Teaching in the Territory: Vicki Baylis = the new Ms Choksondik.

Edit: AEU NT Union lawyer Jessica Holgersson at Halfpenny’s contacted a friend to warn us: There is an ongoing Supreme Court Suppression order in this matter (below). The order acts to supress publication of any details about the case that may identify the victims.  So, we will remove his name to help protect the victims of course and to respect the Court Order, but NOT to help protect him or the AEUNT Executive members who gave him our money.


Game of Spot the Difference?

  1. Amber
  2. Ms Choksondik
  3. Vicki

3-amigasAnswer: There’s no difference becoz all of them are choking on it.

1 & 2 are easy.

Here’s 3. Vicki Baylis choking on Ken’s:

From: Chiefexecutive Det
Sent: September 2016
To: All Corporate Staff; All Government School Staff
Subject: Appointment of NT Education Minister

Dear colleagues,

Today, the new government’s Ministry was sworn in and Ms Eva Lawler has been appointed Northern Territory Minister for Education. I’m sure you will join with me in congratulating Eva on her appointment.

Last week Mr Ken Davies advised you that I would be undertaking the role of Acting Chief Executive for the Department of Education, so a big Fuck You to Catherine Weber. I am honoured by the confidence placed in me to fulfil this role. I would also like to sincerely thank Ken for his leadershit over the past three-and-a-half years and now I will suck his dick for him.  Yummy yummy yummy gargle gargle gargle slurp. *wipes mouth.

I will continue to work with the strengths of all staff within our agency and regions, to ensure that school leaders and staff are enabled to do all within their power to continue to grow success together.

Quality education is key for young Territorians and it is important that we continue to focus our attentions on helping students to become confident and capable global citizens. Together with the new Minister for Education, we will all continue to provide and identify services that allow students and their families to choose educational pathways that are right for them.  Slurp.

During this period of change, it is important that we remain focused and on the same positive path, providing Territory children with access to high quality teaching and learning programs from early years through to senior secondary, to best prepare them for their future.  Gurgle.

I am confident that we are heading in the right direction to improve education outcomes for all young Territorians and look forward to working together with you to continue on this rewarding journey.  Slurp…..swallow.  Gulp.  Swallowwwww.  Yum.

Kind Regards

Vicki Baylis

A/Chief Oral Queen, Department of Suck-u-cation, Northern Territory Blow-you-ment, Level 14, Mitchell Centre Public Toilets, 55-59 Mitchell Street, Darwin, GPO Box 4821, Darwin, NT 0801, Australia

Before Eva got top Education spot Ken Dav-L-ies was moved sideways = More political favours for Old Boys Club? Thanx for doing a shit job in Education Ken…..off you go there’s a good boy. Considering his allowing-paedos-in-NT-schools legacy & he’s now in charge of Territory Families?!!! Ur Gunner regret that Michael.

Here’s 4.


Ken choking on his own:

Reflecting on the past three and a half years, I am extremely proud of our government school system, and its achievements. Through our work together we have improved the early childhood and education system, with better and better results being achieved by our students.  Thankyou Vicki, everyone knew you were the bigger and better sucker.”

…conveniently forgetting about NAPLAN results. Rewarding failure yet again: here’s another job Ken, top marks NT GOV.

Poor Mini-Me:


Boo-hoo. Deputy CE for so long then Vicki Choksondik-lis steals ur promotion in full view. HA HA HA. Hopefully your leaving soon too.

We got another email from someone in Mitchell St HQ (name & email address withheld by request):

But the same mistakes that were made before are being made here all over again. In that I mean the mistreatment of the teachers, disregard to proper policies, and the spread of injustice. If we ever want our situation to change, we should start rethinking our actions and mistakes, and revision should be considered at the highest levels.”

Putting Eva Lawler in charge of Education & Vicki Choksondik-lis in charge of NT Education Dept isn’t gonna change nothing. Just moving deckchairs on the Titanic Failure that is NT Education =


When Eva was Deputy CE she loved stroking Hylton’s belly as he lay licking her feet >READ HERE> & now he’s been seen supporting her campaign for election. Is she gonna try & introduce him back into the Education workforce? Eyes & ears open everyone……

& looks like Eva was up to some dodgy shit when she was principal of Jingili Primary School….more on this later too. *CFB Team collectively rubs hands in anticipation.


Then we have to read Henry Gray, talking out of his ass again.


More victim blaming nonsense, thanx latest NT Educ Dept apologist.

It’s essential school staff do not place themselves in situations which can lead to assault responses by students.”

Those ‘situations’ are called ‘classrooms’ Henry. Tell that to poor Dave Arnold.

Gray Matters? Nope the CFB Team all think Gray Doesn’t Matter.


When we read this in NTNews, we all know why teachers are leaving here more than anywhere else:


Only NT Education bureaucraps can’t see it.  The Leadershit is the problem.

When people get treated like shit they leave……you don’t have to be Einstein to work that out.

Oh & Marion Guppy (friend of and ex-boss of, Hylton Hayes),


attacking whistleblowing teachers for reporting principals like Jeff Parker will only make the situation worse for you in the long run.


In CFB Team’s opinion, Marion, ur a horrible soulless c*nt of a person for doing that. We hope you & your equally cowardly HR people are happy with yourselves (Shane Dexter, Liz McDowell, Joanna Stieber etc) for your latest attempt to silence someone.  Fucking gutless the lot of you.

Have you always been a horrible soulless c*nt or did working so long for NT Education Dept turn you into one?


However we know you don’t care about that….same as Catherine Weber you only care about attacking anyone who stands up to you – AGAIN: remember? you & Hayes did it to Neville Marks principal of Pirlangimpi school on Tiwi Islands, who left the NT in disgust after one year because you bullied him out.


There are many good reasons for thanking rather than harassing ur whistleblowers but that’s for our next post.

PS: we added some extra info in the pages at the top of the blog in b/w, take a look: show your support to brave QLD teachers speaking out in ‘more public interest blogs’, more new legal info, more new journalists contact details & an updated site copy for download.

PPS: Australian Education Union NT: According to Matthew Crapitch (& now others who got in touch): Why did you give our AEUNT membership $$$$ to pay for ********  ****** criminal trial **********, without asking us or telling us? (see link below) – You can put the answer in a comment box…we’re all waiting….silence is not an answer we will accept this time.

PPPS: & again, we need senior NT GOV employees to be held accountable for things they knew were happening but willfully ignored. Same as the latest disgusting cover ups coming out of the Catholic Church:

lucas-farrell-catholic-church-abuseRead this article & see NT Education Dept similarities all through it.

Lastly, here are some faces to match the names you see in emails when you do FOIs & from the Malicious Web image in our previous post.  It helps to know the face of the person who’s trying to fuck you from the safety of Mitchell St Education Dept HQ and beyond.  Enjoy.

CFB TEAM at your service.  Funniest first:


liz-mcdowell-leanne-taylorTRACI BROWN & MAREE GARRIGAN (ex-boss of Hylton Hayes, now running TRB):

traci-brown-maree-garriganANDREA ALLEN & LORRAINE EVANS:

andrea-allen-lorraine-evansJEFF PARKER & ROB PRESSWELL:



It seems Jeff Parker is not on sick leave as reported, but is working in the Katherine Office while his partner is still in their Educ Dept house at Kalkaringi.
Apparently the new principal has to rent shire accommodation because the Parkers are still occupying the principal’s house.
BREAKING NEWS: New principal at Kalkaringi left community recently and senior manager from Katherine Office is now running the school.


NT EDUC DEPT: your tax payer $$$$$ down the toilet yet again.



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2 Responses to Teaching in the Territory: Vicki Baylis = the new Ms Choksondik.

  1. She's the same as the rest of them says:

    It’s alright, Eva Lawler is going to fix everything.
    And the moon is made of cream cheese.

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