Teaching in the Territory: Max Agnew, real name Max Aggro!

Edit 2: The Cardfightback Team thinks someone should report Max Agnew and Jeff Parker to the Teachers Registration Board.  Or lots of us should.  Gather your evidence and submit a formal complaint about any/all of their NEGLIGENT and POSSIBLY CRIMINAL behaviour.  Especially if it has to do with kids and kids’ safety.  DO NOT TELL THE EDUCATION DEPT FIRST, DON’T GIVE THEM ANY WARNING.  Remember, it is Educ Dept that is allowing this to happen.  THEN TELL THE NEWSPAPERS, GET THE STORY OUT!

Agnew, Maxwell Graeme: Full Reg No. 10777  Expires: 31/12/2016

Parker, Jeffrey Raymond: Full Reg No. 5057  Expires: 31/12/2016


Edit 1: A new CE (we wish!): Captain Embarrassment (sorry Phil Brennan, you’re now in 2nd place), click on it to read the story.  Extra points if you manage not to gag at Chandler’s terrible arse-licking:

Department of Education chief executive Ken Davies fined after being caught speeding in a school zone


A new Twitter follower caught the Team’s eye recently, Steve Edgington.

We think Steve, ex-copper from Tennant Creek  – now working in Dept of Chief Minister – might be keeping watch on us making fun of another famous Tenant Creek resident, Dan Bourchier.  A big CFB welcome for Steve everyone!

Twitter followers
Steve Edgington Dept of CM-GilesSteve Edgington DB-Tennant Creek connection

The Cardfightback Team are following the great advice of NT GOV.  It’s called ‘Name and Shame’:
NT Gov Name & Shame

Just like the Catholic Church moving paedophile priests from parish to parish to continue their abuse of children, so too NT Dept of Education moves career-destroying principals from school to school to continue their abuse of teachers.



Following the NT GOV lead, say hello to Max Agnew.  Or Max Aggro as his staff call him.

Max Agnew

Max used to work at Lajamanu.  Some of the staff he rooted (not in the Hylton Hayes way) were George Evers, Margaret Jones and Sonja Blaskovic and there are many more.  We know they complained about him to AEUNT and DoE.

The Aggro got so bad the community were discussing Max with NAAJA and the CLC about how to get rid of him.

There were other teachers and support staff that were done over, for example with him dishonouring promised conditions after they travelled thousands of kilometers for a job, but they’re afraid to speak up – A common problem we find.

Senior DoE managers visited Lajamanu to try and stem the bleeding. The school was full of young new graduates who had contracts because he drove out the mature experienced staff. Many other former staff wrote to DoE senior managers and the AEUNT about this principal’s inappropriate and unethical behaviour. In two years he had driven out at least 16 staff in his quest to ‘reform the school’. The arrogant bully even boasted about it on his LinkedIn page:

Max Agnew LinkedIn

Did you catch the BULLSHIT-propaganda? Same as Ken Dav-L-ies tries to do here: https://teachingintheterritory.wordpress.com

“As a result of performance management increased attendance has been a feature of the school…”

  1. How does Max Aggro measure this?  2. Does he tell us?  3. How does he know it is solely because of this so-called “performance management”?

The answers: 1. He doesn’t.  2. He doesn’t.  3. He doesn’t.  HE’S BULLSHITTING US.  Same as Ken Dav-L-ies tries to do: https://teachingintheterritory.wordpress.com

Does anyone else in NT Dept of Education try to BULLSHIT us?  Oh yes.  Here is Tony Considine

Tony Considine

BULLSHITTING us about Direct Instruction at Max Aggro‘s latest school in Borroloola:


After bringing the ABC to witness the latest DoE attempt at teaching a foreign langange (English) the wrong way – AKA Direct Instruction – Mr Considine said:

“It was clearly evident that students with good attendance progress in their literacy quickly when studying using the Direct Instruction technique.”

Clearly evident Tony?!  Show us the figures.  Explain your methodology.  Let’s see your evidence.
The CFB Team think the only thing “clearly evident” is: even after 29 years in education you don’t have a fucking clue what you’re talking about.  Just feeding us more BULLSHIT & SPIN.

How ironic that it was the ABC who came back to Borroloola to see Max in action, now with the whole community against him.  Read what the community have to say about Max Aggro, IT’S POWERFUL STUFF:

“Elders in the community have complained to both the Education Department and Minister about what they describe as a culture of bullying at the school.”

“We will have to stop the kids going to school until we get an answer back from both the Education Department and the Minister,” Mr Rory said.

“This is the first principal to ever come in here and do this stuff now. We never had that in our life.”


He even got rid of Ken Duncan, long time Assistant Principal, and his wife who worked for the NLC, both were loved by many in the school and community.

So what did wanker Aggro have to say to defend himself?

“The principal was not available to comment but the Education Department released a statement through a spokesperson.”

Max is available to talk about Direct Instruction and how he gets rid of teachers he doesn’t like….but nothing to say about community threatening to keep their kids at home because of his bullying!!!

“A Dept spokesperson said”….  WHAT AN INSULT.  You can’t even put your name to it anymore Weber, you sick little coward, hiding behind “spokesperson”.

The department defended the current principal as an expert in his field, and cited successful tenures in schools across the Northern Territory and Queensland.”

Does that include Lajamanu we wonder?

Yet again NT DoE is destroying our kids’ education in their continuing support of another bullying principal.  But it doesn’t matter because it’s just more blackfellas….right Mrs Weber?  Would you let Max get away with this CRAP if he was at Casuarina Senior College or Darwin High?  No fucking way.  But Lajamanu and Borroloola, they’re just blackfella country, who gives a shit about them, right Mrs Weber?

This is not the first time of course…Max Agnew had similar problems at Lajamanu and just like those paedophile priests he was moved somewhere else.

Will anything happen to Max for all the problems he is causing?  Not according to his wife who was advising everyone that nothing will happen to her husband because “he is good mates with Trevor Watts and they worked together in Qld.”

try & stop us

Now that Trevor Watts has retired….and with Laurie Andrew taking over….maybe something will be done?

Not likely, Laurie Andrew has a history of covering things up for his employer, hiding sexual assault against children allegations – you’ll fit right in at NT Dept of Education seeing as they did it for years:


How many complaints have to be received about this bloke and how many times will Laurie Andrew have to go and support him before anything is done to help those being bullied?

And to Hell with the kids’ education….who cares about that?!

Here are some questions we’d like answered about MAX AGNEW:

How his wife was able to access a teachers aide position at Lajamanu and how she again was able to get a teachers aide postion at Booroloola even though these positions were only for Indigenous applicants.

How he restricted staff to one business day per term and only if the other teachers covered your class while he and his wife were able to take three business days combined with a public holiday to purchase a retirement property in Nth Qld.

How he lured the last four annciliary staff who worked in the school kitchen to Lajamanu and then changed their contract conditions when they got there. Both couples wrote to management about him.

How the three grievances lodged against him…and counting….are going.

Why it was OK to pressure a long standing remote teacher into a nervous breakdown in an effort to force her out of the school. This was a lady who had worked in Lajamanu for 13 years and was loved by the community. She taught sunday school and sang with the children. She also opened her classroom in the afternoons to teach music.

He took her off early childhood class and gave her the middle school girls who she had already taught in early childhood. He gave her the hardest class in the school with the worst behaviour and worst attendance patterns. She also supported her aged mother and disabled sister. Other staff witnessed him bullying her. The office administrator and senior teacher witnessed his actions and raised their concerns.

What did Laurie Andrew and Trevor Watts do about this teacher.

Why he felt it was ok to denigrate Indigenous staff at meetings when they were not present.

Why a new building with two classrooms was used as a gym while the high school classes were next to Primary classrooms.

What the CLC rangers co-ordinator will tell us about his planning for the 2014 and 2015 bush camps.

And then there’s all those serious pool safety breaches that will be reported shortly….

We hear that ABC national reporting team and Koori Mail are asking questions about Mr Parker and his cattle prodder at Kalkaringi.  And so they should be.  Another dangerous principal?…..Jeff Parker, if those allegations are true then you should be put in jail & your Best Principal award chucked in the bin.


Fingers crossed the truth comes out.
CFB Team.

ps: this story above is a good example of wilful blindness.  It’s also called negligence for all you legal eagles out there.  Looking the other way when you know things have turned to shit and people are suffering.  Classic NT Dept of Education behaviour.

If only we could vote career bureaucraps like Ken Dav-L-ies & Catherine Weber out like we do with pollies!  Or even better….drag them into Court for their behaviour!!!

Here’s a great TED talk about it and the damage it causes.
The best bit comes from about 5m 57 secs in.  Enjoy and share!


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125 Responses to Teaching in the Territory: Max Agnew, real name Max Aggro!

  1. I really enjoy looking through on this site, it has got great posts.

  2. Kindergarten Cop says:

    I worked at Lajamanu under Max. Really screwed up my career. Sad thing is all 3 schools I have taught at had a dictator like Max. I woke up to **** ********, another principal, sucking my penis after he drugged me one evening at a BBQ. He tried to bully me into a relationship and I was denied workers compensation after I resigned because it happened at his house and therefore was unrelated to my employment. Erica Prosser, Roebourne DHS was another psychopath. She bullied staff, destroyed careers and accussed me of grooming a six year old girl (because I spent 1 on 1 time reading to her in the classroom). I dont understand why there are ppl like this in the world, but I guess these experiences have at least opened my eyes to what Indigenous people have had to face for the last 200yrs. I wish I wasnt so naive to actually think the DOE actually gave a shit when I complained, only made my life worse by complaining.

  3. Psychology Today says:

    Shame is what a bully attempts to hide. As noted in a previous PT blog (Do Bullies Really Have Low Self-Esteem?) bullies have high self-esteem, but they are very shame-prone— they are anxious about the exposure of their failures or shortcomings. Their mean behavior toward others keeps their self-esteem high because it takes their own and others’ attention away from the parts of themselves about which they are ashamed (Thomaes, Bushman, Stegge & Olthof, 2008). Thus, the bully gives away his shame by denigrating you and, as a result, a bully will make you experience shame about your own inadequacies. This will relieve him of any anxiety that his own shame will be exposed. And you will be left experiencing anxiety and humiliation.

    • Boy with Box on his head says:

      When an adult bullies a child, it is referred to as psychological, emotional or verbal abuse. According to the American Psychological Association, it is as harmful as sexual or physical abuse. “Children who are emotionally abused and neglected face similar and sometimes worse mental health problems as children who are physically or sexually abused, yet psychological abuse is rarely addressed in prevention programs or in treating victims, according to a new study published by the American Psychological Association.”[1]

      • Truth Teller says:

        Catherine, especially for you. Enjoy the banter between you two. This came from guess who? He was then writing as the Leader on other part of this site. He is one sick dick. Yes, teachers should be able to spell, know curriculum, do reports, and not interfere with other teachers in the course of the day. ‘You are wilfully ignoring me.’ Oh and not write 50 emails a day, in a threatening manner. Yes something going on alright. History calls it lunacy except this not to do with lunar cycle. Don’t you love the bullying insults?

        Dear mister Jeff Parker,
        the north korean government confirm your order for 250 electric cattle prongs. It’ll be with you soon you fat imperialist bastard.
        Kim Jung Un (nearly as fat as you).
        Physical Bully: While adult bullying rarely turns to physical confrontation, there are, nonetheless, bullies that use physicality. In some cases, the adult bully may not actually physically harm the victim, but may use the threat of harm, or physical domination through looming. ‘You are wilfully ignoring me.’

        • Ben says:

          Your comparison is nothing short of the lowest form of humour, generally in keeping the rest of the crop on this site. Jeff Parker has been cleared and he has community support. If he didn’t he would of gone many years ago. Your comments are direct insults to every local parent in this town that supports their principal. As if we wouldn’t have the power to remove him if we wanted. The main thing missing from this entire site is any community member voices.

          • Some people says:

            Oh well you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.
            Generally it is difficult to fool a Police Investigation though, especially when they have the required evidence.
            As for why he wasn’t removed long ago his employer will need to examine what happened previously and explain their actions.
            As for seeking community members voices, one just has to ask organisations such as the NT DOE, The Office of the Prime Minister, Vic/Daly Shire and NAAJA to name a few that have dealt with community members concerns in relation to this person. The only problem you will have is getting those organisations to reveal what records they have. You know, the old FOI problem again.
            Keep a look out for the NT Court listings though, that will alert you to how the Police investigation is going.
            If he was cleared why is he gone?
            Instead of people putting up banners and starting petitions, we would recommend that before you decide to throw your hat in to support someone, that you do your homework first so you don’t make a fool of yourself.

          • Community Member says:

            Well Ben, was it you who put the banner up at the airstrip pleading for our principal to be returned?
            If it was, you have clearly demonstrated how shallow your relationship with this community was.
            In light of current developments about him being reported to the Police by his employer, it would seem someone actually covered up for him back then.
            In regards to your claim of having community support, you again demonstrate your limited relationship with this community.
            Yes he managed to deceive a few, but not the majority.
            Currently he does not have anywhere near every parent in the community supporting him.
            You would also be wise to enquire about the complaints that have been made about this person.
            We suggest instead of you getting on the celebration bandwagon and putting up banners on others behalf that you examine the evidence before you hang your hat with him.

  4. Little boys & girls says:

    Physical Bully: While adult bullying rarely turns to physical confrontation, there are, nonetheless, bullies that use physicality. In some cases, the adult bully may not actually physically harm the victim, but may use the threat of harm, or physical domination through looming.

    • Boy with Box on his head says:

      When an adult bullies a child, it is referred to as psychological, emotional or verbal abuse. According to the American Psychological Association, it is as harmful as sexual or physical abuse. “Children who are emotionally abused and neglected face similar and sometimes worse mental health problems as children who are physically or sexually abused, yet psychological abuse is rarely addressed in prevention programs or in treating victims, according to a new study published by the American Psychological Association.”[1]

  5. Face up to your mistakes says:

    A real man will be honest no matter how painful the truth is. A coward hides behind lies and deceit.

    • Boy with Box on his head says:

      When an adult bullies a child, it is referred to as psychological, emotional or verbal abuse. According to the American Psychological Association, it is as harmful as sexual or physical abuse. “Children who are emotionally abused and neglected face similar and sometimes worse mental health problems as children who are physically or sexually abused, yet psychological abuse is rarely addressed in prevention programs or in treating victims, according to a new study published by the American Psychological Association.”[1]

  6. Bob Marley says:

    The biggest coward is the man who awakens a womans’s love with no intention of loving her.

  7. Cancerian says:

    Well, well well. It is an interesting read, it seems as though they are doing exactly the same thing in their current town of Borroloola. And yes, he has managed to give his wife a role within the school as a Tutor. (Surely, this is not acceptable). It is also a concern to hear that he has loaded all of the challenging, high risk students into the one class, onto an experienced teacher and trying to force that teacher into leaving of their own accord, by being a bully and advising other staff members not to associate with the teacher with a bad attitude. The only person that has a bad attitude is the Principal and how he is destroying this community. Some of the town people are standing up to him and resisting his authoritarian ways and character. It was a shame to lose so many experienced teachers at the end of 2015.

    • you bastard says:

      Come on people speak up this is deja vu. Exactly what happened to Sonja at Lajamanu in 2014. Max Agro needs to thrown in the nearest crocodile infested river.

    • Shelly Te Hatu says:

      Concerned Community Member
      Some of the town and staff people are siding with Max what a shame.

      • Look carefully? says:

        Fundamentally speaking, are humans good or bad? It’s a question that has repeatedly been asked throughout humanity. For thousands of years, philosophers have debated whether we have a basically good nature that is corrupted by society, or a basically bad nature that is kept in check by society.

    • TOX says:

      Some of the town people and staff are standing for to him, what kind of people are they.

      • don't be fooled says:

        In a mobbing situation, the ringleader incites supporters, cohorts, copycats and unenlightened, inexperienced, immature or emotionally needy individuals with poor values to engage in adversarial interaction with the selected target. The ringleader, or chief bully, gains gratification from encouraging others to engage in adversarial interaction with the target. Many

    • Mad Max says:

      Some of the town people and staff are standing up for him. It is a shame these people follow the characteristics of Max.

      • don't be fooled says:

        Do you know the story of ”Jekyll and Hyde”? The one is vile, vicious and vindictive in private, yet innocent and charming in front of witnesses. Nobody is willing to believe that this person has a vicious side to him – it is only the victim of the bully that is too familiar with his maliciousness and his aggression.

  8. Plate Smasher says:

    The supposedly learned and now less than Honourable leader of Borroloola school was offered some robust advice from an underling which had he thought about same for a moment may have ended this sorry affair. Oh well, a bully is a bully is a bully and they don’t change but it is nice to see them stop in their tracks now and then.

    • More NT Educ Dept LIES....the truth will come out soon. says:

      In case NTN deletes the article:

      Principal under investigation for allegedly chasing student with cattle prod

      February 17, 2016 11:57am

      The Department of Education are investigating claims a principal chased an eight-year-old disable student with a cattle prod

      THE principal of a remote area school was reported to the Department of Education after allegedly chasing after an eight-year-old disabled student with a cattle prod, among a string of other incidents.

      Leaked ministerial emails also accuse the principal of having taped a girl to a table to restrain her, and presiding over a culture of staff intimidation and bullying.

      The NT News understands the boy who was allegedly chased with a cattle prod suffered from learning difficulties as a result of foetal alcohol syndrome, a condition which is prevalent in some remote communities.

      The girl taped to a desk was described as “troubled” and “naughty” and the principal allegedly justified restraining her to the desk because she was visiting the bathroom too often.

      The emails say two witnesses to the “cattle prod incident” signed statutory declarations confirming their account of events.

      “There is no way this can be dressed up,” an email from a concerned community member says.

      A complaint is also understood to have been lodged with the Teachers Registration Board, which can strip a teacher of their right to teach on character or competency grounds.

      In a statement, a Department of Education spokeswoman confirmed that a complaint had been received about the incident.

      “The Department is currently investigating these matters. No further comment can be made about this situation until the investigation is completed,” the statement said.

      The spokeswoman confirmed that there was a cattle prod kept at the school.

      “It has been appropriate for a cattle prod to exist at (the school) to eliminate a feral dog problem which has plagued the school in the past,” she said, adding that the feral dog problem no longer existed, but that the cattle prod remained at the school.

      The principal, who has won awards for excellence in the past, has not been stood down over the complaint.

      The spokeswoman said the Department was committed to student welfare and safety.

      “The primary objective for the Department of Education is to ensure that the students attending (the school) are provided with a high-quality teaching and learning program and a safe learning environment to ensure that they can achieve the best possible educational outcomes,” she said.

      • Ray says:

        A feral dog problem!!
        Good try Mr Parker!!
        There is no feral dog problem in Kalkaringi community and we are reliably informed there never has been.
        We understand that a concerned community member complained about his use of his cattle prodder on community family pets who follow their families to the school and hang around for handouts after breakfast and lunch.
        How many school principals have a cattle prodder in their office?
        Would that happen at Darwin Middle School or King’s College in Sydney?
        Why did that little boy run away from the school when his principal came out of the building with his cattle prodder?
        Did he know what it was?
        Has he seen it used before?
        What did he think his principal was going to do?

        • concernedmember says:

          Yes there has been a feral dog problem in the community and at the school. This has as much credibility as the allegation Mr Parker admitted he taped a child to a desk. He has not admitted this or admitted this, according to those in the know. Again allegations, from probably the morbidly obese ex teacher, currently suspended from duty, who is semi illiterate, quote ‘of coarse’ as he repeatedly writes, as a vexatious litigant. The same teacher who has to undergo a psychiatric test, and asked for an uprising, ‘rise up everybody, rise up’, before being told to go home, like a puppy dog. Same teacher, been kicked out of four communities so it is said, and man handled a teacher at Kal and a student at Laj. The ‘dick’ as he is called.

          • Boy with Box on his head says:

            When an adult bullies a child, it is referred to as psychological, emotional or verbal abuse. According to the American Psychological Association, it is as harmful as sexual or physical abuse. “Children who are emotionally abused and neglected face similar and sometimes worse mental health problems as children who are physically or sexually abused, yet psychological abuse is rarely addressed in prevention programs or in treating victims, according to a new study published by the American Psychological Association.”[1]

    • Ray says:

      What has he to say? It’s just a frivolous and vexatious complaint.

      • If there is no evidence then it didn't happen says:

        I agree @Ray, sounds like some jealous staff trying to bring a Principal of the Year Award winner down to their level. Where is the evidence? , nowhere. Vexatious is right!

        • Ray says:

          Testimony and presentation of documents, records, objects, and other such items relating to the existence or non-existence of alleged or disputed facts into which a court enquires.

          data presented to a court or jury in proof of the facts in issue and which may include the testimony of witnesses, records, documents, or objects.

          There are several types of evidence, depending on the form or source. Evidence governs the use of testimony (e.g., oral or written statements, such as an affidavit), exhibits (e.g., physical objects), documentary material, or demonstrative evidence, which are admissible (i.e., allowed to be considered by the trier of fact, such as jury) in a judicial or administrative proceeding (e.g., a court of law).

          • concernedmember says:

            There is no evidence, just crap, Ray or Geoff or Core or whoever u are.

            • Karma says:

              Concerned member, if you are so worried the best thing to do is take Ray’s advice and take your concerns to law.
              May we suggest you take the time to watch a movie called ‘Spotlight’ with Michael Keaton? As a matter of fact we would recommend it to everyone.
              It really shines a light on a troubling issue that many tried hard to hide and avoid dealing with. You might come to the same conclusion as many would, that it is only a matter of time before your past catches up with you and someone knocks on your door.

              • Truth Teller says:

                To Karma, Because you are an obviously vexatious litigant as others have testified who most likely doesn’t work, spending all day grinding out emails. You are not Michael Keaton. Your nuts. No law was broken at the school except by ‘the dick’ as he is called, who terrified and harassed young teachers. My belief is that you are writing nearly all the critical emails here. I work for a living not waste time with crap. Also big, big, party planned when ‘dick’ leaves. Oh and they did knock on ‘dick’s’ door, many times.

        • Boy with Box on his head says:

          When an adult bullies a child, it is referred to as psychological, emotional or verbal abuse. According to the American Psychological Association, it is as harmful as sexual or physical abuse. “Children who are emotionally abused and neglected face similar and sometimes worse mental health problems as children who are physically or sexually abused, yet psychological abuse is rarely addressed in prevention programs or in treating victims, according to a new study published by the American Psychological Association.”[1]

          • Truth Teller says:

            Gawd, how many names do you write under? If you are, who many believe you are, do you realise, that the teachers you physically and emotionally abused are still suffering PTSD? ‘Rise up, rise up……’ Yet you have the gall to quote learned papers. There was no child abused ‘dick’ as you are known in the community, except in your fanciful imagination, oh and the one physically abused by you at??????. Most staff have had to get restraining orders against your continuous stream of fanciful emails full of crap. You are a nobody, except as a crazy, non working, bastard litigant, who has wreaked havoc in any number of communities, including one where you assaulted a young lad. Nutty as a fruit cake.

            • boy with box on his head says:

              Post-traumatic stress disorder (sometimes called PTSD) is a form of anxiety disorder. Some people develop this condition after they have experienced a traumatic event. This event might be a serious accident, physical or sexual assault, war or torture, or a natural disaster such as a bushfire or a flood. Strong reactions such as fear, horror, anger, sadness and hopelessness are natural after events like these, of course. In most cases, these feelings will pass after the normal working-through of emotions and talking things over in your own time with family, friends or colleagues.

              • Truth Teller says:

                The bully who caused PTSD, and physical harm, to a number of people at Kal, now writes it will pass. Good try, at that one. You are crazy! you justify your cruel actions by thinking or wanting to believe it will pass. Read more carefully. One poor teacher still has a painful wrist where you grabbed him. Hopefully you are gone soon!

                • Give us more detail says:

                  Man this person sounds nuts.
                  What is going on in this “Kal” place?
                  I understand there was a high powered investigation into the actions of the Principal threatening a child with a cattle prodder and teachers bullying students at Kalkarindji, is that what you are referring to?

                • Catherine says:

                  Truth teller, you seem to be a lone voice at odds with the real truth!
                  You obviously follow this blog and it seems that you just don’t get what it is about.
                  We suggest you do some research around bullying and mobbing so you might realise that comments like those below do not really help you to convince others of your cause.
                  – “morbidly obese ex teacher”
                  – “semi illiterate”
                  – “vexatious litigant”
                  – “like a puppy dog”
                  – “the ‘dick”
                  – “your nuts”
                  – “full of crap”
                  – “you are a nobody, except as a crazy, non working, bastard litigant”
                  These comments indicate you are trying to deflect attention from something!

                  • Truth Teller says:

                    Catherine, the problem is no crime happened. As you may be also the same litigant writing under yest another name, presents some facts as I do. You are smearing innocent people with innuendo. I know full well the nature of this site, and people at Kal shake their head in disbelief at the manty accusations BUT NO PROOF!! No crime was committed. The boy was not assaulted. You don’t get it, do you? You can ruin a person’s career with blind accusations and the innocent are smeared forever. Have you any knowledge Catherine the not so Great, or are you simply hiding the truth? Piss off then. If this vexatious litigant keeps going to further schools, a class action should be planned, to the Department for knowingly putting teachers at mental and physical risk. Again Catherine, if you know something say it. Otherwise nick off.

                    • Nick Off says:

                      Oh Mr Truth Teller! Your comments seem somewhat muddled and leaves us a little confused about what your cause is. We understand there was a lengthy investigation at Kalkarindji and senior managers are sitting on the report of the investigator trying to work out what to do with the principal there. Some seem to think DOE are in a bind because they knowingly sent this person back to that school after he was counselled for taping a young child to her desk to stop her going to the toilet. If this is true then it seems senior managers are appropriately worried about how this will reflect on them. We can but wait until the report is finally presented in some forum and like many other bullies the game will be finally up, like Mr Barrett has recently experienced.

                    • Light and Easy says:

                      Sounds like a good idea Truth Teller, get him into court where all will be revealed under the disclosure process.

                    • Truth Teller says:

                      Dearest Nick Off writing under yet another name, It is you who should be named as shamed. There was no incident unless you have any evidence which you don’t. You will be moved to yet another school BUT this time Department maybe sued for letting a known physical and mental danger be put in a place of trust. You are a danger to students and teachers alike. People have had enough after series of schools with same problem and teachers have begun to talk after 4th school with same shit each time. Enough is enough of you not working and just blowing smoke up people’s arse. First you started with the cattle prod, and went to see the mother of alleged victim. She told you no incident had happened. You go to NT News. Now the taping you have moved to. Again…. no incident but if it means you not working, you pursue it. You are a dangerous threat each school you work at. Teachers are now communicating that fact. Look out! Truth Teller signing off for last time. Also if you know something of report, say it. Teachers understanding is all clear given. Who will be moved? Duhhhhhhhhhhhh

            • phantom says:

              Phantom’s life is a lonely one.

              • Duhhhhhhhhhhhh says:

                Well, now the world knows what happens in the NT, thank god almighty for aunty and 4 corners as well as those like NAAJA who persisted until the truth was revealed. What else is now going to be investigated about how indigenous children are treated?
                It doesn’t matter “truth teller” whether you think you can hide from accountability by bullying those who stand up to you and your ilk. DOE have the evidence and it will be dragged out of them eventually, just like Don Dale. Don’t forget that knock on the door by 4 corners can come at the least expected time. Maybe it will be during Freedom Week? How will you explain to your loved ones the lies you told them? Mr Giles and Mr Effferlinkedin are discovering that their racist and unethical attitude towards those they have responsibility for will be held to account by the greater public as being offensive are wrong. We know we cannot change you, but we can hold you to account for marginalising these children until they end up in the legal system with no future. What about that troubled boy you hit on the head and the others you threw rocks at and called gay? People who tape young children to desks are no different to people who strapped that boy into that chair. People who threaten children with electric cattle prodders are like those who use tear gas on children. People who scream at the children they are charged with caring for are not suitable as principals caring for children at risk or managing young inexperienced new graduates. Would you allow your young child to be treated in this manner you hypocrite? As for being sued why don’t you take your case to court?
                It’s simple, under disclosure all evidence and information is revealed isn’t it? Truth is, like all bullies you just can’t cope with someone standing up to you can you? I’m going no where bully boy.

            • Gawd says:

              Bejasus knows .Scon are still tryin’ ter work oyt waaat a langer litigant is.

              a person born of parents not married to each other.
              an unpleasant or despicable person.
              born of parents not married to each other; illegitimate.
              (of a thing) no longer in its pure or original form; debased.

              a person involved in a lawsuit.
              involved in a lawsuit.

              • Truth Teller says:

                Gees, ‘dick’ you can’t even do definitions properly. The noun for litigant is as follows:a person involved in a lawsuit.synonyms:litigator, opponent in law, opponent, contestant, contender, disputant, plaintiff, claimant, complainant, petitioner, appellant, respondent, party, interest, defendant, accused, “a litigant in civil proceedings”. this is the ‘dick from Kal for sure! Oh and bastard: in the informal sense is: an unpleasant or despicable person. Gees, you have given some select people the best laugh, along with ‘of coarse’ ‘scared for life’ now your misuse of definitions. We are thinking of setting up a web page. as you are famous and a legend for all the wrong reasons. Possibly a result from not having worked this year, and when you did causing immense psychological damage to young teachers. 2016 is your year! Or as you would write it ‘yor yeeer’. Dumb as dog poo!

                • Phantom says:

                  There are times when the Phantom leaves the jungle and walks the streets of the town like an ordinary man.

                • Boy with box on his head says:

                  Verbal Bullying is the use of words to taunt, threaten, insult, embarrass, put down, swear at, mock or intimidate the victim alone or in front of others.
                  Verbal bullying is said to be the most common form of bullying in Australia.
                  Verbal remarks, jokes, sarcasm, teasing and discriminatory name calling could be considered as funny and part of the social dynamic for bullies, but in reality, such remarks can make people feel shy, self-conscious, hopeless and lead to insecurity.
                  Our work with bullies and bully victims indicate that verbal content, i.e. what the bully says; is usually what the bully is feeling. The bully is thus, attracted to the victim because they may think the victim is powerless, weak, helpless and non-assertive.

                • Little boys and girls says:

                  Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.

                  “Sticks and Stones” is an English language children’s rhyme. It persuades the child victim of name-calling to ignore the taunt, to refrain from physical retaliation, and to remain calm and good-natured.

                  What is bullying?
                  Bullying is when people repeatedly and intentionally use words or actions against someone or a group of people to cause distress and risk to their wellbeing. These actions are usually done by people who have more influence or power over someone else, or who want to make someone else feel less powerful or helpless.

  9. AEU NT are as bad as Lying Dept of Educ NT says:

    @AEU NT Member (below) – here is what your Education Union are doing, spending all the hard earned $$ on protecting the husband of one of the Executive. They all knew about it but spent TENS OF THOUSANDS OF YOUR DOLLARS anyway – WITHOUT ASKING THE MEMBERS:


    Here’s what the President said when asked for clarification:

    “Mr Ryan, who was not a member of the executive at the time of the vote, would not clarify the union’s protocols regarding funding teachers’ legal representation in a criminal case, and would not reveal if this was a stand-alone case.”

    More COVER-UP….just like Educ Dept.

    • nerrbu says:

      AEU NT a Union????? more like DoE bureaucrats in waiting . . . with all their diatribe of circular “advice” spiraling to guess where, when you need their support – yep, you got it in one – NOWHERE. Had to tell spell it out to them after being asked: “What exactly do you want from me (JR – President)?” So they do need to be told how to suck eggs while sucking up our fees that pay for their jobs. My reply to JR – “Go into bat for me, what else??!!” Well, I don’t hold out much hope when he’s so busy looking after the big boys and girls at the top of the ladder. Fifteen years of bullying and threats from those at the top and they still can’t get rid of me – because I fight back, because they have nothing on me, because this is my hard earned profession, because this is where I live and because if I have to be held accountable I make sure senior management are as well. I’ve been on their black list for years and I couldn’t give a flying but when push comes to shove and looks like it could be soon, I won’t settle for anything less than what they deserve: EX-POSING. Stay strong CTs new, young and older.

    • Overworked teacher says:

      So Mr. Ryan you are concerned about our workloads and want us to participate in your survey.
      Yes, that will resonate with members, unfortunately there are more pressing issues you should be addressing, like bullying of teachers by principals unethical behaviours that results in destruction of teachers health and careers.
      Yes, we would all like to work less, but we really want is someone to fight for us and ensure our principals are held accountable for their behaviours.
      It would also be very reassuring to know that the AEU was holding senior staff to the policies they have carefully formulated, but do not adhere too.

  10. Threatening kids is a POLICE MATTER says:
    • Concerned fathers says:

      Ken is a small boy who has trouble settling down in class and often misbehaves. His teacher does not like him and feels it is OK to encourage some of the other students with stronger literacy and numeracy skills to bully him into behaving. Basically this teacher encourages other students to shame Ken to comply and be quiet because Ken knows that if he makes an attempt and comes up short he will be shamed in front of the whole class. So Ken does what he knows will work to avoid the shame, he misbehaves and presses his teachers buttons until his teacher pushes him out of the classroom and locks him out of the building. The Principal allows Ken to roam the school and ignores him hoping he will go away. This is not likely because Ken’s mother and siblings are still at school.

      Would you be surprised if we told you that Ken is a ten year old Indigenous student in a famous remote indigenous community in the NT? It may surprise you to know that he is a regular attender at school, but is basically illiterate in the English language.
      He comes to school because mum values education and works as a teachers aide at the same school. Mum is on her own with three children and this year had to live in a tin shed about the size of your average garden shed. She tries her best and worries about her children, especially Ken. What has closing the gap done for Ken and his family? Would this treatment of Ken be tolerated in Canberra? Ken like most of his family is a survivor. He comes to school, gets breakfast and lunch, but misses out on an education. He has learnt the most important life skill of all, to survive as best he can and he is also learning what he needs to do to get what he wants. Unfortunately many Indigenous boys who survive to their teenage years reach a point where depression takes over and they may take part in very anti-social activities or even take their own lives.

      We listened to Adam Goodes and Stan Grant in 2014 and were inspired by their passion and commitment. This year we applaud General Morrison for his passion. Like him as white middle-aged males we believe there is a change in the tide happening in Australia and our conscience is beginning to recognize the wrongs that have taken place, and are still taking place. Wake up people, what if Ken was your son or grandson? Someone please ask the Northern territory government why the principal of this boy’s school thinks it is OK to chase another young boy like Ken off the school grounds with a “Cattle Prodder” designed to give electric shocks to 300kg animals in a road train or thinks it is OK to kick furniture and scream at six year old children to scare them to behave or comply with his instructions.

      • Laetitia says:

        Do you think Ken or his mother would want to share their story with the ABC? lemke.laetitia@abc.net.au

        • Please tell the MEDIA says:

          Hopefully lots of DoE staff do!

        • Come and ask us says:

          This year is the 50th anniversary of the Walk Off. The members of this community would be happy to talk to someone willing to listen to our concerns and tell the rest of Australia how the “closing the gap” policy is working, NOT.
          Put in some time and ask us how we feel about what our school does for us, NOT.

        • Truth Teller says:

          Well yes, if you knew her story? She has it is reliably informed signed a statement saying nothing happened to her son, Although she was visited apparently by an obese gentleman who tried to coerce her into saying so. The good lady told him where to go. What did the fat man do? He wrote to the NT News saying it happened. Who could that have been? Let me think? Big fat man, cannot teach, has worked a couple of days in six months, makes up lies on spur of moment, writes 50 emails a day, cannot spell, asked a school to ‘rise up, rise up’, kicked out of 4 communities, does not know definitions of words ???? Hmmmmmm, Oh I know the guy who writes under 20 names at card fightback. The bloody ‘dick; from Kal. That guy! The vexatious litigant who hides at home, and bullies from afar and writes PTSD can be cured by a talk! Gawd the bloody cheek!

          • Cheeky says:

            “She has it is reliably informed” not sure what is happening with your vocabulary use here!
            Do you mean, your trying to explain that you or others are reliably informed about what this mother has stated?

  11. TC stands for Total Cockmuncher says:

    Tony Considine sounds like a really smart guy.

    • TC stands for Tit Crease says:

      Only really smart people work for NT DoE. The best of the best.

    • TC stands for Threefold C*nt says:

      Our school loves this site!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • TC stands for Testicle Crust says:

      Ours too 🙂 Can’t believe we still work for tis mob.

    • TC stands for Transvestite Clearly. says:

      He looks like a chick.

      • TC stands for Tiny Cock says:

        looks like he just shit his pants to me

        • Boy with Box on his head says:

          When an adult bullies a child, it is referred to as psychological, emotional or verbal abuse. According to the American Psychological Association, it is as harmful as sexual or physical abuse. “Children who are emotionally abused and neglected face similar and sometimes worse mental health problems as children who are physically or sexually abused, yet psychological abuse is rarely addressed in prevention programs or in treating victims, according to a new study published by the American Psychological Association.”[1]

      • TC stands for Terminal Carbuncle says:

        I wouldn’t touch her with yours mate!

    • TC stands for Truly Craptastic says:


      • TC stands for Tubby Carpetbagger says:

        Tony Considine is a joke – a best fit for NT Dept of Education. Bunch of Clowns.

  12. Teachers Watching You says:

    Hey Ken are you and your mates listening?

    • FOI them, FOI them, FOI them. says:

      They listen but they DON’T CARE AT ALL about you or your education problems (or the kids’ education which is suffering because of all the strife). Haven’t you read anything on this blog?! Does it look like they are changing their ways? They’ll keep doing it until either: a) you take them to court, personally, so that Dav-L-ies and his balding mine-me little Hitler Weber have to front up in person and it gets covered by the media and assuming you don’t settle out of court seeing as the government has more money than you to enable them to do this or b) the Government changes and a new, real Education Minister, replaces them with people who: can actually do the job properly, stop harassing teachers on the front line and can introduce education policies that work for a change. These 2 clueless oxygen-thieves couldn’t run an errand to the local shop, never mind a Dept of Education….unless of course you count ‘run it into the ground’ as running it…..which is what they’re doing, while pumping up their own Super and adding a few more investment properties to their portfolios, much like the Agnews are doing now or should I say being allowed to do by those 2 at the top. Max Agnew is being supported by them to do what he is doing to you and your teacher friends. Weber and Dav-L-ies could stop it tomorrow if they chose to, but they choose not to. It’s a choice, remember that, a negligent one, remember that too. Wilful blindness is a crime. Remember that too!!!!!
      Collect as much evidence as you can about as many of them as you can. Send Freedom of Information [FOI] requests until you can send no more. Encourage all your friends to do the same. They usually have a pathetically under-qualified little FOI office person in there who can’t handle the job, bury them under applications, reviews and then complaints to the Information Commissioner’s Office. It only takes a few minutes to submit and takes them a shit load of time to process. Make the bastards work for their dirty money!!!

      • Agree with FOI them, FOI them, FOI them. says:

        HEAR HEAR! Well said and great advice on the Freedom Of Information bit. 🙂

    • Is that a skeleton coming out of your closet Mr Andrew or are you just pleased to see me? says:

      Bet there is more sh1t to come out abt Laurie Andrew.

      • Laurie Andrew, as dangerous as Hylton Hayes says:

        Laurie Andrew….ur up next:
        Chucked out of WA. Didn’t inform parents of sexual abuse allegations in Tasmania. Now guiding Max Aggro in NT. We all know how this is going to turn out…..can’t seem to keep a job for long Mr Andrew, can you. Why the Hell have we got to put up with your dangerous incompetence here in the NT?

        Maybe you could move to NT Health Dept this time, Phil Brennan’s been keeping a seat warm for you. Seeing as he’s leaving soon too!

        • Vincent Lingiari says:

          Mr Andrew’s quote “The school places the highest priority on student safety and takes all possible measures to ensure that students are provided with a safe and supportive environment,” Mr Andrew said.

  13. Believers in Karma says:

    I know what you are thinking, you think why is there a photo of Mrs. Agnew on this blog. Maybe you feel that is a bit rough. Don’t be fooled this lady has supported her man all the way. She was happy to support her man while he damaged other lives, this is called Karma.

    • Wilful Blindness from Mrs Aggro says:

      she takes the benefits of it and steals job from Indigenous peopel, she deserves all she gets….sack ’em both!!!

      • The Scrap Heap says:

        Where’s next for the Aggros??? Is anywhere worse than Lajamanu and Borroloola?

        • We Are The People Who Rule The World says:

          The NT is a great place to start an empire AND that pension filler. Fuck “wish we came here years ago”, control a school, take out our frustrations of failure on all those other folks, employ ourselves and be arse holes. All backed up by our employer.
          “I wish I was in dixie harah harah why down north dixie!”
          Big carpet bags here ya’all!

        • No not us says:

          Check the NT Jobs website, many Principal and Deputy positions up for grabs.
          We have heard there are a number of Principals off work on stress leave as well.
          Lajamanu and Booroloola communities both deserved better than the Aggros. No remote community school should be inflicted with these two.
          Maybe they should be given one of those Darwin Schools looking for a new principal.

          • Overworked teacher says:

            Come on the ABC. Don’t let DOE kill the story, get out and talk to that community about what is happening about their concerns. What has happened? Follow it up, don’t just let it go. If DOE did something to remedy the community’s concerns tell us what they did. Are they happy with the actions taken?

    • Fight for the kids says:

      Totally agree. This couple is TOXIC!!!! I have seen them in action. Shoot them down before they do anymore damage. How he can be moved from one school to damage another when the heat is on is disgraceful. Shame on you Trevor Watts and Department of Education – May you all burn in hell. Max may proclaim to be a good Christian man but their is nothing Christian about him or his WIFE!!!

  14. FOI says:

    OK. Time to FOI the NT Dept of Education and see what is on record about complaints about Mr. Parker. Of course it will take some time to get the results. Oh please excuse us, but we are under staffed and will need extra time. Oh, and that will cost $$$. Wait 30 days+. Find it is all redacted and make an application for a review. Sorry we will need extra time we are just so overworked. Wait 30 days, Sorry we can’t release that information it will damage the relationships between staff and will adversely affect the running operation of this organisation.

    • Push them all the way says:

      Push them all the way into mediation. That is where results are produced. Like all of the NTPS the DoE lie until exposed to an outside body. Mediation is the place where they roll over and hand over the juicy stuff. Do not forget to FOI your HR file – you will be amazed at the abusive stuff contained therein.

  15. mr freud says:

    Oh My Mr Davies good try. How many times do you think you have driven past that school? Come on hundreds and you forgot. Bullshit!
    Some will think you let yourself down the moment you decided to be a teacher. Some will think it was when you became a principal. Some will think it was when you stepped out of schools into becoming a bureaucrat. Only you know the real answer. The CEO of the Department of Education speeding in a school zone that your have probably travelled past for many years.
    Yes, it was a slip up wasn’t it Ken. A freudian slip maybe. It’s really just you Ken your in the wrong job man.

    • Groucho Marks says:

      He may look like an idiot and talk like an idiot, but don’t let that fool you. He really is an idiot.

      • The public waits with anticipation says:

        Mr Davies has been keeping a low profile for a while now hasn’t he, since he let himself down exceeding the speed limit in a well marked school zone in the centre of Darwin’s Business district.
        I wonder what publicity stunt they will come up with next to deflect public opinion away from the controversy at Kalkaringi?

  16. Steve. Teacher. NT. says:

    Same old NT public sector management behavior uncovered again. Lies, Cover Up and Smear. Excellent work CFB. Naming and shaming is the only way to let them know that we know what they are doing. Hopefully, this story discourages a few more teachers from ever coming north to practice their careers.

    • The Recruitment Team says:

      Looks like quality applicants for Principal and Deputy positions are not rushing north to fill all the vacant positions we have. After advertising the regional managers position for the Katherine region we decided there were no suitable candidates, so we asked Mr Watts to stay on to the end of 2014. Mr Andrews has decided to take on that position? Very kind of him to do so, but what will he do about his salary?

  17. Alison says:

    More fearless CFB work. I will share this across my school.

    • NT teacher says:

      Seconded. Max Agnew and his wife are a disgrace. More job stealing from Indigenous people. Well done again NT Department of Education. NOT.

      • Teaching Has Nothing To Do With It says:

        Recent Hole of NT Job Ad stated “Potential megalomaniac required for remote school”.
        1. Able to run amok;
        2. Have no respect for others;
        3. Ready to feather own nest;
        4. Flexibility (with truth); and
        5. Have dodgy past.

      • Come and talk to us says:

        Funny how it has gone very quiet about the success of Direct Learning in Booroloola!
        Can someone let us know how that community fared with their complaints to DOE.
        Come on ABC you need to dig a little deeper and keep the pressure on. Get out there and ask communities what they think about their schools. There is a story of neglect and discrimination where remote community schools in the NT are concerned.

      • Truth Teller says:

        Of course, the critics realise, there is a long history of principal’s wives working as tutors at Borro school. Who is writing all these bogus accusations? Yeah I know, people who can’t teach. vexatious litigants, shit stirrers, people at odds with people which ever school they work.
        A couple of idiots, who write under various names, quoting people 100 times wiser than themselves. Oh and a couple of teachers from schools who are suspended, because they are crazy. They have weeks off because they cannot teach. Enough said.

  18. All the children says:

    The Guringi people of Kalkaringi and Dagaragu will celerbrate the 50th anniversary of walking out on Lord Vesty this year and standing up for their rights. Heres a good new years resolution, lets ban the use of cattle prodders at our school.

    • Truth Teller says:

      What do you mean ‘our school’? Sounds like same ‘dick’ writing every letter. Get out of Kal and find a useless job for yourself. Community don’t want you and school don’t either, ‘dick’.

  19. ray says:

    • The culture of a workplace is evidenced by it’s values and what is considered to be normal behaviour. If the culture condones inappropriate behaviours and attitudes, bullying can be seen as normal.

    • The Ray says:

      Bullying has been normalised for years in the Education department. That’s why scum such as the Agnews get away with being perpetrators. As for the nepotism in regards to her job, that is corruption and should be reported as such.

      • AEU NT member says:

        And what is the AEU NT doing? Yeah Gonski is an important principal, but what happened to good old unionism? Where your elected and paid representatives dealt with the everyday issues of their members. You know the issues at the coal face where members are experiencing the most appalling behaviours and treatment by their principals and senior staff, the real issues members need help with.

        Stats from 2014/15 DOE annual report, (page 50, School Based Employees, Classroom Teachers) show that in 2014 there were 1880 full time classroom teachers working for DOE.
        CT1-155,CT2-105, CT3-114, CT4-109, CT5-79, CT6-82, CT7-96, CT8-114, CT9-1068.

        Yes, 1068 teachers on the top pay scale, here is the real story why long standing teachers are being attacked by their principals. In other organisations this would be considered a benefit, having so much experience and corporate knowledge.

        Have you all noticed the new AEU NT website. When was the last time you read about the day to day issues that face 1068 senior teachers? When was the last time your union representatives shared what they are doing for us on a daily basis. Wouldn’t you all want to know how your colleagues were being treated in other schools? What about hearing how our union goes in to fight bullying and unethical treatment of teachers instead of finding out in a FOI request that your HR department has been discussing your issues with your union representative without you knowing about it. Come on people ask your union representatives what they are doing for you. Actually ask them how many members they have? Maybe this fixation on big ticket agendas does not resonate with a lot of potential members.

        • You can fool some of the people some of the time, says:

          Stands out like dog’s b—s doesn’t it.
          Push out all those who have committed their working lives to this profession.
          Don’t worry what they will do, there’s plenty of room in the lower pay scales to get costs down.
          Looks like there has been a concerted effort to change the workforce profile doesn’t it?
          It all started when as education minsters Ms Gillard and then Ms Bishop began their negative narrative of blaming teachers for what is wrong with our Education system.
          How many times do you hear about the need to train better teachers and get better applicants. Say it enough and the public will begin to believe it. Lets prove it with Naplan.
          Parents have been duped. It is the model that is wrong. Have you ever wondered why our schools struggle to control bullying? It’s all about abuse of power. We don’t like you and you can’t play with us. Sound familiar? It does not just happen in the school yard, it also happens in the staff rooms and the education bureaucracies.
          What happened to our politicians trying to encourage us to work longer in our careers?
          Yes, just as long as you take on a lower paid role in some other industry not the one you committed a large portion of your life to.
          Can you believe Ms Gillard is parading around the world claiming to be an expert on Education, and what is the AEU NT doing to protect their members?
          ANSWER: We don’t know.

  20. ray says:

    Oh to be a fly on the wall in Mitchell street on Monday.

  21. ICAC says:

    Good on ya Steve, how about investigating Principals and Regional Mangers as well. You might be surprised what you discover. Being an ex-police officer we hope you would not approve of hiding things that the tax payers of the NT and Australia would like to know what is happening in the name of Educating our precious children.

    • SAMS says:

      Steve maybe you could investigate Mr Agnew’s public claim of having an enrolment from 270? Most of us who worked at Lajamanu were sure the figure was around 230. Lets give him some wriggle room and say 240. That’s 30 < than 270. Multiply by $11,000 for each student that equals $33,000 + another zero I think! If I am right that makes $330,000. I didn't do that well at maths at university. Now if I am not mistaken, if a claim like that resulted in extra funding I think it is termed as Fraud. OK, Max may have just been inflating the figures online to impress other employers looking for new staff, but he probably did the right thing for DOE. Anyway how do we know? Does it sound like a case you could follow Steve?

      • Teachers Watching Principals says:

        It would be good to get the Principal of OLSH Thamarrurr College views about Mr. Agnew’s short stay at that school. In my deluded and naive state I recall MA telling me he that he had trouble dealing with the (younger than he) principal and that he could not work with him. It was an interesting conversation because having been raised in the catholic system I was confused about how Mr. Agnew a believer from another Christain faith could hold such a position or even think he could override this principal. Not long later I remember Mr Agnew giving the Lajamanu school assembly a dressing down about respect and how his faith was based on respect. Later when I was shaken violently out of my deluded state I realised this person is deluded and his actions prove that he was definitely not displaying attributes of any Christain faith. His faith is centred more on a particular vicious ideolgy of Narcism and should be placed on a public watch list.

    • Mr Chandler says:

      Good one, wasn’t Mr Willem Westra van Holthe a police officer in another life also?

      • The Bent Copper says:

        His dodgy dealings as a copper were extensively reported a few years ago. Well worth a google search for those so inclined.

  22. Your local Stock and Station agent says:

    Ok it looks like it is official. The Nt Government approves the use of cattle prodders in schools as a suitable student behaviour management strategy. What does everyone think about using an implement like this, that is designed to give electric shocks to cattle to make them move inside a road train trailer?

    • Jeff says:

      What voltage would you suggest I use on 10 year old boys with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?

      • We need more tape says:

        It looks like this same organisation that is charged with the responsibility of caring for and educating our children also feel that taping a young child to a desk to ensure she stayed in her chair does not fall into the category of unethical behaviour.

        • Torture and maime that's my game says:

          Maybe we should all be taping children to chairs and handing out electric shocks to kids under our duty of care. After all, if the principal of the year can be allowed to do it perhaps its the new way forward.

    • Hertz Hurtz says:

      Lord Vestey would be proud! Nothing like a bit of a buzz. Pity the kids did not use it on that teacher.

    • Bankrupt says:

      Business has not been that good lately, too many used devices in the classifieds.

  23. Remember me Max says:

    I could not believe it when I checked this web site and discovered that I could be the first to reply to this post about Mr Agnew. What an honour. Thank you Cardfightback and Mr Agnew welcome to the experience of Karma. All those who you offended and damaged except one will be sitting back and feeling a little flat at the moment. I know the person that Sonja, is and she will have already forgiven you for what you did because she is a kind and gentle person, but she will bear a deep scare for what you did to her. Fortunately she is working again and looking after her family. You now need to go away and retire and find yourself a volunteer role where you can do some good and make up for the hurt you caused. Maybe you will reflect back on a life wasted.

    • Hatred dot com says:

      The Agnews hearts are filled with dismissive hatred as they occupy a strange self construction of the world where they know best and everyone else is lazy and stupid. My sincere hope of this pair of utter bastards, having worked with them, is that one day into their retirement that one of them falls down riddled with cancer. It is only when they realise the complete lack of concern from colleagues known over decades that they will be aware how hateful a pair they truly are.

      • Dr Staufhausen says:

        Nothing like going remote and creating a kingdom. A psychiatrist has suggested that many remote school principals have “colonial syndrome”. They become the Cecil Rhodes of the community. Usually they have poor if any management skills and make life hell for everyone else.
        Worse are those who support this species who are nobodies in the mainstream.

        • Another Agnew hater says:

          Sadly we can accurately speculate that tossers like Agnew are employed as ‘shit kickers’ by the DoE and encouraged to bully long term and therefore expensive staff out of the door. I’m glad they aren’t my parents!

    • Fist hand experience of the Aggros. says:

      People like the Agnews are incapable of reflection. They are a pair of rigid concrete thinkers who assume they have all of the answers already. In more than 20 years of teaching I never saw anything like those pair at Lajemanu.

    • Truth Teller says:

      .’. but she will bear a deep scare….’ Certain emails have terrible spelling mistakes. Many names, one hand seems to write them. Maybe the so called ‘bloody dick from Kal’. Not fit for education, he is the Lone Scribe of bad emails from a distance. When confronted face to face, a devout coward. Run obese man, run. The object is not to work of course. Of coarse?

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