A retrospective ICAC for NT Educ Dept/GOV – CFB will send them to find u.

From: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-11-23/northern-territory-passes-laws-to-set-up-icac/9184496

“How will ICAC work? Labor’s proposed ICAC will have:

broad and retrospective powers to investigate anyone involved in the expenditure of public money.

The Government said the ICAC would be able to investigate public servants, judges, police, statutory officers, contract service providers, recipients of government funded-grants as well as politicians.”

gunner & guppy

This will be CFB’s thankyou for all NT Education Dept people who thought they can get away with years & years of behind the scenes bullshit & lies. Liz McDowell & ur poison pen friend Marion Guppy. Guppy’s husband getting favours for his Chinese company thru NT GOV conflict of interest, we send ICAC to u & ur joke moustache, check out THIS BLOG>>BLABNT.WORDPRESS.COM for more details. Eva Lawler & ur morning coffee lover Hylton Hayes, Gary Barnes ex-CEO, we know where u work now, ICAC is visiting u.  Ur all rotten.

We make sure the new 2018 NT ICAC is busiest the world has ever seen. The Catherine Webers & Vicki Baylis’s of the world, Hylton Hayes’s & Phil & Megan Brennans & all who supported them, we send ICAC to be coming for u. The Roger Newmans writing report after report to please ur Educ Dept masters – another one about – STILL THERE! – principal of Milingimbi Jenny Sherrington: we hear she slapped a new graduate teacher among many other things including bullying AEU Rep, another Newman cover up report will be hidden to protect NT GOV of course…..but ICAC will look into all ur previous work Roger including to protect this lady>>> Everyone who protected death threat Aboriginal principal Shirley Nirrpuranydji, ur time will come. Laurie Andrew’s handiwork under the microscope, Parker’s Prodder & everyone who helped him get another job they knew what he did to assault kids under his care in the Harris Report, ICAC is coming becoz we sending them to ur door next year. Anthony Roberts, we don’t care u ran away to Qld, ICAC can go interstate to get u. Disappearing Dr principal Anne Tonkin, runaway to VIC, ur illegal surveillance cameras recording kids, ICAC is coming for u too. Rob Presswell, another runaway principal before NT Supreme Court came looking for u to be a witness, ur not safe. We send ICAC for u too & we send them to ur old school. Support Max Agnew? Talk to ICAC. Ken Dav-L-ies & ur many cover ups. To be ICAC-ed.

Many many more to be on the list…….CFB very happy happy happy 🙂 🙂 🙂

It’s a pity AEUNT cant be under ICAC becoz they worse than NT Educ Dept corruption. Julie Danvers & BD, who look away while BD fiddling all that time? ICAC will find out. We send them.

Get ready everyone who complain before but nothing done to help u: Hannah Curran is ready, teachers who work for Pathetic Parker Jeff is ready, all Arnhem Land teachers is ready for Hylton Hayes stories. Darwin Middle School ready. Anyone who work for corrupt Lorraine Evans, ready. Old whistle-blowers prolly ready.

Busy busy busy busy busy ICAC.

Read more here: https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2017/jun/28/first-northern-territory-independent-commission-against-corruption-icac-announced

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16 Responses to A retrospective ICAC for NT Educ Dept/GOV – CFB will send them to find u.

  1. Val and Keith H says:

    We love this site. Great to see the outing of those doing wrong and causing harm. We hope the ICAC will clean up the mess. So much of it up here, abuse, stealing, bullying, it just goes on and on. Who can you trust?

  2. Keep on Keeping On says:

    Nothing surprises me
    Keep up the good work

  3. barnacle bill says:

    Ah yes more dodgy Roger Newman, he has a long history of helping NT Educ Dept get the results it wants. DO NOT TRUST HIM OR ANYTHING HE DOES FOR HIS PAYMASTERS: NT Education Department. It’s a fix.

    • Keep on Keeping On says:

      Trouble is with these investigators they are paid and briefed by the employer absolutely not independent. “I am ex cop” wha wha wha whaaaa never let the truth get in the way of being selective with the purported facts.
      As they once said ‘run with your nose”

      • it's a secret says:

        OK, what about the Northern Territory Teacher Registration Board, are they independent?
        It is now over one year since a complaint was made to that organisation about a principal threatening a young child with a cattle prod, what happened to that complaint?
        Has it been investigated?
        If so what was it’s findings?

  4. spread the news says:

    blabnt.wordpress.com 3800 hits in just over three weeks

  5. Hannah Curran says:

    after four years more names come to me. Mr Ron Greaves, in 2013 manager of NT Education Department complaints department. Between late February to June 2013 I rang the nt education complaints department numerous times regarding serious misconduct of relief teacher D.Bell at my children’s former primary school. No one from that department ever called me back to investigate!!…after being told of even more serious misconduct regarding several other staff members there, I rang back again in late 2013 and this time spoke to the manager, Mr. Greaves. He refused to investigate the serious misconduct of several staff, and told me he knows the principal really well and that I should ‘let it go and move on’. Question Ron, how many complaints are sitting filed away at the nt education complaints department that you refused to investigate?…this ICAC should reinvestigate every single complaint made to the nt teachers registration board and to the complaints department of the education department. So much more information I have. Appalling. CLP treated me shocking during this, Labor wasn’t very interested either…and it still continues today, the coverups, the senior management who are friends with staff, and politicians..too much conflict of interest still rein here.

  6. future icac client says:

    just checked blabnt.wordpress.com 2965 hits and rising
    at this rate could be around 6000 hits before xmas
    could be 10000 before school starts in 2018 who knows
    maybe wannabe teachers are checking it out before the big move
    maybe others are checking and thinking about upcoming retrospective corruption legislation
    who knows but it is going to be interesting when the icac doors open

  7. the democrat says:

    bring on the ICAC and lets get the ball rolling
    we checked out blabnt, more than 2850 hits now
    we love the gallery on shights and his wife that really does stink
    what is going on with this greg burke though
    why is he telling everyone about his mental illness

    • tell the truth Greg Burke says:

      Greg Burke senior teacher at Kalkarindji school made false allegations against another teacher who reported Burke and his Principal for bullying students and teachers.
      Burke claimed this teacher had serious mental health issues and had assaulted him.
      As far as we know this teacher was well liked by this community, had great references from other communities and “medical reports” identified he was a “normal” person well suited to teaching in remote communities.
      It is surprising that though Mr. Burkes claims were found to be false the department of Education is still relying on his false reports to take disciplinary action against this teacher.
      What is more surprising now is this testimony of Mr. Burke on the website
      publicly details his own mental health issues.

      • Dr Freud says:

        what will become more surprising to followers of this episode
        is whether mr parker’s employer moved him from that school because he claimed to have mental health issues as a result of his time at kalkarindji school

  8. Hannah Curran says:

    In late 2013 I had a private session with the Royal Commission into institutional responses to sexual abuse when they were in Darwin. My private session was all taped. I’m sure the recording is filed with the commission under lock and key with everyone else’s.

  9. Hannah Curran says:

    Thank you cardfightback for your continuous support, you are champions for us. All those in the nt education department, and NT teachers registration board, garrigan, scurr, Brennan, Baylis, Roberts, Boyle (NT ombudsman). Weber, presswell, buchananon, Chandler, Newman, legg, Hamilton, randford, buganey, (NT police)…whoever else I told.. remember me!!! Since 2013 one of paedophiles went on to molest more girls under your watch while I was ignored, threatened, bullied, no proper action taken..have you been reading nt news about the recent court case, and watch most of them under oath scramble claiming to not know anything was going on for years and years there!.. it’s too late for apologises to me, and my family, but I doubt you all never had any intention of doing so anyway. Hopefully after the court case which appallingly has been delayed again until apparantely late next year, the other girls and their families, the hell that staff member put them through,who you all know about will all come together in one big class action for failing to protect our children at school. My youngest daughter who was 9 years old in 2013 said Name suppressed would see her at lunch and would say ‘your evil’ with his revolting smile on his face. Name suppressed, my children have NO evilness in them. You are the one who is evil, and when the suppression order is lifted you will get what you deserve, just like teachers D.M Bell and G.Mibus, your the evil ones.

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