Teaching in the Territory: NT Educ Dept: quality leadership = quality outcomes.

Edit no.2: We received this message after someone who knows Dave Arnold read below Catherine Weber’s comments continued lies:

“What Weber called “changes” are in fact benefits the department discontinued without notice or explanation. She referred to entitlements, to changes, but made no reference to change in law, so it is the department’s interpretation of the Act that has changed. Or a desperate need to limit financial damage.
2 department bods have remained friends with Dave, one is *******  ***** at the time of the assault. The other has a position at **** ****** office. Both were firm friends with Dave prior to assault.  A third public servant expressed her disgust at the department’s treatment of Dave by refusing to sit on a committee dealing with an aspect of Dave’s situation.
Current Now ex-regional manager, Trevor Watts, has not contacted Dave nor done anything tangible to support Dave. Same goes for predecessor in that role, David Cummins.

Neither CEO nor his predecessor, Gary Barnes, has made contact with Dave. Ken Davies was contacted at the time of the death in plane crash of a leader in Indigenous education and apparently asked to include Dave in his expressions of compassion – no reply. Hypocrisy.
Principal Anne White had never asked Dave about his welfare, nor expressed any support.
TIO have been paying the bills.

These bureaucrats really make me sick with the way they treat people who work for them.  They should be ashamed of themselves….hopefully there’s a Hell for them when they die, full of employees they fucked along the way.


In the end, public exposure is a tactic that the powerless can effectively use against the powerful. It can be used for whistleblowing. It can be used as a vehicle for social change. And it can be used to embarrass, harass, and make us all aware of what’s going on behind our backs: secret government jobs for boyfriends, free holidays with the Minister, lies & weBerShit, targeting of whistleblowers, retaliation from Public Servants, etc etc etc.
There’s a good solution for this, right now. Those in the public eye (or those who make their thoughts public on Facebook – looking at you Robert Clerke) have no choice but to rethink their online data shadows.

CFB Team have said it before and we’ll say it again: the best antidote to this blog and others like it is to simply stop doing the stupid shit you’re doing and behave like decent human beings.  Otherwise, expect this kind of reaction.  It’s not rocket science.


Edit no.1: We’re following Maria Billias’s advice, she broke the Phil Brennan Malicious Bureaucrat story in the NTNews that Fred McCue followed up here:


(Of course, we all know Mr Brennan now works for the Health Department but so does Fred McCue….as their media spin prostitute)

Maria said: “I want to encourage people — particularly our younger generations — to call out behaviour that is unacceptable, disrespectable and unjust. Whether it’s happening to them or if they see it happening to someone else.” — so here you are folks:

NT Education Department LEADERSHIT = the worst educational outcomes in Australia.

The Northern Territory of Australia has the worst educational leadership in the whole country.


Don’t just take our word for it, read the results for yourselves:


2013and again in


2014and again in



Mr Chandler said “Everyone should be proud of those results”!!!!!!

and the results were a “great platform to build off” in coming years.

Holy Fuck. With Ministerial Leadership like that, no wonder NT Education is so SHITHOUSE.

More FANTASY ISLAND NONSENSE.  This guy is in charge of Education.  Pathetic.

Nothing like having high expectations for other people’s kids.

But lucky us, we’ve got the Dream Team, working together for years, to better young territorians themselves. Beginning in 2010:


Here’s the Government propaganda bullshit they try to sell us:

26the important bit TRUTHthe results above – speak for themselves. So does that free holiday in Singapore the NTNews uncovered for everyone to see, thanx for that.

“NT Education Dept provides quality education…so you can experience the best possible life and job opportunities” with an extra helping of the worst Naplan results in the country for years =


If you read carefully Ken Dav-L-ies released it as a “Message from the CE” ages ago but we all missed it!


While the Education Dept Executive Team can’t stop laughing at how much money they make for doing so badly, chucking our kids future under a bus


CatherKen Dav-L-ies just keeps giving us


Fuck you all, I’m taking the fattest salary home and there’s nothing you can do about it…and then I’m going on holiday with the Education Minister. How dya like dem apples!!!

Here you go, have some weBerShit from mini-me instead while me and Peter Chandler skull cold beers in Singapore:

This was what the tiny troll said about Dave Arnold, the teacher who lost his leg after being attacked by students while he was teaching:


What the lying little runt forgot to tell you: the NT Education Dept HAS NEVER APOLOGISED to Dave Arnold for what happened while they were supposed to be looking after him as his employer.

But who cares about Dave, as long as Catherine Weber has her fat salary too, then everything is just fine and dandy. Look, Pissin’ Myself Laughing!!!

Cha-ching, there goes another $250,000+ in my bank account for being worst in the country!!!  Luv you Ken.


Speaking of funny……remember Dirty Little Dick Hayes? He (used to be the one who) was laughing at us. Getting $213,000 plus benefits to fuck everyone and everything around him….and what a good job he did of that!

Here is the Love Pad that Mr Hayes lived in, in Fannie Bay….recently put on the rental market.












Note the “Bali hut for pure relaxation”:


Someone else was just back from Bali too (wink wink nudge nudge):


Rosebery Middle school…..the Hylton & Lorraine show, fruits of their labour being left all around town:


Maybe Little Dick Hayes is downgrading now that Mrs Hayes is gone and he lost his job…. Best Buddy Bryan Hughes took it over.  Don’t they look so cute together?


We think this continued race to the bottom should be the wake-up call which illustrates that we’ve been on this destructive course for many years under Dav-L-ies & Weber. Sadly, allowing for the present trend, it seems we will continue to allow our own territory children to get more and more stupid as long as these two career-bureaucraps are in charge to drive the Titantic disaster that is NT Education into another iceberg.


Next post……a follow up on Robert de Clerkewho a couple heard recently on a bus in Darwin crying and throwing his dummy on the floor after the roasting he got from Educ Dept Execs for the CFB Team making his public-on-Facebook racist tirade famous on our blog….and how “it was sweet as because he got away with lying to them”.

We wonder what Adam Giles, Indigenous Chief Minister thinks about your words Robert?  We’ll email his office and ask him for you because we’re nice like that.



If you want a wee taste, head over to ntbully.blogspot.com.au and read about it there.

Support the long suffering NT Health employees who now have to listen to Big Mouth Brennan and his wife all day…droning on about their paid trip next year to get away from it all. Yaaaaaawwwwwnnnnnn.  And don’t believe Megan Howitt’s lies:

Brennan didn’t voluntarily downsize, he was sued and lost his job for being caught as the “Malicious Bureaucrat“.

He even tried to hide it all from his wife before she eventually guessed something was wrong.  That says it all about the man piece of shit.  He lies to her and then she lies to all of you.  Perfect for each other.


CFB Team.

ps: great to see some movement over at the sticker blog>>http://iheartcfb.wordpress.com

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37 Responses to Teaching in the Territory: NT Educ Dept: quality leadership = quality outcomes.

  1. Beaut says:

    Just checking you are aware our mate Karl of the Dan and Karl show has a new job in Canberra….will be be at the airport waving him off. Good riddance.

  2. Beaut says:

    Please please tell us what’s happened to the health blog.

    It seems so very weird to disappear…there’s definitely more to vome

  3. Beaut says:

    What’s happened to the nt health blog, AND your most recent blog comment on NT health.

    Really what is happening….nothing that we workers can see, but more protection of the bullying staff, and reprisals to the victims.

    • Wipe the Smile off ___________'s Face says:

      Perhaps there was an “outing” man battle stations launch torpedoes from the Dept, forced shutdown done by threats or worse. A honeypot trap set up and manned by some turncoats who then “dob in” those who contributed. We just never know what lengths some devious officials will go to get people. Sound the general alarm, fool alert in the NT. Create a new blog or number of blogs, take action today, use your holidays to work up a lather of integrity.

    • my dad is a gay catholic priest says:

      put your money where your mouth is and stop your constant whinging. what do you think this is – an entertainment system designed to meet with your needs? Start your own blog and have the guts to tell your own story. https://redd.it/3yt9sk

  4. The other side of the story says:

    Just reading the blurb (above) about Catherine Weber. Certainly sounds like a lot of experience all over the place. Come on folks lets find out the other side of the story. There must be people out there who have experienced this person in their careers.

  5. Mr Lingiari says:

    Maria said: “I want to encourage people — particularly our younger generations — to call out behaviour that is unacceptable, disrespectable and unjust. Whether it’s happening to them or if they see it happening to someone else.”

    Come on Mr Davies, ask Mr Parker about his cattle prodder! Is this also an acceptable behaviour management strategy like taping a young student’s legs to a chair?

    • Here we go again says:

      What about allowing teachers to lock students out of the classroom and wander the school grounds or the community without notifying family?
      Rumour has it he has applied for another school as well as Mr Watts soon to be vacant position. Just as the Lajamanu Lad was transferred to Booraloola it looks like the tactic will be to promote this Stockman and not investigate the issue or allow people to speak up.

  6. Blight says:

    Glad to see it reported that the signs are that Hayes has finally fucked off out of it. The thought of him returning to the DoE would be enough for me to resign and head south. No doubt he is still reading this blog. I hope one day, perhaps on his death bed alone because all his superficial senior manager mates he colluded with abondon him, he realises how hated he was in the NT. It is not a word I use lightly but that man deserves a run of bad luck that includes a long term debilitating incurable and slow terminal illness. He wasted his life ruining the lives of others and spent whatever dubious talents he had bullying undeserving coal face workers.

    • Happy Christmas says:

      A welcome Christmas present for all those who were unfortunate enough to suffer damage to their careers as a result of his actions.

  7. Good decent people says:

    The latest news from Booraloola is that the LinkedIn Lad is at it again. Another teacher on compensation and numerous other staff leaving the school at the end of the year. Staff spying on each other, the secondary school is in disarray and he is again blaming good decent committed people working there. Oh my!! Is this history repeating itself? Why did they transfer him there after his disgraceful performance at Lajamanu?
    There is an established pattern of behaviour by this person. Why would management send him there? Is this part of an overall plan to dismantle high school services in remote communities or is it just incompetence? At Lajamanu school it was obvious to the community and staff that High School students were being discouraged from coming to school, is this is what is happening at Booraloola also?

    • Remote students says:

      Yes, Mr Davies it is a pattern of behaviour that we see year after year. Sixteen school staff left our community within two years. Three of them lodged official grievances against the one person, one of our loved friends suffered a nervous breakdown and had to leave us after 13 years without a complaint from us. She sang to us and taught us at Sunday school. She ran lessons after school for us. Our family members who worked at the school were pressured to give up their jobs because their health was not good and others were made to accept casual contracts with reduced conditions..Don’t forget the OH&S debacle around using the unsafe school pool for water safety lessons without signed permission notes from our families.

      Yes, Ken send all us high school students to boarding schools, but there’s some problems to overcome first. What to do with our teachers and where are the boarding schools? Oh and don’t forget the little problem of fines for our families for when we don’t want to leave our families and not go to boarding school. What happened to the millions spent on improving our attendance? Ken of more concern is that you seem to be encouraging your Principals to take over running the attendance programs and stop the Feds from getting an insight into the real problems of why we don’t want to go to school.
      We even think you are trying to blame the attendance officers as being inept to justify your grab at this money.

      Oh! What about closing the Gap? Force us to go to a school we do not enjoy and learn about things that have no relevance to our lives. For those of us who struggle with settling down and being “willing to learn,” use behaviour management strategies like: yelling and screaming at us, taping our legs to chairs, kicking the furniture to scare us into complying, and if all that fails, encourage your teachers to lock us out of the classroom and deny us the resources and education you are supposed to provide for us. Oh, and when we won’t go home and show our frustration and anger with you by throwing rocks at the school, you threaten us with a cattle prodder to scare us away. When you send us home you record us as still being present at school so your attendance data looks like you are doing a good job. Some of our teachers understand the problems we have in our lives and the shit we have to deal with. They encourage us to come to school and enjoy being there. They don’t force us to comply, they encourage and try to nurture a sense of learning instead of demeaning us. They recognise we have different needs and that school might be the only safe place for us. Lots of us want a safe place and something to eat and be happy. If we can’t cope with your literacy and Numeracy demands can’t you do something else for us and stop blaming us as being “unwilling to learn” or it’s “our families fault”.

      We note that in 2014/15 there was a 100% increase in grievances lodged with DOE by our teachers. We also note you think most of them were resolved? That is not what our teachers told our families when we asked why our friends were leaving. What they told us was how the DOE Human Resource officers treated them like incompetent misfits and defended the unethical actions of some employees of DOE. We watched some suffer serious health problems and return to their families with scars in their hearts and damage to their reputations. What a sad mob you are up there in Mitchell Street.
      Mr Giles and Mr Chandler when will you really provide an educational model that meets our needs and encourage teachers to stay in our communities longer?

  8. Ken Who? says:

    “Ken resigned”, sources indicate that a certain Deputy CE had a big smile on her face until it was revealed that the Ken was Ken Middlebrook. Perhaps next time!

    • Every dog has it's day says:

      Oh well going by what is happening in NT Politics and the pattern Australian voters have been following for the last few state and federal elections, we will probably have a change of Govt next year. With Mr Chandler gone how will Mr Davies fare. Thinking back I remember Margaret Banks – gone, Mr Barnes – gone. Ken Davies – ???? Maybe Weber thinks she will get a go! Better ask Mr Gillan how that worked out.

  9. Colleague of Dave Arnold says:

    Dave Arnold is being treated disgracefully. Its well known that the department has done anything they can to avoid giving him what he is due – and backed up by those bastards at Hunt and Hunt law firm. So where are the union on this? Absolutely fucking no where as always. Keep up the great work CFB. A beacon of truth in a fog of misinformation and lies from Weber and the rest of them.

    • Good decent people says:

      Keep up the fight Dave. These people are in another world/space. They don’t operate in our sphere. They are who they are and they will never change. They have no empathy for good decent people who have a different view to them. If they looked truthfully at their actions they could not justify what they do. What has to happen is the organisation has to be outed and made to pay through the courts. They know they can defer, deny and delay with their unfettered access to our tax dollars. Compensation awards together with uncensored revealing information will eventually result in politicians taking action. Come on Labour candidates lets hear your views.

    • Good people says:

      Once upon a time teachers were held in high regard and were mostly good examples of moral behaviour. Dave Arnold you suffered a terrible experience in your employment, that is a fact. Your employer is obligated both morally and legally to support you. That is also a fact.
      Lets examine if your employer’s actions (ex-teachers of good moral character) have actually helped you recover and mend your life. Your former Principal seems to have run away from contacting you or shown any concern for your well-being. Trevor Watts the Regional director seemed to go missing in action. Like Mr Barnes, Mr Davies seems to be also dodging making sure you are supported and is leaving to Catherine Weber (that highly experienced public administrator) to argue against providing you all the services and resources you deserve. We are sure she is being supported by that absolutely awful team at Human resources. Going on personal experience and the fact that you worked in the Katherine Region you probably had to deal with Mr. Roberts, Liz McDowell and Fiona Upstill. It would be great to see the correspondence that has passed between all these people as they have supported you with mending your life. Wait a minute that might be difficult as in appears Ken advised his staff to reduce content in e-mails as a means of inhibiting Freedom Of Information Requests didn’t he?

    • NT taxpayers says:

      Reading the 2014/15 DOE Annual report may reveal why our employer is dodging catering for Dave’s needs.
      I might be a bit slow, but I know when and why these people hide behind statistics, numbers and figures. They have something that they don’t want ordinary people to see.
      Am I right in reading DOE has improved it’s position from an overall deficit of nearly 21 million dollars to just 12 million dollars?
      As well as being the worst performing Department of education in the country with student outcomes, it looks like we might hold the title of worst financial managers. How did they ever get to having a 21 million dollar deficit?
      How is this for shit speak? “The dept, in accordance with Financial Management Principles, managed it’s total expenses for the year within 1 per cent of it’s final approved budget”. What does that mean? It means they changed the goal posts a number of times!!
      Poor Dave will be denied what he deserves while this mob enjoy trips oversees and the those lovely large tax payer salaries. Who in the hell will hold these people to account?

  10. Jabiru Cane Toad says:

    Another great effort from the CFB team. We politely suggest that every person who reads this blog sends a link to a colleague, no matter where they are and whether or not they actually work for the NT DoE. Keep spreading the word. Information is power.

    • tell everyone who will listen says:

      We tell everyone who will listen. Fellow teachers, parents and friends. Business owners who enquire why we are travelling. Anyone who asks what we do in the NT. This Christmas as we travel back to our families for the holidays we will again be asked how is life in the NT and do we feel we are making a difference in what we do. This year we will again be in Canberra catching up with all those we grew up with, many of them are involved in Public Policy and are always eager for real facts and information and not bullshit in annual reports and acquittals for Federal grants. Spread the word everyone.

  11. Teachers Full of Wind says:

    Wreckers and spoilers the lot of you. We all know that the five year plan is achieving great results. The USSR operated on such false realities, quotas filled by simply putting in false figures, enemies of the people merely a person with an opinion. Unfortunately the NT would seem to have many things in common with the old USSR. Departmental Czars and the odd Rasputin.
    Teachers are at odds with the bureaucracy, true power rests there. Teachers will have to just accept their lot unless they start to stand up for themselves. Whinging in the toilet but clapping an cheering when they are told of yet another impost. YOU GET ALL YOU DESERVE TEACHERS, YOU BRING IT ON YOURSELVES. ARISE OR SHUT UP!

    • Vincent Lingari says:

      It takes courage to speak up and stand up to Bullies. Most teachers have spent most of their lives in schools suffering a system that is controlled by Bullies. Progressing through school as a child, moving into Tertiary Education and then back into the classroom trying to control their students and comply with an ever increasingly difficult task. Most won’t realise what is happening, but some will ask why are they struggling? They will look for answers and ask questions. Some will give up and choose a different path. Who can blame them? Some will adopt a different approach and will find they connect with their students and discover the real purpose and privilege of being a teacher. Unfortunately it won’t be long before you are targeted for Performance Management and career damage by those who have never experienced having a student trust you. Again some will move on and some will stand up to the Bully and find the Bully is a protected species because of vicarious liability.
      Once upon a time, workers could rely on the collective approach through their union to deal with the Bully. Once upon a time parents believed schools and churches were a safe place for their children.
      A Principal chasing a young student off the school grounds with a cattle prodder is definitely not part of Closing the Gap in Remote Indigenous communities.
      Vincent Lingiari stood up to the might of the Government and Cattle station owners. I wonder what he would think of a Principal threatening a young Indigenous child with a cattle prodder? What is wrong when a person in this privileged position thinks this is OK? What that student needs is a school that gives him an education and properly caters for his individual needs, allowing him to grow and prosper. I’m sure I have heard that somewhere before! Was it one of the basic rights of a child?

      • Wait a minute says:

        Don’t worry after all we had station workers come and fire bullets into our camp to scare us and to try and control us, what harm is there in waving a little cattle prodder around?

      • Mr Parker says:

        DOE 2014/15 Annual Report.
        (page 97)
        The role of the Department of Education is to improve the educational outcomes, safety and wellbeing of Territory children from their early years through to senior years.

        Questions for Mr Davies, we know you will get them because this site is the only place we can get your attention.
        1.How can a child improve educational outcomes when he is locked out of school because his teacher can’t handle him?
        2.How can a child feel safe when his Principal threatens him with a Cattle Prodder?
        3.How is a child’s wellbeing supported by forcing him to comply with conditions he can not meet because of the shit going on in his life?

    • Don't just talk the walk, walk the talk. says:

      After many years working in other industries and then moving into teaching I have been astonished to discover the great moral bastion of teaching is full of back stabbing ladder climbers with no spines. They need to honestly ask themselves what do they stand for?
      Many teachers have no empathy for their students and bully their students to comply with them. They are in a rush to climb the ladder and tell others how to teach. They move into positions of power and then bully their staff to comply.
      Just look at the AEUNT what does it stand for and how many members does it have?

  12. Vulpes Raider says:

    Vanity metric at all time low for some…………………..
    Bureaucrats at recent luncheon overheard commenting that Ms Weber had complained about the color of the suit, mauve preferable not a white, Ken would never wear a suit of that cut, he should have been Tattoo and the minister as a monkey, never a sloth more appropriate.
    And there are no tax deductions for new underpants Mr Clerk, lucky you still have your job.
    Smiles, everyone, smiles!

    • Up to Date Not says:

      And now there is some kind of printing “cock up”, lunch was not so tasty for some. Apparently someone made an error on some project, sounded very important. No doubt some arse kicking.

  13. Biggus Dickus says:

    Simple solution. Do not work for them.

    • The 5th says:

      Ground Hog Day, with the recent stuff up people were seeing 5 more than once a month. Wonder what the cost was? Just blame a muppet who has left for it all. Jim Hacker’s hospital on steroids!!!!

  14. Snouts in the Trough says:

    Very interesting Q&A on the ABC this last Monday!! A Principal from Sydney was espousing the benefits her school was seeing as a result of extra funding that was providing for extra specialist teachers. This resulted in improved outcomes for her students. Well, Mr Chandler and Mr Davies how does this sit with your Global Funding model? You keep taking your little trips for fact finding purposes and our students in remote schools will still be denied the resources they have a right to. You people are living in a deluded space! Will someone ask how much money you have spent on the Visible Learning Strategy and how much did you pay Mr Hattie for his services?

    • You Have it Wrong Snouts says:

      The mantra of wisdom, as Professor Miles Halbain Jr. postulated someone will always grasp for authority, they always seek an authority to justify their thoughts. The matrix of dependency can be recognized and calculated, a lower figure indicates independent thought. According to the Center for Responsive Education lower independent thought figures occur in many underdeveloped parts of the world. the Center found that responsive aligned education had achieved better results among ESL learners in inner city low social economic suburbs. Fritz, Ralph & Mundane found the same in their landmark study on education in Canada at the extremes. Essentially funding has nothing to do with the willingness to learn.

      • Willingness to learn what? says:

        We are interested to hear more, you might just have to tone down the meta-language so we can really get a grip on your thinking. Our concerns with the current School funding model being used in the NT is that personal experience at a major urban school of extra/targeted funding seems to be having measured results and if this is the case, then the current withdrawl of resources in remote NT schools would also have a measurable negative effect. We are a little confused about what you are saying about Independent thought and responsive aligned education. Are you saying less funding will not affect outcomes? Are we wrong in thinking you support the notion of withdrawing resources does not necessarily affect outcomes? Your final comment that, “funding has nothing to do with willingness to learn” is a signal that you may have a predisposition to judging those you do not have an understanding of or any empathy for.

  15. Hylton Who? says:

    I love that photo of Hylton Hayes, not the one with Mr Hughes but the portrait that reveals his inner self, a real turd!

    • Questionable character says:

      Those of us who had some brief experience with Mr Hughes (and thought he seemed to be a good person) before his meteoric rise up the ladder now question his motives. Anyone who is happy to be photographed with that despicable little bully has to be of questionable character themselves.

      • Wait a minute says:

        After further research with other staff it seems Mr Hughes was not held in great esteem or seen as such a great person. Sorry.

  16. Mr Rourke I mean Mr Davies says:

    A plane, a plane……yes for our next tax payer funded junket!

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