Teaching in the Territory: Farewell Rob Presswell, ur timing smells fishy to us.

Edit 2: here are some interesting visitors in last 2 weeks: Dept of Parliamentary Services ACT, Dept of Justice VIC, Dept of Education NSW, NTNews, Workcover Corp, ABC, Dept of Education VIC & Dept of Finance WA.  We hope VICTORIA visitors are chasing Disappearing Dr Anne Tonkin (read about her below).  Time will tell….




Edit: if u know any parents of kids at Leanyer Primary School last year 2016….tell them their kids maybe been secretly recorded on a hidden surveillance camera.  CFB hear it was installed in a classroom without telling anyone.  Contact the media, Police, Education Union (who knew about it but didn’t tell parents), un-Education Dept (who knew but didn’t tell parents either) & the school….who is recording kids & wot they doing with the recording???  U need to find out…..(some more info in Anne Tonkin post below).  Good luck & email CFB when u know something.

First this: World Teachers’ Day Oct 2015:
With the NT celebrating World Teacher’s Day this Friday, We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff at Driver Primary School. Every day, all staff strive to provide opportunities to give our students extraordinary learning opportunities and support them to become positive contributors to their community. Thank you to each and every one of the Driver Primary School staff for this commitment. Thanks also to the parents and carers who make this school a truly multi-cultural and diverse place to learn together and to achieve great results.  Two members of our staff have been nominated for this year’s World Teachers’ Day and Teaching in the Territory Excellence Awards. Bryan Downing, very deservingly so, has been nominated for the ‘Upper Primary Teacher of the Year Award’ and Kelly Sutherland, also extremely deservingly so, has been nominated for ‘Support Person of the Year’. We wish Bryan and Kelly all the very best with their nominations.  Then this below:

Another NT Principal jumps (?) from the sinking ship.  This time its a surprise early retirement.  Usually the excuse is a sick family member.

Announced leaving one week later & LEAVING NORTHERN TERRITORY….. when sexual allegations about teaching staff on ur watch will be in court soon.

Shhhhh…..secrets secrets everywhere….shhhhhh……

Thanx AEUNT Executive member who alerted us. Maybe ur not all cunts after all. 🙂

The plot thickens…..

NT Bureaucraps will say they can’t see anything wrong with NT Schools.  Jeff Parker, Anthony Knights, Lorraine Evans, Hylton Hayes, Laurie Andrew, Max Agnew, Tony Roberts, Paedo teachers touching little girls, Anne Tonkin, death threat Principal, Coral O’Neill, Brian Collins, all Alice Springs schools etc etc…of course there’s nothing wrong, look we can’t see anything wrong:

Noooooooo….Nothing wrong here….

Told you

Nothing wrong here

Noooooooo….nothing wrong at all…we cant see anything wrong

Ur not listening…..nothing wrong here, this has nothing to do with Lorraine Evans & Hylton Hayes fucking everything up, noooooooooo….u have to believe us

Rob Presswell reminds us someone else we know running away resigning when sexual allegations on their watch was getting too close:

If ur God is busy u could get Pope Francis to do it instead:

Well well Mr Presswell.  Co-incidence? Bad timing? Deliberate? Told to get the fuck out fast?  We’ll let our readers decide.

All readers on this blog know about NT Dept of un-Education COVER-UPS. Especially how they look away when it suits them. This PUTS OUR YOUNG KIDS AT RISK.

Helped by NT Education Union secretly giving him our membership fees to fight his case with an expensive QC barrister Disgusting sexual predators already caught in NT Schools. We GUESS there are more to come.

Catholic Church covered up paedophile priests for years & years & still does.

NT un-Education Dept is the same. Hylton Hayes is not a paedophile but his reign of terror in NTSchools is legendary. Same as Max Agnew.  Same as Jeff Parker.  All supported by Eva Lawler & NT GOV Solicitors for Northern Territory (SFNT). Now she thanx him in Parliament!!!! U should be Embarrassed forEva. We are….for u.

NT un-Education Dept knew wot he did. They chose not help teachers or kids in their care. After causing many many problems, bullying & threatening staff. NT un-Education Dept moved Hylton Hayes  from NE Arnhem Land into Darwin. Just like Catholic Church move paedophile priests when they get caught.

We read this in NTNews & thought NT Health Dept’s Philsfacebookflop Brennan was at it again.

Phil & wife Megan Howitt returned a few months ago from a years paid holiday. Back to work in NT Health. All supported by NT GOV.  Paid by our tax $$$$.

Time will tell……

ICAC consultation – go to Public Meetings, harass NT GOV people, make sure ur opinions are heard, email too, get ur friends & family to email, support victims of NT Dept of un-Education & NT GOV bullying, lets CLEAN UP the NT Public Service.


Every Voice & opinion is IMPORTANT, no voice is too small.

Its taken some time but lots of brave people who keep fighting.  There is light at the end of the tunnel:

Bill Cosby

George Pell

Rolf Harris

Pommies Hillsborough Stadium disaster, 28 years later finally corrupt lying Police officers charged with manslaughter & other things.

Some very important words from the survivors & families of dead relatives:

“Never give up.  Carry on fighting……for the campaign for accountability.”


Others are fighting back too:

Its OK for others to FIGHT BACK (supported by NT GOV hahaahahahaa) but not CFB?  Here’s wot we think about that:

There are lots of ways to fight back.

Or u can use legal ways.

Fair Work Commision has some GREAT videos on YouTube to help us.  Watch these & many others.  Inform & Educate urself, tell ur friends & work colleagues.  Knowledge is power:

unfair dismissal hearing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WGELQap78bw

anti-bullying hearing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dh66BLPMeGs

workplace bullying: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W7j7NBIEhqg


Last but not least a web site for Freedom of Information (FOI) requests: https://www.righttoknow.org.au/

Don’t forget the usual way for FOI:

NT Information Commissioner website:

General forms: https://infocomm.nt.gov.au/resources/forms

FOI form to make application request: https://infocomm.nt.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0003/193359/FOI-Application-Form.pdf

Go here then click “Public Sector” to find a list of all GOV Agencies u can send ur FOI request to: https://infocomm.nt.gov.au/contact/public-sector-organisations


CFB Team. xoxo

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11 Responses to Teaching in the Territory: Farewell Rob Presswell, ur timing smells fishy to us.

  1. God says:

    When a client or customer feels that they have been treated poorly by a retailer or service provider there are a number of avenues one can take to ensure your rights are upheld. If the experience does not end amicably then the person who feels they have been treated unfairly may rely on the appropriate legislation to bring the matter to resolution.

    What they will do is speak about their experience to ensure others do not go through the same experience. Writing letters and sending e-mails to influential others is also a good tactic. Maybe the number of organisations checking this website is an indication of a “tipping point” being reached because of the number of scandals besetting the Northern Territory Department of Education.

    Historically when a Catholic Priest who had been the centre of abuse complaints was moved to another Parish this person would have been generally welcomed by the new Parish.
    Unfortunately most of these Priests went on to commit further abuse.

    Now that the Catholic Church is being openly held to account for it’s practise of moving child abusers and keeping the offences hidden, when will the Northern Territory Department of Education
    realise it has a responsibility under law to properly deal with staff who threaten a young child with a cattle prod or tape a young child to a desk to restrain them.

    Like many Catholic Parish’s now expect, they expect the Catholic Diocese to vet the new appointee. We wonder if the Clyde Fenton School in Katherine have any knowledge of the past behaviour of their Principal at Kalkarindji school? They probably don’t because the Northern Territory Department of Education and by default the NT Government are claiming the reports of this person threatening a child with a cattle prod are false and defamatory. This is despite four witnesses to the incident.

    Senior clergy of the Catholic Church are now being held to account by a Royal Commission for their actions of hiding abuse by priests as well as the tactics these senior clergy used to try and discredit those who had the courage to speak up. It took a Royal Commission to publicly put faces to the names of these clergy.

    These are some of the Northern Territory Government Employees who knew/know of the allegations against this Principal. Greg Burke, Trevor Watts, Russel Legg, Laurie Andrew, Liz McDowell, Johanna Stieber. Shane Dexter, Tracey McIntyre, Anthony Roberts, Marion Guppy, Katherine Webber, Vicki Baylis, Ken Davies, Ministers Chandler, Lawler, Giles and Gunner.

    When will the Northern Territory Government stand up for the children involved in these incidents and ensure this person is held to account? Do we have to wait until another incident of unethical student management is reported? What will these employees say then? They didn’t know! They didn’t believe the allegations? Good luck with that now.

  2. What do you think Mr. Gunner? says:

    Did anyone notice the people involved in the “Confucius” development at Woodroffe School?

    Eva Lawyer’s Facebook page has a very interesting photograph of all the dignitaries involved.
    Aside from the NT Education representatives and the Chinese representatives, there is another figure (2nd from left) who it seems is Marion Guppy’s husband.

    The Australia China Business Counsel has Mr. Guppy as their NT branch president and
    the China Daily describes some of Mr. Guppy’s business activities as “he is not someone who is constantly in and out of the market; instead, he is looking for trends to indicate key times to buy and sell. ‘I log on and look at a position and ask the simple question, Do I need to close the position today? If the answer is no, I ask, What else is there to do today?’ he said”. This report also stated “He only executes on average 30 trades in typical year. ‘That probably takes me 20 minutes in the whole year. However, if you have trades delivering 130 percent returns, you can make a reasonable living,” Guppy said”.

    Ok, Mr. Guppy has private business interests in China, but is there a conflict of interest here for Mrs. Guppy? It is obvious that Mr. Guppy benefits from legitimate business in China, but it has to be asked could he also be seen as benefiting from his wife’s involvement in promoting her Government Educational organisations involvement with an organisation that some commentators describe as “institutes such as this were an exercise of the Chinese Government’s soft power internationally.”

    When asked if the Minister Eva Lawyer was concerned about commentary that these institutes were an exercise of the Chinese Government’s soft power internationally, she said she was not.
    “I’m not concerned about that, it is about our students at Woodroffe Primary School getting those opportunities to learn Chinese language,” Ms Lawler said.

    I don’t know, but it looks like there is a conflict of interest here for Mrs. Guppy. What do others think?

  3. Lajamanu says:

    This week’s Q&A on the ABC had Valerie Patterson a teachers aide at Lajamanu school since 1989 ask the big question. Why does the NT dept of Education keep sending principals and teachers to that school that do not respect the culture and language of the Walpiri community?

    A pertinent quote from Kim Mahood “Kartiya are like Toyotas” comes to mind.
    “There is, however, one story that doesn’t get much mileage: remote Indigenous Australia has a significant white population that is disproportionately influential while being unequipped, unprepared or unsuitable for the work it does. There are the good people, who are overworked and undervalued; and there are the sociopaths, the borderline criminals, the self-righteous bullies and the mentally unhinged, who gravitate to the positions no one else wants, entrench themselves and contribute in no small degree to the malaise that haunts Indigenous communities.”

  4. Very Angry Darwin Parent says:

    I see how much has changed with a new Education Minister Eva Lawler and a new CE Vicki Baylis. NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING. Protect yourselves and your friends and fuck everybody else.

    CFB told us nothing would change, nothing has changed.

    If this camera story is true they are hiding from parents information about their kids being secretly filmed. Hiding from teachers they were being filmed and audio recorded…..IN A PRIMARY SCHOOL!

    Who knew the camera was there? What did they do? Who did they tell? When did they tell? If they did nothing we need to know why. Where are the recordings now? Who saw them? Who has copies?

    If someone knew and did nothing and told nobody then they are responsible too.

    Us parents must demand answers! NO MORE EDUCATION DEPT LIES AND COVER UPS!


    How many other schools are doing this without parents knowledge?

    Parents, we need to join together and discuss this ASAP.

    • The Cook says:

      Maybe Vicki Baylis can put on a silly hat, stupid smile and stick her fat head in a box which says “Say No To Secretly Recording Kids At Your School Then Taking The Footage Home To Masturbate To”. That might work. God, Vicki is great, isn’t she. What a true leader.

  5. God made me do it says:

    Maybe God told them to hide the camera?

  6. Good Catholic says:

    Well just like “Mr Truth Teller” aka Parker, Mr. Preswell also demonstrates his attitude towards being held accountable for the position he held and the renumeration he received for that position.
    Ignore the law and policy and just do what you want, who is going to challenge me?
    Why do they act like this? Well one reason is they know senior staff will lie and cover up for them to avoid vicarious liability. Two, to get to the position they have they had to lie and damage others, which has left them morally bankrupt when it comes to how they react when they are finally caught out. They just tell more lies and blame others.
    Just like a lot of politicians (Howard and Giles come to mind) Mr. Preswell seems to want to re-write the History of his school by ignoring what really took place under his leadership. Down the road in Katherine, Parker also seems to be trying to re-invent himself and not face up to his history at Kalkarindji. Four people witnessed the cattle prod incident, yet he still denies it and senior staff are still defending him.

    Oh well all we can do is resist, speak up and hope that the appropriate authorities one day knock on their doors.

  7. Hannah Curran says:

    Rob you knew for 15 years what these disgusting staff members were doing at driver. You heard all the parents and other certain staff including us coming to you telling you over the many years that these 4 certain staff were doing serious misconduct with sexual and sinister intentions and yet you allowed it to happen. When you thought our family had gone away you had those two back at driver again when u knew Daniel bell and graham mibus had a history of serious misconduct even at other schools. Were you involved directly too I believe the boys mother than your version of events in 2013…name suppressed who was my daughter’s maths teacher for two years at driver and disgustingly was at bachelor camp in 2012 as a teacher accompanying children you knew what he was doing but did nothing except protect him. He had been in contact with hundreds of girls at his over 10 years at driver. How many more young girls lives has he destroyed. It was covered up over an illusion that driver had good morals good reputation it was all farce. Parents may pretend to be unaware now and not talk about it..they fooled us parents we were all fooled. my children were not fooled neither were the other students effected. But many were too scared to tell. Any teacher who still supports name suppressed shame on you. Rob no doubt you were given a golden handshake to go. Since 2013 I have been publicly calling for an independent inquiry into Driver Primary. Hopefully your senior management friends wont protect you anymore. Assistant principal Alison Buchanan you should be next. Let’s see if name suppressed to protect himself not his victims will bring all his other paedophile friends down. Like cfb I don’t forgive and I don’t forget.

    • Propaganda Queen says:

      Just had a look at Eva Lawler’s Facebook page. What a joke I can’t believe it is dominated by photographs of herself. It seems she wants to be photographed at every school and with every principal. Sort of reminds me of something people like Hitler and other dictators did/do in an effort to con the masses. Amazing she has put herself up there with Preswell. Typical stunt by politicians and bureaucrats to deflect attention from the nasty issue they want to hide.

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