Teaching in the Territory: NT Dept of Education supports bullying. Sue ‘em!

Edit 6: wots Eva Lawler’s priorities when her friends allow sleazy slimey pedo behavior in our NT schools?  Charge us taxpayers for 12 days in Sydney on sum bullshit course nothin to do wit ur job!  Maybe Sydney has better pies:


pathetic pollies again

How long were u protected for…….???????  Years & years, from de highest levels……


Edit 5: kiss ur life good-bye?  How long were u protected for?  Are there others?  Wot connections wit NT Police & ur school?  U think McRoberts is bad?  Wait for dis……



Edit 4: NT Dept of un-Education uses Roger Newman heaps for many years & years to do there investigations……like Roger the Dodger Dodgy & Jenny Sherrington slap de teacher at Milingimbi School.  Hes King of Coverups, he give em wot dey want everytime.  Vicki & Eva & Liz & Marion coverup da truth, NT GOV have zero legal problems.  Thanx Roger more work for u next time, good boy!

6 more-dodgy-dept-of-education-10-3-14

With da investigators like Roger Newman & principals like Rob Runaway Presswell everything is perfect for NT GOV & Eva Lawler to escape any accountability to those little girls & there families:

1 16.5.2018

2 16.5.2018

3 16.5.2018

4 16.5.2018

5 16.5.2018

Edit 3: u can watch ABC News report online for Palmerston teacher in NT Supreme Court in next 3 weeks “inappropriate touching & sexual abuse”.  Each episode only online for 48 hours!  Be quick!  First episode 9/5/2018 start @ 14.25:


2nd episode 10/5/2018 start @ 2.52

i miss you

Edit 1: the magic words to help u sue a NT GOV Agency for NEGLIGENCE:


Just like at Tennant Creek:


Read de LYING BULLSHIT from Territory Familes before 2yr old girl is raped (The toddler & her four siblings had been the subject of 16 years’ of investigations into physical & sexual abuse & neglect, in the lead up to the rape):

“The interests of children are front and foremost of the deliberations of staff.”

Sound familiar?  Yep, same LYING BULLSHIT from Vicki Baylis Clueliss & Eva Lawler Dementia & NT Dept of un-Education: “All NT government schools have a zero-tolerance approach to bullying and violence”

……then disabled Aboriginal boy chased with electric cattle prodder off school grounds & little girl taped to a desk becoz she’s naughty both by principal Jeff Parker, principal Jenny Sherrington slaps a teacher in de face, Shirley Nirrpuranydji principal & Lindall Watson deputy principal threaten to kill her staff, Hylton Hayes trying to get a gun licence to shoot his staff, Lorraine Evans fucks over all her staff then sucks ‘Dick’, he loses his job she gets moved, Anne Tonkin & deputy secretly records kids & staff on a surveillance camera & gets away with it, BD-teacher washing female students & given our Union membership money to help him, another BCD-teacher secertly messaging little 9 & 10 yr old girl students on Facebook “I miss you” etc etc…….on & on it goes, more & more BULLSHIT & LIES LIES LIES from NT GOV Bureaucraps & Pollies.

Edit 2: HA-HA-HA-HA-HA….wot did Kalamity Ken Dav-L-ies rush out in de media as soon as GOV report said “FORESEEABLE RISK=NEGLIGENT”?



Kalamity Ken lost his job in Education after 10 mins, woz boss of Don Dale escapes & now dis.  Gunner dis is ur fault, u keep ur friend Ken on NT GOV payroll, dis is ur responsibility.  Jobs for de boys, we dont give a fuck abt kids anywhere in NT!


Q: How many kids need to die before NT un-Education Dept bureaucraps change their behavior?

A: “All NT government schools have a zero-tolerance approach to bullying and violence” said Eva Lawler.

After u stop laughing…..Lets see if Eva Dementia is telling da truth or just BULLSHITTING us again to protect her friends in NT GOV…..did we hear sum one say “Jeff Parker chasing disabled Aboriginal kids with an electric cattle prodder“?


“It is very simple and straightforward, it’s a search for the truth about what the people at the top knew, when he knew it, and what they did about it.”

Parents Of Bullied Girl Who Committed Suicide To Sue Her School, in Los Angeles:

LA bully

“We so disappointed and angry at how the school has handled things ya know, with the kids.”  “The way it happened to her, the way it happened to so many other kids…now is the time to act, now.”

Here is sum BULLSHIT from a school in LA when a little girl there suicided last year, same kind of shit as Eva Lawler give us…..read underneath for details:

The Yucaipa-Calimesa School District says their teachers and students are also mourning the loss of Rosalie, they released a statement that says in part: “We strive every day to be a safe, supportive, and engaging learning environment. We will continue to raise awareness and work with students and the community to support our children.”

Rosalie’s mother says she will never stop fighting for justice for her daughter.

“I brought her into this life and all I can think is someone ripping her from my arms, just taking her, that’s how I feel, like they took her from me,” Charlene Avila said. “We’re gonna make a difference in her name.”

Avila’s attorney says they are also trying to get legislation written that would require schools to keep written reports whenever bullying claims are made, to hold them accountable if the problem continues.

Then da tragic story of Dolly.

Gunner u should be doing more to stop bullying in Education (of staff & kids), ur fucking wife Kristy O’Brien wrote the article!!!:

Kristy Dolly

Dolly’s story of suiciding after being bullied at school recently: https://www.9news.com.au/national/2018/04/27/17/29/dolly-everett-parents-a-current-affair-interview

Its even more upsetting becoz shes not da only kid who do this.

Schools are legally & morally responsible for caring for our kids.

If dey fail then we (parents & society) must sue them in court. Including all da staff who knew but didnt help to stop it.



Sue for Bullying, yes.

& For Sexual touching like old man in his 60s BD did, yes: wipe year-7-girls up to their shorts & their bare legs with wet cloth then say “nice legs girls”.

From sum of BD’s court documents:

[42] It is necessary first to consider the appellant’s evidence. It established that at the material times he was a technical studies teacher at the school in question; that the complainants were students at year 7 level in one of his classes; and that he was also the school’s occupational health and safety representative.

[45] It may be noted in this respect that for the two charges presently under consideration there was little difference between the accounts given by the complainants and those given by the accused. There was some difference concerning the precise areas of the complainants’ legs which the accused had washed, and a denial by the accused that he had at any stage pulled or pushed up the shorts worn by one of the complainants (although he did concede that in the act of washing he may have inadvertently moved the hem of the shorts). The appellant also accepted that after the cleaning process had been completed he said something like, “Nice legs girls”.

Old man teacher should NOT BE DOING DIS KIND OF THING. Young Girls wipe their own legs!!! KEEP AWAY FROM DEM LITTLE GIRLS U SLEAZY SICK OLD MAN, right Julie & AEUNT?

Or  new “alleged indecent dealings” with more little girls & different teacher, even ur principal told u to stop, from NTNEWS read underneath;

“The accused was spoken to a number of times by his principal – YES ROB ‘RUNAWAY’ PRESSWELL – about his conduct around female students.”

Why is male teacher alone in a room with little girl students any way? CRAZY BEHAVIOR.  10cm away from dem?!!!!  My breasts stick out more than that!!!  TOOOOO CLOSE TO SUM PARENTS LITTLE GIRLS!!!!!

“A witness, an assistant principal whose named is suppressed, said she saw the teacher alone in a classroom sitting 10-15cm apart from the main alleged victim.”

Why ur principal need to speak to u MORE THAN ONCE???!!! VERY SUSPICIOUS.

MALE TEACHER, DO NOT FACEBOOK PRIVATE MESSAGE ANY FEMALE STUDENT EVER!!! Specially year-4 & year-5 students. People tell u to stop but u dont stop = u deserve to go to jail.

Look like dis teacher in court again soon: R v BCD on Tuesday:



Remind us of Adelaide female teacher, dis is wot happen when inappropriate relationships between teacher & student start & develop, usually lead to sexual behavior = go to jail.

inappropriate relationship

Back to bullying.

How does NT Dept of un-Education deal with dis very important problem?

Vicki Clueliss tells kids to “USE KIND WORDS”!

Big round of applause for Vicki Clueliss really dealing with school bullies.

Thanx Vicki for really taking care of our kids.


So all da bullying of young people to force dem to suicide stopped in NT after Vicki’s Facebook photo op?

Of course not:

Read Eva’s politicians answer to da bullying qus. Lots of words but no real action. This is de standard bureaucrap response. Just say anything & do nothing. eat pies & get ur photo taken for ur Facebook page again.

Same as Catherine Mini-me Weber used to say. Same as Kalamity Ken Dav-L-ies used to say. Same shitty reply different bureaucrap.

p1 (copy)





Does another little girl like Dolly have to die Vicki Clueliss before u & Eva Dementia actually does something to stop it?

more NT bullying kids

Of course we’re asking de wrong people to stop bullying in NT Schools.

Eva Dementia & Vicki Clueliss supported Laurie ‘Look at da HARD ON in my pants kiddies’ Andrews to help Jeff ‘Pathetic’ Parker after he chased a young Aboriginal boy away from da school with an electric cattle prodder.

Bullying & violence? Nooooo…just helping little blackfella kids to get home quicker.

Zero-tolerance or more BULLSHIT?

& dey did nothing to Dr Anne Tonkin & her deputy principal who installed a secret surveillance camera in Leanyer Primary School to record staff & kids illegally. Dey knew about it from a Teacher Registration Board Hearing but did nothing as da deputy moved quickly away to Alyangula Area School.

Bullying? Noooooo…. just helping some of Dr Anne Tonkin’s pedo friends get free images of kiddies to masturbate to & then sell on the Internet.

Zero-tolerance or more BULLSHIT?

Remember when ex-Regional Director Hylton Hayes threatened to “get a gun licence” to shoot a teacher he didnt like? Wot was Eva Lawler’s response? A letter to say dont do it again, u naughty morning coffee lover. WOW, SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES THERE!

Bullying & violence? Nooooooo…. just wanted to tickle that troublemaker teacher with my shotgun barrel.

Zero-tolerance or more BULLSHIT?

Jenny Sherrington principal at Milingimbi, slapped a teacher on da face.  Lose her job?  Nope.

Bullying? Nooooooo…. she had a fly on her cheek, I woz just moving it, honest!

Zero-tolerance or more BULLSHIT?


Eva protected her money coffee lover then & is doing again, right Hylton Hayes?

U can see a big problems with asking Eva Dementia to help u. Shes too busy looking after herself first. Sneaky FOI letters to protect herself & undermine parents when she woz principal at Jingli PS too.  Same same.


Why is NT like this?  Becoz its jobs for friends, not for merit.


Gunner is friend of Daryl Guppy in this photo, husband of Marion Guppy, de little poison frog of NT Education. Dey guarantee nothing will change becoz look after friends first, give Marion’s Education Dept government lawyers heaps of money to fuck teachers dey dont like.


Disappearing Doctor Anne Tonkin runs away without consequences for her secret kiddie surveillance camera, here’s wot other people do when dey find dangeros people recording others against the law.  First Charles Darwin Univeristy professor:

cdu 1

cdu 2

or this guy:

chiro 3

chiro 1

chiro 2

We look around de internet for 5 mins.  We find SA Educ Dept also have sum problem with a school counsellor making secret recording of kids & staff at a school on a mobile phone…..look out SA Education peeps!  We read he’s a friend of Paul Newman, maybe Newman help him?  Maybe thats why Newman moved into Adelaide away from remote schools…..same as Hylton Hayes was moved away from Arnhemland schools into Darwin city after he make so much shit for everyone.


and here:


mobile recorder

Dolly’s whole story is truly Heartbreaking. U fucking fuckers QLD school who did nothing to help that alone little girl.

U can read about more teacher problems on da great Educ Dept of QLD website:






Keep sending ur tips & stories & info to CFB – we’re luvin it.  xoxo

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17 Responses to Teaching in the Territory: NT Dept of Education supports bullying. Sue ‘em!

  1. Groomer says:

    Former NSW teacher Peter Bosma jailed for grooming ‘teen girl’
    Kay Dibben, The Courier-Mail
    May 31, 2016

    A FORMER NSW primary school teacher, 50, who flew from Sydney to Brisbane to meet a girl, 14, after six weeks of online chats and texts about sex, has been jailed for three months.

    Peter Bosma, 51, who pleaded guilty to using a carriage service to groom a child, 14, and three counts of procuring a child for sex, shook in the Brisbane District Court dock as he was sentenced.

    Judge Michael Shanahan said Bosma had been in a position of trust as a primary school teacher when he chatted about sex with the “girl”, who was really an undercover police officer.

    The judge said Bosma had made a concerted effort to meet someone he thought was 14 for the purpose of sexual activity, even travelling from Sydney to Brisbane to see her in May last year.

    Bosma, was given a head sentence of two years, with release on parole after three months and put on a five-year good behaviour bond and two years probation.

    Bosma met “Ashleigh” on adult online dating service Mingle2.com and then chatted to her on Skype and via texts for six weeks, speaking on the phone with her before his arrest.

    She told him she was 14 and still at school and he told her he was 50, Brisbane District Court heard.

    He told her: “ That shouldn’t be a problem. What’s age if there’s a connection?”

    When asked about his interest in someone so young, he said: “There’s something innocent and fresh about them”.

    Crown prosecutor Aimee Sanderson said Bosma explained oral sex and orgasm to Ashleigh, encouraging her to discuss sex and masturbate.

    He called her “sweetie, cutie, babe and honey”, told her she turned him on and asked if she felt horny.

    After she sent photos, Bosma told her she looked sexy and said: “I’m so hard now I will have to play with myself.

    “Baby, baby I just want to hold you and feel your lips on mine. Make sure you delete this conversation.”

    Discussing his proposed trip to Brisbane to meet the girl, Bosma referred to them as “long distance lovers”.

    Bosma arrived in Brisbane on May 15 last year, checking in to the Novotel, and the next day he was arrested at McDonald’s restaurant at Central Station.

    Police found photos they had exchanged on his phone and he told police the girl had told him she was 14, but said she looked older in the photos.

    He said he had been acting out a fantasy and had not intended to do anything wrong.

    But Ms Sanderson said Bosma had been very determined in his intention to meet a child for sexual purposes, at the very least touching, kissing and oral sex.

    Bosma resigned from teaching and has since been suspended.

    Defence counsel David James said he had been publicly identified as a teacher in the media, with his arrest being filmed by ABC’s 7.30 Report, and shamed.

    “It seems to me the publication serves a proper purpose in terms of general deterrence of people who might be interested in offending,” Judge Shanahan said.

    He said the community was concerned about such offences and the ease with which they could be committed.

    Mr James said Bosma had spent $19,000 on hospital treatment by psychologists as part of his rehabilitation.

    The judge took into account Bosma’s plea of guilty and the fact he was going through a marital break-up and suffering from depression at the time of offending.

    While Bosma had been a dedicated teacher, Judge Shanahan said: “There was something amiss in your thinking at the relevant time”.

  2. a few pertinent details to consider says:

    The ministers were part of a group of nine Labor Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) sent on a company directors course at a cost of between $7,500 and $13,000 each.

    Sources told the ABC that some ministers were required to redo parts of the final assessments, but the NT Gunner Government declined to release the MLAs’ grades.

    Figures released by the Gunner Government at the ABC’s request show Ms Manison, Housing Minister Gerry McCarthy, Families Minister Dale Wakefield, and Education Minister Eva Lawler all flew interstate to take the course.

    But taxpayers deserve to know the politicians’ results, said Rolf Gerritsen, a senior research fellow with Charles Darwin University’s Northern Institute.

    “We can assume they didn’t [learn anything] if they didn’t complete the course.”

    “For ministers it’s of marginal relevance; except, of course, if they’re seeking a post-politics career.”

    Kate Worden and Tony Sievers were the only two MLAs to successfully pass the course.

    “Like any other profession, it’s important for members of Parliament to undergo regular professional development,” she said.

    Oh Eva what fake you are!
    Yeah one rule for you and another one for all those children and teachers under your oversight.

  3. icac my arse mick says:

    oh my god
    good old ken
    he has no shame
    someone must have forced him to bob his head up on this one
    he has been very shy of late hasn’t he
    dont forget it was ken who first deflected the reports about parker and the cattle prod
    yeah ken you failed that little boy too

    speaking of being shy where has dear vicki and her sidekick marion been of late
    what no special events to spruke with eva
    no funny photos
    what no publicity stunts about the awards you all give yourselves
    or how you all like to spruke things like ““the interests of children are front and foremost of the deliberations of staff”
    we wonder when vicki or the trb will put their hands up over parker
    yeah vicki you should step up and put your head out there
    and declare you failed that little boy too

    and dont forget palmerston’s eva
    the queen of facebook
    declaring all her good works to the good folk of her marginal electorate
    exciting events like opening new toilet blocks at the local school
    did the toilet blocks of maningrida and lajamanu received the same injection of money
    has anyone got photos to share
    just dont mention important issues like principals threatening children with cattle prods, teachers touching up children,principals slapping young teachers or setting up secret cameras
    that reminds us does that sound like a breach of the surveilance act
    there was a recent ruling on that one in the supreme court wasn’t there

    oh my god we could go on all day
    what happened to the ICAC mick
    bit slow on the uptake of the set up hey mick
    and what is that former teachers name
    you know the one in charge of ensuring the rest of us abide by the laws she wanted to not apply to politicians

    come on nt news are you still scared of
    losing all that advertising
    show some backbone

    • happyhippy says:

      Senior bureaucrats called in as remote principal’s sudden resignation leaves Kalkaringi school in crisis
      October 30, 2017 12:50pm

      ONE of the Territory’s worst- performing remote schools is set to end the school year the way it began – in the grips of a staffing crisis – after its second principal jumped ship in as many years.

      Education Department acting chief executive Marion Guppy confirmed yesterday Kalkaringi School principal Barbara Brann resigned, effective immediately, on Thursday, prompting the department to send an acting principal and a senior bureaucrat for crisis talks with remaining staff.

      Ms Guppy did not address a teacher’s account that the first staff knew of Ms Brann’s resignation was a single-line message scrawled on the staffroom whiteboard.

      The NT News is not suggesting any wrongdoing on the part of Ms Brann, who could not be reached for comment.

      Ms Guppy said a regional manager had been sent to the town to meet with community and staff members, in what a teacher described to the NT News as “crisis talks” geared at preventing a full staff walkout.

      “The immediate priority is to ensure no disruption to student learning, that staff are supported to do their job and the community remains informed,” Ms Guppy said in a statement yesterday.

      “Kalkaringi School students will continue to be provided with a high-quality teaching and learning program so they can achieve the best possible educational outcomes.”

      Teachers have also been instructed to keep the school’s internal dramas under wraps, a source said. Ms Brann, whom the NT News has been told had the respect of many teachers, is the second experienced principal to leave the school in two years, after her award-winning predecessor, Jeff Parker, left in tumultuous circumstances in 2016.

      Staff infighting in recent years has seen accusations of bullying, mental delusion, defamation and misconduct, and has resulted in the department being lumped with six-figure bills for outside lawyers and investigators.

      At least one teacher has been forcibly transferred to Darwin. The school, which has just under 150 students enrolled, had average attendance rates of 52.7 per cent, according to the latest education department data.

      A teacher told the NT News some members of the community were dissatisfied with the way the school had been run over the past year.

      • another case for the icac says:

        didn’t we just learn what led to the don dale royal commission
        you know the unethical and illegal actions of public servants towards children in their care
        eva lawler why was parker promoted to clyde fenton school and when will the harris report as well as the findings of the teacher registration board be released why the secrecy
        no that wont happen because that would mean liability for the nt government would’nt it
        you people are a disgrace

      • omg says:

        the first thing guppy “the iron fist in a velvet glove” should have done was sack the cattle prod wielding parker and ensure the students of that school were managed by an ethical educator
        ask eva & vicki (and ken and peter before them) what happened
        they promoted him to a bigger school in katherine
        so how has that school fared since
        at least four principals in less than two years
        so what about the old naplan results in that time eva
        yeah there looking after the students of that school folks
        was that a pig that just flew past eva
        no it was really a migration of porkers on the way to the next election

  4. The Insider says:

    Tragic stuff; yet it continues and is covered up, even paid for by the AEUNT, great work Jarvis! Then we must acknowledge dodgy directors past and present whose ill deeds have been carried out on this land, Hylton Hayes now an education consultant plying his trade in Darwin and Laurie Andrews thinking about becoming an agent for cattle prods as a sideline are just two of them.
    Eva Lawler when is the next election? You need to go.

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