Teaching in the Territory: A Palmerston Primary paedophile(?) -v- pathetic principal Parker.

Edit 1: Ken Davies and Catherine Weber: THIS IS YOUR LEGACY.pps

The CFB Team see Eva Lawler might be back to settle that old score with CatherKen Dav-L-ies after he booted her out of Education. We hope so and we really really hope she brings back her mangey little political helper…..we’ve missed you Hylton and there’s not many people saying that in the NT!


Bye Bye CLP. Wot a fucking mess you’ve left us to clean up: Nathan Barrett’s cum from Parliament’s dunny (while his wife was at home with the 3 kids)


more paedophiles in our NT schools (alleged at this stage but not looking  good), who then gets bail!

Palmerston sex schoolPalmerston bail 1Palmerston bail 2Don’t forget the last paedophile NT teacher they’ve allowed to get away with touching kids for years before he was jailed for itED Dept history of cover up and thankyou ex-AEU president Matthew Crapitch for your comment in that post  pointing us in the right direction (a 30 second internet search of named people’s surnames) of how his criminal defence got funded (more on this later):

Cranitch went public at the time with his opposition to union funds being used to defend the then teacher, who faced multiple charges of offences against children.  Cranitch – who says that most of the union executive were aware of the nature of the charges, and had received information that strongly indicated that the man faced conviction – is calling for the resignations of former ALP staffer Jonsberg, AEU Vice-President Stephen Pelizzo, and union Treasurer Julie Danvers, saying that their active support of the man shows that they are not fit to hold office in the union.

He says that the union’s usual practice of refusing to fund criminal matters was ignored, and that there were deep personal and political conflicts of interest behind the decision to use AEU funds to pay for the former teacher’s legal expenses.  The accused was the husband of a senior member of the union executive, and a close friend of a number of other executive members. These people had a clear conflict of interest and should never have been involved in any decisions about paying his legal bills.

– read about it here: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-03-04/former-middle-school-teacher-found-guilty-of-touching-students/7222452

principal Jeff Parker finally leaves Kalkaringi school: Ken Dav-L-ies & Catherine Weber – why why why does it need the NTNews to contact you before you removed him? Obviously student and teacher safety still don’t matter to you

JP 1JP 2JP 3

the worst NAPLAN results in the whole country AGAIN, year after year after year


…its OK Direct Instruction will fix everything, right Tony (wot a) CON-sidine?  More one size fits all, boring, crap that’s going to fail our Indigenous students again.  Hint: English is a foreign language.

Here in the NT its always more convenient to attack the messenger.

NT Education Dept Bureaucraps continue to complain about our cardfightback blog, often in a bid to deny responsibility for incompetence, self-inflicted messes or inept education and management strategies.

Week after week we hear of stories of CatherKen Dav-L-ies, mini-me Catherine Weber, now Marion Guppy and lap dog lawyer from SFNT Carol Sexton (who is trying to steal Lee Rayner’s crusty-old-woman’s-panties-always-in-a-twist reputation) and their fellow NTPS embarrassments accusing our blog of deliberately airing their dirty linen to cause them maximum damage. Like they need any help in that department (excuse the pun). Just check the court list and the NTNews to see how fucked up their NT Education Department really is.

All their bizarre ranting makes us laugh and laugh.

Worse than our pathetic NT Educ Dept sooks: running from personal responsibility outgoing Cock for Blain and disgraced former CLP member Nathan “I’m a bigger and better wanker than Phil Brennan” Barrett showed us how its really done. He publicly lambasted the NTNews and Mix FM for the Don Dale coverage, accusing both outlets of tainted, agenda-filled commentary. Hopefully our blog is next now that you’ve got all that extra cum time on your hands Nathan. 🙂

It followed on from an adjournment speech where Barrett accused journalists of purposely producing scandal in a bid to publicly humiliate him for a “private indiscretion”. The guy is on another planet, seriously.  Planet blame everyone else but yourself.

Cheating on your wife and 3 kids – who you parade on Facebook as part of your FAKE wholesome family guy image


cheating on your church, cheating your Electorate into believing you are a good family man but in the background you’re sticking your cheating little dick (did someone say Hylton Hayes?) into someone else’s hole – ON VALENTINES DAY? – is beyond a joke.

How dare you try to blame anyone else for that, you ugly arrogant little toad. I’m sure your kids will be stoked as they surf the internet in years to cum to find all your lies with their faces plastered all over it. Thanx Dad your the best!

The “blame the blog” public relations strategy has always spurred us on to bigger and better things. Its the avenue of the lazy. The beaten. Those unwilling to accept the accountability that comes with being in very well paid public office positions.

An ideal world for bureaucraps like Dav-L-ies and his pathetic leadership team would be a media that existed only to serve only their ideologies and deliver only their carefully constructed BULLSHIT message. A media where stories and broadcasts are pre-approved by faceless ‘spokespersons’.

We say its time for our Education Dept officers who are sucking on the public service tit of unlimited salary and benefits to start taking responsibility for the coverage they receive in the Territory and on our blog.

We are immune to your shallow criticism Weber, Tony Roberts, Shane Dexter, Lawrie Andrews, etc

And when your minions personally attack us and others for doing what they are supposed to do — ask questions and hold to account those people sitting in their air-conditioned Mitchell St – they have already lost the battle.

Many readers love our irreverence and the way we report on taxpayer-funded NT Educ Dept asswipes who have not conducted themselves in a way becoming of proper public servants (big clap – dose of – for Craig Allen everyone, for helping keep the NT Public Service the terrible shithole it is).  Wow, what a role statement that is!  No wonder the whole place is fucked.ca….of keeping check on people supposedly educating our kids here in the NT at the highest level.  Let’s look at some recent ones: lawyers, NT Gov, NTNews, a visit from Dan Bourchier remember him?, SBS, Darwin City Council etc:

NTG 5.8.16NTNews 12.8.16







Minter Ellison Lawyers 16.8.16

Party 25.8.16    Foxtel 27.8.16










Without the tenacity of some fantastic NT journalists and our humble little blog, many a Government and Educ Dept scandal would not have been uncovered. From a $7000 taxpayer hotel tab racked up by CatherKen Dav-L-ies and the Educ Minister rubbing and tugging each other in Singapore, a potential NT GOV underhand overseas investment and a land lease scandal carried out days before an election to, of course, the revelations of the appalling treatment of children in detention centres.  And did we say Nathan Barrett?  Good.

None of these issues would have seen the light of day had the press not asked questions, reporters not done their jobs or people hadn’t volunteered that information to them and us.

When those in NT Educ Dept try to shift the blame and refuse to accept responsibility for their own bad behaviour it makes us want to expose them more for what they do.  Take special note Wankers.

The more people helping us do that the better!

*Hat tip to Maria Billias.

Final word:

The CFB Team don’t really care who’s in government, we only ask for one small favour: PLEEEEAAAAASSSSEEEEE replace these 2 leeches and their hangers-on-garbage and get someone to run NT Education who knows how to engage and educate kids and take care of teachers instead of just filling their investment property portfolios, fattening up their Super and letting loose that inner bully to attack people they never have to face in person…..all at the expense of our kids’ education.  One down (seeya Chandler), 2 more Fantasy Island Fuckwits to go….


Final final word – because we can & because we luv them so much & because we saw heaps go up on the iheartCFB blog yesterday & because we know how much you’d like to make your own & stick them everywhere, here are some of our favourites:












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8 Responses to Teaching in the Territory: A Palmerston Primary paedophile(?) -v- pathetic principal Parker.

  1. Kathy says:

    Great reading x

  2. Cane Toad says:

    Worth the wait CFB. As always.

  3. frivolous & vexatious says:

    Come on everybody ask DOE for the Harris Report.

  4. Karma says:

    The cattle prod Principal hasn’t revealed yet that the local community met and kicked him out.
    Apparently he is only allowed back if he is monitored.
    One down two to go Sir Burky.

  5. DB says:

    Labor has given the CEO position of Children and Families to Ken Davies. Scumbag pedos and child porn distributors will be breathing a sigh of relief for the next 4 years. The party of Bob Collins should hang their heads in shame.

  6. Karma says:

    Very interesting message from Mr Davies to his staff.
    Seems Ken is preparing for a change in government and is trying to sprook his achievements.
    I’m not sure that will wash over though.
    There are probably a number of senior staff in the NT Public Service a little nervous at the moment.

    • Karma says:

      HA HA HA HA HA
      Ken has been sold a lemon, thats what they think of you Ken.
      Two down one to go Weeeeber.

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