Teaching in the Territory: NT Education Department’s psychopaths & sociopaths-the banality of evil.


Psychopathic and sociopathic traits are not reserved for prisons or psychiatric hospitals – they are alive and flourishing in NT Department of Education.

Has NT Department of Education ever lacked empathy in certain situations or for certain people? What about when their managers lie, cheat or break the rules for the fun of it? Almost all of us NT educators can identify with at least some element of psychopathy and sociopathy coming from NT Department of Education bureaucraps.

In NT Department of Education world, manipulating and cheating others while promoting yourself is the No.1 strategy to reach the top. By doing nothing to stop it Ken Dav-L-ies and mini-me Weber endorse psychopathy and sociopathy in their organisation.

Peter Chandler, by keeping Dav-L-ies and Weber in their high paying NT Department of Education jobs, also endorses and supports this kind of behaviour.  Has he instructed his NT Department of Education to treat us educators with kindness and professional respect?  We haven’t seen a change yet if he has.

SociopathicIn its full-blown form, psychopathy is a highly destructive personality disorder. It combines antisocial and sensation-seeking behaviour with cold-hearted social and emotional traits, such as a lack of empathy or guilt and a willingness to manipulate others. It is this cold emotional persona combined with no consequences for their actions that makes individuals in NT Department of Education with psychopathy and sociopathy traits so dangerous.  Just look at how many broken people Hylton Hayes left on his way out the door for example.

The things that commonly stop people from committing crimes – victim empathy, guilt, fear of punishment – do not serve as “brakes” in this group. Individuals with psychopathy and sociopathy are entirely unconcerned by the effect their behaviour has on others. They present a charming front whilst manipulating and abusing others to get what they want, and then readily drop anyone who is no longer useful to them. We’ve seen these kinds of people many times here in NT education.

When we read about individuals with very high levels of psychopathic traits, we are frightened and fascinated by their behaviour: who are these creatures, so inhumane, so different from us – and what allows them to treat others the way they do?

lecterWhat allows them is the crappy Leadershit of NT Department of Education combined with our inaction.

Here’s a scary statistic: The vast majority of us NT educators have endured at least some element of psychopathy and sociopathy coming from NT Department of Education management.

But here’s the scariest thing of all: The vast majority of us NT educators also do nothing about it.  We suffer in silence while principals like Max Aggro and Jeff Parker run riot (with or without his cattle prod).

We naively put our faith in the system – NT Department of Education and the AEU NT – to help us…..but NT Department of Education doesn’t care and the AEU is more interested in cosying up to Ken Dav-L-ies than it is to helping us fight him and his cronies when we really need them.

Unless of course you are the husband of the Treasurer, then you get all the help you need, no questions asked.  More on this later….

friends club

We know that some people are born with a predisposition towards developing psychopathic and sociopathic traits. That’s not the full story though. Environmental factors are also important – things like how much violence there was in your community as a child, or the kind of parenting and friends that you had.

Or if your workplace encourages and rewards such behaviour like NT Department of Education does.  And without any consequences for doing so – and no, moving principals around to other schools like the Catholic Church does to paedophile priests is NOT A CONSEQUENCE – this kind of destructive behaviour continues.

DoE same as Vatican paedophile priests blind eye

At present, however, there remains a great many people in NT Department of Education who exhibit very high levels of psychopathic and sociopathic traits and who wreak havoc on those around them. With our help those victims will finally have a voice, we have approached some people to ask for their help and we will announce more on this soon.

But it is critical to remember that these bullying individuals are not being stopped – instead, they are being supported to do this to the rest of us.

Psychopathy and sociopathy is the predictable and awful endpoint of a line which we can trace right up to the top of NT Department of Education.

Ken Dav-L-ies and mini-me Weber continually look the other way while we suffer.  They support and reward (with keeping their job, huge salary and other benefits) toxic, control freak bullies like Max Aggro, Jeff Parker, Hylton Hayes (when he was at work, now he is on Workers Compensation!) and Lorraine Evans.

We say it again: It is up to us to stop them and refuse to accept this kind of Bullshit anymore.

Legal cases are a powerful weapon (they don’t care about the payout, it’s the bad publicity that really scares them), so is the Fair Work Commission for Stop Bullying Orders: https://www.fwc.gov.au/resolving-issues-disputes-and-dismissals/workplace-issues-disputes/anti-bullying

FWC Stop Bullying

Remember too that public shaming is one of the most effective tools in your Teacher Toolbox. We fully support that!

This is a good article explaining some recent cases in POMMIEland where public shaming changed bad business practices:

“Strong unions are clearly part of the answer” – but we don’t have that here in the Northern Territory unfortunately…..unless you know who controls the membership fee money then you can get thousands of our $$$.  A ripper of a post on this coming soon.

A committed group of politicians is missing too.

Peter & Ken off to book another Singapore spa together.

Peter & Ken off to book another Singapore spa together.

“So all that’s left is shame. Public shaming.  That’s the power of forcing people simply to explain themselves in public, to look the rest of us in the eye and defend what they have done.”

Couldn’t agree more.
CFB TeamKeep up the fight!


PS: keep stopping by, the more outside people who see what’s going on in NT Dept of Education the better.

NSW Police CFB

Media CFB

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5 Responses to Teaching in the Territory: NT Education Department’s psychopaths & sociopaths-the banality of evil.

  1. Hannah Curran says:

    Ron Greaves The Manager of the complaints department of The NT Education Department should be fired, and the whole complaints department be investigated. In early 2013 I rang this department about 4 seperate times between March 2013- June 2013 to report what the sadistic relief teacher Daniel Bell did, and said to my child’s year 4 class at Driver Primary School. No one from that complaints department EVER rang me back to investigate my complaint..appalling and shocking…then in late in 2013, I rang the complaints department again and spoke to the manger Ron Greaves. He told me basically he refused to investigate my complaints, that he knows Principal Robert Presswell and will talk to him, and that I should ‘let it go, and move on’…conflict of interest!…how many other complaints are there that Rob Greaves and his staff have refused to investigate and are just sitting in their office ‘collecting dust’..if anyone thinks that NT labor will be better if they win government, I’m sorry but you’ll be mistaken, all the NT labor candidates are friends with Senior NT Education Department staff also, just as Ministers in the CLP are too…

  2. Hannah Curran says:

    Last Sunday I Sent Labor candidate for Drysdale Eva Lawler a message on Facebook asking if she could please let me know what her email address is so I can send her my statement regarding serious misconduct at Driver Primary School. Disappointing that she saw my message but never replied. She might be a nice lady, but when reading her bio of her extensive work history in The Northern Territory Education Department, I realise that conflict of interest could be the reason she has not responded. I really hope not, as childrens protection at school is far more important than personal relationships with government Educaction Department staff members. however Peter Chandler is no better either.

  3. NTDOE sucks balls says:

    I’m not a teacher, but I’m involved in attendance at a reasonably senior level and involved in getting these (very) remote kids to school and I can say – hand on heart – this department are the nastiest pieces of shit you would ever want to meet. It’s stats.. every.. single.. time. You got stats.. you got kudos. Teachers get shafted – so do us admins in the field.

    You do the honest thing and tell the truth, it’s statutory rape – Dept of Education gonna rape your white, black or brindle ass – they don’t discriminate there. For Dept of Education, attendance is about smashing and prosecuting and taking the limited dole these folks have.. it’s not about re-engagement. It’s sickening. What a shower of shit..

  4. speak up says:

    Tragically, the shame and embarrassment of having been conned and duped often keeps people quiet about what happened to them, which then further obscures the machinations of the sociopaths and results in other people getting duped by them as well. If people got over this shame and embarrassment, they could network with others about these predators and then they would be exposed for what they are and less able to destroy the lives of others.

    • Keep sharing says:

      Keep the discussions going folks. Talk to your support groups, talk with your colleagues, share your experiences. This is the way to shine a light on people who bully and act unethically. Sharing your experiences lets others get involved and provides vital opinions and thinking that you alone may not consider. These people want to isolate you and make you feel inferior. Don’t let them succeed. They hate being exposed.

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