Teaching in the Territory: (More) Lying, Malicious Bureaucrat Phil Brennan deletes his own fake Facebook page after reading our post below.

Post by email:

“How do you get a new Health blog in the Territory???????????”

“Walk into a Police Station and tell them you have a Hylton problem. LOL”


Edit: Oh yeah baby!  It’s been a long time coming but….drum roll please……the one, the only….NT Dept of Health blog on bullying:


We’re still laughing at how CE’s CatherKEN Davies and Len Disastaras (along with Gary Barnes’ breakfast bum-chum at the NT OCPE Craig Allen) have created the link between Education and Health blogs by employing: liar, personal information thief, importer of vintage motorcycles, Harbour View Selecta, Darwin Choir of Man spare part, malicious, childish, Facebook Flop (twice…is there more???) Phil ‘Health House’ Brennan. 

Give them all a big clap ladies and gentlemen and head over to the new Health blog and offer your support.

Philip Brennan was operating a fake Facebook page of his own, calling himself Philip Morgan, at the same time as getting caught setting up another fake Facebook page to harass and defame a former whistleblower employee of his – see: https://cardfightback.wordpress.com/2014/12/30/philip-brennan-ntps-job-thief

This is turning into the Truman Show!

Running Amok?  Nah, Running Away, we think.

More on this story very soon.

Look out NT Dept of Health, it’s only a matter of time before you and your employees get caught up in Lying Malicious Bureaucrat Phil Brennan’s web of continued deceipt.  Don’t say we didn’t warn you, you chose to employ him and put your other employees at risk, knowing what he’d done to lose his job as General Manager of Human Resources for NT Dept of Education. 

Lying Bureaucrat - Philip Morgan

After Philip Brennan (alias Philip Morgan – see posts below for hints) recently deleted his own fake Facebook page:

Lying Bureaucrat - Philip Morgan DISAPPEARED

The lies just keep on comin’ from Phil Brennan….how can he be trusted in Public Sector employment (or any employment for that matter)?  What else is out there we wonder?

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59 Responses to Teaching in the Territory: (More) Lying, Malicious Bureaucrat Phil Brennan deletes his own fake Facebook page after reading our post below.

  1. Dr Feelgood says:

    I understand the Health Blog is re-grouping after some recent arrhythmia. Back soon…. 🙂

    A good example though of why we need MORE THAN ONE health blog.
    Eggs in one basket (case) is not a good prognosis.

  2. HAHA HA HA HA – what a total idiot Len Notaras must be….employing Toxic Phil Brennan like that and thinking no one would do anything.
    TA-DA!!!!! a new connection between all the people bullied by Education and those bullied by Health.
    Ken & Len just doubled the army against them in one ‘jobs for the boys’ action. FANTASTIC WORK GUYS!!!!!!

    • Lock them all up says:

      Call the po po. Arrest them all. Clear them out and start again.

    • Twice as much to read every month on how our services are being run by chumps and their dodgy identity thieving mates. Poor Mr Ferguson must be scarred for life by what was done to him which was essentially done because he was a union person and was standing up for the good of his fellow members. Also good to see concerned health professionals posting supportive messages on what is primarily a site to hihghlight scandal in the NT DoE. There has been none of the silo mentality that goes on further up the food chain. We in health would prefer to think that Brennans redeployment to our department was a serious oversight caused by silo working practices rather than face the dreadful thought that it was a deliberate strategy brought about because Brennan is an obvious anti trades unionist and fits the CLP ideology.
      However, goodwill wears thin after a time and the balanced and unbiased stories and articles produced by the CFB team weaken it further almost by the day.
      What concerns us is the silence emanating from Health House on this matter. That is becoming very worrying indeed.

  3. Hannah Curran says:

    In my meeting with him and catherine weber, senior manager of nt education dep, at their base in Mitchell street in late 2013. Brennan tried to ‘gaslight’ me as well..

  4. Hannah Curran says:

    There are more serious misconduct by a lot of other employees in the NT Education Department..this just one..Robert Presswell I was informed was only recently going to be reinvestigated by new HR manager, Tony Roberts, for taking a male student at Driver Primary School, in his car alone, driving around who knows where for a few hours after school, without any permission from the boy’s parents in 2013. I spoke to the boy’s mother in person in 2014. I have reported this many time to police, including a written statement. Police refuse to investigate. Then a couple of weeks ago I found out that Robert Presswell has been just promoted to being the boss of all Palmerston Principals!!..who would promote him?..CEO Ken Davies of course, when Ken Davies knows all about my case about ser twin male staff members at Driver Primary School in 2013. His promotion now silences all Principals and teachers in helping me or taking to me about this, as they are in genuine fear of retribution against Robert Presswell..I have so much more to tell

  5. You knew so why didn't you stop it? says:

    Dept of Health will be legally liable if Brennan does the same shit to their employees as he did to Education’s employees. They all knew what he’d done, including Craig Allen Commissioner for Public Embarrassment, eh sorry Employment. Negligence with a capital N.

    • Helen Crowther says:


      The health blog is here at last. Please pass us on to your health industry colleagues in the territory. Come and have a look for yourselves. The more we share the more we will learn about their disgusting manipulative and dishonest ways.

      • Yes, we have finally got it together after months of organising. We have a different angle story on brennan coming up real soon. come and check in and see what we are about and remember to continue to support the great work of the cardfightback team as we do.

      • Sir Fuzzy Dunlop says:

        Just looked at it. Fantastic. A long way to go before you are up to the level of CFB but what a great start. Well done. I recommend everyone has a sticky beak.

        • Hannah Curran says:

          I am very concerned for the welfare of this boy. He is now a student at Rosebery Middle School. I informed Principal Lorraine Evans, she refused to speak to me about it, and in an email from her last week there was no mention from her of making a mandatory report to police regarding suspected child abuse committed by ****** *********. It is Rosebery Middle Schools duty of care to report suspected abuse, and look after the welfare of its students..it is also an offence for a mandatory reporter not to report this to police, and yet these employees in The NT Education Department get away with not reporting!

    Hayes wins most Dangerous Dick (no pun intended) Medal.
    Brennan wins gold for being most dishonest.
    Megan Howitt wins last place ribbon for living with Phil Brennan. Must be the best she can do…

  7. Fuzzy Dunlop says:

    More stories please. My staff room hangs on every word published on this blog….

    • Bastard child of CatherKen says:

      Ours too. This mob’s a disaster who run NT Education. No wonder we’re bottom of the league all the time.

      • Bottom of the Tables says:

        These people have mastered the art of bullshit. It is simple, to get and keep these jobs you basically tell the masters what they want to hear.
        You are going to increase attendance by ……% and you are going to improve Literacy and Numeracy outcomes for ……% of children aged …..%.
        Your masters are all ex-principals who also believe their view of the world is the only one. You want to be a Principal and get the money that goes with the job, so you tell them what they want to hear.
        In attempting to meet your targets you will identify who you think are under-performing staff and bully them out of the school and damage their health and careers, even though you have no idea who these people are and what they have achieved in their lives. Empathy may not be one of your strong points.
        You may use unethical methods that are in contravention of Federal and State legislation and Departmental policies In fact you may choose to not follow policy and procedure and you will avoid answering written requests when you are requested to explain yourself.
        After all when these people are gone you wont give them another thought! Unless of course you need feel it is necessary to share your views with others and further damage and “rape these peoples reputations” with your vindictive narrative/opinions.
        Your masters will also support you because most of these teachers are long term committed remote teachers who know the real answers and in your masters opinion and your view are paid too much, as opposed to young new graduates who are starry eyed and unaware of the challenge ahead of them. After all there will be another batch graduating next year eager to get a start and impress someone like you. They might even think this will be a means of paying off their HECS debt quickly before returning to urban schools before they become labelled as out of touch with the “real” educational world.
        You will do favours for your young new graduates and will revel in their admiration of you. They will believe your carefully constructed negative narrative about those you have forced out of “your” school and they may even support your actions. Global budgeting gives you the excuse to get rid of those who know what you are up to and challenge your actions, even though these people are committed and have established long term relationships in their community.
        Fortunately Bullies egos can lead them to make mistakes. Like many before you, your Operational plans over reach and if audited and properly acquitted would reveal your claims and goals have not been met.
        Like other Public Office holders attempting to justify their actions you will take every opportunity to get publicity for your plans and you might even make the mistake of boasting of your perceived conquests on the internet as one Principal did on the “Linkedin website. It appears current DOE staff who use this site are more careful about not openly displaying their resumes now?
        You might even be tempted to get mentioned in the world of political spin. Here is one that claims improved attendance, but like most political spin does it actually stand up to proper scrutiny?

        • LinkedIn says:

          We have a copy of that resume. Those of us who were forced out of that school could not believe the audacity of this person. When you read it you realise he has been doing this in other schools for a long time under the guise of “mentoring teachers with identified issues”.

          • The School says:

            This was copied straight from that LinkedIn resume under the heading of experience!

            Principal Lajamanu School
            Northern Territory Department of Education and Children Services
            June 2012 – Present (2 years 6 months) | Lajamanu

            P-10 Student enrolment from 270.
            The school has made a concerted effort to improve the quality of teaching and the effectiveness of learning through performance management approaches that lead to a constant improvement in the workforce. The school strongly believes its workforce should be supported and to this end staff development has been undertaken to enable staff to achieve their best. The school also believes underperforming staff, who after receiving support, do not have a place in the school and are reviewed following DoE guidelines. As a result of performance management increased attendance has been a feature of the school and the highest performing teachers have the highest classroom attendance, less behavioural concerns and are delivering quality teaching in their classrooms and there is effective learning. A number of students are involved in Certificate courses.

            Click to access 2014_ar_lajamcec.pdf

            • LinkedIn lies says:

              If you read that report to the Lajamanu Community it appears the schools enrolment does not match the claim of 270 students!!
              The pronouncement “the school has made” should also correctly be changed to “I have made” and “I believe” because it is generally known that even though there were senior teachers employed at that school they were not included in any Leadership meetings during this time and there are no recored minutes of such meetings.
              The claim of supporting staff is also at odds with the three Official Grievances lodged against this Principal (in twelve months) as well as the other written communications to senior staff relating to the same principal.
              We also understand that even though Performance Management is highlighted as being a success there was in fact no Performance Management recorded or utilised properly at all.
              As for increased attendance there may have initially (as in most other communities) been a temporary improvement, but the claim “highest performing teachers, less behavioural concerns” is not supported by former staff who were pressured to leave this school.
              This appears to be a veiled attack on past staff who had strong relationships with the community, but were not prepared to be bullied by this Principal in his attempt to reform this school to his world view.
              It also seems at odds with what the community want of their school because they have been drawing on the support of NAAJA and the CLP to deal with him. They were concerned as to why so many experienced staff had ben forced out of this school and why the school was sending so many students home because of behavioural problems.
              We also understand that the current practise of discouraging high school aged students from enrolling at this school is a major concern with the community because of issues relating to school attendance and CentreLink payments.

              • Look out Booroloola says:

                Looks like the Lajamanu “LinkedIn” Principal is off to Booroloola.
                The Lajamanu Community will be relieved. Staff at Lajamanu relayed that this principal might not be returning for term 3 as he had applied for other positions. It could be management are trying to ease the concerns of the community, but it also shows they are just moving the problem and not dealing with the Principal. Looks like the deputy will get another go at trying to manage a school. Good luck Lajamanu and lookout Booroloola.

                • How do you feel? says:

                  Oh well being Deputy Principal for a few years does not mean you will get the acting position. Looks like Trev has decided to send in his big fella. Hope he is more careful with the school keys this time!

                  • Slip out the back Jack says:

                    How would you feel? Leaving the community so quietly? No party or send off thanking you for your efforts. Leaving with your tail between your legs. All that stress and damage to relationships and what for? All those planned outcomes/goals left unfinished. Only a legacy of people who despise you and tell everyone who will listen to the damage you caused to peoples health and careers, let alone the ill feeling in the community you were supposed to serve.

        • Sir Fuzzy Dunlop says:

          Beautifully written piece. Thank you for taking the time.

          • LinkedIn says:

            I wish I could say it is a pleasure to contribute to this website, but that would not be quite right. These comments are driven by the unethical and inappropriate actions of Public Office Holders (Principals) who freely damage others reputations, health and income.
            Bullies occupy all parts of society. They believe they are superior to others and can’t cope with people standing up to them. When I was a child the bully had physical power over us until we grew up and realised they were not so powerful. In some countries the bullies have weapons to scare others and stifle dissent. Here in Australia the bullies are those in positions of power. They think they are leaders, but they fail miserably. For those Teachers who have been teaching in the NT for a number of years we know how these people come and go and leave no lasting legacy in the communities they are supposed to serve. It is the teachers who establish relationships with their students and their families that are remembered. I have had 10 Principals in lest than 10 years and in that same time we have had 4 CEO’s in charge of Education. The lesson is stand up to them because like all bullies they will be gone soon.

  8. Friends of Bill Frennan says:

    The more the merrier!!! https://teachingintheterritory.wordpress.com/

    C’mon Dept of Health, where are your blogs???

      • Old Pedrocito says:

        What’s that? You don’t mean to say that the health department have known about this health practitioner being under the influence at work and chose to do nothing about it because she fills a quota? And, you say, she regularly put patients at risk and the complaints were ignored for years? ,,,,, surely not,,,,, surely patients come first in the health department remote clinics……. and when anyone complains she counters it with complaints that she is being bullied?? jeepers,,, it sounds a bit like what happened to mister Ferguson when he got threatened and terrorised.

        And you are saying that she was caught getting on a plane funded by the health department returning from a course and she had 530 grams of the stuff on her person? 530 grams??? And, she bought it from a colleague who works at remote HQ in Casuarina Plaza?? Are you sure? I mean to say at today’s prices in remote communities 530 grams is more than $50,000 worth of drugs. And the managers have known about these concerns for years, have they? And the concerns also came from aboriginal staff did they?

        No wonder they took Brennan on in Health.

      • Fuzzy Dunlop says:

        Terrible story of the most appalling incompetence by the narcissistic remote health management in SE Arnhem. Concerns have been raised about this AHP for years and nothing was ever done. At least three area managers ignored it. It was even turned into a bullying complaint against one nurse. Another got sick of it and reported it – which was very brave. Obviously now it appears – because the AHP bought the drugs from a health department employee based in Casuarina Plaza, Darwin – that the health department condone drug smuggling back into their remote communities on flights they paid for the AHP to travel. They have taken no action because it would embarrass them. It’s the usual self serving management style in the NT department of health. The quantity was over half a kilo (worth more than $50,000 if resold remote). If she had been caught in her community rather than Darwin she would have been jailed. As it was she got a $700 fine when she appeared before the court in early April. She was lucky she hadn’t already separated the ganja into deal bags so she was able to claim it was for personal use and, get this, that she has got a ‘stressful job’ placing patients at risk.

      • Patient safety doesn't come first in NT Health says:

        “(Name withheld) has frequently been seen at work practising under the influence of drugs, namely marijuana.’’ – MEDICAL NEGLIGENCE CASE ALERT!!!

    • Fuzzy Dunlop says:

      Plenty of action in the pipeline, friend. Some of us in the NT have been busy helping to set up this national group; https://independentaustralia.net/life/life-display/bullying-just-the-tip-of-the-iceberg-in-medical-administration-dysfunction,7811
      We would ask our colleagues in Education to pass on the link to Health colleagues and friends so that they consider joining us in our struggle. Joining details are in the article.
      There are plans related to the NT too, but one thing at a time.
      In the meantime, your NT Health colleagues are loving the action on cardfightback. Your determination is an inspiration. Thank you.

  9. Matthew Cranitch says:

    The former President of the Australian Education Union in the Northern Territory, Matthew Cranitch, has called for the resignation of three senior executives of the union, including AEU boss Anita Jonsberg, in the wake of a former Darwin teacher’s conviction on a charge of indecently assaulting a student.

    The former teacher, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was at the centre of the storm that resulted in Cranitch’s spectacular fallout with the union during last year’s Blain by-election campaign, after Cranitch took a high-profile public stance against the union executive’s decision to approve expenditure of tens of thousands of dollars to fund the man’s legal defence.

    Cranitch went public at the time with his opposition to union funds being used to defend the then teacher, who faced multiple charges of offences against children.

    Cranitch – who says that most of the union executive were aware of the nature of the charges, and had received information that strongly indicated that the man faced conviction – is calling for the resignations of former ALP staffer Jonsberg, AEU Vice-President Stephen Pelizzo, and union Treasurer Julie Danvers, saying that their active support of the man shows that they are not fit to hold office in the union.

    He says that the union’s usual practice of refusing to fund criminal matters was ignored, and that there were deep personal and political conflicts of interest behind the decision to use AEU funds to pay for the former teacher’s legal expenses.

    “This was not simply a matter of a union going to battle for a member. It wasn’t an employment dispute – it was a serious criminal matter” Cranitch said.

    “The accused was the husband of a senior member of the union executive, and a close friend of a number of other executive members. These people had a clear conflict of interest and should never have been involved in any decisions about paying his legal bills”.

    “I put forward a motion that they stand aside from voting on the issue, however they used their numbers both to defeat my motion and to ensure that the union voted to pay for the person’s legal defence” he said.

    “It’s an absolute scandal and a terrible misuse of union members’ money”.

  10. LYING PIG says:

    What a DISHONEST man. Shame on Dr Notaras for re-employing him.
    I’d leave my job if I was made to work beside him.

  11. So much for the apology. says:

    Very difficult for a Leopard to change it’s spots.
    Also very interesting when you research the internet for details about the contributors to his face-book page!!!!!!!!

    • http://philsfacebookflop.wordpress.com says:

      Dr Gretchen Ennis, CDU, fellow Happy Yess-er along with Brennan (she was Vice Chairperson, Happy Yess Community Arts, Darwin, NT)

      I wonder if some of her work in “Social network theory” could enlighten us as to why her mate Phil Brennan is such a loser and keeps getting caught with his pants philsfacebookflopping around his ankles?

      • Social Networker says:

        “Social Network Theory” sounds like a croc of s..t. Why would an Academic want to be associated with him? Hang on, I wonder what this theory says about people like us sharing our ideas and opinions about those who act unethically and in contravention of Public policy.

    • Bryan Wells Snr says:

      His deception is absolutely abhorrent and his victims will be absolutely disgusted by it. It shows the same arrogance and disdain that he displayed during his work at Dept of Education. It’s totally clear to everyone that he really has shown absolutely no remorse at all and has no understanding of the lasting damage his actions have done. I want to see him sacked immediately as I know many others do.

  12. Latex Heel says:

    Phi Pha Phaaa Phaaaaaaa Ph Ph Ffffffffffffffff Phi Phi Fffffffffffuuuuuuuuccccckkkkkkk Phil, guy gave me a stammer! Not anymore. Take on pesky bureaucrats and speak easy.

  13. http://philsfacebookflop.wordpress.com says:

    Phil Brennan and Hylton Hayes slug it out for the Most Embarrassing Public Servant employed by the Education Department and Northern Territory Public Sector. At least Hayes got his dick wet when he fucked his staff then lost his job because of it. Brennan tried and missed and now is just fucking himself and his family with his comedy behavior.

    Poor wives Susie Hayes (at Darwin Middle School) and Megan Howitt (“chained by suffering”) how they must hang their heads in shame.

  14. Quitting soon cos I hate working for them says:

    Phil ‘let them eat cake’ Brennan is a mole.

  15. Remote Area Nurse. Ali Curung. says:

    The man is a creep. Good to know that the cardfightback team have allies and sympathizers who are able to find this stuff out and warn us. Poor old Health! It’s not as if they don’t have their own share of nasties in there already. Latest from the remote clinic managers meeting in Alice last week is that a new round of targeting and bullying has begun. I wonder how many teachers and nurses ‘morgan the organ’ attempted to ‘befriend’?

    • Bernie says:

      I do not understand the Bullying at the remote clinics. They cant keep staff their for more than a few weeks. Agency Nurses cost the Government $8000 a week a few years ago.
      I remember remote nurses upset nobody would check on them in the communities (not even a phone call to prove they where alive) once they leave the Health House Permanent Furniture social club house in Mitchell St for their inductions! I met a entire family at Central Australia’s Remote Health setup! Peeing govt money up a wall to hire their niece and nephew! IT is a absolute shame the NT pollies did not vote that ICAC legislation in!

  16. Your Happy Yess mates dobbed you in says:

    Harbourview Selecta, Dept of Education Defecta, Dept of Health is his new Protecta,

    Phil Brennan: the asswipe Trifecta.

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