Teaching in the Territory: NT Government Whistleblowers We Support You.

Office for Public Interest Disclosures – blow the whistle

Freecall 1800 250 918


To the Hannah Currans of the world, we, the whole Cardfightback Team and beyond stand with you in solidarity. To those who would threaten your sense of safety and civic duty, we are watching.


We applaud your efforts so far in protesting historic and ongoing inappropriate/criminal behaviour in NT schools under the watch of NT Education Department Executives.

We share your aim to dispel the idea that those Executives care about the safety of children first, above everything else, and to combat the issues that lead to institutional bullying in their Government Agency.

Through the use of public awareness, accountability campaigns and online protests, we hope to address the systemic factors at the roots of these issues as well as spread a call to action, because these issues are not solely Education issues — they are NT Public Sector issues.

Your terrible experience of invisibility, of people ignoring you as if you weren’t there; of having to repeat yourself over and over trying to be heard; of people threatening you (including The NT Police!!!); of being unacknowledged and having your experience as a concerned parent ridiculed then being dehumanized, is not something anyone should have to endure.

Your and many others’ experiences with Ken Davies and the kind of Education Department he has created have been challenging, traumatizing, oppressive and unwelcome.

We all must continue to fight back against the NT Education Department which has oppressed us, our fellow workers and parents like Hannah for years. We have to keep telling these institutions that we will hold them accountable, in person, online, in the media, on the radio, and IN COURT whenever we can.  Thanx Paul:


As Principal Rob Presswell says, if you or your children have any information that may assist in this matter please contact the named Police Officer Kirsten Engels at kirsten.engels@nt.gov.au or by phone: (08) 8922 3843

Or if you know NT Education Department employees or Executives knew about any of this and either hid it or ignored it please contact the Office for Public Interest Disclosures, details at the top of this post.  Someone needs to file a claim for Negligence:


More to follow….

PS – great to see Kate Presswell has started to follow our Facebook Page.  Hi Kate!


Here’s what Hannah’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Whistleblower-Northern-Territory-1201481746553123 says in her own words:

“June 21

Hi friends my name is Hannah Curran, I live in Palmerston, Northern Territory, I was born in Darwin, but have lived permanently here for the past 16 years. I am not a lawyer. I do not work for any NT government department. My advice and support is based on my experiences. In 2013 I spoke out about serious teacher/principal misconduct at my children’s former (first) primary school, Driver Primary School. Initially I went through the proper complaints process which was through NT government departments, which went on for almost a year. When I realised my complaints to these departments went unanswered and not investigated properly, if at all, that’s when I went to social media to warn parents what really is happening. Last year I had an exact whistleblower Northern Territory Facebook page. This time last year it had over 1000 likes, In posts I named those teachers/principals involved (not any witnesses) including the two police officers that came to my house to nicely threaten me with the defamation act. As a result someone got Facebook to delete my page. I understand how those ‘unknowns’ try to silence whistleblowers from speaking out on social media. To this day no one has ever taken any legal action against me, because they know I am telling the truth, I would counter sue those departments in their failure of duty of care and under the NT Care and Protection of Children ACT. My children are witnesses, and I have other witnesses also who spoke to me in person.
In 2013 I was distressed, I didn’t know where to turn, or where I could get advice or help here in The Northern Territory. I hope this support page for all of us will help you if you are or have been a whistleblower. I want this page to be a safe place for us to share and give each other help and advice.
If this page ever gets deleted, know it was not from my doing.
Any trolls or abusive comments will be deleted and banned straight away
Thank you

And my case:
So is it ok for a male NT relief teacher to look up on classroom internet smartboard ‘food people ate before being executed’ showing the year 4 children murderers and serial killers on death row, with images of execution devices before and after someone had been executed..and making the children decide what their last meal would be before being executed and telling the children very violent comments, about a man coming to school with a knife and a gun in a suitcase!, and also him telling children sexual comments and a strip search story?..all without permission or knowledge from parents or classroom teacher..he also has serious other complaints against him at other NT schools including at Yirkala…is this ok?..Is it ok for him to touch primary school girls inappropriately in a sexual way?
Is it ok for another NT relief teacher to tell very violent death stories to primary school children at numerous Palmerston primary schools, and showing children body objects he has in small boxes, and telling a year 3 class a story about ‘luther’ and his dog Ralph which had sexual reference in it. He also has serious complaints about him back in 2010 at a Palmerston High School, by parents there that the NT TRB know about.
Is it ok for male primary school teacher to inappropriately hug certain year 5/6 girls all the time, and keep these certain girls separately on numerous days, in after school alone with him for awhile in the classroom when these girls were supposed to either walk home, catch the school bus, or go to primary after school care..without any permission from these girls parents..is it ok for This same teacher to upload two sexual ‘comedies’ on his personal YouTube account titled ‘Camel Toe’ and ‘Dear Penthouse’.
Is it ok for the Principal of this same Primary to not inform The NT TRB and NT Education Department, and parents of what relief teacher 1 and relief teacher 2 did and said in their children’s classroom in 2013.. is it ok for this same male principal to take a year 6 boy in his car driving around alone for a while after school when this boy was supposed to walk home, without any permission from the boys parent?….this is absolutely not ok..but obviously The NT Education Department think this is all ok, as they know all about this as I informed them since 2013, and another report in 2014, and yet they did nothing..these staff are still teaching. the NT Education Department refused to speak to any other children or their parents involved..anyone who knows more info, need to speak out..this is absolutely unacceptable behaviour..if I had known this information I would have taken my children out of D primary many many years ago…these is more information than this..my children are witnesses, so are their friends and I spoke to these parents in person..something must be done..why isn’t it..
26th Auagust 2016 One of them from driver primary have been charged yesterday http://www.abc.net.au/…/man-charged-over-alleged-pa…/7785004


Last but not least: We’ll leave you with this teaser for a future post (download the image and make it bigger if you can’t read the names properly here).  Look carefully at the web of personal Facebook Friends from some of our well known blog names and their links to others in NT Education/Government circles.  


Very worrying.  It might explain some things……

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17 Responses to Teaching in the Territory: NT Government Whistleblowers We Support You.

  1. Deb Underwood says:

    I read Rod Presswell’s letter with interest. Chris Corey, the under performing recalcitrant teacher, “moved on” from three other remote communities, responsible for the smear campaign against the Principal at Kalkaringi, has not been allowed to go to work since March. He has children at his home, he gives them “rides” in his car, he visits them at their homes. He is being investigated by the child abuse task force. There are many mandatory reports. When it is revealed that he is a kiddy-fiddler, will CFB still give him their loyal support? I

    • Pick your toys up Jeff says:

      Looks like someone’s chucked their toys out the stroller. LOL

      • good on ya nat says:

        Looks like Karma has finally caught up.
        Plenty of picking up and packing going on at the southern end of Whitlam Street at the moment. Vacancy for a person to run the community creche apparently.
        It is odd though that he still has use of the Principals vehicle!

    • Pathetic Parker chucking another tanty :) says:

      hehe hows that for a strong reaction!!!! can only mean one person…..Pathetic Parker. Wheres your Principal of the Katherine Area award now? hehe, in the bin. hehehehe

      • rex says:

        His wife was telling community members he was in Katherine with friends staying with him because he was on suicide watch. Maybe he is enjoying some fishing?

    • Parker's Panties in a Twist Again says:

      3 problems with this comment:
      1. serious defamation, good luck in court proving all that Jeff. It’s not that hard to get your IP address and the MAC address or DUID/UDID remember.
      2. now you’ve said “kiddy-fiddler” and we all know this is just an angry knee-jerk reaction to your indiscrections beling plastered all over the Internet, where do you go after “kiddy-fiddler” in your attempt to get mud to stick? Especially seeing as everyone who reads this is still talking about you.
      3. “smear campaign”? I’m sure the newspapers would have checked their facts before publishing the many stories about you and your awful behaviour. Feels shit to be no longer protected by the Educ Dept who once supported you, doesn’t it? Thrown you to the wolves it seems by their own admission of reporting you to the Police after the Harris investigation.
      You might want to direct your anger at them….or even better still, towards yourself, since it was you who did the things ‘alleged’ – your childish attack on the messenger is exactly the same as what Nathan Barrett (totally disgraced and embarrassing CLP ex-politician) did and will be treated with the same gut-busting laughter no doubt.
      Oh, and 4. I wish I was paid a full salary not to work since March, sounds like he’s the winner there.

      Of course hard evidence will set you freeeeeeee…….or damn you. 😉

    • spotted/outed says:

      Spotted at the Victoria river during the school break, one ex-principal towing his fishing boat with the school troop carrier and trailer. Looks like he is enjoying being excess to numbers in regional office!! Who was that in the vehicle with him?

    • Rex Hunt says:

      Looks like Deb Underwood may be Mr Truth Teller coming out again. This was his “signing off for the last time” comment a little while ago! Sound familiar?

      “Dearest Nick Off writing under yet another name, It is you who should be named as shamed. There was no incident unless you have any evidence which you don’t. You will be moved to yet another school BUT this time Department maybe sued for letting a known physical and mental danger be put in a place of trust. You are a danger to students and teachers alike. People have had enough after series of schools with same problem and teachers have begun to talk after 4th school with same shit each time. Enough is enough of you not working and just blowing smoke up people’s arse. First you started with the cattle prod, and went to see the mother of alleged victim. She told you no incident had happened. You go to NT News. Now the taping you have moved to. Again…. no incident but if it means you not working, you pursue it. You are a dangerous threat each school you work at. Teachers are now communicating that fact. Look out! Truth Teller signing off for last time. Also if you know something of report, say it. Teachers understanding is all clear given. Who will be moved? Duhhhhhhhhhhhh”

    • nightsie says:

      Mr Parker’s fishing companion (the one in school troop carrier) has been using the NT
      e-mail service to spread to other staff his fishing mates latest claims of innocence (freedom from guilt) and that he has been cleared of all charges.
      Apparently Parker is enjoying his new promotion in the Katherine Region office.
      He has also advised that he has moved on from his role as a school cleaner and is now a bat counter in the regional office and is using his time planning his next move to hold to account those who dared to stand up to him and his bullying.

    • Pathetic says:

      So this is his reaction to be being reported!
      Instead of acting like a man with ethics he tries to cover up his behaviour by deflecting attention onto someone else.
      Well lets examine his allegation or more importantly Fraudian slip.
      “Kiddy”- meaning – informal, an affectionate word for child
      “Fiddler” – Derived from the word and meaning “diddler”, one who goes to great length to pursue girls who are usually younger than he is.
      Those who have worked with him well know how he likes to do favours for his female staff (including inappropriate texting) and how he favours younger women partners.
      Bully – It’s not just kids who can be bullies, teachers can be even worse, seeing as how they have authority over the kids. But when their victims stand up for themselves, their true nature shows: a cowardly, spineless worm.

    • Jeff Parker the liar says:

      Good try Jeff Parker the notorious cattle prod principal. Facts are you were found guilty by the NT TRB and that same organisation threw out your angry false allegations against this teacher who stood up to your bully boy tactics. What a sham of of an educator you are and what a sham of a person you are.

  2. whistling says:

    What good does a disclosure provide at the coal face?
    A principal gets reported for unethical behaviour, is moved and staff at his school are told he is not coming back, and a new principal would be appointed.
    It turns out that he had been transferred to a regional office, but is on leave, then he shows up working in his regional office and not on leave?
    Funny his family are still living in the principals house five weeks after he was transferred.
    He gets moved, but his family stay in the school house, funny how DOE are trying to transfer and discipline a teacher who made the complaints.
    We wonder what the other witnesses to his behaviours are experiencing?
    Does anyone know how the police investigation is going?

  3. ralph says:

    Good on you Hannah, shame on you Presswell and your supporters/facebook friends.
    So what took so long to deal with this issue?
    Usually someone higher up the pecking order discovers they have just been bitten on the arse by an issue that they thought they could control.
    Hannah you and your family can rest easy knowing you had the courage to speak up against the mobbing behaviours of DOE.
    Unfortunately people like you know only too well that our education system is full of morally bankrupt so called educators. You are another good example of how to bring up children and ensure they have a sound ethos to guide them through their lives.

  4. NT Webmaster says:

    More malicious-web, same as Phil Brennan and his NTNews headline of same.
    What an amazing graphic….how did you get that info CFB? Is someone leaking facebook friend information? Looks like someone’s friends don’t like what they see and who can blame them after seeing these connections.
    NT Education Union Executive members being personal friends with Eva Lawler new Education Minister (and ex-Educ Dept Deputy CE, supporting Hylton Hayes and fucking over teachers) – Stephen Pelizzo we’re looking at you. CONFLICT OF INTEREST? Anita Jonsberg personal friends with Eva Lawler too. Smells bad to me and everyone else I show this to. And where did that ******** DETAILS DELETED DUE TO SUPREME COURT SUPPRESSION ORDER ******* money go? Did it get paid back to the AEU? Or was it a gift from ******* DETAILS DELETED DUE TO SUPREME COURT SUPPRESSION ORDER ******* Lots more questions to come Jarvis. Jarvis, friend of Marian Guppy…….

  5. Hannah Curran says:

    Thank you Cardfightback team, I want to say THANK YOU to you, for your bravery in having this web site and not giving up in making the nt education department, and nt trb and nt education ministers accountable for their actions, or lack of…since 2013 many people tried to shut me down, ignore me, called me and my family vile names, threatening messages, someone got Facebook to delete my wbnt page twice in two days, and also someone got Instagram to delete my Instagram account that I had posted much info regarding serious numerous teacher and principal misconduct at driver pm..but thanks to your support and your website it allowed me to continue to have a ‘voice’ to speak out be heard by many people, and say and write what these staff are doing is so wrong, and their friends in senior management are allowing them to get away with it..what makes me angry is that these charges about (name suppressed by court order) who was my daughters maths teacher in 2012 and 2012, we had reported his serious misconduct numerous times to police in late 2013 and to nt education dep. and police in late 2014… No one did anything, except threaten me..nt education dep. and education dep. ministers office lied to ms. Nicole Manison in late 2014 regarding my complaints about (name suppressed by court order) having being investigated…and these charges against him are from offences committed last year!..if my complaints had been investigated properly and his misconduct stopped .these poor girls may not have been sexually assaulted last year!…that makes me angry…Robert Presswell needs to be investigated when he took a year 6 boy in his car driving alone for a few hours in his car after school without any permission from this boys parent..Daniel Bell relief teacher also needs to be reinvestigated, as well as relief teacher Graham Mibus..The whole of Driver Primary school must be investigated..there are still many staff there who have been there for a long time who knew what was going on..what did they know?..what did they do to stop it from happening..lets start also with Assistant Principal Alison Buchannon, who was extremely rude and disrespectful to us when we had three meetings with her and Robert Presswell in early 2013 where she said Daniel Bell telling my daughters year 4 class a sexual strip search story was ‘his sense of humour’ and that I was ‘wasting her time’ by having these meetings with them regarding serious misconduct that relief teacher Daniel bell did and said in my daughters year 4 class in early 2013.
    Lastly please everyone read up, Google paedophiles do to groom children…speak out, report, don’t be so trusting with other staff members if they are doing inappropriate things or justifying their behaviour..just because they have an ochre card don’t be too trusting it just means they have not being convicted of a crime. Number one…ALWAYS BELIEVE THE CHILD, take steps to immediately protect the children..if a teacher locks the classroom, or insists on being alone with children, or you see a staff member do something inappropriate or strange, don’t ignore it or shrug it off…investigate it further….Thank you for everyone’s support…if this is happening at Driver Primary there are other staff members at other schools that also have serious misconduct against them and not being investigated properly, if at all…my case is not an isolated incident..the nt trb and education dep. complaints line need to be scrapped and only have one department preferable independent that school staff and parents can call, or report any misconduct to…I found the current system has failed, as some people make complaints to nt trb, some make reports just to education dep…if they had one department combined that deals with complaints and reports, that would go on the teachers file, and a pattern will see if that staff member has a history of serious misconduct against them…I would also like to thank the bravery of my children who have been bullied, ridiculed, shunned, called liars, by many adults and students at Driver Primary..my eldest daughter was Vice School Captain at Driver in 2013.. I got my children out of driver in late 2013.. My daughters name was never mentioned as being vice captain at driver pm for nine months there at their end of year concert at Darwin entertainment centre!..shame on the staff there!
    I thank the bravery of my children’s friends and their parents who were witnesses who came and spoke to me, thank you, Hannah

  6. Facebook says:

    What a revelation this web reveals.
    Quite a girls club really.
    How is Eva Lawler’s reach and influence?
    The three amigos! Eva, Maree & Andrea.
    Hylton and Rob seem to have inside support from the TRB.
    Poor old Jeff out on his own.

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