Teaching in the Territory: Onya Sonia Brownhill & Kalamity Ken strikes again.

Edit 1: Onya Sonia again, humiliating children for NT GOV becoz they haven’t been humiliated enough already!  Cardfightback would luv to see u forcibly stipped naked by 3 fat aggressive adult men like a skinny 13 yr old boy in Don Dale then see if u’re questions might change.  What “needs tested” Onya is ur brain.

None of this below would have gotten out if someone hadn’t leaked stuff or filmed it on their phone. Follow their example & get leaking & filming folks – all in the name of Public Interest Disclosures.

CFB Team hopes everyone can watch again the brutal Four Corners doco about Don Dale & NT Youth Justice. After watching it our post will make more sense.  The link is below & the pics speak for themselves.  Looks like someone likes touching little naked boys bums:

Here’s the link to the TV show: http://www.abc.net.au/4corners/stories/2016/07/25/4504895.htm

We all know the Royal Commission is still happening, you can read the interim report here.  Well done NT GOV looking after those naughty Aboriginal kids.  We hope lots of u get jailed for this:


Everyone in the world can now see & read how FUCKED UP NT GOV was…some people say “still is”.

CFB Team wants to give HUGE THANX to whoever leaked that info to Four Corners. You did a great service to Public Interest Journalism. CONGRATULATIONS.

NT GOV’s solicitor at the Royal Commission Hearings is a woman called Sonia Brownhill.

Looks harmless right?  Wrong. Don’t be fooled – remember Marion Guppy? Read about her HERE.

At one point Onya Sonia tried to deny the child victims a chance to tell their story. She was worried that poor NT GOV would have a damaged reputation. What a lovely lovely woman.

Most people around the world agree it’s important to give victims of abuse a voice, somewhere to speak about their horrible experiences (same as what we do here on Cardfightback Blog)….like the Jimmy Savile investigation for example:

but hey, not in Northern Territory. Fuck that.  Go Get Em Sonia!

This lovely woman GOVT lackey was also NT GOV legal help for NT Teacher Registration Board in the famous death threat principal from Gapuwiyak Shirley Nirrpuranydji investigation Star Chamber.

We hear u asking “Wasn’t the principal supported by Education Union money & barrister Jodi Truman?” Yes she was but Onya Sonia was supporting NT GOV (aka TRB – “assisting the Board”) in the Hearing to make sure NT GOV wasn’t liable for their favorite blackfella principal’s latest bullshit. Everyone knew it was going on for years & years.  Just like the Jimmy Savile show, NT Educ Dept looked the other way becoz she was useful in other ways.

When the media tried to report inside the public Hearing CFB have heard both Truman & Brownhill blocked them. Why would they do that we wondered? Their Answer > ”to protect the reputation of the principal.” Sound familiar? Onya Sonia seems very keen to protect the worst kinds of people & their reputations. It doesn’t get much worse than Don Dale.

A CFB Team Member contacted Mr Ferguson who confirmed he was offered Jodi Truman by AEUNT for his court action but he choosed a different barrister instead. Mr Ferguson also confirmed the money AEUNT spent on his legal bills was paid back from his out of court settlement money.

We want to ask if the recent Pedo teacher who AEUNT paid John Tippett QC to help got their money back from him? Someone should ask Julie Danvers – she was Treasurer at the time that bloke was secretly given our fees to help him.

Ms Truman represented the death threat principal at TRB Hearing….& we’re told by an Executive Member who was there at the time > AEUNT paid for her.  More secret payments to dodgy folks.

Onya Sonia & Onya AEUNT!

Kalamity Ken Dav-L-ies strikes again & again & again. Like Hylton Hayes & Phil Brennan, u can’t keep a good man down.

See his double standards: no pay for this worker but Phil Brennan got his while he was given paid leave to find a job after getting caught stalking an ex-employee

Then more Don Dale headaches under his watch as teens escape & go on crime spree. Nice one Ken, great to see u’re doing such a GOOD JOB in ur new role.

CFB did warn u Chief Minister, u’re Gunner regret keeping Kalamity Ken in any NT GOV job.

No surprise to any teacher working here in Northern Territory as Ken & Mini-me were responsible for shit like this:

Back to helping kids….One of Stephen Pelizzo’s Facebook Friends is ex-Attorney General John Elferink.  Here he is in his friends list:

He said this about Don Dale in Four Corners program:

Caro Meldrum-Hanna: “Well did you see the excerpt where you hear the guards laughing and say I’ll pulverise the little fucker?”

Minister John Elferink: “No I did not see that.”

Caro Meldrum-Hanna: “Well it did happen.”

Minister John Elferink: “Well that demonstrates a lack of training. I can only respond to those things which demonstrably say, show that there’s a short coming in training. What I do know is that when matters come to me I make sure that they’re investigated in accordance with the laws of the Northern Territory.

Sound familiar AGAIN?  Read on…..

Here’s Marion Guppy talking about teacher assaults & violence, try not to laugh too hard:

“As a department we respond seriously to any assault — be it physical or verbal — against our staff and we also invest heavily in providing additional support for those students who might participate in that sort of behavior.”

She’s lying of course. What really happens is this:

“And when we’re talking about teachers being injured and abuse, well OK, the physical injuries are one thing but the psychological injuries can be even greater.”

The teacher representative agreed with the union about a culture of non-reporting, and said he knew of one case where a teacher, who reported an assault, was herself blamed by the school.

Instead of the actual behavior and the problem being dealt with, the teacher was blamed for putting herself in that situation,” the representative said.

Reminds us of other victim blaming bullshit HERE.

Guppy should speak to Brave Dave Arnold about reporting violence. She too much of a fucking coward to do that though. Read about poor Dave Arnold HERE.

Speaking of violence in schools, here’s NT Police – remember how they tasered a child at school & un-Educ Dept only talked about how good they thought the school was?

Here they are traumatizing a 7 year old Indigenous kid – THEN HAVING TO APOLOGISE AT A COMMUNITY MEETING – by throwing them in their Police Van.  Big pat on the back for urselves NT Police – still haven’t learned anything eh boys?  Don Dale for u 7 year old criminal!

U can’t make this stuff up…..& u don’t need to when u live here in the Northern Territory! We strip naked children in small rooms with noone else there as our NT punishment…..then we get a NT GOV Solicitor-General to humiliate u at the Royal Commission becoz u swore….then we throw 7 yr olds in Police vans to scare them at school. NT GOV is the best in Australia!

LINK > Police filmed saying sorry for traumatizing 7 year old Aboriginal kid.

REMEMBER None of this would have gotten out if someone hadn’t leaked stuff or filmed it on their phone. Follow their example & get leaking & filming folks – all in the name of Public Interest Disclosures & Public Interest Blogs!

More soon….CFB Team.  xoxo

PS: Don’t forget the newest alleged pedo in NT Schools, we think this is the same one from Driver Primary School, see THIS POST FOR DETAILS. Keep ur eyes peeled everyone, should be in Darwin Supreme Court this month!



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3 Responses to Teaching in the Territory: Onya Sonia Brownhill & Kalamity Ken strikes again.

  1. Garion Muppy says:

    So what lessons can be learned by other NT government bureaucrats from the Don Dale debacle?

    1- It really is best to just act ethically and according to the responsibilities of your office.
    2- If you don’t you are not doing the job taxpayers pay you to do.
    3- It’s only a matter of time before a light shines on your decision making.

    No amount of discrediting of these boys justifies what happened to them in the care of the NT Government.

    Why do people who speak out about unethical and illegal behaviours of Public Office Holders
    continue to face adverse actions by bureaucrats?

    Answer: Because those same bureaucrats breached the code of conduct by firstly not adhering to the responsibilities of their office and secondly by hiding their actions.

  2. Pull the other one says:

    The Cambridge dictionary provides the following meanings for ‘chase’,
    to hurry after someone or something in order to catch him, her, or it:
    to run after a person or an animal in a threatening way in order to make him, her, or it leave:

    Another meaning from the ‘free dictionary’ is,
    to put to flight; drive: chased the dog away.

    Why did Mr. Parker hurry out of his office onto the school grounds with his cattle prod?
    Was it to chase away feral dogs?
    Why would feral dogs run away when confronted with a cattle prod or why would a young boy leave the school grounds when confronted with a cattle prod?
    Answer: prior experience/knowledge

    Would Marion Guppy have had a cattle prod in her office during her time at Darwin Middle School or what of the Principal of Kings College in Sydney?

  3. I won't be silenced says:

    Why are DoE claiming reports Jeff Parker’s use of his cattle prod are false when they have evidence to the contrary? Is this just another example of deny and discredit in an attempt to avoid accountability, just like Onya Sonia tried to do with Dylan Voller! Don’t worry about what unethical and immoral actions were taken against this boy when he was sent by the courts into the care of the government, lets focus on the crimes that got him into that facility so the voters will have no sympathy for him and we can mitigate the fallout from this appalling affair.Don’t worry its just another troubled indigenous child, but lets get that person who dared to speak up.

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