Teaching in the Territory: Paul Newman – a bully can’t change his spots

Big HELLO to new Education Dept blog from South Australia:



No shock of NT Educators to read Paul Newman doing getting away with same bully-crap in SA, thats why he didnt get promotion here in NT then leave to SA.

Years of misery for us, look like same for you.  😦


This post is a place holder, more later, keeping reading about AEUNT below, more is coming underneath.


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7 Responses to Teaching in the Territory: Paul Newman – a bully can’t change his spots

  1. BLAB NT says:

    Ah the old World Teacher’s Day awards again
    there was Eva spruiking at the big awards ceremony while Laurie was out at Kalkarindji trying to quell the communities anger and their instruction for teachers at that school to get out of their community

    • Your not in our club says:

      Did you see the photo on Eva’s Facebook page?
      Master of ceremonies Marion Guppy looking oh so pleased with her efforts.

  2. Oh my here we go again Eva. says:


    Kalkarindji School Principal writes a one line resignation on the whiteboard and runs away.

    Allegations of fraud taking place and teacher probation procedure not being followed.

    Teachers off on stress leave.

    School Principal missing and Senior Teacher hiding in his house.

    At a community demanded meeting with teachers, traditional owners told teachers they were just
    there for the money and to told them get out of their community.

  3. a victim says:

    It is interesting to read all the commentary now being posted on the net about the Harvey Weistein affair and to ponder on the lessons that we can learn from this so called “Weistein Factor.”
    Carvina Chocaro identifies Weinstein as a gatekeeper to Hollywood and asks “how did it end” and then declares “it was the critical mass that did it”.
    The Weinstein affair will be debated and examined for a long time, as it should be. I believe that lessons from this horrible person’s behaviour will be compared to behaviours of people of all gender and not just repugnant men like Weinstein, when a person with more power than another bullies another person with either sexual harassment, coercion intimidation or adverse action.
    As Chocaro identified, a critical mass had to develop, some call this a tipping point.
    Of coarse if victims or witnesses do not speak up then this tipping point will take longer to happen.
    The Paul Newmans of Australian Education are like the Harvey Weinsteins of the world and they will continue to damage people’s lives unless people have the courage to speak up.
    The other important point to be made about this horrible affair is the fact that those in positions of power remained silent and did not rock the boat. This is particularly pertinent to those masters of people like Newman. Newman is a product of the Northern Territory Department of Education and unfortunately is just another example of an educational bureaucrat abusing his position of power and his masters letting him get away with it. Unfortunately for employees of the Northern Territory Department of Education, members of the executive of this organisation continue to get away with bullying staff who speak about unethical behaviours by their principals. It is time the colleagues and political masters of these people act according to their responsibilities Eva.

    • BSUP says:

      Check out Mr. Parker’s latest attempt to deal with bullying in his school.
      Well, he certainly is the pot calling the kettle black isn’t he!
      We wonder if the DOE will set up a BSUP for bully principals, especially those that threaten students with cattle prodders or resort to tapping naughty students to their desks!
      We are sure that the parents of students at this school would wish to be notified of his placement in this program and that he was being monitored for any further incidents.

  4. i cant believe it says:

    oh my god!!!
    is there something wrong with him or what
    you had better believe it
    this is who is running that school region
    come a bit further northeast to Booroloola and
    right on cue there is eva the facebook queen
    except pelizzo is missing
    maybe they did learn from their mistake with maxy boy

  5. bring it on says:

    can’t wait for others to start more blogs on the current pack of bullies up there in mitchell street carpet land
    come on folks share the love and the dirt on these people we know you have it spread the lovvve

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