Teaching in the Territory: “It’s just like the Dept of Education, the Dept of Health do what the f*ck they like.”

Edit no.1: Seeing SKY News all over us: now we know what drinks at Bill Cosby’s hotel room must have felt like.

SKY News like a rash
While you work that one out, a wee game of ‘inside voice, outside Twit-jizz-voice’ for you:

KL 2KL 1Post By Email:

We’re sure this will push us over 40,000 page views.  Good effort everyone!

You’re right boys, what you are about to read is “absolutely shocking”.  The perfect lead-in:


Phil Brennan – his legacy and influence continues.

This is Part 1 of a 2-part story….’cause we luv Philsfacebookflop and everything he stands for sucks dick for (metaphorically speaking.. we think):  IMAGE 1

We all have those days when our big mouths get ahead of our tiny brains, when the gift of the gab turns on us and our face holes echo the sound of gunshot as we shoot ourselves in the foot after the wrong thing has escaped our mouth.

And we all know that feeling of panic that follows clicking the ‘’Send’’ button on an email to the wrong person, or the red-cheeked agony of enquiring about a pregnancy that’s really nothing more than the result of an overly enthusiastic approach to burger eating.

Or worse still, getting caught loudly taking the piss out of Darwin residents, laughing at how gullible we are for putting up with Brennan getting a job in Health.  Then mocking Karl Lijnders IMAGE 2for how stupid he is and busting a gut because he still gets a job with the NT GOV…in the Attorney General’s Office!  Right on, Mr Elferink.

Politicians use the public sector to give jobs to their mates, at the expense of the efficiency of those organisations and general welfare. Motivated by greed and an arrogant “fuck you” attitude: IMAGE 3We find our most recent evidence of this to be consistent with this latest example of in-yer-face cronyism and politically-induced abuse of public trust and resources….more on this in part 2.

Enter stage left, Big Mouth Brennan.

This untrustworthy blabbermouth has been overheard in more than one public place in Darwin in the last month openly discussing the following story for all staff and customers around him to hear and record.

We did say he couldn’t be trusted……but would you listen???  Thankyou Phil for proving us right, AGAIN.

The story, checked and relayed to us from several credible sources, goes something like this:

Brennan’s wife Megan Howitt IMAGE 5(far right),

who works here on Saturdays:




was, according to Big Mouth Brennan, asked a special favour from her boss, CEO of NT Health Dept Dr Len “I’m now the Emergency” Notaras:

IMAGE 7Someone needed a Govt job all hush-hush way and Dr Notaras was approached to fix something up….just like he did for Phil Brennan we are reliably informed.  Apparently Megan was told to give this new person a job, no questions asked and to keep it quiet.

If only blabbermouth had been listening to that last part!

This new person is Karl Lijnders (left):

IMAGE 8He is the boyfriend of SKY News reporter and Darwin media darling Dan Bourchier:







Karl has just been handed a job with the Attorney General’s Office at AO6 level without the role being advertised.  Jo Sangster will know how that works as neither was her job.

Annnnnddddddd another source has told us Karl’s name was kept off the NT GOV selection list (the list which shows who’s been appointed to which NT GOV job for everyone to see – or not see, in this case) ….nice touch NTPS.  When Brennan got given his job in Health, his name only appeared on the selection list for a few hours, then whoooosh, it was gone!

Karl has a shiny new NT GOV email address too:

IMAGE 11but you won’t find his name listed in the phone directory…..wonder why that is?  (We know, you don’t have to answer that question).

Big mouth Brennan was blabbing on about how Karl doesn’t have the relevant qualifications for the job and how Megan took his advice and did a pretend one-to-one interview just to tick the boxes and make the whole thing look legitimate.

He was laughing and saying, “It’s just like Dept of Education, the Dept of Health do what the fuck they like.  I love Darwin!  What a bunch of fucking losers!”

Brennan then announced to everyone around him that Karl is currently going through an unfair dismissal process with his previous employers, Disability Services.
Good job there Captain Confidentiality!  Loving your work.

Karl’s new job: from Disability Services to suddenly writing policy in the Attorney General and Justice Department in a section looking at domestic violence. It’s funded by Health.  The phone number is: 08 8935 7874 or try 7825 or 7657, run by a former CLP candidate for Darwin Northern Suburbs area of Johnston, Jo Sangster.

Email questions about how Karl got his job under her at: joanne.sangster@nt.gov.au

IMAGE 12Part 2 of this corrupt saga will explore: who Dan Bourchier really is (not that fat kid from Tennant Creek who holidays with his mum any more that’s for sure) and the important connections he has which enables someone to contact the CEO of NT Health Dept and instruct him to give Dan’s boyfriend a job in the NT Attorney General’s Office…which he then does.  The CEO!

Cheers lads (and Phil, Megan, Len, Raelene, CatherKen Davies etc)…must be such a hoot, upgrading us all to First Class Arseholes while you steal our jobs and give them to your husbands and mates and boyfriends.  Fuck everybody else, woo-hoo, look at me, ‘aving a great time!

IMAGE 13Part 2 coming soon….

“We are wanting to return transparency to Govt @Dan_Bourchier

death by irony.


Newsflash! – someone sent us a link to this article  by Dannyboy – what a hypocrite:

“I still believe we should become a state – with all the trappings of political independence, being counted equally in referendums, and creating the first Australian constitution in more than a century which maps out the kind of people and place we are and hope to become – but I’m concerned about the process.

Cut out the BourShit, please.  We’re all “concerned about the process” too, the one that gave your boyfriend a job ahead of everyone else, just for being your boyfriend.  Will that be in your new constitution? 

We wonder what SKY News and the rest of the media will have to say about that…

“But while having this debate, how about an honest conversation about governing the north.”

How about an honest conversation” on how Karl got his new job at the Attorney General’s Office, Dannyboy?  That would be much more interesting.

If you can’t wait for the next serving of BourShit and want to ask Dan directly how Karl got his new job and what strings were pulled for him and by who, email him at:


Dark and stormy, the clouds, the clouds……..looks like rain!

It remains to be seen if anyone in the NT GOV will take this case seriously even after these most serious charges are brought forward, although if so, then the full banana republic farce of a Government where laws are meant only for some, will be exposed to the entire country to marvel at.  Watch this space.  CFB Team.

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44 Responses to Teaching in the Territory: “It’s just like the Dept of Education, the Dept of Health do what the f*ck they like.”

  1. KKs old mate says:

    He is of Dutch decent, not Aboriginal LOL

  2. Keep digging CFB - there is more to this... says:

    Given that the human resources department sign off on positions and send out contracts to new employees, it would be very interesting to ascertain WHO in the HR department signed off on this one for Klingon Karl.
    Was it Phil Brennan???

  3. Mates Rates says:

    It is within the rules but not within public expectations. What is good the Speaker of the House of Representatives is good enough for the NT Government. Jobs for the boys and girls may be within the rules but it is not within public expectations. So whether it is Len, Ken, Gary et al………. public expectations should take priority over mates. Speaking of mates, will Michael Gunner if elected do something about this or just let it slide? About time the laws were changed regarding jobs for the boys and nice purge of CEOs. Who vill go on zee list? Don’t tell him your name Len!

  4. The Godfather says:

    Aren’t they something? Dannyboy lecturing us on the telly about this and that boring us all shitless. Meantime, his partner King of the Klingons Karl minces down to the AG & J and scores a high profile job.
    Isn’t that how it works in the MAFIA???

    • Presto! says:

      too right godfather. these people will be feeling very sorry for themselves because they got caught out. thanks to their uncontrollable greed and the CARDFIGHTBACK super sleuths – hey presto – they have!

    • corrupt bastards says:

      It’s how it works in the NTPS and probably the mafia too.

  5. Junior teacher says:

    i think its fantastic that we now have two blogs exposing them for what they are. I know the health blog took ages to arrive but now it is here we should all support it. Tachers and nurses need to stick together, especially over fuckwit phil Brennan.

    • Arthur of the Dandenongs says:

      the biggest mistake they made was thinking they could drop him into health and no one would notice. now that we have the CFB team and the mister men on to it, fuckwit phil is on the menu TWICE AS OFTEN AS BEFORE.

  6. Sing when your'e winning says:

    New article from the mister men here; http://ntbully.blogspot.com/2015/07/level-playing-field.html#more
    We are LOVING your work CFB. The entire school rocked at our staff meeting WITH LAUGHTER.

    Please do not ever stop bringing the truth to us.

    • Great Stuff says:

      I bet the management are loving being held to account. Transparency is what its all about hey?
      Keep slaying these bastards with the sword of truth – it is what they fear most.

  7. Bourchier your a cock says:

    SKY News, what a joke. Murdoch does phone hacking, Bourchier does NT GOV hacking. They’re made for each other.

  8. Media Whore says:

    Anything to say Ralene Bourke, senior director of human resources?

    Thought not you gutless moron.

  9. Job Bandit says:

    What’s the email address for this blog? I’ve got more information to give the fantastic CFB mob about this story.

  10. I'm going to be sick says:

    That is what you get when you employ gob shites like Brennan. So ironic that one of the worst bullies in the history of the NTPS has been caught red handed ON TAPE shooting his bigmouth off AGAIN.
    Sneering at honest hard working folk who do their best in this way is exactly how it is the education and health in the Northern Territory.
    Fuck you Bourchier for pulling CLP strings to get your partner a job. Fuck you too Notaras, you certainly showed your true colours.

  11. Loose Lipped Selecta says:

    Not many people missing from this story. Who is directing it all? What are the connections? Is Rupert Murdoch aware of it or is it something for those dull news days, “we create the news”. Only things missing are drugs and prostitutes. We cannot comment on politicians yet! Who is the Baron Sewel of the NT?

  12. Taking the piss says:

    Brennan and his big mouth strike again. What an idiot. You quite simply cannot work for them because they cannot be trusted.
    This is another reason why we need an ICAC in the NT.
    Can’t wait for part 2!
    thanks CFB.

  13. Parasites says:

    Spoilt self entitled tossers. These people have absolutely no class. They treat the public sector like the door list for a new night club opening in Surry Hills.
    I can’t wait for the mister men to hear about this too.

    • former remote nurse LOVING cardfightback says:

      The real victims are the people who were well qualified who would have loved the position and would do a great job at it. Instead they give it to a self entitled tosser who thinks its his right to get a public sector post because of who his mates are. The NT stinks and the smells reaches out across the 4th floor in health house and out into the street. No doubt old mate and his media darling partner will be sitting at home chewing their nails and plotting revenge, but just for moment think – how would you like it if it was done to you?
      As for Notaras – you piss weak, two faced, dishonest, sly, corrupt wanker. We have heard your fake ‘I’m so humbled to have this position’ speech. you are disgusting.
      As we used to call you when you were a useless hospital superintendent – Teflon Len does it again.
      Great work CFB Team. This is why Health and Education must stick together and make these corrupt bastards accountable.


      the NT is as corrupt as a banana republic alright. Well said Cardfightback.
      Shame on the weak CEO in Health is hasn’t the balls to stand up to his political masters. Notaras doesn’t actually earn a wage – he pulls in a bribe.
      Disgusting to the absolute max.
      like others I am looking forward to part 2.

    • Hard as Nails says:

      LOL nice comment. Nail hit on head.

  14. Show some Leadership Ken says:

    Come on Mr Davies what do you have to say about Mr Brennan now?
    If this is true what Mr Brennan has said it does not look good for you or the Department of Education does it?
    Come on lets see some leadership and ethos. Your hard working staff want a leader with courage and a moral ethos that we as teachers try to impart to our students every day. We want someone who really supports us and values our contributions. Someone who recognises that the actions of some of our senior staff are at odds with what we do as educators of young minds. Fairness and kindness are attributes we as teachers try and impart to our students every day. What will your legacy be Ken? Will you leave your position with teachers and families remembering you for what you did for the benefit of our children or will you be remembered for being insipid and unfaithful to his own staff?

    • greedy money grabber says:

      hewill take the money and not give a shit what anyone thinks of him.

      • The Principal Problem" says:

        It’s the silence that tells the story. It seems that many Principals are just here for the money. Mr Davies was a Principal. I wonder what legacy he left in those communities where he held his previous positions. We know about people like Hylton Hayes and his legacy. It appears the current (new) Principal at Booroloola left an unhappy legacy in the community of Lajamanu as well as with his previous staff of young new graduates. They now find that he changed their school year calendar without involving them in that decision. It seems the acting Principal at this school will be pushing through the changes the previous Principal ran away from. Staff from a school in the same region conveyed that this acting Principal openly stated his plans for retirement and paying off his mortgage were the driving force behind his obtaining a permanent Principals position. We wonder how this will affect his decision making at Lajamanu?

  15. Statehood what a Joke!! says:

    Statehood without an Independent Commission to Investigate Corruption would be a nightmare for all those people who love living in the Northern Territory. For those of us who have come from states where Public Office Holders are held to account the actions of the Government and Senior public office holders is mind boggling. This Phillip Brennan saga is a perfect example of what is wrong in the NT. The travel rorts saga and the Labour Party giving land/building deals to the Unions shows that all sections of the NT need an Independent Investigator to deal with this appalling abuse of power. I wish Qantas would offer me or my family an upgrade when we regularly travel out of the NT to be with our families during the school holidays. We would readily tweet and facebook the opportunity as well, unfortunately those of us who work for a living and fill the rest of the seats do not have the influence people such as Dan Bouchier seems to have.
    Keep up the fight Cardfightback.

  16. call the po po NOW! says:

    – “How about an honest conversation” on how Karl got his new job at the Attorney General’s Office, Dannyboy? That would be much more interesting.

  17. greedy fat pigs says:

    what a fucking bunch of corrupt hypocritical bastards.

  18. Very concerned tax payer says:

    Good job CFB. To think that these disgusting people are being placed nto valuable positions with no fair selection processes. It’s abusive to their colleagues, victims of domestic violence and every tax payer in the country.
    I can’t wait for part 2.

  19. death of a disco dancer says:

    “We are wanting to return transparency to Govt @Dan_Bourchier“



  20. loose lips sink ships says:

    Bigmouth Brennan strikes again. This time his big mouth has dropped Notaras, Bourchier, Elferink, his own wife, the gloriously crap HR department led by Ralene Burke and the CLP witch who runs the AG health office. They are now all exposed as corrupt. It just shows they cannot be trusted in the NTPS any time they open their fat mouths. These people are monsters.

  21. Corrupt mother fuckers says:

    Clearly the pair of them love to pull rank and gain whatever advantage they can possibly grab for nothing. They are disgusting individuals. As for Notaras – HE NEEDS TO RESIGN.

    • The Knights Templar says:

      Conspiracy theories are not theories in the Northern Territory. Sources have identified the shady underworld of politics and the Masons. All those jokes about funny secret handshakes are not so funny when we know who the mates of certain NT politicians are. The Masonic Lodge, a secret society that permeates the public service in the NT. Prove different.


        This is actually, FACT.

        • Another Useless Fat Spiteful Manager Writes says:

          The other connection is the Rotary Association. This is a place where private and public sector managers meet and make decisions too. This is where the ‘hard word’ is put about regarding staff. It’s Darwin’s unofficial black list par excellence.

  22. Disillusioned and Hurt says:

    Noooooo!!!!!!! my boyfriend has a masters in social work and would have climbed Everest barefoot to score that job in the AG’s office with health. We tick all the boxes; we have lived here for more than 10 years, we are gay and he is of aboriginal descent.
    This is just a kick in the teeth for honest people workign in Darwin.

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