Teaching in the Territory: 4 years, 50,000+ views, lots more work to do

Edit no.1: We’ve added a new page on the banner above called “Yes! Download our site” – it has all the updated links for downloading copies of the blog and others.  Share with your friends (and enemies if you like), keep a copy safe, seed the Net!

Rumour mill tells us that Dan BourShit and Klingon Karl are running away to Canberra in a day or two.  And the Brennan Adams Family are fucking off soon too.  We hope you crash your motorbikes into a tree.  Darwin feels lighter already.  A Happy New Year indeed!


Well done everyone.  The numbers speak for themselves:


If you want to change something, YOU have to DO something. Stop staying silent, speak up, fight back. Every person who has suffered or seen someone else suffer at the hands of these cowardly NT Education bureaucraps must refuse to accept it as the norm anymore.

If we ignore, it just gets worse. Looking the other way is not an option.
Therefore the CFB Team urges EVERYONE to put in a submission to this Inquiry:


As the disgusting stench of yet more NT GOV corruption has shown us in the recent fraud trial of Darwin travel agent Alexandra “Xana” Kamitsis where Crown prosecutor David Morters stated “It’s pretty clear from those communications she is ingratiating herself and doing favours for senior police officers, one of whom she admits having an intimate relationship with, all at the expense of Territory taxpayers” (this sounds to us like local taxi whores who blow cabbies hoping for a free ride) – it is much needed….and exactly why the CLP voted not to have one here in the NT.  Get yours in today!


A while ago we were told that Dan Bourchier and his “big unit” hanger-on-in-chief loverboy Karl “You scratch my back, I’ll steal your job” Lijnders went to the Police claiming we were cyberbullying them by publishing how they fraudulently got Karl a job in NT Dept of Health. We haven’t laughed so hard… ever…..until we found out they also attended a Dept of Health workshop on cyberbullying.

bullying bs

We’re so sorry you were upset when we told everyone about your job stealing scam (and Philsfacebookflop Brennan’s too)….we care, we really do……..nah, just kidding, we really really don’t give a fuck:

so cute

We can only imagine how embarassing it must have been asking the Police for help then being shown the door.  How self-absorbed of you both.

Here’s the important rockstar cockstar connection that has now prompted the Dan and Karl show to roll on down to Canberra: BourShit was moved because of the political heat got himself a job, Karl got himself something more valuable: Dan’s nob.

db psag pshelicopter

Hopefully you’ll drag Giles (and the Brennans) with you guys…..like piss stained loo roll stuck to the bottom of your shoe after you come out the shitter.


We read this headline with interest:

r1And noted his integrity:


This is the headline we’d prefer to see (and so does Mini-me Weber apparently):


But we all know Catherken Dav-L-ies doesn’t have that level of professionalism or integrity.  A Team can dream though…..


Lastly, we had no information about the Health Blog’s sudden disappearance.  But this message from the Mister Men will explain everything.  Sounds like more fun times ahead.

Happy New Year and let’s all keep up the fight in 2016!!!

CFB Team.

From the Mistermen:

The mister men took the decision to close down the blog for the time being. This has nothing to do with the bullies at the northern territory department of health intimidating us in any way. We are not scared of them The truth is that they are scared of us. Barely an hour after they marched purposefully into the elevators in police headquarters, central Darwin to demand vital resources be directed away from high level criminal investigations in the NT such as corruption inside the NT public sector we knew all about it. So there you go. We have spies everywhere. These people will do anything to protect their high paying high status jobs. Forget about the police chasing paedophiles distributing disgusting images online. No. The management of the NT department of health would prefer to have the truth about their sleazy, illegal antics crushed instead. That was enough to let us know they are worried. The subsequent deluge of honey trap emails we received confirmed it. We’ll post them all along with IP addresses and the identities of the managers who attempted to set those traps for us. Those stupid pathetic idiots. We’ve harvested your IP addresses and know exactly who you are. We have the hard evidence to justify our stance. Everything we say is the truth. Unlike them, we do not lie to the work force. And we are not going away. Barely a week after the police meeting we received a message from a senior health department manager requesting to meet with us. The carrot was a supposedly huge collation of highly confidential health department documentation. We arranged the meet in a public place, set up our counter surveillance points and got what we needed – a great photo opportunity from several angles. Did they really think we would be so stupid as to accept stolen documents? Apparently so. Unlike them we are not criminals. We’ll post the photographs and the emails at an appropriate time in the future. And so to the future. We decided to take this up a level and produce a web site with documents, links research and so on. A blog is all very well but it does not have the gravitas of a web site and the propensity to put up our evidence in the volume we would wish. Making it work how we want it to work is proving to be very time consuming and all our efforts are now directed into it. In addition we are pleased to announce that we’ll be providing an education service and links to decent lawyers rather than the jokers at Halfpennys who have a dodgy deal with the dodgy nurses union in the NT. Neither in our view can be trusted. They are in it for themselves. So its back to work for us. Building our own server, washing bitcoin, learning code, using i2P (see https://geti2p.net/en/) and creating a great site on the WORLD WIDE WEB to out the bullies past and present at the northern territory department of health. Thank you to all who enjoyed our blog. We hit 50,000 plus. We saved every article and comment and it will all be found on the new web site in a specially designed ‘retro corner’. They don’t call the shots. We do. see you soon namaste the mister men


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37 Responses to Teaching in the Territory: 4 years, 50,000+ views, lots more work to do

  1. The cattle prodder retailer says:

    Ok it looks like it is official. The Nt Government approves the use of cattle prodders in schools as a suitable student behaviour management strategy. What does everyone think about using an implement like this, that is designed to give electric shocks to cattle to make them move inside a road train trailer?

  2. Mr Agnew says:

    Come on people you can’t blame me for the four clan groups of in Booroloola community uniting to get rid of me!

  3. please publish this says:

    Ken is a small boy who has trouble settling down in class and often misbehaves. His teacher does not like him and feels it is OK to encourage some of the other students with stronger literacy and numeracy skills to bully him into behaving. Basically this teacher encourages other students to shame Ken to comply and be quiet because Ken knows that if he makes an attempt and comes up short he will be shamed in front of the whole class. So Ken does what he knows will work to avoid the shame, he misbehaves and presses his teachers buttons until his teacher pushes him out of the classroom and locks him out of the building. The Principal allows Ken to roam the school and ignores him hoping he will go away. This is not likely because Ken’s mother and siblings are still at school.

    Would you be surprised if I told you that Ken is a ten year old Indigenous student in a famous remote indigenous community in the NT? It may surprise you to know that he is a regular attender at school, but is basically illiterate in the English language.
    He comes to school because mum values education and works as a teachers aide at the same school. Mum is on her own with three children and this year had to live in a tin shed about the size of your average garden shed. She tries her best and worries about her children, especially Ken. What has closing the gap done for Ken and his family? Would this treatment of Ken be tolerated in Canberra? Ken like most of his family is a survivor. He comes to school, gets breakfast and lunch, but misses out on an education. He has learnt the most important life skill of all, to survive as best he can and he is also learning what he needs to do to get what he wants. Unfortunately many teenage Indigenous boys reach a point where depression takes over and he may take part in very anti-social activities or even take his own life.

    I listened to Adam Goodes and Stan Grant in 2014 and was inspired by their passion and commitment. This year I applaud General Morrison for his passion. Like him a white middle-aged male I believe there is a change in the tide happening in Australia and our conscience is beginning to recognize the wrongs that have taken place, and are still taking place. Wake up people, what if Ken was your son or grandson? Someone please ask the Northern territory government why the principal of this boy’s school thinks it is OK to chase another young boy like Ken off the school grounds with a “Cattle Prodder” designed to give electric shocks to 300kg animals in a road train or thinks it is OK to kick furniture and scream at six year old children to scare them to behave or comply with his instructions.

  4. We_ Care says:

    I’m not sure whether these stories are true. However, I have to admit that I’m very dissapointed with the NT public sector. It seems like corruption is everywhere. WRONG people have been chosen working in this system. Instead of serving the public, they allow themselves to be bureaucratic which means they just get paid for doing nothing. When somebody speaks out, we all know what the “result” will be [yeah, it’s a reprisal via bullying].
    I don’t understand how those mediocres were hired so easily and still get paid high/promoted despite their lack of responsibility. I’m wondering whether an anti-corruption group has been established here.

  5. Alison says:

    Great work. 8 years since I worked for them and they have not changed. Almost reassuringly corrupt just like they have always been.

  6. Miss Conduct says:

    My submission is in. Fuck you DoE.

  7. Juicy Lucy says:

    nice work card fightback,,,, this is the new years message that we had to hear,,,still more to come i hope.

  8. Glad I left the NTPS says:

    And let us not forget Giles claiming $375 per day TA because he lists his home as being in Alice Springs, even by his own admission he spends “13 out of 14 days in Darwin”. The greed and self interest seeps down from the top and once the minions see the bosses do it it becomes a free for all. It’s a broken dysfunctional corrupt place where bottom feeders like Karl. Hewitt, Brennan, Davies and the rest thrive. Steer well clear.

    • Work Abandonement Schme says:

      Proud to say this holiday I persuaded two teachers to abandon their idea of coming to teach remote in the NT. This blog also assisted in the informed decision they have made.

  9. ray says:

    Closing the Gap!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Stopping bullying in schools!!!!!!!!!!!
    Booroloola Community threatens to boycot school.
    The ABC reported that Booroloola community identified a problem with their school principal.
    Oh my!! How will the HR team in Darwin defend him this time?
    We wonder what is going through their minds as another community complains?
    We also wonder how DOE HR staff now feel about how they handled grievances by teachers who complained about his unethical and bullying actions at Lajamanu.
    We told you people and you laughed at us, you arseholes.
    PS: What about the bully at Kalkaringi school and his cattle prodder or how he tapped a young indigenous girl to a chair. Ask him why he needs to put a box over a young child’s head or kick furniture and yell at five year old children.

  10. Interesting ABC news story today says:

    your story on 29.09 posted this from mr linked in;
    Mr Linkedin says:
    2015/11/19 at 12:41 pm
    Just like the former Principal of Lajamanu school who was transferred to Booraloola school. Bullying a female teacher until she suffered a nervous breakdown is at odds with his claim of providing assistance and support to struggling teachers.
    Today this has been posted in ABC;

  11. Bystander says:

    As a well appointed legal expert in Darwin told me at a Christmas party, “It is well known that the public sector do whatever they want and no government in the Territory has ever been able to stop them.” The expert also advised anyone working for them “should examine their conscience” in light of the appalling stories in the media in the past year.

  12. Block 4 Insider says:

    If only Dan Bourchier could stop thinking of ways he can pull CLP strings to his own advantage he might write a piece of the quality of this. Fuck off to Canberra and take your dreadful parasitical partner with you. It won’t take long for people to realise what you are down there. Cronyism destroys lives to the benefit of people like these two.

    • Creep says:

      These people have no concern as to the consequences of their actions, and, when the heat becomes unbearable, they flee to Canberra. Its just another example of the lack of accountability and barefaced corruption that exists in the northern territory. You will not be missed.

  13. Fat Bastard says:

    Incredible work CFB. You are a fearless beacon of truth in the cesspool of deceit created by the NTPS, SFNT and DoE.

  14. more front than st kilda pier says:

    Says ‘no to bullying’ but says yes to pulling CLP strings to get his useless partner a job at the expense of someone with something more and better to offer.
    Dan Bourchier. What a guy. What a fucking corrupt arrogant tosser.

    • mister boring says:

      and let us not forget minister Price’s staffer Paul Mossman who is up this year on corruption charges.
      Mate of Bourchier? – check
      Mate of Karl? – check
      How do we know? – because Karl brags about all his CLP mates to anyone unlucky enough to get caught in his company at work for more than 10 seconds.

      • Health Department Manager says:

        Sleaze everywhere you look with this lot.

      • the inner self says:

        Vacuous, turgid conversations with the self named Big Unit. Self absorbed self centered shyte. Because it’s all about you, Karl.
        Boring does not come close to describing the psychic pain it causes.
        (if I hear one more time of name dropping Karl going over to the cafe to have a coffee with Notaras I’ll self admit to Cowdy ward).

  15. who stole my ring piece? says:

    And let us not forget who manages the ‘team’ where Karl stole his job from. None other than useless half wit Megan Howitt wife of none other than serial bully and defamer Phil Brennan. And she is managed by failed CLP candidate Jo Sangster, who we hear has been telling everyone that they have already found replacements for the team when the contract extensions end on 30 January. Any special measures? Were the positions advertised? I’ll wager a flaggon they weren’t.
    Great work CFB team. Keep the pressure on.

    • HR Insider says:

      Howitt has been bullying her staff as well.

      • The Muppet Show says:

        She only manages two people and broke the team. Must be taking advice from equally divisive, team splitting, confirmed in law liar and her husband Facebook Phil Brennan. What a pair of muppets.

    • HR Insider says:

      Howitt has been bullying her staff as well following a false complaint by job thief Karl.

      • Monster says:

        Playing the same games over and over. It’s a job. Howitt – you are supposed to work not plot the career downfall of your latest victim.

        • what a pair of assholes says:

          She sounds as dreadful as her awful husband ‘two faces Phil’. I wonder if they will target anyone else before they go on leave in March for a year.

    • Beaut says:

      Karl and Dan are now long gone, please God….can Phil and Megan follow swiftly?

  16. a christmas elf says:

    Magnificent work.
    The foot stays on the throat. When the mister men return there will be another foot on the guts too.
    HNY all. It looks like 2016 is going to be a fantastic year!

  17. Prison Warden. Darwin. says:

    Phoebe – best mates with Bourchier. Partner of Giles. Karl partner of Bourchier gets sacked from Disability.
    Bourchier speaks to Phoebe who talks to Giles and nudges Notaras et voila! a brand spanker of a job is given to Karl who has nil experience and nil qualifications to do it – in domestic violence (run by Health).
    And who gave Bourchier a free disaster training course? old mate Notaras.
    Now we hear he has been given an extension until the end of January before he clears off to Canberra.
    These people are head to toe corrupt and belong in jail.

    • Me Me Me says:

      No qualifications? are you mad? Karl’s got half a mail order psychology degree from some shit hole.
      He probably pays for it by way of his $20 thousand settlement of his unfair dismissal claim against disability.
      And it did not take him long to start lodging more vexatious complaints of bullying against his colleagues in health.
      cyber bullying? go fuck yourselves you self absorbed pair of entitled wankers.

  18. Phil your boots (are full of shit) says:

    What an incredible effort from the CFB people. I salute your bravery in giving us the truth rather than the shit the department spoon feed us from a rusty spoon. Sleaze and corruption is what the NT public sector is about. Holidays are the time of goodwill to all people, apart from the exec management in the NT public sector. I always ensure that I spread the CFB message as far and wide as I possibly can to ensure the message is understood everywhere. I hope we are all doing the same.

  19. Beaut says:

    Karl has a job with Our Watch, I wonder if Megan Howitt assisted him with a jolly good reference? Will Megan and PHIL follow him during their 12 months leave?

    • WTF? says:

      March cannot come soon enough for Howitt and Brennan to take long leave. But, WTF is Our Watch????

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