Teaching in the Territory: Stephen Pelizzo & Hylton Hayes forEva.

Please send us lots of juicy NT Educ Dept docs to our new official email: cardfightback@tuta.io

Schools & teachers in crisis but Eva is charging us money to have breakfast with her.  Good to see she has her priorities right.

We hope everyone made it to the Breakfast with a Bullshitter last month.

If you paid us $55 we still wouldn’t go.  Just more useless Brown Nosing, perfect for Hylton Hayes.

Eva has lots of friends as u can see if you download her Facebook Friends list here:


One of them is Stephen Pelizzo, NT Education Union Vice President.

Hayes & Pelizzo, peas in a pod. One sucks up at any opportunity (awwww how CUTE…little Hylton with his little coffee for Eva the new un-Education Minister), the other assists her Educ Dept’s relentless bullying of another ‘teacher with integrity’.

Pelizzo loves telling everyone who’ll listen how AEU lawyers could help but they’re too busy doing work for his own employment situation as a redeployee.

Pelizzo is also friends with Jeff ‘Pathetic’ Parker,

Here is Jeff in his Facebook Friends List:

Parker is the new principal at Clyde Fenton School (his only friend on NT Web of Friends):

Pathetic Parker was investigated for chasing a disabled child with a cattle prod – which Educ Dept later dismantled & removed it from his school so he wouldn’t chase another small child according to their own quote in NTNews:

Jeff likes to get close to his students as this photo shows & is that some tape on ur desk?  Looks like a bit too much physical contact for reading there Jeff.  But that’s just our honest opinion….

We hope this little girl doesn’t need the toilet too many times or else the next photo will be one like this:

& we’re laughing at ur values: ‘taking responsibility for your actions’?  Really?

Let’s look at Kalkaringi more closely…….someone else we know used to work there with Pathetic Parker & regularly tells people what a great bloke he was:

Oh dear…look at that….Stephen Pelizzo’s friend & referee is…..Laurie Andrew (read more about him hiding sex offence allegations in Tasmania HERE)

Why is this important?

Because Laurie Andrew was the Director who oversaw the disaster that still is Max Aggro & then…..yes u guessed it…..who supported Jeff Parker.  Dob in a Director everybody.

Who did the Education Union support more: Pathetic Parker or the teachers who blew the whistle on his assaults on his students?  With Stephen Pelizzo & Laurie Andrew’s help, Parker got more support.  We wonder why?

What did the Educ Dept do to help those teachers?  Nothing of course.

As they always do, they got the principal a new job where he licks arse in thanx at every opportunity like the good little boy he is:

While we’re on the subject of licking arse, a big clap for Anthony Knights (or Anthony Shights as he’s usually known):

Young Mr Shights was/is the plaything of Pathetic Parker…..a first time teacher for only 3 years who as a thanx for helping protect him is given a principal job!!!  Yes u read that right, from inexperienced teacher to principal in the blink of an eye.

It shows what u can do when u fall into line & support corruption for ur NTGOV employer:

From Kalkaringi: the young male teacher at the centre of inappropriate student behaviour management & his wife have been transferred to another school.
Two other young Parker supporters have gone back to Victoria.
New principal is Barbara Bran who Parker appointed while he took study leave in 2012, but in his annual report dammed for all the schools failings.

Nice work AEUNT Vice President Pelizzo! Ur Education Union membership money at work folks! Unlike Anita Jonsberg who recently quit after a fight with Jarvis I-helped-hide-that-your-Union-membership-fees-were-given-to-a-peadophile-teacher-friend-of-ours Ryan among other things.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, the AEUNT really working for themselves the members when u need them most.  Money well spent.

CFB suggests a divestment campaign…..if u feel ur NT Education Union is not helping or is giving ur fees to their friends to help cover up their paedo-family members then STOP PAYING YOUR AEUNT MEMBERSHIP FEES.  Spend it on something better like ur own kids.

Educ Dept are still hiding the report into Pathetic Parker….it’s called the Harris Report.  We’d luv to see that report: cardfightback@tuta.io

Parker is telling others now he has ‘been cleared’ he is coming after those that reported him.  Of course, he hasn’t been cleared at all, Educ Dept covers these reports up all the time, releasing them will show their negligence because they knew it was going on but did nothing to stop it….until the NTNews came knocking.

The Gunner Government changes nothing…..he’s still in love with OCPE idiot Craig Allen who presides over increased bullying & does nothing to stop it:

Eva Lawler continues with her bullshit…only the wellbeing of protected staff of course…..right Marion Guppy?

As we told u, Catherine Weber has quietly left the building to work in the Health Dept:

meanwhile NT GOV (LIARS AS ALWAYS) are still checking out our blog, even after saying it was blocked:

but we have to welcome Dept of un-Education onto Facebook:

it can only be a SELF-CONGRATULATORY WANKFEST (No Nathan Barrett put ur smartphone away! or we’ll tell everyone about your nathansfacebookwank blog) but thankfully we know how good the Educ Dept has been in the past on Facebook – click on the picture below to check out their star performer:

Phil & Megan are due back soon…..good luck Health Dept.

Here is the value of public exposure, see how many people have viewed & shared some of Hylton Hayes’s emails as he tried to destroy poor Mr Ferguson in the background along with principal Coral O’Neill…. & hopefully they’ve shared them with many others.  You can read for urselves on the FOIForDummies blog:

Get the word out there!

The reality is, all governments lie and most government officers lie, some more than others. All governments break the law. And most frequently, this happens without us realizing it. The majority of us, right? People who follow this blog, people who study this blog will see it. They’ll complain, they’ll protest, but they don’t have critical mass because they don’t have control of the airwaves. They’re sort of shuttled off in the corner of the room where they talk amongst each other. But the average public servant  doesn’t care that much because these officers, these politicians, give them the space to deny it to themselves, right? To say, “Hey it’s not me they’re attacking.  I can go on with my day. I can go on with my life, and I don’t have to confront these issues. I can live in my comfortable life, I can go home after a hard day, right? I’ve got people to take care of. I’ve got bills to pay. I have obligations. I don’t have time to save the government, right?” We can’t do that anymore. That is no longer a luxury.

This is our challenge. This is something that requires effort. This is something that requires sacrifice. And this is something that, if you turn your back on, will not get better. It will get worse. It is not enough to believe in NT Educ Dept or Education Union helping you. It is not enough to believe in something. You must stand for something.  And increasingly you must stand on your own because even the Union is stealing your money and looking the other way when you need their help.
It’s OK u can swear & use bad language on our blog, we don’t mind, in fact we encourage it.

Because what Eva & Vicki & NT GOV all want the most is that we stay quiet

& only listen to their narrative, only read their Internet pages, only complain to them so they can cover it all up.

We say a big FUCK OFF to that:


The last word goes to Meryl Streep.

Powerful Education Dept bureaucraps are still bullying hard working teachers.  All the bullshit in the world coming out of Eva Lawler’s mouth won’t stop it.  Only action will.

As Meryl said: “When the powerful use their position to bully others, we all lose” – teachers, kids, families.  We know u & ur NT GOV buddies read this blog, so stop talking crap Eva & start helping.


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20 Responses to Teaching in the Territory: Stephen Pelizzo & Hylton Hayes forEva.

  1. me says:



  2. Jeff Parker is dangerous.....in my opinion....just look at that photo touching that little girl reading! says:

    Jeff Parker looks like he’s hugging that little Aboriginal girl in the photo.
    VERRRRRY CREEEEEPY if you ask me. Just my honest personal opinion Jeff. You slime ball.

  3. AEUNT in bed with DoE NT - We're stopping our Union fees says:

    we don’t trust AEUNT after reading this. Mongrels just like Department of Education NT. Stephen Pelizzo should resign now!

    • me says:

      During a lunch break (teaching as ERT) at a Darwin primary school I sat amongst a couple of teachers, one of whom was spruiking the great opportunities that go with being a Union Rep. He and his wife newly arrived to the NT (both teachers at different schools) have both taken up Union Rep roles due to ongoing vacancies.

      Opportunity 1: Get flown all over NT to meetings.
      Opportunity 2: Advantage of being partners get to add a day/s on and explore the great NT outdoors together.
      Opportunity 3: Gaining knowledge of the issues the Union have to contend with from across all the Reps, President and Union officers.
      Opportunity 4: Being part of a Union whose membership is ever increasing.

      I couldn’t help myself and asked did he think there was something odd about Opp.4?
      He shook his head in the negative.

      I went on to ask, if membership is increasing why do you think there was such reticence to fill the Union Rep positions at the schools prior to you and your partner’s arrival when there are so many wonderful opportunities such as 1, 2 and 3.

      Again he shook his head in the negative (the other teacher was now trying to hold back laughter).
      Then I said, there are some people who slip right in and learn to say nothing nor question the machine they represent and go on to enjoy much greater opportunities than you outline. Then there are those who question injustices that if not supported by the machine they are part as paying Union members tend to lose them their jobs and a whole lot more.

      I wonder to myself which sort of Union member/rep’s these two will shape up to once their ethics are confronted …

  4. Laurie'll fix it for you....if your name's Jeff Parker says:

    That pic of Laurie Andrew reminds me of Jimmy Savile.

  5. Karma says:

    As cyclone Debbie bears down on Nth Qld and the Aggro’s retirement plans, only the Aggro’s will notice the irony of this cyclones name!

  6. Don Dale is NTG says:

    The Royal Commission about Don Dale is finding out many things, most are shocking. However the entire NT public service is just like Don Dale.

  7. Stop giving the AEUNT money says:

    DOE think they’re untouchable but they’re not. EDUCATION UNION is stealing our money.
    Makes me sick to the pit of my stomach. I see another paedo Darwin teacher in court. Will EDUCATION UNION give him our money too?!!

  8. NW Star says:

    NT Government fails to stop witnesses giving evidence to Juvenile Detention Royal Commission.
    (Northern West Star, 23rd March 2017)
    This is how things seem to operate in the Northern Territory, especially in the Department of Education.There are witnesses to Mr. Parker’s behaviour’s so why did DOE give him another Principal’s position? It seems DOE don’t want the world to know do they, just like trying to stop witnesses appearing before the royal commission. Wake up NT, the world is laughing at you.

  9. No warning says:

    OBEY my arse it should be CRAWL! Some of these people are up to their lace holes in either CLP or Labor arse holes. Nothing hurts the crony club like telling their dirty secrets. As for joining the AEU at the barricades forget it, that organization is full of stool pigeons and we know what stool is.
    Got a crappy boss who promotes favorites and shafts others? Welcome to NTG. OCPE a load of incompetent people out to bury those who make complaints.

  10. pinocchio says:

    What a nerve Parker has, claiming the credit for another team’s efforts.
    Why did so many teachers leave this school at the end of 2016?
    Be a good boy Jeff and we’ll tell some more porkies about what a good job you are doing (not).

  11. i just got elected says:

    big territory
    small population
    limited gene pool
    tread on your opponents
    tell enough porkies and
    whamo your in the seat

  12. What a joke says:

    Hey you mob, check out the naive souls on youtube spruiking for their boss, and what about the facebook page that censors any critical comment – sounds like more propaganda, Eva & Vickie.
    This is an interesting counter move by DoE to all the exposure they are receiving in the press and here on cardfightback.

    • me says:

      Eva Lawler
      Minister for Education
      23 May 2017


      And in the meantime schools in remote communities are beset with not only funding challenges to have schools appear welcoming (filthy and worn walls and floors, a lack of natural light, old and under serviced air conditioners sending out who knows what into the air — sound like a detention centre you’ve heard of recently??) or up to health and safety standards but are only offering contracts to teachers for up to 6 months (and less).

      Clearly this government just as the previous have no real concern for Yolngu people except with big one off money spin stories like Nhulunbuy Boarding Facility (NBF).  The sooner there are no Yolngu left on country the sooner we can begin the even bigger money spinner stories . . .  surely that would have to be a bipartisan (secret) view to Developing the North!!

      While Gunner and his Ministers allow long term public servants at the top of his government’s portfolio castles to continually thwart beneficial proposals and undo appropriate programs for Yolngu people, especially for the young demonstrates a careless attitude, one who cares even less than the past government when time is clearly not on the side of our Indigenous children.

      In fact, the NBF is looking like becoming nothing more than a ONE ONLY CHOICE for Yolngu youth to gain secondary education given the deplorable state of schools and lack of curriculum options for children in remote communities.

      Well done Aunty Eva (don’t think too far beyond the pale)

      p.s. there is a story going round that NBF is (still) not going so well . . . nothing to do with Education Dept. executives, directors and managers?  No I don’t suppose it would be, given the numerous others further down the chain who will have to take the fall.   

  13. TRB says:

    He is claiming he is innocent. We don’t believe him.
    He claims that the Harris Report and Police Investigation discovered the allegations against him Where a fallacy of just one person. We don’t believe you.
    Well DoE, is he telling the truth or not? Let us see the reports.
    At last count there are four staff who have made reports and two members of the community.
    Why did DoE remove him rom the Kalkarindji community?
    Whose idea was it to give him another Principals position?
    Why are DoE covering for this person?

  14. Anthony Knights .... no, Anthony Shights. FANTASTIC! becoz We hate him says:

    OMG!!!!! the BESSSST post yet. You ROCK Cardfightback!!!! Sooooo FUNNY….

  15. a grateful family says:

    thank you cfb
    thank you thank you
    for standing up and speaking out

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