Teaching in the Territory: NT teacher Nathan Barrett becomes CLP ‘Wanker Politician’.

BREAKING: News just coming in of a ratings BLOG WAR!


Tickets now selling as CLP ‘wanker’ Nathan Barrett https://nathansfacebookwank.wordpress.com

goes (dick)head to (dick)head with CLP crony Phil Brennan https://philsfacebookflop.wordpress.com

Is sending unsolicited masturbation videos to female constituents a kind of sexual assault? We hope NT Police are asking this same question. Is promising someone you’re fucking behind your wife’s back a job once you become Treasurer, corruption? We hope the Office for Public Interest Disclosures is asking this same question.


facebook-tipsNot because we’re on it but because of who else is on it.  🙂


A Facebook account is a sort of quick and dirty indicator of so-called normal social behaviour these days but as everyone knows Facebook usage can be dangerous for some people under some circumstances.

Here in Darwin we have 3 NT GOV gold medal examples of this: Nathan Barrett, Phil Brennan and Robert Clerke.

These 3 NT Public Servants show us how much Facebook is associated with a culture of shallow information processing coupled with a lack of ‘stop and think’ skills that might facilitate uncritical acceptance of problematic social attitudes, such as white-privilege-based racism, unsolicited masturbation videos (what a wanker you are Barrett) and going after whistleblowers your NT Education Dept boss doesn’t like (what a wanker you are Brennan).

They also show what a bunch of dickhead losers NT GOV is willing to put up with and employ.

Social media provides people with an outlet to express their opinions on any subject they like. As a result, racist memes and rants on Facebook are not uncommon – see NT Educ Dept employee Robert Clerke. Victim blaming racist arguments often go unchallenged. As a result dumb fuckheads like Clerke think it’s OK to spew their Aboriginal-victim-blaming nonsense all over the internet. Of course, after we broke the story, Robert went back and deleted all his offensive posts like the true coward he is.

Let’s revisit those enlightened pearls of wisdom from Cultural Anthropology Professor Dr Robert de Clerke:


Facebook usage also degrades the quality of a person’s information processing capacities and because individuals who are prone to shallow information processing have a high preference for using this medium we create more cowardly NT GOV employees – see ex-General Manager of Human Resources for NT Education Dept Phil Brennan, aka NTNews’s “Malicious Bureaucrat” who set out to destroy whistleblower and classroom teacher Stephen Ferguson who he had never even met personally. He did it to keep his bosses in NT Education Dept happy.



After being found out Mr Brennan was given time to take all his paid leave to find another job – no public sacking for him, like NT Educ Dept did to some other poor employee previously – then walked down Mitchell St and into NT Health Dept, parked his pathetic arse down there and continued getting the big bucks.

This all raises the possibility that Facebook might be a particularly apt medium for spreading poor quality information generally…or videos of yourself wanking – see “married father of three”, “deeply committed to his local church crotch”, CLP candidate Nathan Barrett.

anigif_enhanced-27150-1391077749-4Wankers, all of ’em.

See more reports of Nathan’s wank-fest here: https://nathansfacebookwank.wordpress.com


So what do other countries do with their public servant Facebook Flops?

The USA fires theirs:

For spewing the same crap as Professor de Clerke, this Texas teacher was fired for her sickening victim-blaming racism:


Bank of America next:


More victim-blaming just like Robert Clerke did, they lose their jobs, he keeps his.

robert clerke

If you happen not to work for NT GOV, just ask Chris Nelson what happens to you:

NovaNelson guilty FB

More double standards for CLP NT GOV cronies.

NT GOV is the lowest of the low. They should be treating their FB fuckwits the same as USA does.

If we citizens and educators stay silent then this is the kind of worker and politician we get and deserve.

Vomit out more anti-Aboriginal racist bile and get charged with using a carriage service to harass someone. Do it while working for NT Educ Dept, keep your job that us tax payers fund. And if you lose one job don’t worry we’ll just give you another in Health Dept. We don’t give a fuck who we employ or what they do to bring the NT Public Service further into disrepute.

This is the type of government we have come to put up with here in NT but we don’t have to, we have a choice.  If UK can vote for Brexit then us Territorians can and should vote for a CLP-Exit.

Thankyou CLP, thankyou Peter Chandler, thankyou CatherKen Dav-L-ies, thankyou mini-me Weber and all the other wankers who you allow to work for you.

Really looking forward to voting you mob out at the 2016 August election.  Let’s clean up our own back yard NT!

CFB Team.

PS: Want to know how to completely discredit your award-giving organization?  Get Hayes’ old boss Marion Guppy to give an outstanding leadership award to Hylton HayesFUNNIEST THING WE’VE READ IN YEARS, thanks for that John Laing Awards.  More hilarious NT Educ Dept stuff. 🙂 🙂 🙂


PS2: Lots of Southerners checking us out.  *waves


PS3:  Nathan’s God shined on him and delivered some warm comments of support on his own Facebook page.  It would be rude not to share:


B1B2Saving the best till last:


Misty: things turned out this way because Nathan Barrett made certain choices and decisions…and then hit ‘Send’.  The only “unfortunate” thing for him while he was lying and cheating on his wife and family was that he got caught.

Danielle: People who judge him include those who don’t cheat and lie.  Stuff them?!  Really?!!  You’re more of a moron for saying that than Barrett is for doing it.  Laughing at small business owners going out of business using a fake FB profile?!  Get fucked.



Vicky: It was your and Nathan’s God that oversaw Nathan’s wank videos (and his lying and cheating), the same God who is going to ‘fix things in time’.  Thankyou for proving: you don’t have to be smart to be religious.

Did we say WE LOVE FACEBOOK?  😉



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18 Responses to Teaching in the Territory: NT teacher Nathan Barrett becomes CLP ‘Wanker Politician’.

  1. caitlyn antella - how do I contact you to whistle blow???? says:

    how do I contact you to whistle blow??? please email…..

  2. DB says:

    FYI, Kendra Morris has ties to Damien Hale and more of this will be exposed in the future. This doesn’t excuse Barrett’s behaviour. He has proven to be a hypocrite and a moron.
    The NT is going to be in crisis no matter who is in charge. Don’t forget the crony unions are salivating at the chance to destroy those who oppose the Labor party, including the targeting of whistle blowers.
    Keep up the good work CFB.

  3. People in Glass Houses says:

    Check out the confident stare of Mr Barrett in his Nathan Barrett polo. He looks like he truly believes in himself doesn’t he?
    Go back to https://cardfightback.wordpress.com/2016/01/30/teaching-in-the-territory-max-agnew-real-name-max-aggro/ and check out Mr Parker principal of the year, another deluded character.
    Both pretending to be believable characters. Well how is that going for you boys now?

  4. Hannah Curran says:

    So is it ok for NT relief teacher Daniel Bell to look up on classroom internet smartboard ‘food people ate before being executed’ showing the year 4 children murderers and serial killers on death row, with images of execution devices before and after someone had been executed..and making the children decide what their last meal would be before being executed and telling the children very violent comments, about a man coming to school with a knife and a gun in a suitcase!, and also him telling children sexual comments and a strip search story?..all without permission or knowledge from parents or classroom teacher..he also has serious other complaints against him at other NT schools including at Yirkala…by the way Daniel keep your hands to yourself..is this ok?
    Is it ok for NT relief teacher Graham Mibus to tell very violent death stories to primary school children at numerous Palmerston primary schools, and showing children body objects he has in small boxes, and telling a year 3 class a story about ‘luther’ and his dog Ralph which had sexual reference in it, and drawing a ‘devil monster picture’ on the classroom smartboard and making the children copy it and take it home with them. He also has serious complaints about him back in 2010 at Palmerston High School, by parents there that the NT TRB know about.
    Is it ok for Driver Primary School teacher Bryan Downing to inappropriately hug certain year 5/6 girls all the time, and keep these certain girls separately on numerous days, in after school alone with him for awhile in the classroom when these girls were supposed to either walk home, catch the school bus, or go to driver primary after school care..without any permission from these girls parents..is it ok for Bryan Downing to upload two sexual ‘comedies’ on his personal YouTube account titled ‘Camel Toe’ and ‘Dear Penthouse’, which can be accesses publicly.
    Is it ok for the Principal of Driver Primary School Robert Presswell to not inform The NT TRB and NT Education Department, and parents of what Daniel Bell and Graham Mibus did and said in their children’s classroom in 2013.. is it ok for Robert Presswell to take a year 6 boy in his car driving around alone for a while after school when this boy was supposed to walk home, without any permission from the boys parent?….this is absolutely not ok..but obviously The NT Education Department think this is all ok, as they know all about this as I informed them since 2013, and another report in 2014, and yet they did nothing..these staff are still teaching. the NT Education Department refused to speak to any other children or their parents involved..anyone who knows more info, need to speak out..this is absolutely unacceptable behaviour..if I had known this information I would have taken my children out of Driver many many years ago…there is more information I have than this..my children are witnesses, so are their friends and I spoke to these parents in person..something must be done..why isn’t it..ex teachers from driver primary, you know I’m telling the truth, speak out with me, even anonymously..children are still at risk..why are there so many male staff members at one primary school at the same time with all serious misconduct against them!

  5. KLD says:

    Gosling gets hand from Barrett! The Territory election will not be the walk-over some in the Labor camp must be thinking at this moment. With Eva Lawler standing we have to wonder. But it is those shady backstabber I mean backroom people we must be looking out for. The potential advisors and so on……. . Keep your eye out for Hylton Hayes. If you are in the seat of Drysdale better vote CLP to be safe.

  6. Phantom says:

    Phantom has been studying philosophy of late and likes the sound of Karma.

    • Friend of Phantom says:

      Karma just had a say on 4 corners.
      What a disgrace the NT govt is!
      Shame on our society.
      Those young people’s stories started at school.
      They were probably labelled as naughty and troubled and their teachers did not know how to handle their needs and ensure their rights as children were met.
      Mr Eflink you are a disgrace and so are you Mr Giles.

  7. Mr Aitkins says:

    Truth teller, you seem to be a lone voice at odds with the real truth!
    You obviously follow this blog and it seems that you just don’t get what it is about.
    We suggest you do some research around bullying and mobbing so you might realise that comments like those below do not really help you to convince others of your cause.
    – “morbidly obese ex teacher”
    – “semi illiterate”
    – “vexatious litigant”
    – “like a puppy dog”
    – “the ‘dick”
    – “your nuts”
    – “full of crap”
    – “you are a nobody, except as a crazy, non working, bastard litigant”
    These comments indicate you are trying to deflect attention from something!

  8. Skinny Minnie says:

    For all those independent thinkers who follow this blog and for those who even contribute with comments. If you want to know what causes a person to act like this, do some research around personality disorders that this blog has identified then go back and read the comments by “Truth Teller” then you can make up your own mind.

    • Dreamworld says:

      Oi! Truth Teller we hear there are plenty of psychiatric specialists down in south east Qld. It could be a good holiday destination. Maybe line it up with a conference so you claim a tax break.

  9. Fat Albert says:

    Oh My God!!!
    Great work NT News and Cardfightback.
    How much does the NT need an Independent Commission Against Corruption?

    I’m interstate at the moment and everyone I talk to cannot believe that a school principal still has his job after he threatened a young Indigenous student with an electric cattle prodder.
    They are even more amazed that he was previously allowed back after being caught taping a young indigenous student to her desk to stop her going to the toilet.

    When reported to the NT TRB this principal claimed it was just a frivolous and vexatious complaint. When my friend, one of his teachers wrote to the NT Department of education about these matters he began a campaign to get rid of the person who did his job and spoke up.

    What did Mr Giles the Chief Minister do? Answer, nothing, he passed it to the Education Minister Mr Chandler. What did he do? Answer, nothing. What did DoE do? Employed an independent Investigator to investigate what was going on, but DoE won’t tell us what he discovered!

    What is happening to the teacher who spoke up?
    They sent him for a psychiatric assessment because he shouted a few home truths at his senior teacher and another young male teacher who likes to try and intimidate young indigenous students who have trouble behaving in his class.

    So what about the claim by the ex-psychiatric nurse come senior teacher that the person speaking up is mad and on medication? According to two independent psychiatric professionals, perfectly normal and well suited to his chosen profession.

    So you may ask what is happening? Well, the principal still has his job, the very unprofessional
    and deluded ex-psychiatric nurse come senior teacher still has his job and the teacher who did his duty and spoke up has been on paid leave across the road from the school for the last five months and is fighting disciplinary charges because he dared to yell at unprofessional adults who claim to be ethical teachers. $110,000 salary sitting at home waiting for DoE to decide what to do!

    • Mister Bondage says:

      I’d be doing a request under the NT Information act for that report, very pronto. Also, check with AHPRA and see if the teacher is still a registered nurse and report him under mandatory reporting.

    • Hannah Curran says:

      That’s appalling, why won’t the police charge the principal with assault? was the ‘independent’ investigator mr. Roger Newman by chance?..seems he has done a few cases for the NT DOE .same happened to me, I was not allowed to read any of his ‘report’, but there wouldn’t have been much in there as he had restrictions on his so called investigation, where he was not allowed to speak to any other witnesses or their parents…don’t trust any email address with a .gov.au on the end..just like the Northern Territory ombudsman claim to be ‘independent’ ..that’s a farse, when their employees get transferred to other government departments..they are not independent..as their email shows .gov.au

      • We want our Principal back says:

        Come on DOE, time to come clean!

      • no ethos says:

        “It’s what we think we know that keeps us from learning.” Claude Bernard.
        Deceived young teachers crying out for their principal to be returned.
        Maybe with time and experience you will learn to think for yourselves and not be so easily deceived.

  10. CFB beats CLP any day of the week says:

    There should be a CFB Party in NT. We have them all the time in our remote community laughing at this blog. I mean there should be a CFB political Party. Whadya say CFB? We’d vote for you!

    • We don't believe you says:

      Mr Giles stated
      “I think over time there has most certainly been a culture of cover-up within the Corrections system,” he said.
      Well, Mr Giles what did you do about the Principal and his cattle prodder incident when a concerned teacher wrote to you on two occasions? You were certainly alerted about that scandal.
      We don’t believe you or you are just really an inept public servant.

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