Teaching in the Territory: NT Educ Dept: quality staff = quality outcomes.

Edit no.1: Breaking out laughing news.  Cock-a-Tweetle-do! (click on image to get full view)

suck on dis

Good to be back, family issues caused some down time, nobody plans cancer.

CatherKen Dav-L-ies again…..this time with Peter Chandler in Singapore, spending over $20,000 of our tax $$$ for their pleasure. No wonder hard working moms like Hannah Curran never get anything changed by writing letters to Chandler or Dav-L-ies. He’s too busy snuggling up to pollies….. living a lavish dream rather than helping take care of our kids’ education.

KD Singapore 7k trip

Snogging pollies on your hols would leave you too busy to go trawling for a root on a site like Ashley Madison, assisting in the ruin of marriages & families……wot a pity these people with @ntschools.net email addresses (and 1 nt.gov.au) don’t agree:

JE AM hack 03Good standing or good lying down award Jarrod?

Jarrod Eynon

KR AM hack 02KT AM hack 05TA AM hack 04DJ AM hack 06

WARNING! BE CAREFUL: just because ur email address is on there, doesn’t mean anything……no, really……surely not…some of these are kids….maybe it was one of their teachers? Or mates. We don’t know…….you could ask Glenn Osborne, teacher at Nightcliff Middle School, what he thinks since his was in there:

GO AM hack 01Glenn Rodney Osborneglenn osborne NMS

Would he be stupid enough to use his real name & work email for a site like that?……c’mon, there are no stupid people working in NT Education, honestly, u’re havin us on……oh wait……there is white-privileged-victim-blaming-racist-drongo Robert Clerke.  Remind us to grab a copy of that NT Education Department recruitment policy, looks like a winner, catch him while he’s hot ladies & gents, he’s a keeper:

Robert Clerke NT DoE pRobert Clerke NT DoE blame the victim 01

Supermoan Clerke Kent, works in records managment-in another Dept at the moment.  Maybe Anthropology: “thw indigenous, causing all those problems for themselves. “   More Quality Staff, makes Phil Brennan look good!

Check out Professor Clerke’s compassionate ideas for Closing The Gap and helping Mr Giles with his ‘new’ help-Indigenous-people-into-NTPS-policy:

Robert Clerke NT DoE 09Confucius say: “how lucky they were to have an option”.  How lucky we all feel to have people like you working in Education.  A true visionary.

Ebony Stewart DoEEbony Stewart works in Educ Dept with her mum HR person Michelle Stewart, in court 2 weeks ago.   We’ll be watching closely for the outcome of that one.  Email ’em & ask if you don’t believe us: michelle.stewart@nt.gov.au  –  ebony.stewart@nt.gov.au

Not forgetting the CE and Deputy CE of course…more later.  WORST LEADERSHIP IN  AUSTRALIA.  You should be ashamed to turn up to work every day, you leeches.

Thanx Ken Davies & mini-me Catherine Weber

Poor Karl ‘you scratch my back, I’ll steal your job’ Lijnders got mugged recently…..how do we know that? Karl told us he did. It was even on TV…so it must be true? In the newspapers too, they never lie do they?

Big Unit

The Cardfightback Team don’t believe you Karl. Your story has a weird ring (or 2) to it.

Side-stepping the obvious jokes about a gay guy gettin his ring stolen in the bushes while out jogging in his shorts, we think you made it up.

Your rings fell off, the guy grabbed them & ran away, no witnesses, no big loss, no damage done other than some BourShit on your shorts. Sure thing, “Big Unit”.

We think SKYNews-boyfriend & his journo friends placed that sad sympathy stunt in the media to distract us from the negative publicity you’re getting from our blog. Its a standard PR-spin tactic.


burying bad news

Misdirection & Diversion. Distract you from the reputation-damage-stuff by trying to make you feel sorry for the person through some other sob story.


If you were mugged Karl, now you know how WE feel.  Seeing as you’ve now got another 3 month contract in that job your ‘mate’ Adam Giles got you, according to your own big mouth.  While he’s dicking Phoebe, she’s pulling strings for her BFF Bourchier to get you a free ticket for the new soft porn deckchair cinema movie called ‘Snouts in the Territory Trough’ guest starring The Brennan Family.

Actually, maybe the guy who mugged you was the guy who’s job you stole, trying to get it back? Hahaha (thanx to our reader who emailed that in). 🙂

DoE media release robot mini-me Weber shows how to deflect annoying issues with some weBerShit.  Where is that report from your “independent” investigator?  Nowhere……who cares about kids getting sexually assaulted in our schools anyway…..not those 2.

Of course, his “independent investigator” was anything but (see our post below: https://cardfightback.wordpress.com/2014/04/12/another-facebook-flop-for-nt-educ-dept/) but they all knew that.

More Dodgy Dept of Education 10.3.14

More crappy Catherine Weber inspired NT Education Dept spin:

spinHere is another example: http://teachingintheterritory.wordpress.com/


When the media also found out, did DoE look for someone really independent? Why bother, when you don’t have to give a fuck. & where is that report now? Still waiting….

Meanwhile Ken Dav-L-ies scored a free holiday with his boss.

We luv u CatherKen. Looking after our kids future as always. Looking after everybody who’s important. Thanx for not disappointing.

Some wise words to finish:

Here we find, yet again, the enforcement of unwritten, distinctively neutered rules of supposed “neutrality” and faux objectivity which all Real Employees must obey, upon pain of being expelled from the profession. A Good Employee must pretend they have no opinions, feign utter indifference to the outcome of their fellow educators, never take any sides, be utterly devoid of any human connection to or passion for the way in which they are treated, and most of all, have no role to play whatsoever in opposing even the most extreme Education Dept injustices. And we’ve seen many of them go unchallenged in our time.

Thus: you do not call bullying “bullying” if the NT government falsely denies that it is (which they always will, even in the face of incontrovertible evidence); you do not say that the chronic pursuit of teachers who fight back against the Education Dept is a major problem since not everyone agrees that it is; and you do not object when a principal decides they don’t like someone and puts them on very obviously fake performance management procedures. These are just some of the examples of willful blindness that have utterly destroyed teaching in the territory, drained it of its vitality and core purpose, and ensured that it does little other than serve those Education bureaucrats who wield the greatest power and have the highest interest in preserving the status quo.

What is more noble for a teacher to do: confront a dangerous, bullying mid-level manager spouting Dept-speak nonsense about “standards” as they attempt to crush their latest victim, or sit by quietly and pretend to have no opinions on any of it and that “both sides” are equally deserving of respect and have equal claims to validity? One of those positions produces people like Hylton Hayes and allows them to flourish, the other doesn’t. We have the Education Dept that we deserve, unfortunately. If only educators would channel the same anger and enthusiasm into anti-bullying demonstrations as they do to EBA negotiations and the resultant strikes that occur….Oh what a perfect world it could be.


Peace out.  CFB Team.

PS: South Australia Education Dept is having some problems, read about them here: http://adingonamedgerald.wordpress.com/ (link at top of page under our banner too).

We hear Newman-No-Mates, ex-General Manager of Schools Central Australia (NT) is down there now, working his Diploma in Public Sector Executive Management Magic.  God help you SA.

Paul Newman 2005complaints



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  2. El Vacour says:

    Seems the NT Government supports racism. How can parents have trust?

  3. JARDINAGEM says:

    The NT Government is using naming and shaming to attack to non-payment of fines. Seems it is used here. Great site, needs to be more of this. As Don Chipp said “keep the bastards honest”!

    • The Territocracy or "sows ear" says:

      The Territocracy, there will be jobs for the boys! Perhaps Mr Giles would like to explain it all? What about the racism? No wonder kids do not come to school! I wonder what other ideas that guy in DoE has? Welcome to the Territory, we have two sorts of people the Territocracy and rednecks, n bugger the rest.

  4. Dumb. Dumber, Dumbest, says:

    We may not like what we read, it may upset us, our spin cannot cleanse this content and our organisations may have to explain rather than bury for once. There is a message in all of this……have a brain and stop doing these things. Treat others with respect, agh yes that is it, have a read of those values that you all spruke, that adorn letterheads, emails and so on but are only paid lip service to. How about actually following those values. I have no sympathy for any of those individuals who appear on this and numerous other sites, you did it, got caught and now cannot take it because you got exposed. You created your own set of rules, did what you wanted to, did not play by the rules and now sook because you got exposed. YOU ARE UN-AUSTRALIAN, YOU ARE AT THE VERY LEAST MORALLY CORRUPT, YOUR FRIENDS WILL DISAPPEAR AND GIVE YOU THAT GO GET SUPPORT THAT IS HOLLOW (THAT THANK FUCK IT IS NOT ME SUPPORT) AND YOU DESERVE IT ALL.
    Perhaps you should have considered other people in your workplace instead of pretending to care about all those causes you support in your ivory towers. It all started when you were a child, you needed a good flogging behind the toilets at school for being an arsehole to pull you into line, you were a bully then and still are.
    I have zero sympathy for anyone named here.

  5. Corruption Whisperer says:

    Jo wins her position; nice SAO1 up for grabs in that unit; will a “big unit” win that position!??? A SUPN position too…………And the winner is? Perhaps that guy from SkyNews can investigate and get to the “bottom” (very sensitive in all manner of ways LOL, an IN joke whoops) of this dodgy stuff!

  6. Blame it on the Locals in Remote says:

    Paul Newman does not make salad dressing! Like a wrecking ball he left a swathe of destruction in the NT akin to one of the cyclones that hit.He gets results like a salesman selling snow cones covered in shit. Guess that is why he works in remote regions. Guess NAPLAN has gone through the roof down in SA with that magic touch. Thank FUCK he left the NT.

    • Goodbye Mr Watts. says:

      Just as Mr Newman left a negative legacy with those who were unfortunate enough to have to deal with him, as with Mr Hayes, it now appears that Mr Watts may be remembered in the same manner. The latest NT job advertisements has the Katherine Regional Directors position advertised? Has he also passed beyond his corporate use by date as well? Those above him use him to push their barrow just as he uses Principals to push his barrow. What a sorry lot they are! The real problem is they believe they are doing good! They actually sit back and think they are the victims when they are outed for their unethical and morally corrupt attitudes. Smart businessmen/women attempting to be successful value their employees and work with them and lead them to success and profit. Solders know when to follow a strong courageous leader and not to follow someone who pretends they are a leader and will get them killed. If our Government was really serious about employing successful Leaders for our schools they would be casting their net into the cities of Australia and enticing successful Senior Educators to work in our schools instead of promoting people to Principals positions because they were identified early in their career as having good prospects or as they do employing people based on the bullshit they spin to get these jobs. Then we may actually get School Leaders who know what to do ethically and can actually do the job instead of people with fixed negative views of their main asset, their staff. We might then not have to deal with damaged children and teachers because their Principals do unethical things.

  7. Look at Moy Cath says:

    Cath and Ken, “look at moy”; meanwhile the minnions are running amok, And no Phil Brennan you do not have copyright on “running amok”. Just like their more famous cousins Kath and Kim, Cath and Ken are more concerned with cream cakes, drinks with nibbles and that holiday or better yet freebie trip with Chandler.
    The gravy train extravaganza. Look at moy, look at moy Ken!

  8. Newman is a prize tosser says:
  9. Thank you CFB team for mentioning my name in my so far two and a half year battle with the NT Education Department, NT Teachers Registration Board and with NT Education Minister, Peter Chandler. I am campaigning for children being safe at school from teachers/principals who have serious misconduct against them. They got me deleted from Facebook, and just today they got my page deleted off Instagram, they had two Palmerston police officers come to my house in June 2015 to ‘nicely threaten’ me…Just like the CFB team and you all reading this, I will not be intimidated. I will continue to tell everyone what happened at Driver Primary School..which is still being allowed to continue.. Because it is the truth, and children are at risk. Please watch my videos on YouTube under Whistleblower Northern Territory. Thank you for everyone’s support

    • NT Educ Dept is corrupt says:

      Watch and learn. Go Hannah! 🙂

      • Hannah Curran says:

        Thank you so very much. For two years I have done a lot of research into ‘whistleblowing’ and I have spoken and messaged many whistleblowers here in NT and interstate. They have told me their shocking cases, most of which have been against the government, especially The Northern Territory Government, in which both Territory Labor and CLP have been in power. The main common number one factor in almost every whistleblowers journey has been ‘retribution’. I am very much aware of the retribution given to whistleblowers, especially those who are government employees. I understand that many, especially here in Palmerston and Darwin have not being able to publicly support me, and that is ok, because I knew and my intuition was always telling me that I have always had those people privately supporting me. Thank you xx

    • Mandatory reporting of who? says:

      Good on you Hannah, keep it up. One would think that when you send your children to school that you would expect the actions of teachers and principals of that school would be guided by a strong moral compass. After all there are enough guidelines and standards clearly documented by teacher registration bodies as well as the Australian teaching standards for teachers and principals. As you well know by now, that is not the case for many children and some of these so called professionals fall well short of these standards as well as fall short of decent moral standards. One comes readily to mind, “do unto others as you would have done unto you”. Another would be, how would you feel if that was your child?
      If only the DOE would respond with a thank-you for alerting us to this problem and we are very concerned and will investigate your concerns, but what happens is the opposite. The person doing the morally and legally correct thing then becomes the problem to be silenced. We are presuming you are not an employee of DOE so it would be harder for them to silence you as opposed to an employee. They would still use the same tactic they use against their own staff though, that is to discredit you in any way they can. Concerned employees who speak up often become the centre of attention for discrediting by management in an effort to minimise harm to the organistion.
      Every year teachers have to sit through presentations relating to mandatory reporting of suspected child abuse. This is something that many teachers act on in an effort to have children cared for. Imagine as a teacher observing another teacher or even your principal acting in a manner that would necessitate a mandatory report. If you were the only person to see this behaviour, do you speak up and possibly lose your job when the other person denies what took place or your employer quietly covers up the issue and you later find your own reputation has or is being damaged by other staff who feel you did the wrong thing by doing your legal duty.

      • What is abuse? says:

        Here’s some behaviour management strategies we understand have been utilised with indigenous early childhood students having trouble behaving themselves.
        Tape their legs to a chair to stop them going to the toilet.
        Yell and scream at them to make them behave.
        Slam your hands onto the furniture to scare them in to behaving themselves.
        Put a large box over them!
        You might be thinking NO, who would do that? If only it was as easy as making a mandatory report?

        • We saw you says:

          What about this for a good look. Former Principal of the year chasing a young troubled student off the school grounds with a “Cattle Prodder.”

        • help protect others says:

          Name and school?

          • we saw him do it says:

            Well, we fear that if official channels are used like the Teachers registration Board or even writing to senior staff this will just bring the wrath of these organisations down on the person/s who witnessed these incidents. Unfortunately there is a history of DOE attacking the credibility of those who speak up. How could they cover this up, they probably couldn’t except to discredit the witnesses.

          • rekrapffej says:

            Kalkaringi School

      • Hannah Curran says:

        Thank you for your support, and your comment is spot on..what happens if a school staff member is having improper relations with their students, or is displaying paedophile ‘grooming’ behaviour, or is abusing their students in any form?….I know from my case, that many teachers might have suspicions but wont report…some out of loyalty, some out of denial, some justifying the abuse/misconduct or their suspicions, some out of fear if they do then they could lose their jobs, no promotion, some saying it’s ‘hearsay’, genuine fear of retaliation will come their way, some out of friendships with these perpetrators, meanwhile whose protecting our kids at school?

        Please keep this discussion regarding teachers and Principals reporting this colleagues, or their other school employees for suspected or known child abuse of students at their school.
        I have found in my case that this is very much a taboo subject many won’t discuss openly, but it must be, as it must be addressed in teachers formal training. There are many excellent teachers here, but unfortunately the reality is there are some teachers who are paedophiles, or abuse their students in some form. As I found out these teachers/principals are not being investigated properly, with all witnesses interviewed, if at all. Many problem is due to conflict of interest which is prevalent here in The NT. We all know the ‘ochre card’ only stops people who have been convicted of a crime of working with children, the ochre card does not record complaints whether proven or not. Their are many loop holes, as teachers can still hold an ochre card even if they have a used or sexually abused a child, as their May not have been enough evidence for police to charge that person.

        I don’t have a paid job, so the retaliation I got was :
        the shunning and verbal abuse from many parents at Driver Primary who I thought were my friends for 8 years and certain other teachers there, when I’ve been at the shops.
        Having people walk past my protests in Palmerston waving the crazy sign at me.
        Palmerston Police Senior Sargent and police officer coming to my house handing me the defamation ACT ‘nicely threatening ‘ me when they were supposed to be following up my husband and I reports to police regarding threatening messages and comments to me and my family, and to two of my witnesses.
        Most of the retribution came my way on Facebook. They all tried to discredit me, labelling me as crazy, liar..these parents and no doubt the staff perpetrators jumped at the chance of trying to discredit me when they found out I admitted myself in 2013 to Royal Darwin Hospital for two days for stress, anxiety, depression and high blood pressure because of what the two relief teachers had done to my child and her class mates, and to other children at Driver primary and the coverup from the assistant principal and ex principal that followed.
        In 2013 my eldest daughter was never mentioned as being driver Primary School Vice Captain for nine months, at their end of year concert at Darwin Entertainment Centre, when other students where acknowledged for their achievements at the school that year.
        Every vulgar name has been written from people here in Palmerston/Darwin to me and my daughters on Facebook posts.
        In late 2013 I had a staff member from Driver Primary call me out of the blue..the conversation was very strange, I felt he was about to threaten me.

        Yes I always had very strong suspicions that Ken Davies and Peter Chandler are good friends just like they are also with ex Principal of Driver, Robert Presswell who in May 2015 they recently promoted, when I was informed by other senior employee in an email that the new HR Manager Tony Roberts was going to investigated Mr. Presswell for serious misconduct for taking, in 2013, a year 6 male student after school alone in his car driving around for a few hours who knows where without any permission or knowledge from the boys parent.
        Mr. Peter Chandler is right in the thick of my case too. In my meeting in late 2013 at Parliament House with NT Education Advisor to Peter Chandler, Mr. Russell Legg, and legal advisor, Mr. Lorne Hamilton, both told me Mr. Chandler attended the NT Teachers Registration Board Meeting where the board members discussed my formal complaint regarding the serious misconduct regarding the two regular relief teachers at Driver Primary School.
        This is interesting to note, as Ms Sharon Scurr, manager of the NT Teachers Registration board informed me that the board decided that my formal complaint would only be investigated on one condition, that I agree to reveal my name to said relief teachers. I agreed to, as I clearly was given no choice, otherwise the NT Teachers Registration Board would not ‘investigate’ my complaint. She told me this is unusual, as the board in the past has investigated other formal complaints with the complainee remaining anonymous. Why should mine differ? I have so much more information regarding the NT Teachers Registration Board, The NT Ombudsman, The NT Police, and The NT Education Department and the many other departments, child advocate organisations, NT politicians, NT media who failed to do any proper investigations if at all.

        I could write pages and pages of what happened and who I went to and these people and departments who did nothing..please email me on hannahkcurran@yahoo.com I can send you my case in brief and answer any questions who have to the best of my knowledge.

        I’m sure everyone here would be concerned at the fact that between 2010 and 2013 at this time that I know about there were two regular relief teachers, one contract teacher and The Ex Principal who all have serious complaints against them, many repeated misconduct at other schools, plus two other employees there who had serious concerns about them involving students there also, who all were employed at Driver Primary at the same time. This surely is very concerning..concerning enough if there had been one, let alone 6 at the same primary school being alone with children at the same time.

        For a fair investigation, ALL witness including the children and their parents involved must be interviewed and informed..this has always been denied to me since 2013..

        Teachers and principals who are reading this, please educate your staff on ‘grooming’
        techniques paedophiles do to not only children, but to their community, to their colleagues in order for them to abuse students. These two regular relief teachers did all their serious misconduct when they were alone by themselves with the children in the classroom. These perpetrators are likely to be very friendly with other colleagues, and parents, so that their abuse of students would go unreported, or the students would not be believed. Always believe the child, and report. Saying something even anonymously is better than not doing anything at all. Legally it is mandatory, but it is up to police and NT Government Departments to enforce it. This is not being done. This as well as many other policies and procedures, LAWs and ACTs concerning the protection of children must be changed and enforced.

        • Too fat to get in the back says:

          Keep up the fight Hannah, Russell Legg is a waste of space and wouldn’t know if his arse was on fire. He has no manners either, making a female colleague climb into the back of a Troop Carrier while he went straight for the front seat is being a real gentleman. Maybe you could approach the new crop of Labour Politicians and sound them out about what plans they have to clean up the Department of Education!

          • Hannah Curran says:

            Thank you everyone for your kind comments and support for me.
            Since late 2013 I emailed many CLP and NT labor ministers and briefly spoke with one Labor MLA, In 2014. I also had a meeting with Mr Gerry Wood. I even emailed Federal Ministers, Christopher Pyne and Mal Brough, who both emailed me back and refered me to the NT Ombudsman, where I had already been and got nowhere with, (another page I could write about the NT Ombudsman involvement in my case).
            During this time I never received an email from Mr. Peter Chandler for about nine months until we ‘spoke’ to each other at Palmerston markets in mid 2014, even though I was emailing Mr. Chandler and speaking to his assistant Ben Dawson for months informing him that the Department of Education were not properly investigating my formal complaint regarding the two regular relief teachers at Driver Primary School.

            Unfortunately Ms Delia Lawrie did not seem interested, same as Mr Michael Gunner.
            Ms. Nicole Manison tried to help me, and she immediately replied to my emails, in whch she followed up my complaints in late 2014 with The NT Department of Education regarding the ex Principal and contract teacher at Driver Primary School, serious misconduct from further information I was told from parents of the other children involved. Nicole Manison emailed me to say the Education Ministers Department had a briefing with her and told her these complaints have been investigated. I replied in an email to Ms Manison that this is not true. The Education Department only knew about my formal complaint in 2013 regarding the two regular relief teachers serious misconduct at Driver Primary.
            How can the Department of Education Ministers Office inform Ms Manison that these further serious information I was told in person, had been investigated when I never informed the Education Department nor Nicole Manison of the names of the children involved and their parents. I was waiting for the Education Department to contact me and ask me for this information to investigate, which they never did. My email in late 2014 to Ms Manison was very specific. It only mentioned the serious misconduct of the ex Principal and the contract teacher, there was no mention in my email to Ms. Manison regarding the two regular relief teacher. I have the emails to prove all of this.
            I do not have much hope that Territory Labor will do anything in the near future in regards to cleaning up The Education Department, not when I have had other ‘whistleblowers’ tell me their shocking cases which involved previous NT Labor MLA and Ministers, including as you all know on CFB, Dr. Robert Bartholomew and his wife who had meetings with former NT Labor leaders and ministers, and received the same treatment whistleblowers get…NT Labor’s history of coverups and sham investigations not at all good either, but how much more damage and complaints will be ignored by the current government if they win another term….how many more holidays can Mr. Chandler and Mr. Davies have together on tax payer funded money!
            Remember if you are, have been or thinking of being a whistleblower, you are a hero, and a leader, be proud to be one. No one can take your integrity and morals away from you, unless you let them.

            • What do NT Politicians stand for says:

              Thanks Hannah for sharing your experiences with these so called representatives of the people. Amazing that most of them re not interested in one of the cornerstones of our society, the education and safety of our children. After voting to throw out the last inept Labour government just like at the federal level the CLP have proven they have no commitment to their constituents. Now you have evidence the prospective Labour Government would be no different. Maybe it’s time to vote for independent representatives who will stand for something important?

        • Snouts in the trough says:

          Take it to them Hannah. They were trying to scare you off. Be proud you have the strength to speak up and stand up to these people. They understand fully what a proper investigation entails. That is exactly what they will avoid. They will conduct an investigation that will give them the result that protects them and avoids damage to them. Russell Legg is just another EX-principal who has climbed the ladder and enjoys a substantial tax payer funded salary. Why would they listen to a parent or teacher. We are seen as below their position and to be manipulated. You take them on.

  10. Karl's cover up? says:

    Bet you were shagging him in the bushes Karl. Made up a story cause you got caught with your pants down. Did Dan know you were ‘out for a run in the woods’? Any story will do right?

    • Comment sought on Domestic and Family Violence and Karl's job says:

      We think the AG needs some comments/suggestions about Karl’s appointment:

      Director Legal Policy
      Department of the Attorney-General and Justice
      GPO Box 1722
      DARWIN NT 0801

      Or by email to: Policy.AGD@nt.gov.au

  11. Freddy Needle says:

    Dear Ken and Catherine,
    Is Mr Clerke a fellow traveller? Certainly Mr Brennan and Mr Hayes were/are. Will Mr Clerke be joining them?

    Lots of Love NOT

    Wishes from Freddy

  12. It's all catching up to you minister and CEO says:

    I wonder what the prostitutes bill came to in Singapore

  13. Royal Commission into NT DoE? says:

    I’d like to see a Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Abuse – http://www.childabuseroyalcommission.gov.au/public-hearings – focus on those incompetents in NT GOV/Education.

    • In late 2013 I had a private session with the Commissioners when they came to Darwin. They know all about the disgusting sexual abuse and cover ups and sham investigations happening here in government departments including in the Northern Territory Education Department. To my disappointment the commissioners told me after my private session that they can not interfere in my case which was currently happening, that it is not in their policy and guidelines, that they are only an advisory commission..what a sick joke!..expect in another 20 or so years there will be another royal commission into institutions covering up sexual abuse. I wonder when this commission finishes, will the Chief Minister whoever and whichever party it will be in power, implement the Royal Commissions recommendations?..only time will tell

    • We saw him says:

      Yes, come and investigate our Principal. Taping a young child to a chair, hitting the furniture next to young children to scare them into behaving and the latest, chasing a child with a cattle prodder.
      Come on Mr Davies, how will you protect this Principal too when this news get out? It’s only a matter of time until this community speaks up about his behaviour management strategies.

      • help protect others says:

        Tell CFB so they can publish.

      • Seems here we need video or audio as proof for the NT Police and Education Department to investigate properly, and press chargers. Thank you for doing and saying something and protecting these children..If this Principal gets transferred, I bet his serious misconduct will not be recorded on his file, and no one from the new school he goes to will be informed, hopefully they read CFB too…watch out The ex Principal in my case has been transferred to Arnhem Land now.

        • Mr Linkedin says:

          Just like the former Principal of Lajamanu school who was transferred to Booraloola school. Bullying a female teacher until she suffered a nervous breakdown is at odds with his claim of providing assistance and support to struggling teachers.

  14. The Truth Comes Out says:

    When you are one of the chosen, you can be resurrected, re-created, re-packaged, rejuvenated or re-educated. Amazing but it is only for some NOT all. Whispers that one Hylton Hayes could be engaged as an independent consultant. Has Ken gone crazy?
    Now to Mr Clerke, how does he work with his colleague ET? He should be awarded the Phil Brennan Social Media Prize!
    Mr Newman, another leopard and mate of Ken; a copy of Mr Hayes, yet another small man.

    What we need to take away from this is that YOU as a public servant, teacher or whatever can indeed gain victory over these “bureaucraps”.

    • Paul Newman hasn't changed his spots says:

      More victims of Paul Newman: http://teacherswithintegrity.com/index.php/the-great-asbestos-coverup

      “As DET has refused to clarify these issues and we have been unable to get a response from Mr Newman, we reluctantly raise this matter publicly to clear our names and offer Mr Newman the opportunity to answer our questions. We will publish his response — unedited on this website.”

      Newman’s been ignoring emails and questions he doesn’t like for years. Still does that in South Australia, a management tactic to get you to go away.

    • What will happen next says:

      Our Principal had a Mandatory report made about him taping a young child’s legs to a chair to ensure she sat still. Only one person witnessed this act and also released the child, apparently to his annoyance! This Principal was then away from the school for a couple of weeks. No one knew why or whether the report was acted on. Would this behaviour be tolerated in a school in Canberra or Sydney or anywhere else except in a remote indigenous school in the NT? If senior staff may have viewed this behaviour as a one off or the result of stress, how would they respond now he was openly observed waving a cattle prodder at a young troubled child he was trying to force off the school grounds? What can we expect next Mr Davies?

    • Snouts in the trough says:

      Or you can deflect attention away from the perpetrators behaviour by sending in the Minister and the CEO with journalists and espouse the merits of a program someone else set in place. Don’t worry about dealing with the damage done to the school community he left. Funny that the former Principal of Lajamanu school left that school midyear and pops up at another school that suddenly is the focus of Politicians and Journalists. Yes, then there are the subtle quotes by the Principal just to ensure he claims some of the glory for this new successful program. Oh well, for those of us who have been here for more than a couple of years time will prove this person is just another charlatan with his snout in the tax payer trough.
      Today we learned that 50% of the staff at Lajamanu school are leaving at the end of the year. So, within less than three years the staff of this school has changed completely except for the Deputy Principal. What a great effort DOE! Here was as a school with happy experienced staff that had sound relationships with the community. Then for what ever reason you sent in a lunatic who managed to have three grievances lodged against him in 18 months and numerous complaints to management. What about the teacher who suffered a nervous breakdown as a result of his bullying behaviour? Oh yeah this is closing the gap isn’t it. Then you all go out there and espouse the fact that he managed to convince the community to change the school year to suit that communities needs. Another lie! It was former staff and community members who requested this not him.
      I wonder if this persons claims on Linkedin will ever be examined let alone the targets he planned in the schools 2014-15 plan.

  15. Robert de Jerk says:

    Clerke or de Klerk? Is it true that he does a great rendition of Take Me Back to the Old Transvaal?

  16. Cannot Wait for More says:

    We are here for the KIDS, KIDs, KIds, Kids, kids………………..Nah not really just for the racist jokes, sex, drugs and bullying.

  17. Bernard says:

    What does it take for someone to be fired for bringing the NT Dept Education into disrepute?
    I think they should rewrite the NT PSEMA Act to include ” Unless your a relative of, or are swapping fluids with, someone Senior in the Dept.” in each section. That way, nobody can complain!
    How many effing kids and husbands and relatives can you employ using tax payer funds before someone calls in the OCPE? As many as you like because the OCPE and its bullshit Commissioner know how jobs are handed out and they benefit from the process.

    • The LinkedIn Lad says:

      It looks funny when teachers spouses find it difficult to get work in the community they are living in, but the Principal can approve a job for his wife at the same school. It smacks of corruption when he wins another Principal’s position and at his new school suddenly there is a position for his wife, at the same time beginning his tried and true strategy of undermining the existing staff at his new school.

      • Mr Linkedin says:

        Yes, a recent report by the AEUNT clearly raised concerns about moving school administrative staff on to casual positions with no leave provisions or job certainty.
        Global fraud not global budgeting. Put all your staff on casual contracts except your wife!! Move schools and give her another job. Bring on Independent Commissions to investigate corruption.

  18. Lying Pigs says:

    Same old cover up culture i the NTPS. They have an allergy to the truth.

    • shine a light on these people says:

      Yes, they do have a cover up culture. What is needed is accountability. Other states have institutions like in NSW, they have an Independent Commission Against Corruption. Look at what has been happening to politicians and bureaucrats there.

  19. Very worried teacher says:

    Same old cover up culture in the NTPS. It doesn’t matter whether its education, health, children and families or juvenile justice, these bastards cover it up and then lie when they get exposed. Excellent little fact based article that once again delivers where its supposed to. Thanks CFB Team.

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