Teaching in the Territory: Anne Tonkin, NT Educ Dept’s Disappearing Dr.

The Anne Tonkin (ex-principal of Leanyer Primary School) story is coming soon even though she fled to Victoria in a terrible hurry.  Why the rush Anne?  Not running away from something were you?

VICKI BAYLIS, HYPOCRITE & LIAR.  We see nothing has changed with you in charge, no suprises.  

No to bullying?  or more empty immature gestures?

Your a dangerous hypocrite Vicki Baylis becoz some people might really believe you care about teachers especially all those new graduate teachers your desperately trying to recruit from Interstate.  No wonder teacher leaving rate is so high in NT with you lot in charge.

Adam Giles: King of Cockheads

Think Government Ministers don’t lie & keep on lying?  Think again.

Lying King of Cockheads Giles is now working for Billionaire Gina Rinehart.  We hope you fall into one of her mine holes and never get out.

Read about his embarassing show at NT Royal Commission: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-04-28/former-chief-quizzed-over-what-he-knew-of-detention-conditions/8480284

People in power lie, we have to hold them accountable any way we can.

This is why CARDFIGHTBACK was started: Campaign for Accountability & Responsibility in Dept of Educ: Fight Back!

‘Citizen Journalism’ is on the rise around the world as technology and social media are making it easier to share documentation of first hand accounts of events.

People in Power lie all the time.  Any of us working for NT Education Dept knows all about this!!!  We have to EXPOSE them all.

Ken Dav-L-ies, Catherine Mini-me Weber, Liz McDowell, Marion Guppy, Tony Roberts, Jeff Pathetic Parker, Eva Lawler & her suck-up morning coffee lover Hylton Hayes, Vicki ‘Ms Choksondik’ Baylis, Stephen Anal Plug Pelizzo, Laurie Andrew, Max Agnew, Phil Brennan, Megan Howitt, Adam Cockhead Giles, Nathan Wanker Barrett, the list in the NT is endless.  This mob are septic tank bottom feeders.

Think Police don’t lie?  Think again.

Yes The Police lie too, here is the story of the white Police Officer in United States who lied about shooting a black guy dead in the back.  Then some citizen recorded him & uploaded his film to the internet & everyone could see the truth.  The truth contradicts his lying claims about the situation & now he is going to prison.  GOOD.

The officer, who was fired after the video became public, testified at his murder trial that he feared for his life because Scott was trying to grab his stun gun.

The video showed Slager picking the Taser up off the ground and dropping it near Scott’s body in what prosecutors suggested was an attempt to plant evidence. Slager denied that, testifying he was following his training in accounting for his weapons.


Link to story here: http://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/white-officer-pleads-guilty-in-black-man-s-fatal-shooting-in-south-carolina-1.3394905

Citizen Journalism told us about the Ngukurr Police story when a teacher phoned the Police becoz a 7 year old was naughty.  Wot a Fucking Joke.  That teacher is a disgrace and should be suspended, theyre not fit to be in a classroom full of kids.

Of course Police said their own actions were fair.  We say Bullshit to that.

In a statement, a spokeswoman for NT Police said no disciplinary action had been taken.

“The actions taken by the police officer were lawful, fair and in the interests of the safety of all involved,” she said.

Read about it here: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-04-11/police-officer-apologises-for-putting-child-in-back-of-van/8432482

This is the same Police who think its OK to taser kids at school, read about it here: https://cardfightback.wordpress.com/2016/03/02/teaching-in-the-territory-stunning-as-nt-police-taser-a-child-at-school-nt-educ-dept-shocks-the-rest-of-us/

Think Education Dept bureacraps don’t lie?  Think again….we’re told Marion Guppy lied in NT Supreme Court recently about what she knew before she & Liz McDowell ganged up on & tried to end the career of NT Educ Dept’s latest whistle-blower teacher.  More to come on this story.


Anne Tonkin…..Dr of Secret Surveillance Cameras….watch this space (legally of course)

Citizens and employees of NT, of Australia, in order to help keep people in power accountable we need to record things on our phones, take photos, tell someone, leak documents, DO NOT GO TO EDUC DEPT FIRST AS THEY WILL COVER IT ALL UP AND HIDE IT then bully you for complaining, report NT Educ Dept officers to Police and Whistle-blowers and newspapers, take them to Court, EXPOSE their BULLSHIT….all in the Public Interest.

CFB, watching your back. xoxo


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12 Responses to Teaching in the Territory: Anne Tonkin, NT Educ Dept’s Disappearing Dr.

  1. me says:

    What ever you don’t know about the advocate for Gov Independent Schools, is underscored by which schools and who the Principals are/were, vis a vis who there spouse (or FWB) may happen to be in the department/s. Two primary schools that stand out are Larrakeyah and Leanyer . . . ring any bells for old or new school comrades??

  2. fan of phantom says:

    I love it! Phantom has spies everywhere.
    The phantom has a thousand eyes and a thousand ears

  3. liar liar pants on fire says:

    How is it that an Indigenous man like Adam Giles knew nothing of how these indigenous children were being managed? I wonder when future scrutiny of past student behaviour management practises at Kalkarindji School are revealed, will he also not be able to recall warnings of the use of a cattle prod to threaten children took place?

  4. shightsie says:

    The recent TV series ‘Testing Teachers’ on SBS highlighted the experiences of two highly qualified young teachers who had quickly worked out that their students had more pressing needs than forcing them to participate in a daily menu of literacy and numeracy tasks that the curriculum was demanding.
    We saw students walking out of class when they had trouble undertaking the activities in class. It was great to see that young male teacher realise it does no one any good by trying to force the student to stay and risk escalation of the situation or by locking the door so the student cannot return when they feel they can cope.
    It was obvious from the reactions of his students when he left that school at the end of the year, that those same students felt moved to express their gratitude to him. That is what teaching is about, creating a positive experience is the stepping stone to sharing information and learning.

  5. Blase & Blase says:

    Isn’t it ironic that people (like V. Baylis) who espouse these anti-bullying slogans, using the same old rhetoric, yet they have no understanding of what they are talking about.

  6. this is going to hurt says:

    OK you have given us a hint, tell us more about this advocate for Government Independent schools.

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