Teaching in the Territory: NT Education Union, Julie Danvers (JD) & BD v The Queen (No 2) [2017] NTCCA 8

Edit 1: CFB Team see almost 1000 visits in 1 week for this septic tank of a Union.  Now we add more info to post below at end of post >>> read at bottom >>>

The 2-faced-NT-Educ-Union-membership-fee-stealing-love-triangle exposed.

CFB Team now list AEUNT Executive Members who voted to give our Union membership money to their friend pedophile teacher > BD.

(JD) Julie Danvers DEMANDED our money, everyone else voted to give it to her.  They didn’t ask members if they’re happy about giving our money to JD who give it to BD.

She was Union Treasurer at the time – MASSIVE CONFLICT OF INTEREST……..same as Stephen Pelizzo & Anita Jonsberg, friend of BD (& JD).

But NT Education Union Executive don’t give a shit about that.  Maybe the Courts will?

Secret vote behind our backs – AEUNT IS SAME AS NT Educ Dept dirty bastards.

Now pedo teacher BD is appealing his conviction & Union lawyers Halfpennys are helping him again, u can read about it underneath.  The rest of story is coming soon, here is some:

Julie Danvers spoke with passion to Executive members about how BD was being “shafted” by the Education Department and by others and how he was a hard working Union member and had a right to support. She professed his innocence and said that there was no merit to the allegations by students who were out to destroy his reputation because they were “Evil lying little bitches.”

There were many other allegations too made against BD including that he purchased and supplied alcohol to students at the School for parties and had been texting them and using language that was inappropriate for a teacher to use to students.  And don’t forget the allegation of him being in a girl’s sleeping bag published in NTNews too.


& think how many are still there today!!!!!


Teachers are not protected becoz same cowardly people are running AEUNT to help themselfs, only their friends get help.

Stephen Pelizzo OINK OINK Vicki Baylis & Eva Lawler’s Best Friend

Glynis Winslade

Julie Danvers OINK OINK

Cassandra Brown OINK OINK

Carly Phillips

Dean Parkin

Bernie Small & Melanie Baldwin

Judy Boland

Mike Sandford

Paula Thornton

Sheryl Fotakis OINK OINK

Peter Hardcastle

Liam Phillips


BD Appeal Case no.1: here

BD Appeal Case no.2: here

More BD-NTNews & CFB reported almost 3 years ago READ>>> HERE & Kalamity Ken Dav-L-ies said he would do something about it, but NOTHING HAPPENED AS USUAL becoz NT Education Dept & NT GOV ONLY CARE ABOUT THEIR OWN ASS, they don’t care about kids.  U think something change becoz Eva Lawler is Education Minister?  hahaha, this means NOTHING WILL CHANGE BECOZ SHE IS USED TO HELPING NT GOV COVER UP EVERYTHING, OF COURSE SHE WILL DO SAME THING AGAIN

This is BD from above, same BD Education Union NT gave our $$$$$ to.  They knew everything but still gave our $$$$$ to Treasurer Julie Danvers:

The CFB Team are really excited about this post because in the end……

Someone emailed us:  “not everyone vote to give membership money to JD & BD.”  If its u pls email CFB & we put on the post.  Here is more info >>>

When JD & BD returned in January they discussed “getting free legal assistance for BD.” (Julie’s words.) At that point he hadn’t been charged but was seeking to clear his name and Julie was very pushy and aggressive in wanting the AEU to spend membership money supporting him.

The AEU later found out about an investigation by Dept of Education into historic allegations against him at a school camp where he was alleged to have touched a student in her sleeping bag. It was at that point they were given one initial free legal appointment with Halfpenny’s Lawyers (Cathy Spurr) to give him advice. This was available to all AEU members. Any further legal assistance was to be approved first by the AEU Executive following a written application for assistance. Julie did not want to go to Halfpenny’s with BD and said she thought Cathy Spurr wasn’t good enough and she wanted the AEU to give approval for BD to go to another lawyer, paid for by the Union. That never happened and soon after this she began to canvass and lobby other Executive members to support BD.

At the February Executive meeting BD’s application for legal assistance was presented for support and consideration. Mat Crantich spoke passionately against it as did Peter Clisby other than for the initial one hour advice session with Halfpenny’s. Eventually, the application was deferred until it was clear what support was being requested.

Executive generally weren’t interested in anything other than feathering their own nests or helping their mates.

Sometime in 2012, Peter Clisby and Mat Cranitch thought that it would be invaluable to have Stephen Ferguson come and address Executive members about FOI’s and how to fight Dept of Education decisions more effectively. This was aggressively opposed by several Executive members who had a pre-determined opinion of Stephen in part based on the views of Cass Brown, our Executive member representing Indigenous members. She hated Stephen with a passion as she had worked with him previously and was quite open about her distrust of him, a belief that he was weird, mad and a crap teacher. We didn’t take much notice of this part as everyone knew Cass had been moved from a number of remote schools for abusing and assaulting staff and generally being a lazy pain in the ass.  Despite this, I made it clear that Stephen was going to present to Executive. Following that presentation, Cass Brown deliberately did all she could to act like the spoiled angry brat she really is.  She opposed motions brought to the table to more actively pursue FOI education to members and have Stephen active in this campaign. She was supported by others (including Stephen Pelizzo) who claimed that to actively bring Stephen Ferguson on to any campaign would be folly and not grow membership and give us a bad look.

There had been criticism of some Executive members from Peter Clisby and Mat due to them coming to Executive meetings not prepared to participate effectively. Readings were not looked at, engagement with their regional members was not occurring and they were using the Executive time in Darwin like quasi-business days where they would attend to their own affairs. This meant that many (Cass Brown in particular) would arrive late to meetings, leave throughout the day to attend to personal affairs and not be there for the majority of the two day meetings. On more than one occasion meetings had to stop as we no longer had a quorum with so many Executive members not returning from lunch break.

As a result of insisting members not leave the meetings, Mat and Peter weren’t popular with some in Executive who would take great pride in scuttling strategies, passing motions to prevent forward movement in campaigns, etc.

Mat and Peter also decided that the Executive dinners would not occur anymore. These dinners historically were for Executive members and their partners, where the AEU would foot the bill for the food for the night. Their costs were rising dramatically, in the vicinity of $30000 per annum. As a result of the freebies, several Executive members would engage in gluttony…Cass Brown being the perfect example. She would always order the most expensive items on the menu, always order all 3 courses and cost the Union plenty. Many remote members brought friends along as free “partners.” Dinners were cancelled and Executive members from outside Darwin got a meal allowance only. This made them very angry and created even more tension for the March meeting.

After Mat and Peter were kicked out the first motion passed was to reinstate Executive dinners….the first fucking thing they did was to give themselves free meals – what cunts. They then approved legal funding for BD.  The Minutes for this meeting which I later saw were a mess and not at all easy to follow. But all members of Executive were responsible for BD getting access to Union coffers. Every last one of them. There was no evidence on the minutes of any dissenting voices.


More coming soon……PIGS IN THE TROUGH!!!!!




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12 Responses to Teaching in the Territory: NT Education Union, Julie Danvers (JD) & BD v The Queen (No 2) [2017] NTCCA 8

  1. Your membership says:

    So Mr Ryan and the executive, what criteria was used to allocate membership funds for this persons legal costs and while you are contemplating your response, what is the criteria for approving AEUNT funds to cover the costs of members legal costs when seeking to fight adverse actions by our employer?
    It is time to make it clear to members that their union will not necessarily defend them against adverse action by DOE, unless you are lucky enough to have a relative or friend on the executive to speak for you. That seems to leave most members out in the cold doesn’t it?

  2. more lazy pigs in the trough says:

    Its OK coz Adam Lampe is back in charge.
    [Dies laughing]

  3. Committee for the Rights of Children says:

    Continuing on with Mr. Parker’s policy of denying students their play time, according to his week nine newsletter it seems only those children who “automatically do the right thing” will receive rewards. Most mature aged indigenous folk will recognise this for what it is, racism. Indigenous Australians have survived this attitude from people like Parker all of their lives. They are quite well acquainted with these policies of denial. They haven’t worked yet so would educators keep going down this path?
    We think Parker is unfit for teaching these children, he can’t seem make up his mind about these children. First of all he complains about children not cooperating and threatens punitive measures, then he claims his comments are not derogatory and finally he claims his school cohort is “fabulous”!
    Maybe these children are more perceptive than he gives them credit. Maybe like the children and families of Kalkarindji did, they have worked out Parker is not there for them, but himself. We wonder how long it will be before his staff work him out?
    When will teachers recognise that withholding privileges from students does not cause students to suddenly think differently and cooperate with you? Parker identifies the problem himself, he states “it’s one thing to start working when the principal comes into the room”. For such an experienced educator, Parker can’t see that this temporary behaviour is just that, temporary. It does not produce a change in attitude or thinking. Maybe this is where his unethical behaviours at Kalkarindji arose when he struggled to recognise he could not make children cooperate. It’s about relationships and building trust you idiots. Other terms that are associated with this practise of punitive measures are, coercion, intimidation, discrimination, marginalisation and bullying.
    On another note we wonder how the NT dept of un-education will respond when Parker starts to suspend these children, further marginalising them from education?

    • silence is golden says:

      Cat got your tongue Jeffrey!
      No week ten newsletter?

      • special classes crap says:

        Special classes during recess and lunch!
        That sounds like withholding students play time to us and we imagine it would also be against their will? Sounds like it could be punitive action against the basic rights of a child.
        How much time is a student required to be in class during the school day?

    • royal commission says:

      NT Juvenile Detention ‘Punitive Not Rehabilitative’ – Royal Commission
      Pro Bono Australia-31 Mar. 2017

      Parker’s punitive measures are a perfect example of what is wrong with education in the NT. Yeah lets keep them in class and make sure they do what we want.

  4. Bring on the Indépendant Commission Against Corruption says:

    Hey, for those of you who follow the Clyde Fenton weekly newsletter, published of coarse by the former Principal of Kalkarindji School, you may have noticed Mr. Parker commenting on a worrying development around a sudden surge in his students refusing to cooperate and complete learning tasks. It seems that Mr. Parker is now having difficultly keeping his students in line and is advocating “punitive measures” of with-holding play time for those recalcitrant students. Aside from the fact that with-holding playtime from students may be at odds with the basic human rights of children, we wonder how long it will be before he again has to use tape to restrain those students who refuse to obey his “punitive measures”? Maybe he might again resort to scaring them by kicking the walls and furniture or he may even again resort to threatening students with something like a “cattle prod”? He could even use young Shight’s strategy of putting bins over students heads when they don’t cooperate!
    Come on Eva Lawler, Vicky Baylis, Marion Guppy, Anthony Roberts and Laurie Andrew, how long can you cover for this Principal? When will you Public Servants actually do your job and protect students from people like this? We wonder how long it will be before Eva gets her photo taken at Clyde Fenton and tries to use her Facebook page to tell us all how well it is at Clyde Fenton?

  5. Oh my says:

    Well, well, Mr. Pelizzo, what do you have to say?
    So now you have Max Aggro’s position, I wonder if the Minister and senior staff will now all fly out to Booroloola (with the media of coarse) and support you to boast about Direct Learning and how wonderful is to walk into those classrooms and watch such wonderful learning episodes?
    Just like they did when Aggro was moved from Lajamanu after that community had had enough of him.
    Speaking of Lajamanu I notice an advertisement for a new Principal at Lajamanu.
    It seems the Principal lost his job!
    Apparently a relationship with another Principal resulted in inappropriate communications and complaints.
    Well, that is what the teachers are reporting, they have spoken about the Principal breaking down and crying during staff meetings, who knows, DoE won’t let on. Maybe someone can tell us what really happened?

    • facebook queen says:

      Right on cue Eva is again using her Facebook to espouse the so called great collaboration between this community and her organisation. Funny how Valerie Patterson traveled to Alice Springs to ask the ABC q&a panel why Eva’s organisation keeps sending principals to this community who do not respect the Walpiri language and culture. Pity she does not let on why the former Principal has gone. How long did he last?

  6. ICAC says:

    Well Jarvis what have you got to say?
    How do you justify this financial support while your NT AEU has refused to assist other members whose fees pay your wage?


      He’s a coward like the rest of em, he’ll say nothing of any value as always.

      • AEU member says:

        Come on Jarvis and the AEU of the NT tell us about how the latest enterprise agreement negotiations for yourselves are progressing. What little behind door deals are being done to ensure you slot straight back into a Mitchell Street position when the time is right?
        Maybe Eva will find you a reward for your good deeds!!

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