so many experienced teachers who they held in high esteem. At last count (in the last two years) sixteen staff have left this school or were force to seek transfers to get away from the actions of this person.

      Just like the incidents at Sadadeen and Lajamanu there will be other schools who are or have experienced similar incidents. There will also be much documentation relating to incidents such as these and if released would be very damaging to Senior staff. This is where our Dept will fight very hard to deny that it’s Public Office Holders are acting inappropriately and unethically. They know the documentation exists and will still deny it or refuse to release them. Don’t be intimidated be patient and request access to documentation. Write letters to them as well as your Politicians. Your letters will be publicly available when these people are held to account for how they did or did not repsond to your concerns.Talk with your family, friends and other staff, share your experiences, get help. It is forums like this where you can shine a light on the actions of these people. Share your concerns. Mr Frerguson had the courage to withstand these people and drag them before the courts where they were exposed and found wanting.

      • Loose lips at Lajamanu says:

        Just as a concerned staff member alerted us that other staff in Mitchell Street were refusing to acknowledge the wrong doing of Phillip Brenhan, former staff members of Lajamanu school revealed that the Principal’s wife had proudly commented to them she was confident her husband would not be held accountable over a former staff members grievance of bullying because he was good friends with his boss Trevor Watts.

    • While working in the ACT I also alerted the ACT Dept of Education to the bullying of Julie McLaren. After many meetings nothing was done to Julie McLaren and she was allowed to move schools where her bullying continued. I believe my being a whistleblower about Julie Mclaren’s bullying made it very difficult for me to progress in my education career. After many more incidents of bullying Julie McLaren left the ACT education system and successfully gained work in the Northern Territory. Now I read your comment and wonder if some joint action could be taken to stop many more teachers suffering.

  6. teach in the territory says:

    I wonder how our dept are responding to the actual physical rape of a teacher at Borroloola community recently. It does seem a bit odd there has been nothing reported on the local news.

  7. Pippa says:

    You should be very very wary about complaining or even defending your rights under the PSEMA Act. Many a NTPS has left the Gov damaged after locking horns with Management. Management cant do their job to save their lives, but they know how to get rid of you. Forget that you know very well how your work environment is, that you can do your job blind folded. You are replaceable. They will replace you with a Blue Rinse Granny that will never be able to do the job.
    After you lock horns with Management:
    Prepare for Poor or No References,
    Prepare for written warnings appearing out of thin air.
    Prepare for a style of parlance that will set you up for inappropriate behavior.
    Prepare weasels saying “We need to Performance manage you”.
    Do not go to the CPSU. What a waste of time and money. They will ask you to apologize and beg for mercy. United Voice appears to be more militant and has no drama in locking horns with the Management scum and the filth at OCPE.
    Do not go to the Media or a Member of Parliament without understanding that your condition of employment at NTPS involves you contacting and getting permission from your CEO first.(Anyone mention that North Korean Dictatorship crap in the Welcome to Government induction?).
    Even when your lucky to get a Bullying Manager fired,you did not get his mates that got him the job (or vice versa). The social network that is the Government is very extensive.
    I have just left a waste of taxpayers money business unit, the only people who survive are the ass kissers (can not do anything literally but blow smoke up the boss’s rear).
    I regret every minute I decomposed in Government.

    • Do not be tempted to work for these thugs. says:

      Entirely correct. I’d add do not think ‘it won’t happen to me’ if you take them on. They fight you to protect their highly salaried positions and their right wing mates in similar positions. Exec director of Domestic Violence unit? – defeated CLP candidate at the last election. Head of NT Worksafe? – former CLP adviser to this and the previous CLP government. NT Ombudsman? – they exist not to investigate anything. OCPE? – never over turn an unfair decision when a grievance is filed. CE of the health department? – former president of the CLP. Cronyism everywhere and managers who have access to unlimited lawyer time via the SFNT to ruin your life some more if you take them on. Add to that the professional and reputation harm they will cause you and anyone who acts as a witness to you and there it is; one of the worst career decisions you can ever make is to work for them.

      • Stick Together To Win says:

        There are ways we can win against them but I agree with lots of what you say too. These people have no brains, apply a little bit of insurgency tactics to the game and its not hard to beat them. Remember: COURT ACTION AND PUBLIC EXPOSURE AND USING DIGITAL RECORDERS is the way to go. I won’t accept that overpaid puppets like CatherKen and Tony Roberts and Hylton Hayes and Brian Collins and Lawrie Andrew are smarter than anyone else in NT. They fight to protect their mates – we must do the same!

        • Share your experince says:

          Do some research and you will discover Mr Andrew may have left WA with baggage. It does not appear he stayed in Tasmania very long either. What happened to Mr Andrew’s pick for Clyde Fenton school last year? Did not stay very long?
          Anyone who has had the unfortunate experience of dealing with Hylton Hayes will have no sympathy for that poor excuse for a manager/human.
          Can anyone allude to Tony Robert’s and Brian Collins claim to fame?

      • NTPS Insider says:


        Yet another example of what happens inside the NTPS.

        • Health House stinks of Brennan-like characters - GET THEM IN COURT, THEY'LL SHIT THEMSELVES, JUST ASK HYLTON HAYES HOW IT FEELS! says:

          In all its glory:
          NT Nursing Awards 2015. My Nomination.
          I sent this in and never even got a response. Can’t think why..

          My nomination goes to the unnamed nurse bullied out of her job by NT remote health management. In 2013, a remote nurse in the NT was falsely accused of stealing medications from work. She received a letter detailing the allegation and asking her to respond, from then remote health director, Tricia Wake.

          The nurse’s response highlighted that the alleged theft was actually medications legally prescribed to her by her GP and supplied legitimately by a pharmacy and labelled as such. No theft occurred. The allegation came about due to a spat involving the nurse and the director of nursing Lesley Brown. The spat related mainly to LB never having worked remote and not having an understanding of basic human resources policy.

          It took the frequently ‘working from home’ Wake at remote health health several months to respond adding significantly to the stress of the nurse. But eventually the nurse was exonerated. That should have been the end of the matter, but it wasn’t. Knowing that the allegations had been rejected by the organisation, and that the nurse had done nothing wrong, Brown decided to take matters into her own hands.

          Consumed by her own spite, within a couple of days of the Wake decision she reported the innocent nurse to AHPRA. To portray the nurse in as bad a light as possible, Brown carefully worded her complaint creating an illusion that the nurse had stolen meds that had not been legally prescribed and supplied to her. And there was no mention of the internal investigation exonerating the nurse either. Brown knew that the allegation was completely false. She never even told the nurse that she’d done it.

          The nurse then went through another six months of a very stressful AHPRA investigation before finally being exonerated by them. The whole nasty process, took the best part of a year. It caused enormous distress and when it was finally over, the nurse resigned, terrified that Brown or one of the other Darwin based managers would come after her again. After the nurse left the NT health department, she could not get a job. She found it extremely difficult to obtain references from the NT because her reputation had been damaged by such long investigatory processes. Finally, after a year of no work, she obtained a part time position inter state and is, at last, slowly putting her life back together. So this year my nomination goes to the innocent nurse who faced unrelenting bullying and false allegations invented by NT remote health managers who almost ruined her career and certainly damaged it. She faced two investigations into false allegations for the same thing, having done nothing wrong. There was no honest belief that she had committed any untoward acts and at least the second investigation was a pre meditated attempt by a remote health manager to cause the nurse as much harm as possible.

          • Get them into Court says:

            This is just another example of the lengths people will go to damage another persons right to go about their employment and prosper in their career. People like LB and PB need to be made to understand that this behaviour is illegal and will ultimately cost them dearly. It was very timely this week that the ABC 4 Corners program exposed the depth of bullying in the health industry. Just as Mr Ferguson has done, get them into court and expose their behaviours for what they are. Inappropriate, unethical and even illegal.
            Just as LB used her position inappropriately for her own ends school Principals will and do make false accusations against staff they cannot bully to conform to their world view. As this nurse experienced, the following months become a blur of stress and trying to survive.
            These bullies understand this and it fuels their egos. Unfortunately for them their egos foster a false confidence that they are untouchable. This will result in them making mistakes. They will either not respond to correspondence in a timely manner or not at all. They will not follow correct procedure or policy. Most of them will leave a trail of correspondence between themselves about you that will reveal they have not followed policy or procedure. Some will even show their intentions in correspondence to you.
            Fortunately for us there is much Policy to hold them accountable. You need to get access to every available piece of correspondence (FOI) as well as network with other staff who have suffered or are suffering the same or similar experiences. Be patient, keep resolute and stand tall. Get all the help you can, union, lawyer as well as support from your friends and families. Research on the internet there are many sites exposing this behaviour and how to deal with it.
            Remember they will defer, block and deny in an attempt to cause you so much stress you will go away for your own health’s sake. If you can do it stay the distance and get them into court. I used to think why me? What did I do to deserve this?
            It’s because you are a threat to their world view. You present a problem because you are different. You are just a good person. You do your job well, but in a different manner than they can cope with.
            Just as Mr Ferguson discovered their own actions will be their undoing.

          • Benie says:

            This is a common story involving Remote Health. Anyone who dared rock the boat was labeled with a Mental Health disorder or was professionally killed off via not getting a Reference. DO NOT WORK FOR REMOTE HEALTH -YOUR CAREER CAN NOT AFFORD IT. NURSES are greeted and sent to the Remote Clinic’s and promptly forgotten about. NOBODY CALLS YOU TO CHECK UP ON YOU ONCE YOU HAVE LEFT THE BUILDING!!!!! I have worked under Ms Wake and I suggest she has learnt from her Senior Management Team not to have finger prints on anything!
            A Prosecutor once told me, Government Directors LOVE saying their not responsible, but they are DIRECTORS, get paid the big bucks and actually are responsible when their standing in a Court saying they did not see anything.
            Then theirs Central Australia Remote Health where you get to MEET THE FAMILY.
            Anything rural is dodgy be it Housing, Health or Education.
            You would be a IDIOT to work for them. If your thinking “HOW BAD CAN IT BE?” Its pretty bloody terrible and dodgy as all hell. Its not the remote community people, the feral dogs or the crocs that will kill you, its your Management Team that will.

            • Benie says:

              I think you have hit the solution on the head. The only thing a NT Politician gives a damn about is being re-elected. National ABC 4 Corners investigative expose will force the pollies to look like they are doing something about it. Whilst the ABC has ALP Tendencies am sure 4 Corners team could not give a damn about the Pollies in the NT. If you guys want to compile your experiences and submit it to 4 Corners, I am right behind you. Problem is it will require coordination! Who does not work for NTG or a NTG funded organisation that is impervious from retribution from these vindictive Chief Of Staff type people?

              • No-one has any balls in the NT, NT stands for No Testicles!! says:

                An anti-NT GOV lawyer or law student looking to cut their teeth maybe…. Know one?
                Or the AEU? No sorry, they’re (still) in bed with Educ Dept cronies, no point.

            • The Dalek says:

              More on ‘working from home Wake’ here,,,,http://jpst.it/zf7H

              • Benie says:

                Working from Home for the Director of Remote Health on that sort of Money? WTF? How does she access NT Government systems to do her job? How do you quickly query colleagues (who all assemble in the same place, at the same time, 5 days a week for way less $). How do the interrelated staff transfer the calls from the many upset Remote Clinics staff members so the Director can calm them down and reassure them with comments such as “IF I SEE YOU ON SATURDAYS NT NEWS,IT WILL BE THE WORST THING YOU WILL HAVE DONE”!
                Do you like the wording? Do you like the Empathy?
                When I worked their, when she did not come to work, no decisions where made and Top End Remote Health office was left in limbo until the holy one came back to the que of people outside her door.
                I bet that nepotistic, corrupt and despicable environment has taken a toll on all the Remote Health Senior Management. Some have fled to the far corners of the country, Good Riddance you useless backstabbing losers. I hope you do not return from Phillip Island or Tasmania!!
                Someone please post the Organisational Charts of the Health and Education department. I am sure between us we can all develop a who’s married/banging who relationship diagram which would make explaining hiring decisions a lot easier to the qualified people who did not get the jobs (but lacked the correct DNA). You know what they say in Emergency rooms around the globe? “Haven’t got the training? Step away from the Shiny machine!”.
                DO NOT WORK FOR NT GOVERNMENT’s Department of HEALTH’s REMOTE HEALTH, YOUR OWN HEALTH CAN’T AFFORD IT And Your probably not related to them.

    • NT Teacher says:

      Yes we all know how shit the NT public service really is, run by a bunch of money grabbing incompetents. But don’t let all that put you off trying to fight back. There are many ways to get back at them – taking them to court is the one they fear most. We just have to play as dirty as they do, that’s all. It’s very easy to do.

      Like the post said: “More people need to stand up and fight back! There are lots of us, we can beat them!”

    • Trevor Watts ur a joke, same as others!!! says:

      Never give up Pippa!!! If we know the dirty tricks then we can fight against them. Knowledge is power!!! Thanx Cardfightback!!!

      • Is that all you have Trev? says:

        Two days before mid year break. Principal takes a long call from Mr Watts. Quick staff meeting takes place to alert staff to reduced staffing needs for 2016 six months away!!! Nothing concrete just maybe’s!!!! What’s it all about? Just Trev giving everyone something to mull over as they go on a well earned holiday break.
        Good on Trev it’s time to go away and enjoy what is left of your old age.

        • Look out Booroloola says:

          Look out Booroloola it looks like Trev is sending his man from Lajamanu out to sort you lot out! Why else would he ignore official grievances and community concerns about this fellows actions towards hard working teachers? 16 staff left Lajamanu in a little over two years!

    • Educ & Health workers & parents must stand together - boot out a bully today! says:

      I would not say that the cardfightback blog has brought about ‘real’ or meaningful change. What it has helped do is to illustrate the injustice and trauma that victims of NT Education Department abuse suffer in their fight for justice and proper working conditions. It has also brought out the need to address this workplace ‘violence’ with more seriousness and honesty.
      Many people have given up on justice because of the NTPS’s many cronies.
      I would urge them to fight on.
      Political leaders are in denial – they hate this blog because it attracts a lot of attention both locally and nationally. We have to use it to tarnish their names and guide voters to a different candidate in next year’s NT elections, maybe then they’ll wake up and act for change.

      When we see Phil Brennan walk from Education into a new job in Health after what he did, we need to use that anger and direct it towards making the system more accountable. Otherwise he continues to laugh at us while raking in another Govt salary and we continue to be angry and stuck in the mud. There are lots of imaginative ways to fight back remember…..;)

    • http://philsfacebookflop.wordpress.com says:

      Bullshit. There are tons of ways to get those pricks in government positions….all you need to do is to fight as dirty as they do….think creatively…..get them into COURT. Look how quickly PHIL http://www.philsfacebookflop.wordpress.com BRENNAN wet his panties when he got sent Supreme Court papers to his house.

  8. Goldfinger says:

    Names like Hayes, Brennan, Holmes, Barnes, Gillen and Lawler to name a few ring in my ears. When you cannot sleep because of bureaucrats who are intent on shafting you without any cause then you start to think you are paranoid. My message is that you are not paranoid and yes they are trying to “FUCK YOU OVER”.
    Recently heard Hylton Hayes appears to be looking a bit shabby, well not shabby enough, when he is on the streets living from a shopping trolly then there is time for joy. Shopping trolly that is too good for the guy, longrassers will be complaining. Have a Hayes free term party like we did.If he does return then he will be nothing more than fodder for jokes. All that slimy smiling, all that face exposed enjoy, no body feels sorry, we detest you Hylton Hayes. Do the right thing even Hitler could!

  9. Phil Brennan is a disgusting creep, don't let him near my kids. says:

    Blaming the victim like this makes me sick. NT Education Dept has nothing to do with Education. NT Payback Dept more like! Somebody has to stop them. Our school supports CFB for exposing them! 🙂

    • ByeBye Hylton Hayes pathetic little bully says:

      Our school does too…..so glad to hear Hylton Hayes has run out of excuses, we all hated his guts and could never trust the guy. Look at the mess he made of Rosebery Middle School, had his fingers in too many pies…..

  10. DJ Harbour View Selecta Harbourview Selecta Happy Yess musique des iles Phil Brennan Philip Brennan Philip Morgan Rubbersoul1991 Charlie Brennan Gorsha Darwin Darwin Choir of Man Megan Hewitt Megan Howitt philip.brennan@nt.gov.au philip.brennan1@nt.gov.au says:

    DJ Harbour View Selecta Harbourview Selecta Happy Yess musique des iles Phil Brennan Philip Brennan Philip Morgan Rubbersoul1991 Charlie Brennan Gorsha Darwin Darwin Choir of Man Megan Hewitt Megan Howitt philip.brennan@nt.gov.au philip.brennan1@nt.gov.au phil.brennan@nt.gov.au phil.brennan1@nt.gov.au

  11. anothervictim says:

    Alert senior staff to inappropriate behaviour and watch how you become the problem. Report breaches of OH & S and be labelled a trouble maker. Defend your rights and be prepared to be accused of bad behaviour. What is wrong with these people?

    • Interested NTPS Spectator says:

      They’ve been getting away with it for so long that they think it’s normal behaviour. Clueless money-grabbing idiots like Ken Davies don’t care to stop it as long as he keeps getting paid every fortnight. Get legal advice then drag them into court, it’s the only way to make them listen. And blogs like this. And newspapers. And opposition MPs.

    • Bureaucrats are scared of lawyers says:

      Getting your own lawyer involved is the only way.

  12. DOH worker of Health House - where else??! says:

    These NTPS managers are bleeding services dry. They are a bunch of overpaid self serving parasites unfit to tie the laces of their clients or the workers they denigrate at any opportunity.

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