Teaching in the Territory: STUNNING-As NT Police taser a child at school, NT Educ Dept shocks the rest of us.

Edit 1: Hello Laurie Andrew & a verrrrry interested VIC Dept of Educ.  🙂


While trigger-happy NT Police were busy pumping a child full of electricity another faceless Education Dept ‘spokesman’ showed us all where their real focus LIES.

taser4Click to read about it here

Never mind the kid, the NT Education ‘spokesman’ was more interested in trying to LIE about how great NT Education is:

“It is unfortunate that a disturbance occurred at the school as Casuarina Senior College is leading the way, delivering high quality teaching and learning programs and achieving fantastic results.”

This stinks of the same SHOCKING bullSHIT Tony Considine tried to STUN us with below.

And the whole Cardfightback Team cried tears of laughter after we were sent this photo.
Yep, Casuarina Senior College teachers leading the way, delivering high quality teaching, achieving fantastic spelling results (check photo below – pump that fist Sergeant Spelling!) for our lame-ass POLITIANS”.

Inept Casuarina Senior College Teachers Can’t Even Spell!

inept teachersWhat a joke.  NT Dept of unEducation strikes again.

Listening to paedophile priest protector George Pell yesterday reminds us of listening to Educ Dept Executives protect their teacher-abusing principals.

The Catholic Hierarchy leads the way in negligent, wilful blindness  (just look at how many MILLIONS of $$$$$ they’ve had to reluctantly pay victims) – NT DoE follow their example to the letter.  Get them into court and they’ll have to pay too.

The NT Educ Dept Executives are paid millions in total and are having a party while abuse continues in their schools unchecked.  Why?  Because they don’t care about you or your kids – just about themselves.  The ABC comment above says it all!

party time

Cardinal Pell testified he knew in 1974 that Brother Ted Dowlan was alleged to have sexually abused children but he did not tell the bishop or police – same as the Educ Dept when they found out about the teacher who was recently found guilty of indecent sexual behaviour towards NT students in his care – more on this soon….

When asked if he felt any responsibility to inform the bishop about the allegations of abuse, Pell responded: “No, I didn’t”.  Compare this with:

Tasmania’s Education Department’s Laurie Andrew has defended a decision not to inform parents about allegations that a school volunteer tried to procure a child for sex.

=NO DIFFERENCE.  If like us you condemn George Pell then you must equally condemn Laurie Andrew and every other Education bureacrap who hides serious allegations from us parents & educators.

As we continually say, it’s an Institutional problem, the structure has to change from the top and CatherKen Dav-L-ies has made it very clear he does not have the ability, the power or the interest to change the way his managers bully and harass staff so we need to speak to the boss.

But the NT ‘boss’ is Peter Chandler, who holidays with Ken Dav-L-ies and licks his arse clean whenever he gets into trouble so unless we become more aggressive in questioning Chandler, can we expect much to change?

VOMIT: “As Minister for Education I have 100 per cent faith in Ken Davies to continue on the good work he is doing in Territory Education.” – maybe he was smoking some of Brandon’s meth when he said that?!


lickOr just vote him out in the upcoming elections.  Easy.

Jeff Parker’s STUNNING admission: yes I RESTRAINED a small child by taping her to a desk because she was “naughty and wanted to go to the bathroom too often”, reported in the NTNews and in many other news outlets, click to read one here.

NTNews cattle prod headline


More on Mr Parker in our next post….

While you wait, here are 2 interesting articles about bullying principals and the damage they can do:

blase&blase 01


Enjoy, stay informed and keep fighting back!
CFB Team.

Don’t forget: If you see educators sexually assaulting kids or restraining them against their will with tape or chasing them off school property like a feral animal with a cattle prodderWE MUST TELL THE POLICE & MEDIA BECAUSE NT DOE WILL TRY TO COVER IT ALL UP TO SAVE THEMSELVES.

Even when NT Educ Dept said that Mr Parker is being investigated now – which he is – they neglected to tell us that this incident was brought to their attention a while ago. More cover up & Ken Dav-L-ies.

There is photographic evidence.  There are witness statements.  Friends of the principal in the school knew but did not report it – they are now complicit.  This is an assault charge waiting to happen – AGAINST A CHILD.  We hope someone had the decency to tell the family and get them to speak to the media & Police.

report them all

When it was first reported Mr Parker mysteriously disappeared from the school for 3 weeks….then suddenly reappeared and carried on as usual.  Now he’s chuckin’ a tanty because it’s back in the news and he thought he’d gotten away with it.  Think again Jeffrey.  Think again NT Educ Dept.

PS: we see Lorraine Evans of Rosebery Middle School-Hylton Hayes fame has been moved to Malak Primary School: https://directory.ntschools.net/SchoolProfile.aspx?name=Malak%20Primary%20School

– we predict chaos, staff leaving and lots of PIPs (used as a bullying tool: Performance Improvement Plans)…..just like the mess she left RMS.  Don’t say we didn’t warn you…..

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72 Responses to Teaching in the Territory: STUNNING-As NT Police taser a child at school, NT Educ Dept shocks the rest of us.

  1. Hannah Curran says:

    Please watch my YouTube videos. Principal Robert Presswell, regular relief teacher Daniel Bell, regular relief teacher Graham Mibus, year 5/6 teacher Bryan Downing at Driver Primary School must be investigated for their serious misconduct involving students, at Driver Primary School . Thank you

  2. We are not worthless says:
  3. Australia says:

    OH Mr Chandler.
    Remember how you were called out over missing money!
    Your response – attack the messenger – just like Mr Tollner and his attack on the NT News reported who dared to call out corruption.
    Wait a couple of weeks and all of a sudden there is money flowing out the front door.
    Don’t be fooled people:
    – elections are coming
    – Which schools are getting the money and whose electorates are benefitting?
    Looks very much like Pork Barrelling to us!
    Yes,Mr Tollner last your party opposed an Independent Commission Against Corruption. Now you are trying to tell us you support the setup of an agency that would hold you accountable?
    Mr Chandler and Mr Tollner, we don’t believe or trust you.

    Mr Chandler how about an internal investigation as to why the DOE NT are the laughing stock of education in Australia?
    While you at it, it might be good to ensure cattle prodders are not standard equipment in a DOE principals office.
    Now that there has been two reported incidents of using these devices in incidents with students, will an OH & S audit be instigated as a means of ensuring there is no further risk of an unstable personality taking the unethical action of threatening a student with a device designed to deliver an electric shock to a very large beast?

    • Anyone can do an internet search for quotes says:

      Only thing that will affect Chandler is MORE NEGATIVE STORIES IN THE MEDIA in time for his re-election. Get busy DoE employees! Yeeeeeeehaaaaw.

  4. from the Leader says:

    Dear mister Jeff Parker,
    the north korean government confirm your order for 250 electric cattle prongs. It’ll be with you soon you fat imperialist bastard.
    Kim Jung Un (nearly as fat as you). Supreme Leader.

    • nerrbu says:

      Northern Territory

      Principal accused of chasing student with cattle prod to remain at school after investigation finishes
      March 28, 2016 8:32am

      An independent investigation into a principal accused of chasing a disabled student with a cattle prod at a remote school has concluded. PICTURE: Supplied

      THE principal of a remote area school accused of chasing after an eight-year-old disabled student with a cattle prod is still in the job at the conclusion of an independent investigation into the alleged incident.

      The NT News understands the boy who was chased with a cattle prod suffered from learning difficulties as a result of foetal alcohol syndrome.
      The same principal is also alleged to have taped a girl to a table to restrain her, and of presiding over a culture of staff intimidation and bullying.
      The girl taped to a desk was described as “troubled” and “naughty” and the principal allegedly justified restraining her to the desk because she was visiting the bathroom too often.
      A statement from the department to the NT News said the report’s findings would be considered “to determine further action required”.
      “The department is taking all the allegations and complaints that have been made very seriously and given this it is important that all aspects are looked at thoroughly,” the statement read.
      “It is a complex investi­gation with a number of different matters and personnel involved.
      “The department continues to support the school, the principal, teachers and staff to ensure students’ … learning continues without disruption.”
      The cattle prod was sent to the school when it was dealing with a wild dog ­problem.
      It has since been removed “dismantled and disposed of”.
      One witness to the alleged “cattle prod incident” told the NT News last month the interview with the investigator had been fruitful.
      “He was trying to be open and get to the bottom of our concerns,” the witness said.


  5. Gloria says:

    “At the beginning and at the end of every faculty meeting, she said she did not get mad, she got even. People learned real quick, that if you did talk there were repercussions.” BLASE & BLASE

    Max Aggro told one staff member that he can’t stand any form of dissent. He told another he would make sure she never worked in the NT again.

    Fatso seems to have gotten away with treating his staff the same way. I wonder if this is the reason former staff are speaking up after reading what the Nt News has reported.

    • ironic says:

      It looks like the principal is getting desperate. A petition has suddenly been passed around the community declaring the community is happy with how he handles their students.

      • Weee-ber & Dav-L-ies says:

        OK how will we smooth over the concerns this community has with this principal?
        First, deny any wrong doing and express full support for the person who is causing the problems.
        Then attack the credibility of the person making the complaint.
        Make sure the principal who has caused these problems is supported to start a negative narrative with other staff to get more support to further pressure the person who has dared to complain. Maybe even start some rumours about this troublesome person and provoke this troublemaker. Make sure everyone has a phone ready to record the incidents. Send out the heavies to investigate and see if we charge this person with a breach of the code of conduct and move them out so they can get assistance/not see any more that they can report on.
        Make sure the school gets extra resources to ensure other staff don’t continue to support the whistleblower/malcontent/troublemaker.
        Then organise for the media to travel with the CEO or the Minister to the community to highlight all the great things we are doing in conjunction with the community. Just like we did with the with at Booroloola.

  6. VIC teacher. says:

    Laurie Andrew. Incompetent in Victoria and it seems he hasn’t changed in the NT. We love the blog in Victoria.

  7. Corruption everywhere you look in the NT says:

    Wonder what workcover would say about what the fat school principal did. O silly me the director is none other than CLP stooge Steven Gelding. Another corrupt CLP stitch up.

  8. Spring heeled Jim says:

    The kids at Parker’s school call him ‘Belly’. Can’t for the life of me think why…

    The teachers call him FLC – the Fat Lying Cunt. And we all know why.

    Great work Cardfightback. The truth will set us all free.

    • Your employees says:

      Why do the older teenage boys now treat him with contempt and jeer at him? Is it because they have young men’s bodies now? Is it because they have found the confidence that young men do when they realise this person is not so big or to be feared anymore?

      • Concerned citizens says:

        That would be the reason.

        • Cowardly Custard says:

          as well as him being a cowardly fat ten bellied lying bullying bastard.

          • Katherine says:

            Cowardice is a trait wherein fear and excess self-concern override doing or saying what is right, good and of help to others or oneself in a time of need—it is the opposite of courage. As a label, “cowardice” indicates a failure of character in the face of a challenge.

    • my parents pay for my lunch says:

      Looks like there is trouble at his school. It seems while he was away from the school teachers were arguing over how to deal with students who are locked out of class and not allowed to have lunch. Community members have revealed that senior DOE staff were sent to the school to settle the dispute.

      • Concerned citizens says:

        Would CentreLink be interested in investigating whether a families managed income is actually paying for a service that is being withheld from their children? How would the Prime Ministers Office feel about students being denied lunch when they have come to school?

      • ironic says:

        Apparently a teacher loudly confronted some of the other teachers about an incident where a teacher put a garbage bin over a student who was not behaving in class as well as the principal using a cattle prodder to intimidate students and taping students to their desks. It seems teachers who yell and scream at their students don’t like another adult shouting at them.

    • concernedmember says:

      Gees what imagination. The kids dont call him ;belly. The teachers except one, dont call him FLC, they only call the dickhead who made all the trouble this. There is no photo, there are no witness statements, just a madman running loose.

      • teacher says:

        Yes exactly! This guy is a troublemaker with a capital T !!
        More hot air, where are the witnesses? Pooof. Gone.
        This is just a sick fantasy of one teacher who can’t do his job properly and likes to deflect the issue on to someone else. He’s the bully not Parker.

        • wise man says:

          never let your loyalty make a fool of you!

        • Karl A. Menninger says:

          “What the teacher is, is more important than what he teaches.”

        • Winston Churchill says:

          You have enemies, good, that means you’ve stood up for something in your life.

        • Desmond Tutu says:

          if you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.

          • Anyone can do an internet search for quotes says:

            Please stop the empty slogans. Whose going to Darwin on medical assessment? That’s what “standing up for something” got him! WE all know hes a maniac anyways!! haha ha We might get the cattle prod back for your return. 😉

            • the internet says:

              Bullying is the use of force, threat, or coercion to abuse, intimidate, or aggressively dominate others. The behavior is often repeated and habitual. One essential prerequisite is the perception, by the bully or by others, of an imbalance of social or physical power, which distinguishes bullying from conflict.

            • ???? says:

              Well, there it is, someone still feels it is OK to threaten another person with a cattle prod.

        • Merlin says:

          It seems Prince Arthur and his bull dung custard will save the day!
          With his maiden at his side he seems to have his eyes on the throne.
          With Sir Burkey his trusted ally blowing hot air up his hind quarters.
          Oh well we know what happened to that plan.

      • tell someone who cares says:

        Fred: I’m not going to school today. The teachers bully me and the boys in my class don’t like me.
        Mother: You’re going and that’s final! I’ll give you two good reasons why.
        Fred: Why?
        Mother: First off, you’re 50 years old. Second, you’re the principal.

      • a wise woman says:

        don’t make a fool of yourself being faithful to someone who isn’t

    • Nerrbu says:

      NT Police investigate principal after student allegedly taped to desk

      August 15, 2016 9:51am

      A REMOTE area principal who allegedly taped a “naughty” student to a desk has been placed on leave and is under investigation by NT Police.

      The principal, who the NT News has chosen not to name for legal reasons, was placed on leave on Thursday, two days after the NT News asked the Education Department why he had not been stood down pending potential criminal charges. The NT News reported in February that the principal was being investigated for allegedly taping the “troubled” and “naughty” girl to the desk to stop her going to the toilet, and for allegedly chasing a boy across the school oval with a cattle prod.

      The Education Department later removed the cattle prod from the school.

      At the time, the principal’s lawyer, Merran Short, said in a letter to the NT News: “We are confident that our client will be exonerated by the internal investigation”.

      Ms Short’s letter also said the “problem” was with the people who complained against the principal, who she said were “disgruntled”.

      A witness in the internal investigation said the investigator was “professional and thorough”, and had flown to Melbourne to speak with another witness to the taping incident. That witness is understood to be in possession of a photograph of the girl taped to the desk.

      A source said the families of the alleged victims have also sought legal advice with an eye on possible civil action against the Education Department and the principal.

      Another source said the internal investigation was “essentially complete”.

      But Education Department spokeswoman Kathryn Acampora said the internal investigation was technically on hold, pending the police investigation.

      “Appropriate action will be undertaken once the department’s investigation is complete,” she said.

      “The Teachers Registration Board is aware of the investigation. The department is awaiting the outcome of the police investigation, which will determine whether a formal referral to the Teachers Registration Board is required.”

      Ms Acampora did not respond to direct questions about whether the internal or police investigation had uncovered a photograph of the girl taped to the desk, which multiple sources claim to have seen.

  9. Sorry you didn't end up in Court Brennan-you dirty lying scrote sack says:

    Lucky for you Brennan we’d have loved to see you criminally prosecuted: http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2016/mar/03/online-trolls-revenge-porn-new-prosecutors-guidelines

    • Don't come back Brennan because we hate working with you. says:

      The filthy dog and his dreadful wife are off on tax payer funded long tern holidays at the end of the month. Most of Health House are hoping that they never return.

  10. Miss Pussy-Galore says:

    Is it not illegal NOT to report child abuse?

    Should the cover up be reported to police??

    • My conscience says:

      Good questions.
      Consider these questions.
      Is threatening a child with a cattle prodder abuse?
      If it is not abuse what is it?
      Why would someone do this?
      Was it reported?
      What was done about it?
      Is taping a child to a desk abuse?
      If not abuse what is it?
      Why would someone do this?
      Was the taping incident reported?
      What was done about it?
      Are there other incidents that have been reported?
      Is there a pattern of behaviour?
      If people like Ray reflected on his own experiences, are others now reflecting on what they know?

      the inner sense of what is right or wrong in one’s conduct or motives, impelling one toward right action: to follow the dictates of conscience. 2. the complex of ethical and moral principles that controls or inhibits the actions or thoughts of an individual.

    • Concerned citizens says:

      Apparently the Nt News story caused a furore in Darwin.
      So obviously many would be concerned wouldn’t they?
      We wonder how many public office holders who read this story asked questions?
      We wonder what sort of questions were asked?
      We bet the first questions were – Who the f–k reported this? and – Where did they get this information?

      Wouldn’t it be nice to think the first questions would have been – What the f–k, what is going on? and J—s lets get to the bottom of this and make sure this school is a safe place.

      Maybe then senior staff would have sent out someone to get to the bottom of the story and a thorough investigation would be instigated to seek out concerned stake holders, encourage people to speak up and make statements, look for evidence, cross check statements. Were there warning signs? Are there records of other similar incidents?

      When the investigation is complete who will have access to the findings? What will be reported and what will be done about the findings?

      • COVER UP IS THE WAY says:

        @Concerned Citizens: to answer your qus:

        Maybe then senior staff would have sent out someone to get to the bottom of the story and a thorough investigation would be instigated to seek out concerned stake holders, encourage people to speak up and make statements, look for evidence, cross check statements. – NOPE, COVER UP IS THE WAY.

        Were there warning signs? Are there records of other similar incidents? – YEP BUT YOU’LL NEVER SEE THEM, COVER UP IS THE WAY.

        When the investigation is complete who will have access to the findings? – NO ONE OUTSIDE OF DoE HQ, COVER UP IS THE WAY.

        What will be reported and what will be done about the findings? – NOTHING, COVER UP IS THE WAY.


      • Dinnae be daft. They are all corrupt with a capital K. says:

        You mean like following the Investigations Handbook that is published by those kind folk down at the OCPE?
        Link here: http://www.ocpe.nt.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0012/52131/investigationbk.pdf

    • Concerned citizens says:

      Depends on who you ask! Try reporting an incident if you might have been the only witness or other witnesses can’t bring themselves to speak up because they are scared.

      • Tarzan of the Territory. says:

        Click to access EI_12_-_Code_of_Conduct.pdf

        Section 21 and 25 are my favourites. Out here in the jungle knowing that my Darwin based senior managers work to the letter of the code of conduct is reassuring and allows me to sleep better at night. Thanks managers, for doing the right thing. Everytime.

        Tarzan of the Territory.

        • ocpe says:

          A turkey was chatting with a bull. ‘I would love to be able to get to the top of that tree’ sighed the turkey, ‘but I haven’t got the energy.’ ‘Well, why don’t you nibble on some of my droppings?’ replied the bull. They’re packed with nutrients.’ The turkey pecked at a lump of dung, and found it actually gave him enough strength to reach the lowest branch of the tree. The next day, after eating some more dung, he reached the second branch. Finally after a fourth night, the turkey was proudly perched at the top of the tree. > He was promptly spotted by a farmer, who shot him out of the tree.

          Moral of the story: Bull Shit might get you to the top, but it won’t keep you there..

  11. Fat Bastard says:

    So the child taping happened A WHILE AGO?
    Looks like Fatso Parker (who is fatter than me and I am fat) is acting exactly like the Catholic church.

    • Ray says:

      As I aged and reflected on my own life experiences I discovered there where many whose lives were affected by the abominable behaviours of others more than my own.
      When I asked myself how does this happen I have to be honest and say there were signs that I saw as a boy that worried me. We thought it was normal for the brothers to use a horse whip on us. I think because I was dealing with loss in my own life I could not deal with others pain. As an older man it became obvious to me that I should have acted and I regret that. It was just that who was going to tell anyone anyway? The church had such a hold on our lives.
      No, it looks like DOE are acting as the catholic church did! There has been plenty of warning signs that seem to have been ignored. The questions to be answered are one, what reports were made, two what was done about them and three will DOE now listen to those want to speak up?

    • Concerned citizens says:

      The real story is that DOE are like the catholic church. It seems this incident happened in 2014. It remains to be discovered if action was taken at the time and what records are held by DOE or other bodies.

  12. out them all says:

    More cunning stunts from the stunning c*n*s at the DoE.

    • Tim Tam man says:

      What’s the difference between a run in a field and the fattest school principal in the territory?

      One is a pant in the country whilst the other is a c%nt in the pantry.

      (stop stealing the biscuits out of the staff room biscuit tin you fat bastard)

  13. Robert J Kleberg says:

    You mean they covered it up? Again? How long for this time? Mister Fatso Principle of the Year needs to be removed from the register and fast. Who knows what he’ll do next – odds on building a medieval stocks in the play ground dropped overnight recently when he was heard banging nails into wood in his office. Fucking hell DoE. You unconscionable bastards. I think the senior management also need to be reported to the Rego Board – if they knew and did nothing, then Auschwitz principles apply. Guilt by association all round. If you knew and did nothing to stop then you are guilty Dav-L-ies.

    • The power and the google says:

      I just googled your name mate. 😉

      • Snoopy says:

        Me too. Very funny.

        • Ten Bellies says:

          Fat Guts Parker can tape a child to a chair and chase others with an electric cattle prod and nothing happens because the Ed Department covered it up. This happened over a year ago and so when it gets discovered by the NT News, they LIE to the public and the media by saying it is under investigation?
          They are the most dishonest mendacious duplicitous senior management team in the country.

          • Rolly Polly says:

            Follow the NT Govt propaganda website where media releases are posted. What do you find? Bullshit, propaganda and attacks on their political opponents. How long will it be before we see something about this principal’s behaviours? What are they doing with the complaint’s? Oh we are investigating. We can’t comment until the investigation is complete.
            How long did the ACT Govt take to report about the child in a cage incident?
            Deny, defer and delay until people forget. Fortunately concerned citizens and employees in the ACT didn’t give up, they stayed the path and saw it to the end until the incident was properly dealt with and openly reported.
            We hope the same happens here in the NT. In the end the ACT Dept of Education was found wanting in many ways. Don’t let the NT Govt/DOE let this issue slip out of the public’s conscience and avoid accountability.

          • Concerned citizens says:

            But he said it’s all lies. We all know that DOE never believe those who speak up and with Mr Davies protecting his principals at all cost what do you think is going to happen with this investigation? After all didn’t Mr Davies advise his principals to limit what they put in e-mails? We know that other senior staff shot themselves in their feet when trying to destroy Mr Ferguson.

          • ironic says:

            It seems the poor teacher who reported these incidents will be removed from the community and sent for a “medical examination”. Cover up coming up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dav-L-ies says:

      Who said I have to protect my principals?

    • Concerned citizens says:

      Ask Fatso how he treated the person who witnessed his behaviour.

  14. A slapping good time. says:

    Speaking of bad smells, here comes another cover up…
    mmm that old smell of health department corruption. watch them cover this up p r o n t o

  15. A slapping good time. says:

    Good luck MPS you will need it with Lorraine Evans hanging around like a bad smell. As long as the stench hangs around, see staff morale sink.

  16. well and truly outed says:

    CFB you are the best.

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