Teaching in the Territory: NT Educ Minister Eva Lawler gives her support to Cardfightback

Edit 4: Big thankyou to http://www.westmeadhospitalwhistleblowers.com for the link on ur whistleblowing site.  Their site has lots of very useful & interesting links eg: http://www.westmeadhospitalwhistleblowers.com/how-to-deal-with-bullying-by-diane-peters.html we suggest u head over, have a look & offer them ur support too.

One of the biggest challanges for sites like ours is to know about & network with each other, to share resources & strategies.  To share the good & the bad, tactics to watch out for, successes we have, results of court action, etc.

Whistleblowing Is Not Just Leaking — It’s an Act of Political Resistance!

One of the disappointments of being a whistleblower is living with the knowledge that people continue to sit, just as you did, at those desks, in that unit, throughout the Agency, who see what you saw & comply in silence, without resistance or complaint while still taking home their big salaries. They learn to ignore the untruths & the damage it does to others. It is a double tragedy……but we can all work together to help stop it & change the destructive & corrupt behaviour of NT Education Dept & many other GOV agencies around the country, including the NT Education Union.

Edit 3: See who is connected to who, in private, NT Movers & Shakers FB Connections: click on this link 2 download the NT Web of Friends folder of all Facebook connections we showed u in NT Web of Friends, just unzip file when downloaded: https://mega.nz/#!aAsnjIIR!HW_xyDaB2nRimpKbTf0fbTafF1HiMICb8_GzSb65Kic

***Special mention to Stephen Pelizzo (& Eva Lawler), check out who their Facebook friends are….is the smokescreen clearing for anyone yet?????


Edit 2: Another teacher (QLD) gets bullied by a protected principal, please show your support, sign her petition, link below:




Edit 1: NOTE TO THE AEUNT.  We’re not finished with u yet.  We will return to the post below this one after school starts back next year….

For all those teachers denied legal help or some who weren’t even offered, know this: Stephen Pelizzo who was part of the Executive who voted to give our money to a serial peado is using the AEUNT Legal team right now to fight his own battles at being redeployed in NT Educ Dept.  Must be nice to have friends (& our membership fees again) in the right pockets places .


Christmas presents everywhere, u just need 2 know where 2 look 2 find them.  😉

This is just a short post because even the CFB Team needs a vacation until Term 1 2017.

  1. Thank you Eva for reminding everyone of the reason this blog exists, (not that ur words are any better than anyone else’s but it was funny reading ur hypocrisy – it’s OK for u 2 fight but not for our blog 2 fight & help others fight you & your NT GOV bullies) – in ur own words below:


2. As predicted, HYLTON RICHARD HAYES, slithers back to suck up 2 Eva Lawler.  In our opinion you really are the slimiest creature we’ve ever come across.  Thanked personally by his old protector in NT DoE and now new Education Minister.

We can only imagine, like father like son:

hh1Not forgetting that young Hylton Hayes is also a Facebook friend of Maree Garrigan too:


The whole CFB Team and all our friends almost choked on our own vomit reading this:


3. Eva is already setting herself up 2 fail with more propaganda, BULLSHIT, & lies but then she really doesn’t know any different.

Hands up how many people knew Marion Guppy was caught telling fibs for NTGOV in NT Supreme Court recently?  More on this story next year.  Eva, your un-Educ Dept wouldn’t know “evidence-based advice” if it bit you on the arse & said “HI, I’m Evidence Based Advice, wot’s your name?” while wearing a t-shirt with I’M EVIDENCE BASED ADVICE written on the front.  Liz McDowell, you’re next for Court we hope.


4. Maree Garrigan, another old protector of Hylton Hayes, has been given a job back in Education, someone else is running NT TRB now.  Web of Friends anyone?

5. Last but not least (except in respect from fellow workers & height): Catherine ‘Mini-me’ Weber has been quietly moved to NT Health Dept (Alcohol & Other Drugs), just like PhilsFacebookFlop Brennan.  BYE-BYE-BYE!


6. The very last word for now goes 2 Vicki Baylis, new (non-acting) CE of NT Educ Dept.  Did we just hear a gurgle, gurgle, slurp?  Hope you choke on that one Weber.  🙂


ps: Former CLP MLA, cheater on his wife & kids, liar, sex pest, wank video maker, all round  embarrassment Nathan Barrett has renamed his Facebook Page.  Shame he forgot to change his blog’s name: https://nathansfacebookwank.wordpress.com/

Have a great New Year, we will.  CFB Team.


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5 Responses to Teaching in the Territory: NT Educ Minister Eva Lawler gives her support to Cardfightback

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  2. Burke & Knights says:

    So how does this web of friends work?
    Stephen Pelizzo is apparently the only facebook friend of Jeff Parker.
    Jeff Parker is not a member of the NT AEU, but Pelizzo is on the executive?
    Jeff Parker threatens a child with an electric cattle prod and loses his principals role, but gets a new job in the Katherine region office counting bats and still gets the use of his Kalkaringi school house and troop carrier to go fishing, (according to his fishing companion at Kalkaringi).
    Pelizzo is being forcibly transferred, but gets Union financial assistance while other members do not?
    How many staff at Kalkaringi School are members of the AEU NT?
    At the 50th anniversary of the “Walk Off” this year Jarvis Ryan visited with senior staff to apparently support non union members who had been reported for unethical student behaviour management practices, not the member who had been directed to not enter the school grounds during these celebrations, and who reported the unethical practices that Mr Parker had overseen!
    Is it better to be a member of the NT AEU or not?

  3. Happy new year says:

    oh my god you are good cardfightback
    cya though they will want to get even
    cannot wait for 2017

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